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Jan 23, 2014|

: a new study show there are more divorces in ‘red’ states than in ‘blue’ states and the reasons given include more pressure in ‘red’ states to get married rather than live together. Did you live together before you got married? Are you glad you did? What would you recommend to young people today?

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Felt something very sad happen today. And it makes this along the line. Captain in two -- At 339 years of marriage. Are -- -- I know. I always looked at them it's just you know that couple that was just setting an example for -- for all of us. That coupled that was just so in love together. Of course I didn't really want to think too much about Hamas grandma and those guys it anyway capital today -- -- 39 years of marriage. Getting divorced I remember when this song first came out. This was a big dance Disco song at the gay clubs. In the in the quarter spends a huge. Dance song. Now it's just one of those cheesy songs for the past. We -- talking about. New study that shows that the divorce rate in red states is higher than the divorce rate in Blue States. And the theory is it's it's the pressure from conservative Protestants to marry younger and have more children so it's really we've been talking about. -- -- did you get married when you were young and did -- blasted it didn't work out. And and also with conservative Protestants. There may be more of a stigma against steel against living together even though that doesn't have the statement that it it once had. Did you live at your spouse before you got married and is that something that you would recommend. Yeah I I I've brits have studies over the years that did indicate that there is not necessarily. A positive correlation between living together before you get married. But it it's it seems like that would be the right thing to do. Now I did not live with my first wife before we got married and we were married for thirteen years. And my second marriage should we. Lived together first. And then that marriage lasted -- is about to I guess about two years. Died there are other things I don't know that I awkwardly and it just on the fact that -- need to get I I can't person I can't imagine marrying somebody -- I do I -- deliveries but. If you have actually gotten married before you live with somebody. I'd like to know how that's worked out. And I'd like to know if your advice would be for for getting people to live with somebody before they get married sort of things we're talking about tonight if you wanna join us with your comment our number is 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And it takes a receipt 77 and I I talked about this before living downtown every weekend -- see -- -- it. The -- sort that's red mainly -- you know where you guys just go to Vegas having is that the deal IC so many more bachelorette parties. In New Orleans on weekends and then back supports. Entourages of of people with the -- in the bridesmaids in the friends. Balkan -- Bergen street up and down going in and out of places. And I don't see that many. What would appear to be designated bachelor bachelor party so I don't know maybe more girls come here than -- -- I I see these young people and I just I wonder if they. I mean I didn't. I thought I did but I wonder if they have a realistic view. Of what they're about to enter into. Or I wonder if some of it is just about the show. Mean your celebrity when you get married -- you're you're a superstar for that period of time and then that day you're you're a big store a lot of attention is on -- It's kind of a rite of passage that. And I wonder if if that is a big factor in people feeling like the -- they need to get married. And I think it's sad that in in all probability today they're not only with young people but also with the adults. There are people who get married now and somewhere in the back of their mind is the ideal love this person I'm gonna try to make it work and if it doesn't I'll just get divorced. It's so easy. To get divorced so easy to get -- so easy to get divorced but if things don't work out you can you can just always get divorced. And I it's it's kind of sand. To think that there are people entering into marriage. Without. Feeling like they really have to try to commit. To making it work the -- blog tonight is titled how to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber. And I was thinking about this today after the arrest of that Justin Bieber very early this morning in Miami Beach arrested for a DU -- he's nineteen by the way. Drag racing resisting arrest and I had an in valid driver's license. He was released today but he did spent I think about eight hours in jail and in Miami Beach. And his mug shot looks more like a publicity photo that a photo that was taken following an arrest and if you haven't seen it it's with the -- blog tonight on our website under our opinions at WW real dot com and you can. We -- and shared and if you're -- if your apparent. -- you. You might get some ideas on on how you might deal with that I'm I'm not an expert -- I'm an expert did I guess in areas of of of life just like you are because I've lived life in and I've I have observations about things just like Cuba wanted him. To share thoughts on how to talk to your kids about a Justin Bieber because so many young people admire him and idolize him and here he's got arrested so. If they have a tendency. To not take what he has done