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Jan 24, 2014|

Justin Bieber is in trouble again! Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach on charges that include driving under the influence and resisting arrest. The 19 year old pop star was released from jail today on a $2500 bond. What should parents tell their teens about Justin Bieber?

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I am so fortunate to be sitting in this very warm comfortable studio. With. A couple formed tea with honey in its. God bless those people who were out in the cold tonight. And there are people who work outside -- people who work in the goals. So if you go through your life always try to appreciate those people who -- Doing things to help keep this this world and our society moving forward. And each year in a comfortable situation I don't so when it's cold like this I love being heartland being at a comfortable. Warm car. You know you'd you -- to coat off in the -- you comfortable which you discuss that nice nice seat in the car I'd love being counted in weather like this. I if you happen to means of slowing you wanna share Euro story what does -- -- Nigerian usual officially this part of the country. It's going to be very very cold tonight's out in the twice on the North Shore and the sell short. It is snowing in parts of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama earlier today and it may still be in effect they were -- A winter storm advisory for a Houston Texas so. -- a lot of snow in places where people are not used to it now with the snow there's also some sleep. And precipitation. And that can lead to ice particularly on and on overpasses and bridges -- just assume that the ice is going to be there and again a reminder. That if if you do come across a bridge if it if it does. Feel like -- -- I still don't hit the brakes because that's only gonna make it worsened. Try not to accelerate on bridges just go through. Just go across bridges and overpasses so little slower than usually don't slow down to where Europe traffic hazard which is thievery mindful of that if anybody else wants to give any advice on driving in the in these conditions police have. I've caller show also has since there are so many people as part of the country you don't -- deal with this at this sort of thing. I'm gonna remind you that if you have a truck if you have a four wheel drive vehicle an issue -- You're no better off than anybody else when it comes to ice. But yet it's a really unusual to -- snow in many of the places where people seeing snow right now if you wanna join us with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number -- heavier Stephanie we'll be talking about a new study that has come out today showing that the divorce rate in red states. Is higher than the divorce rate in Blue States. And the theory is because of the pressure. Among conservative Protestants. To marry younger. And have more children. And that is lettuce is talking about -- did you get married young. And hard at work out and also there's suit a theory that in in many conservative Protestant and communities. And states that have a -- conservative Protestant populations. -- theirs. Still a stigma about living together. Is that a good idea to live with somebody before you Barrington. Did you or did you not in and partner work out again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven you know -- a receipt 77 also tonight we've been talking about the arrest very early this morning in Miami Beach of Justin Bieber. And -- blog tonight is titled how to talk to your kids about Justin Bieber. And if you have kids jointly Justin -- a day they know now are they going to excuse his behavior just because they love him. Or are they going to accept the fact that he made a mistake. In a caller brought -- a few moments ago. That this could be nothing but a publicity stunt. And that is true but what does that say about us. If somebody benefits. From from. Drinking and drag racing in a Ferrari. And drag racing -- Def jam recording artist who's in a Ferrari and you're on a residential street. In a quiet -- What does that say about us if that's something that we as a society actually. Actually honor. And as I said earlier I don't think anybody has ever. -- posed in Playboy or penthouse. And didn't benefit from it. Here's a text Vanessa Williams a Playboy pictorial didn't benefit her so much. -- actually she was in penthouse. And I think he did. I think Vanessa Williams became a much bigger star as a result of losing her crown as this American and she was the first black Miss America. I think it was I think it was. Then did the pictures of her with another woman taken before she was Miss America. I think that actually benefited her career and made her a bigger star. And we might not want to admit it. But we've really reward with our. With our supports. We reward. Negative behavior. Here's a -- boycott everything Bieber. But it started going penniless. Here's another text sent his blank back to Kansas LO well here's a -- who cares about it scoot. He does that affect pilot what I need to realize that he doesn't