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1-24 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 24, 2014|

Dave talks about wintery weather and the Pro Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 24 of January 2014. All I didn't need two PGI. -- will come out I had. Wild weekend. I think good town -- absolutely happy Friday to you and yours. So in Dade man we get text messages from all over army in Wesley goes leading in factories leaving in -- days. Sweet. In river parade -- In the snow in falls off houses one person yes and they got some snow up there have light dusting of my car in Vogel says there's another line all right. You can see there is a wintry mix. Across the region if you wanna season -- just go to Washington prepares to Angelina pairs he'll probably steal little snow here or there. All I sign Metairie and Orleans today you're. Is little tiny itsy -- sleep did you see yeah and is more than I heard them and I thought he hit it scheduled to -- the -- Man that enough and that was interfering with my ability to. Move about so -- and to me it's kind of a fun morning I see in Gonzales say they haven't what does. Haven't seen that before it says mix PCP Aaron. Six precipitation yeah there you ago it's going to be under a lark just -- priest. Battery and reset get a cool weather people they just -- -- as of breeze that that meteorological. -- go to the west of us and to the north of us. That's the best chance ever seeing something right the bottom. Line it's still possible. That we could see maybe a few flurries here in immediately in the metro area are now. Of that it's got to be cold enough which is what -- pointing out this morning Greg you know got to get down Aaron. 35. Right now at the airports not gonna cut it yet that's not the. One needs that without organ and -- this far out. But nonetheless there is a wintering mix across the region much of the state being impacted by it. More so than we are right here that's true and you know deal further north and west of running far more. School closures and things like that now we're got tantrum mole and Washington. The schools and close this morning here in southeast Louisiana school's closed -- -- ago. And Washington payers will keep you posted on any further school -- but I wouldn't anticipate. For those kids is thinking oh boy it's knowingly get to stay home yeah now I wouldn't expect that at this point. -- -- -- Washington maybe the only two issues in southeast Louisiana have to close schools as a result of the wintering mix of weather that we RC and the wind blowing through did you notice when you -- through the -- the lobby here at the building here that. -- of which -- always reminds me of hurricane season. And it's that same sound delegates and gusty winds that this is one of those days that man he just needs -- -- the army sol man it's it's definitely -- morning. -- morning to that -- them them. Warm man that it would be nice to not have to go anywhere. But those of you who do you make it on. It is. Happy Friday you your job you know that you can hang on to all day we'll check the full three day forecast coming up next here -- WW Allen the all exciting Pro Bowl is this weekend we'll get Steve -- that at least Drew Brees is one of the captains that make them aboard for a year war. Yeah I've been able to figure this whole thing out yeah I'm still kind of dazed and the view battle out -- -- you know you -- they -- teams Drew Brees on the captains and he's got all the saints -- yeah that the team you're rooting for. It's Jerry rice's. That makes it really is a Mika thank you David knocked in about fifteen minutes -- first news here at WWL AM FM and dot com and now. What's going on in your neck of the woods text me at 87870. Gets no. -- -- -- Yea -- wintry mix. What's -- on time let us knows that we can let those folks are still warm and cozy in their beds before they lock -- don't know what to expect this morning. Yeah I WWL IM FM a backup happy Friday. 5:18 good morning I'm -- going to the early edition of WWL first news -- -- editors schools are close you -- -- kind of way north in Weston. New Orleans define these -- -- and -- Washington. Schools and he gave -- the early edition of WW offers. Get text messages from people over in central and west Louisiana about schools over there. Yeah -- we only -- school closures for southeast Louisiana when going to be on you about seen. Anything like that. Because we just don't have the time and other immediate area. There ego but do you what is the coverage going to be of this note today and what the rest of the -- you do all the way into the weekend. On this Friday some snow showers still possible mainly north of I twelve SP flurries. Even southward toward the lake possible 30% chance for priests -- today and it's temperatures warm it's more than likely going to becomes leaked into the afternoon. -- later today at forty then tonight. Clearing and cold lows in the mid twenty's on the North Shore and upper twenties south of the late. Freezes expected for tonight but bouncing back up to 56 on Saturday with some sunshine Sunday a few clouds begin to move back in with highs of sixty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. -- we've been telling you about many areas reporting sleet this morning and if you go far enough north and west of New Orleans you will find snow flurries this morning as well now. Officially sleet at the airport 35 degrees light rain in slide dal 33 degrees. And a wintry mix reported in Gonzales. But that was in a lot of sleet ice bouncing off my hood and shall Matt says one text message to -- 78 and sleet ice and wintry mix and white. -- says another text message. And 87870. So a lot of people are -- here's my favorite one so far. Icy stuff falling in old -- of that extremely meteorological. -- stuff. Falling in all this mess. Steve Geller is in on this Friday morning happy Friday eighty regulars happy Friday so its rating ice cream cone -- no matter. Ice and stock -- That that to the text icy stuff. Falling in -- moment. I'll I -- -- passed through -- matter definitely here was teeny tiny little sleep well. Just like in the eighties Europe. I've got lucky on how to clear feeling when I got here this morning often known that in August -- in windy. Called Wendy pressure across the region sports time on WWL and your pride and. Good morning happy Friday everybody will the Broncos will be ready for -- chilly New Jersey Super Bowl as it was nine degrees in Denver return to the practice field. For the first time since clinching a spot in the big game. Quarterback Peyton Manning was asked if the top -- Seattle defense will be the best unit that'll have to go up against the entire year. Replace him in the precision so it's still. Control do the preparation try to familiarize ourselves so would you pour a lot of film study so you're still trying to get the role in this forum group. What -- essential -- are excellent defense. Well it helps to have friends in the high places. All five saints Pro Bowl as will play for the same team Sunday night after quarterback Drew -- help him pick his own roster during the two night probable draft. Reasons Coke captive for team rights led by hall of -- receiver Jerry Rice. And they'll duke it out against team Deion Sanders. Cleveland finally has the head coach the browns have higher buffalo defensive coordinator Mike routine ending a nearly four week search. The 47 year old thirteen inherits a Cleveland team that went for in twelve this season after losing its last seven games. Now let's check in with -- Bob Hebert who has the latest on tomorrow's Senior Bowl confidence is key to success -- a game like this Senior Bowl. As Florida State linebacker Calvin Smith is all too ready to tell you. The club med in a position than normal make plays normal playmaker you -- you don't limit the -- may the wind when you say you know that the man could -- you mostly all you just digital newsroom and did you put more than the -- here could have Barbara. Hello I'm not a club -- in a position on -- -- Obama make a play. From the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama on T Bob -- -- WW all sports and the February 16 NBA all star game -- be held here in New Orleans will have a distinctly younger look. Stepping curry Kevin Love Paul George and -- Irving have all been voted in as starters. No pelicans have inmate named to the roster just yet the reserves will be announced on January 30. Today F four on sports talk if you could have any current NFL player to the saints' roster who would have beat. Plus we'll get an update from LSU baseball media day how high are your expectations for the tigers this season. At 630 you have a choice switch over to 87 the AM to continue listening to sports talk. We're here the pelicans take on the Detroit Pistons are 1053 WWL left them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I've 23 days go on Steve go with you on your radio snow accumulation on the ground -- -- fluids as someone texting estimates 78 Sammy do you -- -- -- now. Drive up to camp would right now and you'll steal little bit there sleet just about. Everywhere else fond memories accent have a unity and would it was the first high school football game I actually got the covers so they sent me up there by my first go around. We got to be under the tank intent would go back and -- -- -- that that you wanted to use this morning apparently. Yeah I watched the global listen to the horrible patent of the horrible. Definitely will to at least start -- -- Drew Brees is -- -- quarterback and then after -- kind of Weaver and take care of other things around the house hosts. I'm not making an appointment to do it. By if I happen to be available today at the time. Target if there's something else. In one going -- the kids get them through yet to I'm not like building might weekend around watching. Real eye to eye on deftly though interest -- just because the fact that would -- the draft to leaving Drew -- shows up. And easy to see the guys laughing -- Iran Obama anti -- but. The -- shows up he's walking down. Red carpet I guess you would say. And he's got a notebook like a trapper keeper under his arm like he was prepared for this draft says he's I -- as compared to competitor so wanna see what he goes out does in this. -- to take things serious oh yeah he's a competitor at every level whether it's a little contest to throw a football and hit the goal post on sixty minutes. Or the home run derby also prettier and the charity event he takes this stuff and he does not like to lose any thing on any level tonight thank you. Steve we'll talk to about 25 minutes more sports here on WWL AM -- -- that now we have a power outage uptown it's just been reported to us. About 4600. Customers. Are out right now in this is right along the river. Relief from audobin park all the way to south port so. And just a couple blocks off the river so really the Carrollton -- Carrollton neighborhood. Again we've got out 4500. Customers who are without power right now there Entergy says there -- aware of it. And there are working to get it repaired. David is gone from a -- its -- what's up David. And guess what elect younger -- -- just got a phone