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1-24-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on terrorism at the Olympics

Jan 24, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with counterintelligence expert Chris Simmons about the likelihood of a terrorist attack at the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have a special guest joining us we had a plan we gonna continue that Chris Simmons is his name we asked him to join as -- Chris comes highly recommended. Basically a expert. In US army and defense intelligence he retired -- vote. For retirees served in Grenada in the Balkans Iraq Afghanistan. And we asked him to to talk with -- us. About the problems that are being experience with the Winter Olympics in Russia. You know a lot of people talking about may be should it be canceled now sent athletes. And then again you know does that. Great American. -- thought saying -- do not let terrorists impact our allies to not let him. Well it is is so what's the matter with the lesser of two evils let's get him in here now we'll talk to Chris Simmons and Chris. If we have to take some breaks and get some of these weather updates and bridge openings and road closings on up politic that as just what we deal with down here I don't know where you are -- how's the weather with you Chris. Up here just outside of Washington DC -- covered in -- in -- twelve degrees. A rule out okay well aware of quite a bit warmer venue but we still have some problems and as many people and they should. Chris thanks for joining us to talk about this. You know. The threat obviously is -- mean there's no question that the threat relate -- and then announced that does going to be possibly some some problems of attacks on on the Olympics this. What is the real New York opinion the real possibility of this happening is this usual. That they would give us the benefit of announcements they were gonna come do this to you or if they were really serious would they just do it remains -- The Olympics are very in any case. And -- part to. The objective of every act of terrorism. Is publicity. And there is no better chance for publicity then. The the Olympics. And in this case they seven years to prepare for. So. Yes the it's not surprising for the terrorist could to save there will be attacks that. They're generating. A greater audience of fuel because people aren't a lot now in part to see. If something happened. It makes cents. -- you familiar with Russian security you mention that terrorists now have had years to prepare for an attack. Well Russian visit the same amount of time to prepare for security. How this security forces compared to what we have here in the US can we rely on -- Was the benefit of working. Against -- with the Russians many times over the years. There intelligence. Services are among the top of the world there's there's no doubt about that. But. They have been very challenged by the war in -- -- just like they weren't you know against the Medina and Afghanistan. The -- the last thirteen years. They have been unable to deal with the domestic terrorism problem. And. In this case. President Putin intentionally selected. All excited -- it's shipped outside. There operational bases. And bargain it was announced -- 2007. It's not a matter of the terrorists coming in now. There's a very good chance they've moved -- seven years ago. And our. Embedded with the in the local villages and towns just waiting further for the signal. Well -- of opinion poll question we are asking our listeners to -- -- aware -- -- to weigh in on is. Oh you'll -- would June. Go if you were an athlete would you go how secure do you feel. That the Russian security agency -- any -- -- gonna get from the outside is gonna get this thing under control this can be nothing more than a threat and they will get some publicity but. Actual attacks go with what would you say is the percentage if you can put the president John that they might occur. On the scale of one depends. I would say that likelihood of that terrorist attacks are attacks against the Olympic is about a twelve. -- that's that's it and you pretty well convinced that's opens. They have rarely been more certain of any thing and again it goes back to. In terms of the publicity. This is the terrorists Altman dream because there will be. There will be media from all over the world. There'll be an international audience. So even the smallest attacks. Is gonna have guaranteed coverage. And so. It especially with all the recent build up in the black widows and the -- attacks. They have then this is the ultimate goal and all they have to do is if one of them gets through. They want. And gruden has. It's really come to. -- game of brinksmanship. Because. President Putin has bet his entire presidency. On the Olympic. He had invested fifty billion dollars. There are 60000. Russian security intelligence personnel on the ground. There are serviced there missile batteries. If he is unable to absolutely guarantees of security. Things are gonna unravel in Russia. Cooked pretty stuff stuff all the -- here I don't know what their actual reports but if not -- at least rumors. That the Russian security forces don't play games they do not use due process is someone suspected terrorism. An amendment that would be heard again. Is that trusted. The Russians have always been very heavy handed. And they've -- Instituted the security zones in the in the area. But there's a big difference between. Security. And counterterrorism. Grinding up people that could be a problem implementing checkpoints. That's deep sense of what they should have been doing for the last several months it is. He's in their counterterrorism forces to. Kill and capture. The primary suspects and that has not been accomplished. I would guess this is you know you have -- you know paradigm called human chess. And I guess it's kind of fits right into. It the the full -- human chuck espy has got to understand in an influence in others. And it's built. Upon my experience is working against spies and terrorists make. Everybody. At the heart of -- that the men who they are. Everyone's got if they have a certain predictability. And again what you -- a dozen plus years. After they get by the Russians. They should know. What