seriously. Because -- so admire and idolize him. Then. I think it's it's up to two parents to have to point out what this is not something to be admired this is a very big mistake it could have been a lot worse. This is something that -- led to death or or or serious injury. And he's been involved in behavior recently that seems to maybe be a forecast of a worse things to come and I I I hope not because sees. He's really a very talented young kid and his success story is an incredible story. But if you have any advice on on what you would tell parents. About Justin Bieber a color show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text Amber's late 77. Here's a text I married a woman eighteen years older than me. We have been married for fourteen years we are Republicans. And business owners who worked together every day. That's gotta be tough. Not being Republicans but working together every day and his incessant but you know if you if you love your work. In in a way that would be ideal. And especially if you're working together a for a goal. My son and his girlfriend worked together on a business that advice -- -- And I I see a lot of positive things there I would I would like to work with somebody that I was was -- -- with. I think that there would be some benefits of that if you love if you if you work if you love being worked to join us with your comet tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text to receive 77 -- are talking about the weather tonight and some of you might actually be driving in some areas where you don't really see this but there's some snow. In in the deep south a mainly to the north and west of of New Orleans a possibility of snow we've got some reports from parts of the state parts of Mississippi. Where there has been snow if you wanna share any snow sliding that you see -- tonight here. If your outer here in your home more or driving a you can call our show it to 60. 1878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877 and also I remind you that it's going to be very cold tonight it's going to be in the 20s by early tomorrow morning. And the high tomorrow going to be windy so there's going to be windshield but the high tomorrow. In New Orleans is only gonna be between 35 and forty. Just going to be very cold tomorrow and they're still a 20% chance of sleet. Tomorrow. So especially if you're going over bridges and overpasses. Assume that every creation overpass. Might have some black -- might be. Might be -- might be slippery. And I remind you that if you have a truck if you have a four wheel drive vehicle an issue -- Or not invincible. You are susceptible to ice just like everybody else and people feel like they are. Invincible. I drive a pickup truck I drive a four wheel drive truck of four wheel drive mr. building an avenue well. Those things don't really matter. When your. When you're driving on ice so became an and if you do feel like you -- on -- don't slam when your brakes. And I would not accelerate on on bridges because those are two things that could cause the cars in the vehicle to -- a Steve here on the -- shown to be WL. Well -- look I respect you. Keep your virtual IG. -- ago it would better. -- -- -- -- The pilot program that probably they're great they're all broken Arabic looked you know it -- in the -- apparently. -- a -- a little bit. I -- so that parents. Are you know. Oh no well back though she could be fair or a ball. Well you're right Steve -- you think about the -- the recent death of the actor from fast and furious Paul Walker just a couple of months ago -- same kind of scenario. Course he's going a lot faster but at a high performance expensive. A sports car I he's dead daddy you know I mean you you can you can you can die when you're drag racing. Right right you know these are -- very cute traveler's body. You don't trade you'd be to travel work -- a girl people are talking about. That bring -- -- -- a lot of luck or spark you or go for you to arc but block first. I I agree and I can only imagine what their -- does to some money to become. That famous to have that kind of a status at that early point in your life. With all the money that goes along with that in and young athletes experienced the same situations. Well yes it would definitely get out there are operated updated vote Barry. Alibaba the military and how to live with first wired plus. I'll bet -- with our Specter why it is much better. A day that is true alert by useful -- that we get a little bit part about it that we work on. They thought it out altered. See. -- You are allowed. Purchases they -- -- result. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has it -- -- Well what that is the -- that I'll probably talk about -- or use. Did in Harrisburg ball. -- I can't imagine marrying somebody is it's I I didn't live with or spend a lot of time with maybe not technically live with them practice and I mean it. And periods of time with them to where I really really knew the person -- night. I have a feeling that just like. Other generations that a lot of young people are getting married before they really get to know each other and no matter what people are gonna change Steven and you have to have this you have to have this motivation to change together because change will be inevitable. Aria a doll you know we're all it's all all of the deficit of about. All of -- we've seen that app and got the they're young people the -- about prayer but like that somebody here earlier they have a lot of thought it would