call from intently parish school board. They're -- school back. Okay we've had a couple people in a -- Collison tells they've been made aware of this but the news officially. Saint Tammany is not closed all schools at this time they have -- -- -- any notification. Two loss nor -- they oppose it into the web system maybe and a BAQ. Where beat elementary is closed because that's that we got a couple of messages and phone calls that Columbia elementary is closed we'll follow up -- thank aren't there we appreciated. And I will preview the school closures and your forecast after five when he -- your forecast again on this wintry mix morning. -- could see a few areas with some snow showers or snow flurries this morning mainly north of the lake. And it -- temperatures begin to warm most of that will change over to some -- into the afternoon at high street to about forty today. Tonight's sky is clear so that's going to be mostly the end of that except precept but we're down into the twenty's on both sides of the lake. And back to some sunshine tomorrow high of 56. Sunday were up to sixty within clouds moving back again. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist far -- tell. All right can't -- snowy -- no other places sleet across most of the area 35 at the airport in -- 33 in Slidell school closures governor. All right coming up the latest from David Blake in WWL first news again about 4500 customers and uptown New Orleans or without electricity now Entergy says there where the problem and working on it really from the Jefferson line to Audubon park and write off of the rivers and we'll keep you posted on that. We do have a notification of closures of Livingston parish schools and -- parish school. And Washington parish schools we just spoke with officials in saint Tammany parish. That apparently not made a decision yet. But we have heard from children -- -- -- elementary they're getting a phone call that a beat elementary it's closed -- be updated here on WW 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the 24 -- 2004 to. Mean hey it's GG IE apps will come to ride. And jump around. Let -- drive it. Especially in the weather. -- later. Everybody else come around. I get down. Job of -- you've got a good jump around just to stay warm and it had not -- cold well. At thirtieth on both sides of the leg and little maybe one here there be -- way north there away west but. We do it snow reported its closest and yup and we view having meets with snow everywhere else just about leaks lead from silly sweet yet I mean. East bank West Bank north or south toward little tiny -- well how little knowledge small ammonia and I didn't feel on the matter but I heard a meeting might win here yeah. Now we have all schools closed at saint Tammany Livingston and violent Washington players that is correct here in southeast Louisiana if -- north of Lake Pontchartrain. No school today -- Livingston and Idaho or Washington there. While -- last time we had to do this because of winter weather -- service. -- -- very rare here. Well I've reluctantly -- that crazy people that are three young then in the twenties and a bunch of schools in the region who they heating system either mailed it couldn't keep up with the -- And built for this chemicals are gonna take any chances today. That. -- enemies in Tampa pairs Washington there's a close all the schools and southeast Louisiana are open it. Q did you remembers it scared. Listening to the radio waiting for that word well when Nate I grew up in Chicago where I promise you. A dusting of snow for a little sleep -- over all I was the school child's play and even when we had. Blizzard blazers. They all they did was delayed the start of school for two hours on my goodness so we had a foot of snow in the morning now. School would start -- like Tammy. A pretty much you know the end of the world yeah -- -- By day here. Get a little sleep you know little -- -- And they closed schools that they Tammy Livingston and -- -- Washington that's amazing and it's all riled him. I'd I'd just remembers a kid I live for awhile outside of Boston. Suburb and and that was like a big -- just was. Two months ago. It is donating putts I school ideological or down a big lesson and then third is got the day off now. A little different now. Weekends we have text messages out well emails. We have there's a lot of ways to get the word. Yes I don't know that kids huddle around the radio to wait to see if there's schools are closed knew that we haven't checked the text messages -- now check their emails or go to their school's website. Just am the more things -- subordinates and so man it would suck to be. Anywhere from Ottoman parked at the Jefferson Orleans line and three to four blocks off the river this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frank no -- it's actually just don't water heat. Because you know heat hot water to cool why we call hot do we do column. I thank you Dave talking about twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller's out and about checking on the wintry mix conditions and we'll have more on the fourth and as well. At 6 o'clock. You miss me. But now but the conditions are holding his -- I don't there. You're talking about people without power in parts of the metro area is it certainly. Yes and that we get sleet reported just about everywhere. Everywhere really everywhere you know what they're accurate or yet. Added in a tiny little itty bitty -- and all -- -- it's what would be considered like we can't cut and and to see that -- through the morning time -- -- over a little -- still some snow flurries