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1-24 6:45am Tommy, Pro Bowl

Jan 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Pro Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like to tell DA joins us right now WW -- NFL and college football analyst. Mike quickly how's the weather out and -- you country. More like the rain. But it's not consistent. You get a little shot in it trailed also. No no -- of editing DB from Kenya 5 mile morning running and didn't know what oh ought to outlaw it and in the -- good for you. You really do run yet. I didn't know that good for you tell me about some the changes to the Pro Bowl in and I don't know John Madden says it's a joke from people would know. Albeit but don't know about it what exactly did they do this year. What do they opened up like an open draft. Ineptitude wasn't divided and that -- AFC teams it was an open plotted crap what you think the players. And different ball well I get more attention from. Its flag possible. A midnight with the Internet don't you pick in different -- -- and immunity he made against him today. It's it was dying. We -- able we were saying earlier Mike you know on the all star baseball game. You don't really have anybody throw and it anybody's head but you can still have. An interesting game same thing when it comes -- -- the all star game it's no defense issued in which can be entertaining. But on L and football how you. Put pads on and friend a friend illegally the other guy out you can't do that canyon. No you're not in the not too now again when you watch global last two years has been more like flag football. I scored a -- on -- forget and you know just pay attention to this as -- 2000. And but he built her up with children that it might be the easiest money we can make is that people on the global. When you -- the -- bit of winners. And there was -- -- Because. It -- be covered in between there -- water. You know what's crazy model that it has -- for. Have been. Really people actually watching it and it -- the the NBA basketball game and it up again. Sports life in a -- humble. Wise I think what. -- to get bills try to do the sparkle interest both forehand with certainty. That's different today. How long Iowa remains to be saying. But it's still part. All of the NFL. That is really not it's not real. Because -- Watch it is almost as though. -- land on would be somewhere on the ball around the uterus was inducted into the board somewhere in that range. But yet but yet when you -- what you get on amending man threw two interceptions and approval and to stand. -- Understand that's what I'm saying I'm like. Yellow about Donovan McNabb the -- -- real well. I'm -- one saints in the Super Bowl watching on the NFL network and civil what do you do on Saturday before the game you take off you go see a movie I don't think so I would think you keep preparing for the biggest game your life. Tell me Mike about the I had a thought that the Pro Bowl might be more entertaining. If the -- of people did depict in Drew Brees it's that are active NFL players had to work in some kind of salary cap that they would develop. So they would see a what do GM has to go through -- Well no one. And you put a pretty hard a couple of the well look you we we wouldn't really paid them it would be you know do you give a player may be a range of a -- play for this of that how much do you want. And then within that one. I beyond at that point on the gold at one time that was Beijing gold why. Why. You are what we watch the board of college or being. That that's a little long we've been. Because Hawaii is big these guys so it is the entertainment. Port in the NFL you don't want you again and yet that it's a glorified. Flag football game like football I tell me afloat. Before -- let you go about Jimmy Graham speak and a salary caps and get no money. What would you want to act as -- once in it paid. Like -- now that he's played one receive almost 70% of the time like now. That would be tacked on him at the idea you know comparable to that happening any time so. So -- using the long term deal common. I eventually you out along that that problem. -- you. Graham and gronkowski in Somalia but I didn't tunes. They're like oh. And that's when -- the mismatch come like. Where I think it port in the offseason but thank you address -- -- -- outside. Then he went to Germany to be the top -- So. You know you're playing outside the apartment like a lot more -- and -- Has there been a president Mike before we let you go precedent of this happening in the NFL. No it doesn't work out he got the big deal which was around six million dollars I suspect that when it's also bill would cheer. He's going to be questioning the Japanese -- you know more. For a full term contract. I think that's what you gonna get because right now. Oh yeah at the top young tight end in the National Football League you use a lot of it would be part of a bit copper -- -- not gonna pay him like a wideout. You're gonna pay him more than uptight and but bottom line. Mike is always appreciate your time and I would use some live bomb on at two and a half mile run. Are you OK with that. But and that's and that if he keeps me just you vote in the morning and got to thank you Mike thank about.

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