be just all around this thing blow poke it. That's probably a lot or possibly ballot you choose you all oriented but I didn't spoke wherever sport it. -- -- They got it but it offers our problem. Steve I appreciate you listening to WW -- -- and thanks for the call. And let's go let's go way up north to Hammond -- -- under the WL. Yeah. Well it -- -- Christian god but it's okay. It's okay. Well. I would say -- pictures go and there are seven years. Yeah I would say it and then some and I would be a great idea -- Living together. That -- that and -- -- and acting on issues. And it well. Completely be not. They -- -- gather around in the air. A lot on state and about kids and then what happens that any at all. And -- it. Etc. what the world. Think that they should take a long time and really get each other then you're right Yahoo! -- take marriage so lightly. They don't just get married divorced parents and course. And -- looked at what I like the. Yes you wouldn't really see that there are there are a lot of young people who get married more so today than in the past with this idea that. Well there really committed to it but hey you know what in the back of their mind if it doesn't work out -- -- get divorced. And -- will -- it. That. It's but I think it actually a commitment that she may. And your pop. Art or your life. You know it away -- it. I think. Our fight. How. Can. Teaching an -- by. It's an agent market and to work art for what you can and everything short -- Little. And -- CI I I agree with you and I also think that that part of the mentality today is this idea of instant gratification if I'm not happy then I'm gonna get divorced it's it's. It's easier to you know we we live in a society that is so. I'm so focused on things that are disposable. That it even marriages is suffering that is disposable if it's if it's not going well. And that that's probably ever fight today anyway topic is that. Blow up the goal and an art. -- whole mentality completely. So -- and actually. Hit eight ball down the parents. Can't Portland art. And you know -- a Paris today the establishment today and even younger parents who -- good part of the establishment of the baby boomer generation. They can't be that critical divorce rate by a young among young generations because that's a generation. That really fueled the divorce rate in the eighties they were the generation that -- this is it working out a lot here. Exactly and my husband parents are divorced. Not Harry Potter -- Harry for seven years and yeah I mean art that they aren't quite as they you know stopped by each other and today. They're wonderful. Barrel and everything -- so all. Am I mean you get. -- would. -- it -- made it remember about. That part time together. That cycle of credit. ICI I agree with you and I appreciate you saying what you said in the beginning about a year year. Christian beliefs and almost it was almost an excuse that your. You're not gonna change your mind about that it. It I may have. A different view of living together. But I would never not respect your view about living together they wouldn't respect your view of of what you think is morally what you feel like you need to do for yourself but I appreciate you saying that -- You know you should be very proud of what you've established 26 married for seven years. And I -- think -- how things went. At that point and at and dot I mean very dark past the way. But wait I. Can't hell and -- really cap. -- that as -- couple had been there -- -- we actually been divorced and we got back together. We we're separated it -- that -- probably. The -- here was able to carry it that courts are quick and. I didn't realize. -- could be fate and of course direct help but I. -- -- I don't bark at people registering people. And our lack. Now we're much better off now we got two beautiful children -- -- I had people out correctly I'm going to run all year. To a Stacy Douglas junior -- spend time I'm sorry that you had to deal with the loss of a child not. You know I have the same theory that a lot of people have -- that is -- parents should never bury their children but unfortunately that happened some time -- Yeah that happens. I'm cheap and like -- people will gather -- that does help teach the couple. You know each other a lot of people and get out because they were a lot. Of that -- that they liked yeah. A while and you're right in while it might be. OK for me in in in my opinion to him to live for somebody I I would never try to change your moral police about that night. I appreciate -- -- Yemeni a sleet or snow and Hammond. Okay place. And your conversation go hug your husband and a specialist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text numbers 87870. Here's a Texan reads beepers going through his Britney Spears days. Let's just hope he keeps his underwear on it I'm screwed it will be right -- Debbie argue well. Euros police say a continue to search for one suspect in the savage beating of that local musician we talked about this on the show last night. Chief sherpas who started Tommy -- this morning and every WL first news and said that he does not believe that this is part of the knock out game it's going around their current country because apparently there was a a verbal altercation first and then the beating. Chiefs are Peres says that one of the guys is already in is already in custody. Because one of the suspects. Was already arrested on another charge so the -- was already in jail. As a model citizen for him. And