affect everybody's life and an. I respect the guy he's a talented. Young performer. It's not my style of music I don't have any of his CD's. But he's very talented and when you have young generations who admire somebody likeness. And and they. Get caught doing something really negative. Shouldn't you talked to them about what is happening. And what are the things I talk about in the blog is that the advice that that you think parent should give their kids his advice that really we should give ourselves. About the people that we admire who do negative things that we might tend to. Dismissed. Because we admire them that's really. It's not the right to not the right approach we'll talk more about that coming up here in just a moment and from Metairie Mike you're on the -- show good evening. Mike Dayton -- good. Let that -- I don't know my body's. Ability. To easily and has. Beautiful -- those who. Beautiful stepdaughter so that. It is. Besides -- brought to -- On the economy on the big things. Some possible that we as society will -- it would social network debating and you know we glamorize. You know. And I don't think we we. Took two to -- These with these storms these -- and -- -- did. You know but you know but it doesn't -- it was that it. So do you approach in -- -- the dot com. And women. Then that just got out of control. I can only imagine what it's like to have that much. Confidence from stardom and pay the apparently the endless supply of money that goes along with that I mean he's what he's. Justin Bieber has a mansion in a white Ferrari California. And he's got a -- AD rant or is this is yellow mean he could afford to have a yellow Lamborghini and up and up and place in Miami as well but I just can't imagine. What that would do to somebody in an age when you're already trying to gaining confidence. Most people. So but it's the same thing without -- to salute -- I don't do a little bit you know yeah. You know and think about it when you don't workable and that -- -- it -- these. These homes that put their children the beauty pageants when it's going to enter -- gold. To get these athletes are slightly tentative. And and golf was you know about it on the -- -- that is all that they're completely -- or almost well. You're right -- and I and I decided drifted on athletes are susceptible -- young athletes are susceptible to the same scenarios have it was instant stardom and just all of a sudden having. Money would be you can do anything I mean it. I I think there's something. Really. And healthy. About it gradually gaining wealth as opposed to. Suddenly having. -- I think there's something also healthy about knowing that that money can't buy. Everything that you have to you have to work for what. What you want I wouldn't take anybody success away from them but he it it takes a strong person and it takes strong parents and I'm a strong. I support -- -- your friends your real friends to help keep you grounded if you become that kind of person. What a million. And -- is -- is that -- almost looks like that was it and so much into. You know. Some of Panama. With my oldest daughter and and and and it just so you know that unit posted channel full. Well obviously. Turbulent adorable and -- saw pornographic. Video. But Mike that they're trying to they're trying to grow with their audience I you know ever member went. When Tiffany was really hot I was senator doing TV interviews forward WK ER GTV and in mobile and in Pensacola and -- -- for a couple of other stations in in other cities. But it and did an interview with with Tiffany and one of the things that -- I said at the new entity the interview. This was not in front of her but it is she's talking you know you do the interview and and -- -- here in the interview and in the Studio One of the things that I -- it was that. I'm Britney Spears I mean. Tiffany is really popular right now but if she wants to remain popular she's gonna have to figure out a way to grow with her. With our audience. And even then it's difficult because the audience gets to a certain point and you know you reach a certain age and you you'd start to reject all the things that you like when you were younger because it's. It's it's corny. And so these stars do have the challenge of trying to grow with their audience and if Miley Cyrus and and Justin Bieber are going to grow. With their audience they're gonna have to act like their audience acts and do things that are adult and that's that's reality. And each respective what you sense -- the atmosphere and change itself -- again. It is. -- And it. In paparazzi -- Toward the question about it. What I have to step up and there's until you can grow up politically -- and respectful. And honest -- -- Your -- and the couple and -- going to be totally. Cynical can just put. But the -- -- -- yet to be need to be. And some people choose that course I agree with you I think there -- ways to be rebellious without going overboard and I. I really can't. I'd defend Justin Bieber drinking and and drag racing and being disrespectful to cops and that's the stories they were getting like like I can't. Defend that I think their