WWL>Topics>>1-24-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on Jindal's use of consulting firms

1-24-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on Jindal's use of consulting firms

Jan 24, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with blogger C.B. Forgotston about why Gov. Jindal is bringing in consulting firms to advise on state affairs.

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Actually is done done -- and I'm in the heart of saint Anthony's woodlands them at a place called saint Hubert cathedrals it's my broadcast studio in the woods normally have broadcast here on very early on Saturday mornings. As we do the outdoor show but due to the problems with the causeway couldn't get into the main studios there at WWL so we went -- plan -- you were broadcasting here it got all the comforts of home and water the tree city and one man. I don't have my tax that's about the only thing I miss and you have mark calls -- program if you wanna call since 26 so money seventy. Or 8668890870. -- your prime yet. Also we will be updating the situation on the causeway and a lot of fuel as I wasn't concerned about when you ambivalent. Get to -- an offshore target of -- sure. In a -- not. Able to take the twin span which was called new issue of success and to do that last hour will have an update for you give you the progress report on women -- The you know roads are open and whether closed also will be joined by WW OTB. Eyewitness weather center. And -- update there on what the forecast is for the rest of this evening tonight. In also into tomorrow if you have any travel plans new planes but until then sit back and -- -- -- And present the think tank at this hour we talked his seat before it -- he has earned -- -- and his time and James Neal. Is the king of subversive bloggers. And we're gonna talk about a situation with governor Bobby Jindal slow because I mentioned three already -- board is out. Please do not you know and Dayton is normal with -- about policy mean for gas -- criticized by advocates say it because I can't see it he can't CDs and they -- document. CB for Augusta and the king of subversive bloggers CP thanks. Well thanks a patent. I appreciate. -- you have given me that title. A lot of fun with it and and frankly I don't consider that -- -- the terms -- the general administration. Some thought he'd eat it simply bird you know. It -- what's the weather like where you. Pat actually hit on the surface it looks very good there was some ice sound any trash cans. Earlier this morning still -- a little snow in some of the valleys on the roof but it. And and apparently early this morning long before I got probably about time you -- There'll must've been a little smoke. On the ground because it you know it it quickly melted because I don't believe it -- last night. So aid at this just looking out the wind is -- and my neighborhood. Looks very normal. And it means read about -- closure of the causeway and and and how. Are those kind of things and and you realize. You know that it's pretty serious in some areas and here where you apparently letters weren't able to make it Indian normal studio. How I got I got caught in the middle there and you know you try to decide well is -- open in time for me to make it in knots on. Did you Ian and -- executive Leo among my Saturday morning broadcast studio things -- enough it will save eight. Let's get into this topic I want you to talk about -- a lot of people probably hear about this for the first time although I think has been some other media coverage of it. But Bobby Jindal has awarded a four point two million contract. To a New York based consulting firm. Of Alvarez and morsel what is and so. -- You know that. They have a lot of difference of opinions. About what this is about. To me it's about the fact that. We need to have a lot of -- incompetent managers that have been appointed Bob Bobby Jindal. Two. Two. -- to do their jobs. The job of the inning manager anywhere. Is to do things in the most efficient way particularly when you're dealing with taxpayer dollars. And it's not like we haven't had. Statewide internal. Groups going back -- since. -- -- me with -- -- they've trained first became governor of having. You know volunteers. From the private sector. -- different people from the public sector going to look at a way to make government more efficient. And the problem is not -- the years the problem is implement. So Bobby Jindal -- says we need a fresh. -- to come up with that he has. And it and we've got to pay this consulting firm four point two million dollars. And four months. One million dollars and to. Basically provide fresh. Is. On the situation in Louisiana and give us ideas for saving money. There's been a lot of confusion about this I give credit to represented Tim Burns. From. Saint Tammany parish. Who's the first. Spot. That there was some there was nothing in the contract to require any amount site. And the Jindal administration claimed that. Well it says you know it mentioned the -- 500. Me into being in the Hamburg been pretty good lawyer. Says yeah but it's not in the contract so there's no requirement. So then to. Allay those concerns. They did ride into the contract that the consulting