they're still looking forward the other went but they have identified these two people so you know a good job by -- PD four. Solving this this problem. You know there was at a moments yesterday when I ice following. Saw some similarities. In it in a distant. Still shot from the video. Of 01 of the people who attacked me and that the suspects in this news case the French Quarter from yesterday morning. And when I saw a close -- of him I realized that it really it really Palestinian. You know we've we've. Talked about this a lot and the -- bought from last night just still treading on our web site. This came up on the show last night is revenge. Motivating attacks on the streets of New Orleans. Again it's -- VW go to account here's a quick update on our -- W property jaguar opinion poll. The question is should punish would be more severe. For crimes that are considered hate crimes. The polls changing. 23% say no but 77%. Say yes hate crimes should carry a more severe sentence. We're talking about this because. A white Houston area man is accused of sucker punching an elderly black man. And he's been officially indicted now on hate crime charges Conrad correct Tony seven years old punched a 79 year old man breaking his -- to places. And reportedly laughed and shouted knock out as the man felt the ground. Bernard took video of the attack on his cellphone and shared the video is defense attorney says that his client was off medicine for bipolar disorder. When the attack occurred. I don't think that makes it forgivable. I give us your opinion on whether or not there should be any currency arguing I guess you could argue that. Every crime has some degree of hate in our most crimes have some degree of -- involved. Should -- be hate crimes that carry a stiffer sentence. It was your opinion at WW delta account also there's always something new and our web site we get the latest information about this hard freeze the cold weather it's going to be very cold all day tomorrow. A possibility of some flurries throughout southeast Louisiana I looked at radar just a moment ago it means it's really snowing in McComb. In Alexandria. And the northern part of the state looks like -- it looks like there's some snow throughout much of north and and in west Louisiana and also parts of Mississippi and I just northern Alabama if your instance know where you don't ordinarily. See snow. I'm Collison that tell us where your car numbers 2601878. And our toll free number for you is 8668890. Point 78. -- Amber's late 77 also in the New Orleans area -- remind you that Angela hill interviewed the three men who wanna be new worlds is next mayor. They're Mitchell and true and honest king and Michael -- nearest. And if you miss the show you can check out the podcast any time that still trending on our website at WW dot com for Mary Bryant year on the -- show good evening. And scooter you think about Justin Bieber. I'm pretty sure that the third independent. That he's involved with caution and -- the commitment to thirty years ago. I want to all -- -- dollar type players complain about you know speeding over -- -- mile -- gated community. You know you know they investigated this is the first time he's been arrested but he has certainly he certainly been investigated by Los Angeles county sheriff's. Second that Tommy got a ticket -- -- Ferrari don't like that believe that he wasn't -- And then now I mean. -- and someone I don't know the big kind of dangerous she now it is and it is it ought to try and get arrested by big deterrent. Well it it seems like some of his behavior is forecasters. Possibly a future tragedy and hopefully it doesn't happen how do you feel about his dad. Being among those who helped block off the street for him to drag race this high Def jam recording star. I think it's bullpen. -- a really do mean it'll look like bullet that -- I I but I agree bright political show influential -- -- I hear is attacks to that says from what I understand Bieber was caught with prescription drugs pot as well as drag racing was -- Don't know if they found pot but police are reporting that. When they arrested him he made a comment about how he had I've been drinking smoked pot and was on prescription Mets. Again if you were why would you actually say that. And you're on WW LA good evening. We are you a little trip to reluctant and -- -- And it was earning her an ailing Jackson and all the way back turn in a coma and I should -- our ability. Now an -- and prone to. I am a Democrat. I think I. Tell me how you feel when you -- you know I lived in places like I'm from here. As -- know how unusual it is here and I know how -- I would feel especially before it moved to two places where it's -- regularly. But I knew what it felt like two to see that's known -- it it's so exciting so tell me how you feel when you know here's an area that you're used to. And now you see it went with snow has a feel Libyan. Thank you are -- it. I don't. My that's why. I. It not cut out our. Kind of fire. And and knowing. That's great and I'm glad the -- -- nationalistic. -- -- -- -- Here's a text about marriage my wife is ten years younger than me. They -- for five years have a four year old she just turned 34 so I told her she's getting old it's time for me to trade arena for a newer model LO well. A year 44 she's 34. Dumb bird gets somebody. Actually now. I know you -- Here is a text. In recent scoot -- heard the -- conversation last week it worked at a retail store. In older woman came in just as we open the door I took a phone call she said she the eyebrows around. It was quiet and she was the only guest. She told the caller that. They should do everything they could to stating also he's over here is conversation it's quiet there so he's doing is promising that they should do everything to try to stay together. She then said to the caller. At least try counseling. I know you don't want to be there anymore but think about the kids. There was a -- -- she began to cry quietly. And -- cracking voice. Think about the kids. They will be devastated. Then she -- deeply. And ran out of the store. -- -- Yeah it's. It's sad to think about the kids. And that was the toughest part of of my divorce. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our number is 260187. It's all free 8668890. Late seventy -- numbers they 7870 it's a very usual Thursday night because throughout much of this part of the country. There is snow. Here's a texted they catch the guys that attacks you know they did not but I know NO PD -- Here's a text I really believe. There. Should be stiffer penalties for hate crimes. I thought about a very interesting scenario concerning a hate crime and I'll I'll share that with you when we come back I'm scoot through this is -- VW ultimately you know at the song reminds me you know the sun rising in the eighties. It was CNN center. This is what goes on -- popular and times when you go to a happy hour. In the afternoon and 456. To 7 o'clock. And thank you just go all night and I'm not proud of this but there were a few times in my career -- I actually. Never went home and and went right to the radio station and again and I'm proud events. But he admitted it. I here's a text different son lives in Hattiesburg it is snowing up there yet this is really an unusual moment this doesn't often happen. Are there will be constant updates tomorrow morning with a WWL first news with Tommy Tucker here into the WL. Idol starts with a debit appeal for series with Steve Cohen from five to six and Tommy Tucker from six to ten. You talk about the the weather and you'll have for traffic updates and weather update. Also -- gonna talk about how weather might force super Sunday. To become super Saturday. We might switch to Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday because of weather. Now how are we supposed to play in a party. If they're gonna switch it around. I mean this just in -- Also John Madden says the Pro Bowl is a joke and the new rules have made it even worse what's your take. Others are a couple of things it to Tommy talked about tomorrow morning and Evian you will -- -- from New Orleans Mary year on this to show good evening. Good evening -- quite a quick amount this same man can. OK ultimately boil. And obviously in a match -- You you were spoiled and don't. What I think it's good that you admit it. Not happening the department and things change that I am completely opposite now a encouraging him. Like I -- comment that anyway. It doesn't appear to be grade at elected when he comes to places and Mary got to make an about face to but it made that. And the tea mutant match and -- -- you know I'm -- model model it. So -- -- my daddy don't. And my and that enabled plan they have will be good time. And Danny. Come home now. The component out of their book you know they have not I want indeed now among American Indians come home because. A lot of and the mindset and the amount that it and they can come on the there. Government in any have been made -- is back in the days and get some gains it made you -- So a -- as well. -- -- It. -- -- am on the bottom. You know you know depending. -- Anyway. Activate. And use your. Husband was beating you -- Part of that. It could come up with and could -- him and you need. And then in the public in that one -- one -- -- -- -- -- heat. -- mine you know you were spoiled. -- -- -- -- -- It went beautifully snapped him -- and -- and -- and then. My brother in now and correct and analog format. And he said. Thanks for Sharon that threatened. Well maybe so because I can't imagine of dollar reward. His daughter to stay with a husband who really is beating yourself maybe Democrats from. -- a political issue with nationalistic. From -- -- year on every WL. Yet -- used to. -- talking about just indeed but what is do you -- yeah. A a couple of points Juan. It is all the -- arrested for like being an accessory. Yeah I don't -- I don't know why I haven't heard but I would think -- -- father there should be or arrested I mean in a word that's not a very good example dissent in. You know I can defend a lot of young stars who make mistakes and in I think Justin Bieber should be criticized I don't think he is a person should be condemned it it was a mistake but it doesn't look good if if the dad's there -- mean year. You're encouraging year your kid to dig your you're your kids underage. Your kids drinking. And so you help block off the street so he can drag race. Another recording star. On a private. Not privacy put on a residential street and what kind of example is that dissent. Right -- slapped think he should be a -- that would be an excessively because apparently that was a crime committed. So the other guy was arrested. And on the same thing with the went to jail because is for an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It reporter he ought to play his -- out dollars in -- And and it and one more war vote. Think about 56 years ago -- -- young pitcher but Anaheim angels. I believe it was -- play all all world