is -- -- like in the reality is like with the black widows. They thought you know originally thought the black widows were. Legitimately -- would as a terrorist they had killed. And recently they found out that that profiles wrong. Some of them. Some of the widows -- windows at all. And so. You know there's simply more extreme -- husband. And then a couple months ago they realized that there was a third group. Of these black widows. That. Don't fit the profile of all there college educated and employed there they have no ties in this sector. So. The Russians out of profiling has totally fall apart they. Absolutely. And chronicler. On the place and ketchup Chris if you would stay would you gonna take a break we'll come right back with talk with Christian music counterintelligence expert on. What's gone over in Russia with the Olympics and asking you this question a vote. If you were an athlete would you go would you back out should we United States withdraw should the Olympics beat canceled what should Russia do. Will be back to talk to Chris if you like to weigh in on the conversation call us at 260. 1870. Or toll free 8668890878. Elicited a think tank on -- in for Garland Robinette. Good Friday morning. And thank you saw your patients waiting on the think tank glad to have you back with us we also I apologize to our guest Chris Simmons for the delays a Christian dissent on the stand this is a 24 mile bridge across an open body water. That connects to a New Orleans with everything north of there including those suburban areas and we have these problems we've we need to cover the thank you for your patience and -- I'm still blown away. By your statement that on -- scale of one to ten the likelihood of a terrorist attack at the Winter Olympics in Russia could be a well. I'd given that information and I mean you being a counterintelligence. A former officer. And I worked with and against the Russians have an understanding of this security you have an understanding of terrorism mean these are people who were willing give their lives in the name of Jihad. This is their Super Bowl opportunity here as you mentioned Vuitton has put his whole presidency on the line. Saying that he's got it under control. I got this. Where. That. A threat of an attack what is your suggestion for Russia for the Olympic officials. And for the United States athletes. Lot -- gonna go forward that they. They all have a choice. -- minutes and fifty billion dollars. Implement it is. That is entire legacy. On the event. But the reality is. Again immediately. He is provoking that terrorist attack that put him in their backyard. And then going on TV insane. I have a ring of steel around. The Olympics -- apple absolutely future. There. Is stunning that -- sixteen -- KGB option would would say that's a thing -- he knows. He cannot guarantee. Everyone's safety. And the fact that we need not have to warships and the blacks see. Not to put the Russians. But to support the evacuation of Americans of needed. We put transport aircraft on alert in Europe. And around. We have dozens of FBI agents in Moscow and all site. That is. At the Olympic village. So that's not a vote of no confidence. In Russia's ability to protect it Olympics I don't know what is. Chris I'm gonna ask you the same question -- you know this is we have a whole lot right now it's pretty well evenly split. I'm saying given all the security threats around the Olympics in -- if you weren't athlete competing in the games would Hugo. 58%. Saying yes they would. 42% saying no they would not. -- That's legal want to. I would grow. But with the understanding I would have my -- lined up. Just in case. Because again this is the largest security footprint -- ever existed for in Olympics. And the point you made at the start of the Seles is significant when you change your life. Due to a terrorist threat they've they've lost. And so at this point we're in a catch 22. You know. -- not to go. The terrorists win but. We've also got to be pragmatic in terms. We -- Certain place -- scenario in which we have virtually. Guarantees. An attack. For the keep -- character -- the -- in the Olympics like mosque to a plane. It was something will happen. So then. Being said. What with the advice be for people going need -- friends of athletes' families -- particularly in spectators. What are some of the things you can do to insure you safety and I guess the more the Russian security. In all this help they don't getting. Does that the lessen the chance of a huge attack -- bigger. Kill if you will for the terrorists and maybe it would be limits some smaller will types -- night. Which is still anything's bad that I mean. If you have to have one of the other certainly -- limited to lose at least a little damage and loss of life as possible would be the best. I agree but in this case. Given the so long term. -- about time that the terrorists have had to put everything in place they know exactly where the events are held. The most likely scenario at this point would be. Some small -- A -- hacker attacks to start off. Which essentially it would be probes. You know the purpose would be nothing more than to test the speed size and thoroughness of the Russian response. And then once they understand that. That -- no comeback -- the larger attack. And so -- anyone that is going. That would be the scenario. To be most concerned what that is he wants and it. In all likelihood would not happen in the early days. Because they want everything to peak. But first and small attack would be the time to get playing. Get out get out country. I understand Chris. We're just about a time and I've got to get some more weather updates and things so we're gonna say goodbye but thank you so much for. You're info on your inside information on this and never. Hope the guest is more wrong and I'm hoping you warm but it's certainly makes sense what you say and we'll set the -- this whole thing plays -- And I appreciate the invitation and again I wish the news was better but. I've got to tell you the truth. Absolutely respect you for that Chris thanks so much again appreciated. Thank you. All right Chris Simmons a former counter intelligence officer with a pretty. Dismal outlook on what could happen at these Winter Olympics.