firms being paid four point two million dollars. Really only has to come up with ideas. Mac. He's if I can get paid from my ideas. And not have to actually do anything I wouldn't have to get out of bed -- to make a fortune. Because it's full it's yet it. Well let me just review here for a minute. So governor Jindal and our -- asking these questions that. We virtually given up on it yeah he will not come -- the last -- of this in -- may be a very good explanation. For this whole situation but -- on the surface it doesn't seem today. We've got an award given to -- a New York based consulting. Sure we have some consulting firms in Louisiana. Where the money would stay here would go to taxpaying citizens of Louisiana and beat. Re circulated in the state but for some reason he went to a New York based consulting firm Alvarez and Marshall may be there other superstars and maybe we needed to get him. -- what I would think it on the -- somebody four point two million dollars over a four month period. They're gonna give me a projection which I think they did this -- with the public forums say about 500 million to a billion. Which tells me we got a hell of a lot waste in this. You know they actually dead acting is first -- -- ideas and -- on out -- go back to one thing that. You know this out of state farm and everything. But they actually. Subcontracted. With the farm out a bad raised SS petty. Well he would you know it looks like you just building over. On top off a overhead for the sake of somebody making some money. But -- think it being a tough negotiator that he is in the contract that would say. You get the four point two million if you guaranteeing the ax whatever X would it would be 500 million. Would via billion wouldn't be twentieth and I'll invest the four point two with him but you got again teaming you gonna say this and not an idea it's got to come to fruition. Yeah probably. You know where a man and in my little money up front just lock command maybe a 100000 dollars. And the rest would be paid as the savings or implement. And that's. You know that's a real contract and that would mean something into the public and I don't think about again the -- award from anybody. It if that was the case but it's not. It's for coming up with it and and as one -- got to tell me when this first came it's -- Same thing is he's just stopped spending uncles and act now lab and that type thing about Angola. Yeah why not just say. For instance acting today where over 500 million is right now without even pick it up a piece of paper. That's the cost. Form maintain the status quo in Malaysia. Win win me. When -- when they politicians. And and the bureaucrats in batteries today well this it is would not just -- he's. The would it -- Worries the budget. And and -- our outlook they use the term standstill much and we hear that out. -- he wouldn't be at Saint Louis great that would mean I'm gonna have the same budget. That I have currently. And and so. He said that you know that's good I don't know you know if back and make the same thing made last year but at least I'm not. Over reaching too much but that's not what it means in state government expand still budget. It is last year's budget are in this case which that the current fiscal year point five billion dollar budget. Lots. About about a hundred million dollars in inflation costs because. Mandatory salary increases for. Civil service employs cost of utilities in church and everything the same thing you and would deal. So if it if you and said. Well we're gonna have we're -- budget exactly what we've budgeted last year. Then. It we know -- in church right should got to go up we know that utility got to go -- just because they always ask which sent. That means our -- only in -- cut something. And and but that's not what the state. The state just incrementally. If you say. Percentage boost. To keep you whole. -- uses at least -- grown over the years at one tan. Back in the old days that was about ninety pat -- now today it's over 500 me at one time it was 650. May. So I'll like it -- I would say is that you know you want and -- And an update exactly how to implement it. Do you not get that incremental boost. Tell each agency you have to live. You have to scramble with in your budget but as you know best to figure out how to pay. Four year increased in church pension fund contributions. And they merit pay raises which generally is grinding. To the employees this year and and you know I'd say there's 500 million dollars give me four point two out. And my united below list. TV we got to take a break you again -- some weather and traffic information to get to -- we come back a lot of that you actually went back. To his campaign brochure. I'm talking about what he would do on state finances and then compared to what his promise was compared to what his action is now with this move to. It is four point two million contract with no guarantees to consult. From New York will be right back with CB from bats in the king of subversive bloggers. After this we have CB for -- and -- this stadium will bring a cholera and an -- after the top of the hour news we'll get to that. Jindal campaign promises verses what he has done let's talk of victory in New