other ways to. Two to grow up if you take somebody like Taylor Swift and there are there are people who have started out very young. And they seem to have. A sensible more of the sensible foundational of those uses have a lot of different boyfriend has a reputation for. You know going through guys. Yeah I guess that's you know and in a wave that part of being young. I do understand it you you can grow older and you do have to grow older you have to try to grow with your audience but it that's and that's an excuse to support. The negative behavior. -- Go to court Communist. Would. Suspect. Yugoslav and what do you. Well. And just. And -- the walker yeah you'd. And they adjusted beavers daddy is there and he's with one of the suvs that is blocked off this street. In a residential neighborhood in Miami Beach so they can drag race. Can't do -- to borrow. Caught it and you know what that that that comes. Out and it's gonna buy. It again you. Would look -- -- -- That door and -- in Portland influence. But about it and prescription drug and NB. A little bit what you'd be talking about it is just. I. It's a recipe for disaster Mike Taylor so I appreciate you calling a short thanks -- listening to WW -- night. -- here's attacks that Reid says come on man what's his talent he can't sing. -- at all he just dances and lips sinks I guess that's talent to you you must love Britney. I'm actually. I think Justin Bieber is more talented than Britney Spears and and Miley Cyrus I think is very tells -- now. -- gathered on his talent is stars is sort of young and made it like Christina Aguilera. And others but I do think that I don't think Justin Bieber is the most talented. -- performer but I do think he has talent I mean I I've recognized the guy's talent a pedestrian and Jason here on WWL. It is right adjacent. -- -- it just in -- and what you can't stand music. Do you count it knocking around all about. He's -- three years ago. A lot of review and argue with him and he did that spur of the moment. Our freestyle. On the radio aren't during the Q and how it actually try it not what you want. You may not have on -- college but he's he's got the mind and the ability should be created. And you don't do his -- thing to respect that. Yeah I agree with you again it's not I -- I I I'm. I'm I'm fair enough to say you look I might not like this person but I recognize their talent. Yeah I mean that you used that you that you can go still managed. World war. Absolutely deserved it today and then on I think he needs to be in jail for some time to meet the real force and that's what can you do. -- hate to be in this way. People -- single. Kernel while it's his dad was there. The problem that you you know I mean I'm all about personal responsibility. And just -- and you take responsibility for actually. His parents were the ones that control that when he hit that out and told the coolest. You know they -- -- him when he started mentioning that recruits in what you're trying you don't you don't really need more importantly need to be doing all the but can't but it. Jason it's really it's it's really hard to deny somebody that kind of success. If if they have an opportunity four. -- and the benefit of the -- when you start hearing stories of him doing the drug use some damage. And you know we're -- number first our new song and you'll probably. I'm talking normally stipulate that you and won't hold. Still 1718 -- at all. Then I mean that's I guess Justin Bieber go with it is stands there like dead. You're rich now because of me so shut the hell out. Well that you've done in the parent can handle it accordingly it usually know what you're on your -- got nothing do with him or you know OK well that's HE. I don't think he looks good for that did the dead to have been there when he's started drinking in mind racing wanna racing another car. I don't like he cheated but if you get an example and -- -- some -- Can we can I hope so there's -- key people go down this. Each unit only concert child or not -- -- Halperin and I hope that they -- -- -- weren't. -- -- If they understand. And got to take -- -- all oral I'm not in my career. You know and and what Ali didn't bullet I can't meet the men to attribute -- sensible. Jason I agree with Jim Politico shows thanks -- here's a tax code I'm fifteen it. And I have more maturity than Justin Bieber. I have two sisters and thank god they didn't get caught up in that guy. He won't live past his 25 birthday if he keeps up this attitude he shameful. It's about fifteen year old listening tortured night. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin this. And Jim Morrison. -- all died. Attorney said the this is this huge show they were coming right back in your comments on. To -- WL. If the radar that I'm looking at is is accurate it looks like there's some snow just north of the Louisiana Mississippi line and in some areas. On right on the Mississippi you know we utilized state line. And that -- Alexandria looks like there's snow -- between new -- in Clinton it looks like there's some snow they're just north of Baton Rouge and practices and skirting just on the north of bad -- But really throughout the of the metropolitan New Orleans area and a Covington Slidell North Shore Donaldson -- of course. And and anywhere just south of beverage at this point I don't see any snow off year be editing you see some snow and UN report that police. And please call our show with their a lot of places very close to New Orleans and as part of the country that are getting snow especially to the north and to the west. Of Louisiana here's a quick update on our WW New Orleans. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should punishment be more severe for crimes that are considered hate crimes. 26% say no but 74%. Say yes. All right tomorrow is Friday financial always has fun on her show on -- -- she's gonna visit with three people with fascinating jobs. The zoo keeper for the Louisiana swamp exposition. I wonder if that guy like has all of his fingers. Mean -- alligators and is small X exhibition. You'd dictated these these are dangerous animals also she's gonna visit with an elephant's zoo keeper. And then the man who's in charge of the experience at the sectarian. You know we do so much to get insects away from us imagine if your job was to go to work and be with insects every day. Also an Angel always has fun on -- Friday what's hot and what's not with the movies and a visit with spud McConnell who is now on our sister station. Three WL from three to six in the afternoon. And despite its gonna talk about king fish his role as the former governor of Louisiana who we are on. Huey Long that's I would say -- it is substantially the show I just my brain just goes totally blank I'm. The king fish she be long and -- disagree job he's gotten national recognition for that. And that's going to be at the joy a Friday nights and Saturday plus an open book with the legendary chef. The chase so don't miss an open mind potentially -- tomorrow and weekday afternoons from one to four now under VW well. And front Indiana a rich here on this cute show good evening. Again got couple banged up. Marriage and Justin Bieber. Debate people are we here -- wait for my first. Social Security -- pop back band. You met -- -- Arctic girl. -- -- -- They knew each other since cubic -- so when he got married. Quality they know each other what fourteen years that those supplies despair. -- nowadays people stay well fight -- let's get buried they don't know we job. Pocket moderate these birds and -- I bought -- -- go out -- idiot belong in printed at least one year. -- big I I have never bother you -- I agree with it year old girl did he get. Get out get -- gets a -- -- that it can get away with it. He'll be at people like you've got a lot of gold cards up -- I'll -- all fall and he's going to be better that door nail. But we don't send people to to prison for first VW -- I think that they that it. Bert -- -- won -- three years. -- let's get can be. Well they're there are people who agree with you rich at their their people think that you should go to pre -- I distill some people in my life who have -- had do you -- And they made a mistake and it is totally changed there's their life and they it was tough enough for them to go to shields for very yeah. Brief period of times like overnight leader a couple of hours. Saw you know I don't know that I would agree with that but you know anybody who drinks and drives. And and and and only gets a -- lie. Is he's very fortunate because he can be a lot worse. That he could oh. I've -- at eight years -- how's that for blocks away and a couple double our top forty yard. He didn't do that he was -- great -- to -- the -- I know people like big danger. I don't know how drunk he wise I haven't heard about the blood alcohol level. But get -- gets a slap on the list. -- -- -- -- -- Well and rich as I mentioned in the blog that I -- that's that's another one of the problems that surfaces from a situation like this if he does get away with it then the message is. If you were if you -- rich and famous you get away with -- And that's though compared then speeds going people try and he got what you call it product compared rock. -- say. Right -- it I -- She -- what anybody's life should be -- what he did what actually. That it -- William -- put anybody life in danger. Pie by people being -- went out well. Why didn't she she I don't know how I mean she did -- she posted that the pictures that were published or Vanessa Williams. After she became Miss America were published in in -- and they were pictures from a couple of years prior to that when she wears. On photographed with with him with another woman rich -- a political show thanks listing in Indiana his attacks supposed to snow between 2 AM and 5 AM. Tomorrow is going to be a very very cold day. In New Orleans and really throughout this part of the country tomorrow the high in New Orleans is gonna be between 35. And forty. With wind and there's still 20% chance of sleet tomorrow. I'm Renee you're on the -- -- -- -- WL. Yeah it's about the even. Here are -- aid in. Is. You know they didn't do. It day to but it would be even do it may be disconnect from money I don't know good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q -- that kind of money and Kia Rio. -- -- the under a power color it is a project that. -- -- You know with the wrong apartment apparently. In. I don't believe. That influence may be coming from little thing. You know maybe -- actually. Am I don't know I mean we don't the street that you. Two games in. Well we don't know if it's. -- Is an essential in. Seeing. Understand it's two -- oh record. Think we're at it that he -- hills. Just about everything. And that's what made him so I. They've done it before it goes in my own notes in deep strain and made and you know. Then the radio cover pan am using -- Q and you. If we talked about that that was that was very proud of it but big big kids is seemed to be a little older than it was yeah just like he was a little beat it was a little too old to still be breastfeeding. Yes so my my chart it is it is a bit. You know interest in the me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a Texas as a look at his eyes in the mug shot drunk that if you haven't seen a mug shot it's it's with the -- blog on our website at WW real dot com the mug shot which Metallica. A publicity shot and it does a shot was taken right after somebody was was arrested at a police station. That's an attorney right now on we're excited to be W real dot com. Here's a text to please tell me what his talent is singer songwriter. He dances around little girls I actually respect you you grew up in an era of talent this guy is worthless. I'm not comparing Justin Bieber to. It Led Zeppelin and not comparing Justin -- to. The great song writing of Lennon McCartney and and -- so many talented people over the years. But I am saying that his talent he does have. That certain charisma and he does have certain talent I don't know if he writes all of his songs but this is a guy who. -- discovered him he allowed himself to be discovered by by putting it on YouTube it's a really interesting success story. Again it's not my style and I'm not comparing him to. -- the classic rockers or some just some of the very talented people of today. I think he's he's very talented. But I don't comparing to some people what you might think I'm comparing him to. Here's a text my dad was killed by a drunk driver drunk driver received only one year in jail. That seems like -- injustice. Wayne you're on WWL. A it is. The record industry -- -- there and that he could be. Publicity at all publicly. I don't go to -- couldn't -- much help the global economy everybody looking from. Look around. And the four -- put it all -- while -- -- -- law. And an advocate for a couple polite. I'm not I'm not agree at all. But that's the outlook -- there. He's put California. -- all bikini and I'll teach. At all about Florida and down. Trying to create history and all of the trouble down there. I mean -- -- people from on West Palm Beach Dade County is -- not WP the so much going on. It is is already pretty. It's well it any and it does it make it right it's not a man and -- war is more prevalent. You -- to see what you. These places you can go to Google it would -- -- it up. And go to court. And many of them but most of all in all it was like -- wait -- long ago. And it bit. Apart dispute it -- not only gullible bill. -- could. Have walked out. -- -- So many people I know turnpike couple rounds at 3 o'clock in the morning ended up ordered. Spikes out there right -- like in many people top opportunity to. Win -- cup committee. Down well armed and everybody's gonna -- going yeah yeah I mean they're there there there are. Risky lifestyles everywhere but they're -- -- content -- again now there's a concentration of risky lifestyles there. And you know and then you've that you've got to. Then you've got the the seniors who. Think they can just walk across the of the middle of at Tulane. Three Elaine. Highway year our road in just the kind of -- you -- the of the that the people who think that they're entitled to just walk out in traffic and you're gonna stop. All I know -- -- wouldn't predicted it would not. I mean I would rate is there and you know the ballpark and -- -- bought the main street so all may have oral lotteries aren't much. And it just speaking it is a little bit repetitive you're -- -- or doctors or eight. You know. I don't know law lords but bit so much there's so much money in speed and on the soul great streak to regard to a guy we delivered it he could deliver Albert probably on. All out of pocket more clock company called the jail. These important dirty kind of speed and -- -- you know but let's do what looked you know mark. Now you got to stop got to stop -- all the peace shall all -- it's been so I was nobody -- that they do. The 001. And our senior well. I don't know about yet let. It and no illusion is great music in case people. Oh well no I did an outlet out and I didn't hear Billy Ocean in in gay bars are Billy Ocean it's like at happy hour -- like that the park. I just I have this memory of Billy -- it at the park. And any use Soledad and happy hour in the and then they would go into the night like on Wednesday or Thursday night did the happy hours just went into the night. But I