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WWL>Topics>>1-24 8:15am Tommy, Richard Sherman controversy

1-24 8:15am Tommy, Richard Sherman controversy

Jan 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Fraser Seitel, President of Emerald Partners Public Relations & an NYU professor, about the Richard Sherman controversy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you terror Rahman's in the Frazier slide down a phrases like tell we go but first. In case you missed it this is what happened after the NFC title game. Yeah. Yeah. And -- activity. I create a lot of controversy. And and Richard chairman himself also saying that he gets some racist messages on Twitter. And as he said he does get a four point two grade point average graduated from Stanford says. You wouldn't think he's dumb. Dumb but. It may be he did this for -- How long term endorsement opportunities -- setter -- races -- president of emerald partners public relations NYU professor of public relations. And he wrote a book rethinking reputation how PR trumps marketing in the new media world good morning doctor -- No I wish it would and we'll make a professor well let's say even even have more wonderful town -- morning. Good morning found professor -- saying in time witness. -- your initial take when used so. Well -- English animated -- and a -- -- it was animated -- the game and of course what he did dip. You know we get the adrenaline in other words Erin Andrews. Confront them in the end zone after he made the play of the game. Which resulted in the interceptions that. That's snuffed out the yet niners and he -- adrenaline pumping and whatever else was pumping in he yep. You know he yeah lashed out and he just played did did the tape he calmed down. After. He immediately after on the on the you know awards stand. He backed off a little bit and of course America react because he confronted America's sweetheart. You know Erin Andrews in the end zone there and then -- -- his hat like it's stayed around. Primarily because this Super Bowl the only news coming out of -- weather in New York. And you know been in the fact that Eli Manning is giving them an infinitely. Domicile. Here and in New York area that is so. You know there's no controversy over the -- the other thing of course is that the two lead -- on the east teams Peyton Manning. For the Broncos and their Russell into the books. Are gifted athletes but -- to look at -- individuals on the face of the earth so the only thing anybody's got to talk about is Richard chairman. You know I Edwin Edwards here and I'm not trying to be indelicate but the governor colorful governor of Louisiana. Convicted governor of Louisiana. I said one time the only thing -- heard him as if they caught him with a dead girl or alive boys. And -- -- the dollar said back in a day but the point I'm making it is. It all depends what happens on what kind of Newsday right because -- we have serious tensions in the Middle East. If fine if the president takes six on them like that chances are when it even here in about Richard Sherman. -- if we have anything else to talk about from these two teams we wouldn't be hearing about rich richer but there's nothing to discuss. Other than Richard Sherman and and as you said Richard Sherman is sick kid who. Grew up in the ghetto he went to Stanford he did very well he's an intelligent guy and. If you've seen -- in these other interviews and he's had millions of uses this is that there's nothing else to talk about he's acquitted himself very well he had said I am not a good. People don't know me I'm not at was was hyped up and I apologize and so what I think this is -- a little -- whatever it is. Is great for him because now everybody in the country. Knows Richard Sherman and I defy you or anybody else. To give me one other defensive back. On either of these two teams so the guy has really you know if you pardon the expression he's branded himself and I think he'll come out of this very well. Night announcing -- wrong but I can come up with. Champ Bailey. In a didn't Denver defense. Bailey because he came back when he was injured selling yet -- view that one but -- Richard chairman I think is acquitted himself very well what he did. You know the Chris Christie here he confronted. The controversy. After the game -- let this wasn't me. And you know here's -- I am and so and so he didn't let it linger in needed. You know what's in a malcontent after the fact so. I think -- -- and in the in the parlance of public relations I think Richard Sherman has acquitted himself very well since that awful insult. Soulful incident Indians. I appreciate your time I really do professor quickly what's the weather like in New York today. But beautiful 85 -- that matter all wearing short skirts and the palm trees are following all wished the people in -- could could they have. The edit them back on lead yes --

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