Orleans on line one. Victor thank you are calling a think tank policy be forgotten. I just want to reminded group of the saying and opened the angled barrier affairs of the orange park school board. We can assume in the Jerusalem because you can see the word. Got inspired school board as -- is struggling right now to recoup. All the ones that were lost on order. Vision. He used so many school boards. I'm very economy with that. A court of appeal has. Said that the recommendation. Made back Alvarez and Marshall. To the Orleans parish to board too far all the teachers following Katrina. Was illegal. It has the potential cost of the taxpayers of -- -- of one. I think it's one point two billion dollars. Which would it if it is essentially. Bankrupt they'll inspired to -- And that came on the recommendation of this group that we keep tying to give us advice now. That's not to say that the spring court won't overturn that decision. But. It's that that the fact that they made that recommendation. Apparently without considering the legal consequences or not being capable. Because management companies don't always understand. The legal implications of what they do particularly out of state ones. So. It is hit is point is that that we've gotten bad advice from him in the past. And maybe it'll turn out to be okay but it's gonna cost the taxpayers a lot of money in the litigation to plan that out. And that's not accompanied that you want. To tell you how to save money. Because again in the happy about -- based on that well I I can -- 500 million dollars what would just lay -- You know. A thousand employees for instance. And you go OK and then you know without regard to civil service anything. And and did you know if Jindal administration does it in the I'll get students. And while we will find out who it is a a lengthy vacation by the employees from which we've gotten out of service and and he's bill. But -- vacation cost. I thank you for the call Victor cities they would they will be right back with our call you'll be up first call and can after this time out to the news on the big 870 that we video. And welcome back into the think tank keeping an eye on the weather for it will have a WW LTV meteorologist -- -- this half hour to -- -- latest on the advancing weather and also will -- keep you up to date on the traffic situation on our roads and bridges. And in between all of that we have a conversation going on with CB -- tonight he has been called the king of subversive. Bloggers by James -- and we're talking about our governor Bobby Jindal four point two million dollar contract. Awarded to a New York based consulting firm essentially to tell Bobby Jindal how to do the job which he was elected. Which is to save taxpayer money. Some of the legislate tours have express you know that this was pretty -- contract it was just simply guarantee that we have some ideas. Projected on how to save it no hard results being guaranteed. I will get CB to comic contrast. Governor general's promises as far as what he would do saving taxpayer money is -- what he is doing the first on a CBO wanna get to James. In -- got a question for James -- you for calling you on CB for gas. Yes my question is the origin of occupancy and -- -- -- possible. He's he has announced. That he is going to provide sixteen million dollars in this current budget. All our merit increases for about. 40000. State employees in this upcoming fiscal year he hasn't stated that it is merely a proposal. The budget that he released today. Too bad those depth increases. The -- of 40000 state employees saying that's. Merely this civil service employs so that's not. Necessarily. Sometimes when people apart from across the board raised the state is in the past given raises. That. And so I don't know which one -- talk about the mayor rises. Here. Well that that's that is being funded this year. You never know. Sixty million dollars seen that would mean that would start in view -- But again that's just his proposal. We frankly. That it there's no funding source for that he's put it in the budget. But. I just read that the there is there -- nineteen now and median dollar shortage in state revenues where that money would have to come from. And the projections for this upcoming years -- it it begs the question. Of where they get the money. Along those lines the other recommendations. In the budget is to eliminate 1000. Jobs. So it's the kind of a good news bad -- case it might be a cannibalization. That George. You'd he might be seeing one in Europe now employs in late now so that you can get a race. It. I James thank you for the call Sydney. You make an assertion that this contract we've been discussion is an admission of failure by governor Jindal now what do you mean. Well I've just gone back his own words he he basically dead when he came into office. That he he was gonna get the best managers for each. The State Department in. And those who were responsible for all the state agencies under and it would be up to them to -- cops say. So either. It is in his employees the people he appointed. About how about the civil service it's about people. That -- collapsed that he actually. Decided to put him to manage these major agencies. Have either failed to