heard you spend a lot -- the gate or don't you don't. Note that was that was -- that was earlier and and and this was what we're talking about the break up of captain Antonio and -- will keep us together when that saw -- when that song came out in the in the seventies. That was that was the place to go dance to gay bars in the quarter at the time it was -- and and with -- at. An earlier I don't care. Yeah I think early show I don't think thanks ballistic. You know I was never really got to this earlier but iris -- thinking about this scenario of hate crimes. That would involve somebody like myself I'll explain that when we come back let's take a quick break here's attacks. Shouldn't give beaver. And should get stiffer penalties. Because he's a public figure. Is that fair -- to give him a stiffer penalty to make the penalties stiffer because he's he's a celebrity. And -- John -- studio producer type to appear in my screen how to get parity rent the car if he has a suspended license. And if daddy -- -- -- -- it for him was seen authorized driver. This is discussion though and we'll be right back and to be WL so I'm thinking about hate crimes. There -- I cannot help the way god made me. I can't help the way that I'm built like it helped the ways it I'd look -- I'm happy with -- taste in clothes and in how alive my dress. But there are people who think Yevgeny. What is I was beaten up. Because people thought it was day. It yet since I'm not really gay. Could they be charged with a hate crime. Her with a defense attorneys say -- can't be hate crime because he's heavily gay but if the BB a because they thought I was game I was the victim of of gay bashing. Yeah not because I'm screwed but if I just walking down the street to south that was an interesting way to look at the possibility of I hate crimes and ended color just mentioned -- you know don't don't so don't say you go to where gay bar. You know occasionally had -- -- gave parts part of life in new world -- that's part of like that a lot of cities. I am comfortable being here it doesn't define -- -- uncomfortable. And comfortable because. There's a sense of of a lack of judgment. And when I go some places. I sensed that there are certain types of people who. Look down upon me again because of just the way. The way I am like it I feel less judgment. Again there's a lot of things -- understand about about being gay but you know that I find it interesting that today. You're so criticized for going to gay bar but. It would it would Disco first started back in the -- my wife and I used to go to the gay bars with friends all the time. And nobody thought you were gay because you what to a gay -- why why did that change. I don't understand it. So how do you talk to kids about Justin Bieber. Miami police say -- Justin Bieber was drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini against nineteen year old Def jam recording artist a little Shareef. Who was driving a Ferrari. Sharif was also arrested at a DUI charge as well as beaver. According to police Bieber and Shareef were racing down a residential street in Miami Beach. The street was blocked off by two black issue -- apparently part of beavers on -- rush and Jeremy beaver the 38 year old -- of Justin. Was reportedly with one of the suvs that helped set up the blocked off streets so they can drag race. Police reported Bieber made comments about drinking smoking pot and taking prescription Mets. Is all of this a publicity stunt. Any initially was not cooperative with police saying what the blank is this about. He failed a field sobriety test. The question that comes to mind is what should parents tell their teenagers who worship Justin Bieber about his behavior that led to this arrest. It's natural for teens and adults. To blindly support their idols. And not focus on digression it's even serious points. So in the case of Justin Bieber. Parents should be honest about the reckless behavior that led to his arrest with their kids. -- -- should also be honest with themselves and as adults we should be honest with ourselves and not excuse negative behavior regardless of who it is. Think about this with politics. There are Americans. And George W. Bush could do no wrong. There were Americans who believe that Bill Clinton could do no wrong and and both of them. They did wrong every president does that mean they're they're humans but there are people who are blind. To the mistakes. That people they admire -- And that's hypocritical. So whatever parent should be telling their teenagers about the rest of Justin Bieber is exactly what we should all be telling ourselves about that. And what are the other thing to focus on is that status intangible things that you acquire. Can give you this incredible boost of confidence not just for rock stars and athletes but also for people in the business world. But those things should not change who you or -- And celebrity history is littered with tragedies that resulted from the money and status that goes along with stardom. The feeling of being invincible at nineteen is a natural thing -- to that stardom. Add to that an endless supply of money. And that's