every game he was killed -- -- drop. That would give them. Within minutes of one of the -- use. And they yet and it healed you know an eight city. But -- about -- six years ago and baseball. Etiquette the -- Korea and the only twentieth school believe looked like two years though. In Major League Baseball. Cerrato are there out there are a lot of says stories secretary and I'm going to call the show you know and and think about this -- -- you guys Justin Bieber in yellow. -- -- He's been drinking. He's dead there is dad's helping block off the street in a private neighborhood for this this drag race. And he's racing. A Def jam recording star who's also in nineteen I was also arrested for -- Two people in high performance vehicles drag racing they're both under agent intoxicated. Yeah that's sort of good. Here's a text the saddest part of the video of Justin Bieber getting arrested was -- throngs of young ladies begging the cops not to arrest him. That's really the focus of the -- blog tonight which is how do you talk to your kids. About Justin Bieber if they admired Justin Bieber. I. When we idolize somebody we can't ignore. The negative things they do. -- continued talk about this you gonna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Texas a 7870. Is a text Ellis scooter remember listening to you on B 97 in the early eighties you were doing. Fictional. -- wine commercials. And you sit at the time that the tiny winery dislocated in man Shaq fun times great to hear you on the air again. That you know there's some people who actually don't know that I have a move back to New Orleans itself you know -- doesn't know tellem. And it's up to them whether they -- listen or not the judge did commercials for the tiny winery in mansion it was owned by big red and sore. The -- Brothers. And and it was tiny tiny and a -- signing. This is the -- showing her with a we'll be right back on average of derailed I so what are parents telling their kids about Justin Bieber that's the subject of the -- blog it's treading on our website down at WWL dot com and if if you have an advice on what you would tell parents about it Justin Bieber of their kids idolize Justin Bieber. I'd like to hear your suggestion that we've gotten some text and a a number of phone calls from people who say deported. He's Canadian. You know this is gonna give a bad name to those Canadians who come to America -- they want they want to assimilate they wanna become part of this country. They -- community causing throwing a -- Justin Bieber coming in because Erica -- This I hope this doesn't lead to. Paid the Canadians. Although if you want Shia South Park you know that and they always attack Canadians. From uptown -- your under the WL. -- used to value Goodling. That different take on that Ebert situations and it -- me it's an actual repeal or boy. You know -- the good to shoot bubble -- in -- to be oh. Yeah. Tell the cops probably -- -- Also the -- the structure in August smoke pot. Tell them when you call. Yeah I did think about that in in Wayne -- I thought about this when when he's been involved in some other things is the first time he's actually have been arrested but. You know it could be an -- Sunday second go to jail for this. How many people think he should these are gonna go to jail for this side don't know that somebody the first do you I don't know patient should go to jail but there are people who think that they showed that this was. You know this was not a good situation and you know they were only going there were a drag racing but he -- -- 55 to sixty but it was in between 530 mile an hour speed zone in a residential areas so even though wasn't that fast relative to the speed limit it's still could be considered to drag racing -- and you may be right. You know it's -- isn't it isn't it interesting that it's it's the bad boy image it. -- -- complete antithesis of what everybody has been you know he was little -- look at it is good to choose them you know the rules on it cut. Now all of a sudden he's in the Lamborghini. He try eavesdrop and these rates -- some cute oh yeah yeah soma. Wayne you know you may be right about this it isn't it is it'd be interesting that this would be that doing something like this. Which is negative would be considered something that would actually make you more popular and and if if if this does help changes image which it would do that we showed these he's more grown up in the same way that we've seen. Miley Cyrus do some things that have helped her shared her child star wholesome image. What does this what does this say about all of us that we really do like of the bad boys and and and bad girls of the world. -- -- There some people Wayne atletico the show thanks listing that is an interesting observation I mean really this thing is it. If it does. It does have all the characteristics. Of a publicity stunt. But again think about what that says about us as a society. He may benefit from this. And and I guess I'm not passing judgement on people who do negative things for for publicity. Went to. Think about what that says about us. I I mentioned this the other night I don't remember anybody who has posed nude for Playboy or penthouse. They didn't benefit from. There it was a good thing to pose nude. It's a good thing to get in trouble. So again what does that say about us. If you're enjoying our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy -- ever -- 7817. Yes there is snow in this part of the country and we'll be right back on every WL.