deliver. -- he has failed to the best people. But as far as I'm concerned the buck stops on his it is yes it -- if it was me. And and it and. Found out and -- side Alvarez and Marcelo is the greatest. Much excitement things that we averaged. Were all and they came in and for instance. Found a hundred million dollars. And and in particular the apartment searches -- HH which is huge for the budget. And -- managers and now tolerating recommended that to me. I would follow that person because he's as we have to hold them accountable. And that's what I'm trying to do right now with going back indeed you know Bobby Jindal. Campaign promise that I'm trying to hold him accountable. And sell arms saying. That. It if they found the message say. Then you have failed in view. Up again and have failed in your oversight. Your agency and the agency and have failed in their oversight and well we can't try a year. As governor you can and -- these agencies that you should just beat. Black and white he should just go down on the list and it Masha Allen and I mean Alvarez and -- comes up with. With millions of dollars and you know it might be you know they came out with 101000 dollars well nobody is dead in the genius to figure that out. But you know and -- not paying these department edged chump change some of them -- in three and 400000 policy here. And part of management. Is managing money is not just. -- services out the bill without regard to money. That then that's just it is anybody's definition of management includes fiscal man. And and let's -- about Bobby Jindal promises that's not the first time out dug up his promises. Once the first half -- did manage to go back and one of his show approach years. All of this was published online. In is that side. Well his web site wasn't removed but all these. Pro shooters. War room. And banks today help of some -- I don't even know they taught me how to go back and and stuff it once it's been posted on the web. On the Omnia Internet you could land him again -- that Hamas and I have posted them -- -- to charity. Own my web site so they're never going away. And and and to me what are the basic problem. With government in Louisiana and at the national level. Is the failure. Just to hold them accountable for their promises. It you know I'm power -- hearing and that that's class started posting. They've voting record it'll actually got out of going to the Rotary Club and kiwanis club in the chambers of commerce. And having legislators. Tell us what they accomplished in that race win just. In my limited knowledge. And you -- a lot. That they had in fact voted the option -- and that's why we have record boats. Legislators but not enough people. While holding them accountable so we re elect the same people. And they do exactly. What they want to do because they know they aren't held accountable that's all I'm trying to do is there's not. It is not single out. They just this Al -- hasn't Marcia opening but just kind of point out. That we need to hole our elected officials accountable and a supportive initial and Bobby Jindal. -- that we need to disease that says he would do that and yet I've never seen him hold anybody accountable except. When they disagreed with him -- so you disagree with Bobby Jindal himself that. You're term and -- and in your job is lifted not gonna last much more of them months. Well he doesn't allow us to ask the questions about is accountability in that. Partially explains why it's not coming from a legislature will be back with CB for gas and how we got -- -- with a question right after this time. ICB for Augusta is what is our guest of CD. We -- kind of run not time this hour but. Kind of -- is up home basically your efforts to hold the governor and the State Department. Accountable. You know it's hard for the media when he won't talk to the media to ask the tough questions. Maybe you should come from the legislators -- kudos to Tim Burns from man DeVille for at least questioning. This sense of this contract I think I also heard at least a question come up from John Schroeder represented. But I have talked to legislators off directed and and scared about well what does that well. For the life committee. I don't understand why anybody is afraid. Any politician. I don't get it. And so and but until we get over that. We're not gonna make much congress and accountability. Are in reforming. Government. So. I just wish I had an rancher. But the problem is anybody can come up with ideas. Eight wasted another four point two million dollars when we all know. So I am cynical all. That there is that the political will and the legislature. To make that -- changes which are structural in nature. I mean I'm talking about having to lob ball whole department. And talk about change the funding relationship between state and local governments. Eliminating NGOs and things like that until we rated these that. We just wasted money on consultants. Well thank you for keeping your eye on and is always CB and always a pleasure to talk with you look forward to on next visit. I have around. -- CB for Augusta you can checking out that Steve at -- -- constant dot com has a website there. You can check out his regular as James Gill calls on some first of blogs.