gonna lead you to think that you're invincible and you can do anything but that's not just for surfer young rock stars and young athletes also people the business world. Have been the victims of status and money. Justin Bieber should be criticized. But he shouldn't be condemned as a person. His behavior. Is. Something that happens but it's not just kids that do this adults do the same stupid things that young people do. The other problem is if he does get away with us. There's going to be this. This issue of giving the impression. That if you have money and your star. Nothing happens to -- And you get away with it. So that's yet another challenge. For Paris but I I I would hope that parents with with teens who idolize Justin Bieber would. Would use this opportunity to you know be honest about this this mistake and we why it was which -- you know I remember him. I years ago when Mickey Mantle died in my Kurt Cobain died -- not long after that Mickey Mantle -- way. And there was there was criticism from the establishment that you know Kurt -- little lifestyle that it led to his his suicide. And yet they didn't recognize that -- Mickey Mantle essentially committed suicide. By drinking yourself to death. Again a tendency. To be blind to the mistakes of those you idolize. Adults are guilty as well as kids. This is Cisco show and we're back in just a moment. If you'll I'm looking at radar right now and it looks as if submitted this the snow line has now crossed over into Louisiana and that the Louisiana Mississippi border. And then in Louisiana around Alexandria essentially CNN northern Louisiana there has been some snow. It looks like it's just all the skirting just north of of Baton Rouge but it Clinton in new roads according to this radar that I'm looking at there's there's snow and might you might be in some of it down of course this year. A to the north of you or Wednesday in other parts of the country you may be instance though it's just really mutual for a to have for us to have it in this this this part of the country even this time of year. I here's a text. Beaver blue point 04. Below the legal limit for an adult. But over. Zero to. 421. Year old shouldn't have. Shouldn't have told them about the pot in the hills. Yeah there's so there's a lot about this that just doesn't seem to make rational sense and you know Justin Bieber and it looks like he's been trying to get arrested. Mean there have been other things that have have gone on -- again I think one of the most interesting things about this is. Why. And I'm not saying that it is a publicity stunt but it might be. And it's not that people haven't done. Things to to get publicity or to enhance. Their their image of the public but it's interesting that and I think it's something that we should all think about ourselves. If it's doing something. Negative and dangerous. And totally illegal. Is a way to get positive attention. But what does that say about us as a society. That gives them positive attention. The talk kappa Epsilon fraternity on the campus of Arizona State University has been suspended. For holding what was called a distasteful party Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. day. The party included. For -- members wearing basketball jerseys. Wearing. Gang type clothes and flashing gang signs. And holding watermelon shaped. Cups. And this has been described as being very distasteful. One. -- issue juniors say it's embarrassing if people look at a issue. And they think that's us. And the reverend generates. -- Paul who is in Arizona civil rights attorney civil rights activist. I said that this is outrageous and he said this school should be expelled the students. And permanently banned for charity from affiliation with Arizona State University. The a spokesperson for the national fraternity. Talking upper affluent said that this is not who they -- and this they're they're disappointed this does not reflect. Their attitude nationally in theirs they're the story that that this happened. As this tasteful as this is. Isn't this protected by freedom of speech. I don't like it I wouldn't have participated in this I certainly wouldn't have organized that I think it is very distasteful. But doesn't the First Amendment protects. Distasteful. Comments. Here's a Texas knowing in Saint Helena parish. And here's another text it's coming up against the snow it's shifting to the self and other text let it snow let it snow. Let it snow. Here's a text he's trying to get done this by Justin Bieber he's trying to get. The older crowd just like the two working girl -- Molly say yep that's what these young stars do you start -- really young and you. You need to mature with your audience if you wanna hang on to your audience because the younger crowd is gonna find somebody new. And in the older crowd gets to the point where that's in my past and I care about them anymore so you really do. Have to change if you're trying to continue your popularity. Want to thank -- John -- our studio producer I'm screwed if you're out driving tonight be sure drive carefully hey we're back tomorrow night on Friday night. Love you New Orleans.