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1-24 7:15am Tommy, most respected NFL players?

Jan 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Korte, former Saints offensive lineman and co-host of First Take, about the most respected NFL players and Richard Sherman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 719 Tommy Tucker talking about a list of NFL players voted by the players as the most respected. They also got the tweet from Sean Payton saying that Richard Sherman. Play a lot of Billy on -- in front of me right now but. Basically saying he's good players and I think it was to back up Richard Sherman and and some of the comments and he made after the game Steve court joins us right now former saints center co host of first -- with Todd Manassas and just like. On a football field at quarterback gets solid headlines but the senator not so much and I say that Steve because January 15. Which Drew Brees is birthday and there -- talked about Drew Brees is Earth Day. But nobody mentioned it was Steve courts birthday so I'm happy belated birthday today. Precipitated silica feel special -- I'm okay. Tell me -- Eight is already made the Pro Bowl and sarcasm and an awful number. I tell me about -- Smart guy tell me about -- to do what makes a player respected in the NFL on this list of Peyton Manning came out first. Adrian Peterson's second round on what the numbers in the second but. Well let me -- respecting guy on the field or maybe not respecting so much. Are you out of himself as a pro in London released its. You know what you want people that you want certain players that you realized that. -- other Koreans. At a higher level they can play that continuously over and over again. They don't make -- mistakes. And and the -- I mean there's all kind of different ways you can look at and goes sort of once you look at answered single that you're there. They're really respect those guys -- live now. Like -- or other clay but you know they play hard. You know bill make many mistakes and and the clear that does the catastrophe respect. And not to make -- about any individual you know -- or chairman and headline but generally speaking again it does some hot dog and isn't all about what happens between the lines with with the players Steve like you sure you get prepared you lift you Wade's offs in your -- ago. Wendell. Bird bird and sit and about first of all the guys. Music part of awkward no question about. Come. You know it is real emotional and -- and aired. First and foremost I think. The media sort of to capture a little bit of that on this from now and when you stick market trade in untraceable ordered it to the situation like that you don't know what -- -- -- so. I holed a little bit of that back but the same time. He's probably pretty good guy I don't know. Smart guy lest you went to Stanford Steve graduated with a four point two great program look at that got them believable patrol work congress to illegal market. -- -- So that's true. The same time I think he's probably pretty cute guy and he probably would bring great -- -- -- -- on it well. -- You know he did a great -- produced another guy that made it clear in -- so I'm a little bit. A relative to the fact of guys sort of thing and other so cynical about them when they do this -- I think. That shows a little bit insulted me now. I think he probably looks at data and wished she could do in a different way. -- things a little bit difficult and for. I'm so don't want to desperately commitment now replaced because that -- -- sort of makes it that way at that. Just I don't have been a guy that's -- me. I don't either genocidal army you know there are. I don't -- I don't barely exist and are you can't play our position and had. But you can't play that position of their personality and Steve. Now I mean you have to see you know those guys later hang out -- there's no question now their third but it usually but he sees it there and if there's not all the people who are watching Carolina so he. You don't see an offensive linemen do a dance when he pancake somebody the. Well now -- you'll see that without talking about it afterward I understand there's you know everybody. Talks sort of mass Mecca and each other once in critical and so players worst and others that. There that system nature that game but the same time I think -- that you probably futile bit better judgment knowing editors. You know millions of people just -- watching you sort of have this sort of meltdown you know post game. That's sort of -- -- -- I think it's interesting news for using that in that you think about it because and workplace they're probably people with -- offensive lineman mentality of people with. Running back or wide receiver mentality is there -- people with linebacker mentality where. You know -- -- like an offensive -- station never hear about what they do but they're always there are very steady get it done nobody notices and human hand the other person that. You know they do one good thing and all of a sudden it's look at me look at me look at me. So we'll talk about that is Steve thank you so much free time in a belated happy birthday creature now you feel special. Yeah. All. That -- tell -- story real quick and my daughter here Wednesday. And I get down three point stance and honesty and say OK big shot -- which he got in this mania gets down like he's gonna hit me. Says that he crazy not -- a pointer street. And turn my daughters they need to kill me and Steve turn my daughter and in the sweet yeah I wouldn't it guilty daddy I just would have hurt him very very badly you -- that. -- -- --

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