north of the lakes and areas of -- -- Tammany parish taint the Washington and that's why those three Pierce's Washington. Change in saint Tammany have canceled school for their public schools today yeah. Yet living yet and joining in on that and it isn't out -- great and those of the four big school district and our shores said you know what we're not gonna have school today. And what are conditions can do is we go through the morning -- -- -- -- snow and who gets no I invoke the -- us know. And. Can't words yeah knowing -- body and that text messages in exactly most of the snow will be cut up north but by twelve north by -- queries may mix in at around Covington Indiana -- areas. But the farther north you are the most likely it's -- because that's where its coldest temperatures around thirty or 32 degrees that's off the lake. Where you're from 35 in New Orleans to 37 at home at that that's where were most likely going to see that light sleet and some light rain -- what happened today. -- the temperatures will gradually start to warm up a little bit so some of that snow will become more -- like treatments some light rain. So -- chances will -- a little bit later today that we still could season's -- or even some light rain and farther north even from light snow all the way through the afternoon and evening. Wow yeah -- all day and all night at the moisture is still with this at least about 6 PM there's officially a winter weather advisory for areas north of the lake. Through six. Action are right so there you go folks that's what's going on today a book about tomorrow. You know it's like -- complete flip this what's tomorrow we're back up to 56 with the sunshine how about that and the and if -- get any snow this morning mainly on the -- were -- not gonna last may last through today and tonight but tomorrow you know we'll start melting and so far most the reports that. Anywhere from right tent and it's about half and actually like the -- -- gain. In the ground still pretty darn warms a delicate accumulating -- gonna go right to snowman. Right now audience but the -- you know it happened and maybe they had good smell a rat Hattiesburg at. -- in the count areas but yet little farther south you know it's it's not going to be quite as much right and then Sunday Sunday we're up to sixty. Maryland today. No -- whether. Days from now it's pretty much bring no it Monday were up to 62. Yeah but it can be cold again tonight to protect your plant -- tonight. And debt that yet today can be blustery high only forty and needs respect much they -- there. Action this meteorologist Laura but now. Are you motivated to get out there -- go find snowing -- of the. Days like -- they just wanna get in the -- -- -- arrived back at snowing here but yeah I get it a lot -- want you now. Are you not motivated -- -- they -- warm cozy yeah I'm happy right where -- I grew up and -- and apparently. I -- been there done that god but I I do remember remember the -- -- downtown New Orleans a few years. Yeah I -- at the 2008 yeah yeah I ever was having snowball yeah in many snowman and Matt Abbott today look like it -- we got there this morning. Can't -- sleep sleep moment. That's all right it's easily it -- have a great weekend -- one. -- -- about outlined a direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts and gave guys the early edition of WWL first news. There's no doubt about all the wintry weather we did take a look at the movies it would opens this weekend we'll do that and -- sports after this hour right just about anywhere you go on southeast Louisiana you gonna find at least tiny sleek pals this morning and if you go north and west of lake -- training got a shot at seeing snow especially in the western areas. Of the north sure all schools are closed on the North Shore today in saint Tammany Livingston -- to Idaho and Washington parishes. As well we have a power outage in the city of New Orleans. From the Orleans Jefferson line at. At the river Q audobin park. In the Carrollton area three or four blocks off the river as well about 4500 customers without power -- says they're working to. Diagnose and fix that problem if you wanna stay out of the weather -- -- wanted to see a movie this evening you know a new one opening is -- Frankenstein. Which is a PG thirteen. A Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all out centuries old war between to a mortal plans going up against the current top five. Right along lone survivor of the nut job. Jack Ryan shatter recruit and frozen public tells me frozen may have another big week. Across the country. To -- Steve Geller is in with sports who got a Pro Bowl this weekend let's all get excited about the yeah. Do you think these changes again helped make the pro ball more interesting as in general or do you think it's a last ditch effort to try to save a dying game I think that definitely trying to save the dying game right now but I think what they have done at least will spark people's interest. Through at least to -- and initially and then with the seats the same old. Game that means. Absolutely nothing to anyone that. By halftime I'm sure most people -- now -- what we -- -- from -- sportscaster and every WL happy Friday happy Friday gave him happy Friday to you out there we are now nine days away from Super Bowl 48. And Denver Broncos returned to practice field for the first time since winning the AFC championship. Quarterback Peyton Manning is one and one in Super Bowl appearances. And is focused on earning that coveted second championship ring this is why you you know worked hard all season for this opportunity so. There's no question it's a big deal and it is very fresh requires that we're. The Cleveland Browns last team to field its vacant head coaching position have hired buffalo defensive coordinator Mike the team ending a nearly four week search. He says he's not concerned that his successor lasted only one season. Sometimes that the cockiness of a coach but all battle myself and again I didn't wanna get involved and then back away from a job because of a lack of perceived security. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has undergone groin surgery and is expected to spend the next six weeks recovery. He rushed for 1266. Yards and fourteen games this season but missed two games in December due to a sprained right foot. Tomorrow's the Senior Bowl now here's -- about eight there with the latest on that game. There seems to be plenty of Florida State players in mobile this week as seminal senator Bryan -- will tell you this last year has been pretty special it's. It's been great and everything's gone reservoir and and there -- some don't surrender tour let us. And in just half rounds are happy -- hardworking and you know powers Ulanova. From the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama on T Bob -- WWL sports and Miami heat's LeBron James is the leading vote getter with one point four million votes in fan balloting. For the February 16 NBA all star game here in New Orleans. But the big story is the new look the all star lineup will have which stepping curry Kevin Love -- George inquiry -- bring. Having all been voted in putting for first time starters in the lineup no word yet on -- pelicans or Anthony Davis will make the roster the reserves will be announced on January 30. Today -- foreign sports talk if you could at any current NFL player to the saints' roster -- what could be. Plus we'll get an update from LSU baseball media day how high are your expectations for the tigers this season. At 630 you have a choice switch over to 87 the AM to continue listening to sports talk. Where -- the pelicans -- Detroit Pistons 1053 WWL spam. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports pelicans have lost nine of their last ten games. Channel and chances of picking up a win tonight industry Detroit's kind of struggled through -- -- As well having had the best run they do you have. A lot of length on the roster which is kind of scary to this team right now down. One of their big guys in Ryan Anderson also still without point guard. -- holiday. Anthony Davis has to be. It's beyond stellar every night right now for this ball club and I think he's gonna have a tough go against a -- little Alexander yet so bottom line -- a list. I don't see the pelicans come with a win tonight I don't see him coming away with a win on most nights right now ansari does that in all the injuries to -- and the problems they had before the injuries snapping a close games even when they add. At every exactly they Wear full staff can still had problems after halftime and that's that's from just seems to have linger from last season. I'm well we'll let you -- act like you. Linger right now that we will bring you back to fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. Another look at your forecast and tell you where it's snowing right after this -- if you wanna see snow this morning people are taxing us from Hammond takes farm Okaloosa independence Mount -- and can't would that they have either snow falling or snow actually on the ground schools are closed in saint Tammany. Livingston panda -- and Washington parishes. Or cloudy and cold today with some presets still -- and a chance for some snow or snow flurries north of by twelve. -- it's more likely going to be some light sleep at -- today only reach about forty. Then tonight clearing skies but getting cold mid twenties north of the Lakewood they freeze. South of lake around 29 and tomorrow reading about 56 with mostly sunny skies by Sunday. A few clouds mixing back again but highs near sixty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out -- Lead and 35 at the airport in -- feels like 25 with the wind jail. Slidell light rain 33 feels like 25 with the wind chill and just about everywhere South Shore north or east bank West Bank. We had reports of at least tiny little sleep pilots this morning I'm gave Killen at the early edition of WWL. Offers it. 5:58 good morning I'm Dave -- Entergy now says it'll be between 6:30 and 7 o'clock that they'll get some 4500 customers in the Carrollton neighborhood re connected. To the power -- and logistics and it intimidate that is I got a whole house generator a Mormon toasty and well. Maybe your neighbors to become an over for a little hot cocoa this sport and that put the power out. Haven't said anything about Justin Bieber yet this morning but I will say this. If I it. Made untold millions of dollars at the age of what well. My time I was eighteen if I could have -- a Lamborghini I probably would have gotten into a little trouble myself but don't think I'd been smoking pot taking prescription drugs drinking beer and drag racing my Lamborghini down the street. But I do think I -- would've gotten a whole lot of troubles especially if like beavers mom. She -- the age of eighteen just that that you're free to go out just you know go by your announced -- -- -- I'm getting back on the dating circuit. -- -- what you got coming up. I've been only ever gaining about it when it caught me -- tell you that capsule and it got down to Iowa it's not a lot of football pro ball etc. Tommy next be careful out there.

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