WWL>Topics>>1-24-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Japan's dolphin-killing practices

1-24-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Japan's dolphin-killing practices

Jan 24, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the U.S. should interfere with Japan's practice of killing dolphins.

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And it's done don't you quit you on Fridays for the Friday edition of the thing panic and afternoon from the big 870 WWL. Frigid -- you're gonna call this so we'll wintry weather conditions out there -- We will have another weather update with WW LTV meteorologist. And -- -- which you'll join us to update us on the situation on the causeway a step down now for several hours. On the icing machines need to get out there on the draw bridges and -- off some. Dangerous icy conditions -- Baton Rouge still plagued with problems in could be more ahead before it's better. Will be covering all the traffic information in the state witness this hour our enemy and you know gas that I would love to hear from -- I am broadcasting from saint Hubert skip the this is my. Broadcast studio in the woods named after the patron saint of honors human interest story about what you might Google in some time in. Find out about his life story and a raid on Saturday mornings from five to seven week talk outdoors from the states studio here and then from. Seven tonight and on our sister station three WL we have more outdoors. For hours about or coverage for you. Every Saturday morning here listening hubris cathedrals. Where were broadcasting today and unfortunately I do not have. I've text program coming into this studio souls they -- I'm in trouble please don't text. But would love to hear from particularly on this topic in our opinion poll question which has changed it that the second. Phone numbers are 260187038668890870. Oh well we broke for the top of the hour news a -- York. A little allow homework assignment Cadillac would Garland does in fact we have -- homework page on website to get to it. You go to Debbie Tokyo dot com -- shields and schedules when you seek parliament's. A moment but minutes. It's called that so much announced. You click it on in the of the homework page in the -- and things therefore seek. What should check out. Is a documentary called the -- Now the first part that you click on Kyra is that testimony about the dangers of consuming dolphins. But if you look at this trailer. What was an award Academy Award winning video documentary. That was done to expose what goes on in Japan. With they slaughter of dolphins. What prompted needed -- front foot if you can take a look at that because I think QB. Much better informed you really don't get to see a lot of that documentary I have seen in the entire party and it's very graphic. Time is very gruesome. And it kind of gives you an idea what goes on it's kind of watch in this house being made there. In before you form your opinion you might want a little bit -- better educated on the topic. But what prompted need to bring this topic. Caroline Kennedy is now the new ambassador to Japan. And one of the first things she did when she died in that position was she condemned the practice. Of dolphins. Japan and is taken offense to what they see this as an outside attempt to -- a long standing. National tradition which it is. Will for the most part has been -- world -- We did hunt whales or blubber. Oil. And that. Market kind of dried up to -- was never really that. It's highly sought after and of course the whale being very close up the the food chain. In the animal kingdom. And support of that. And most countries in fact that's about all countries -- there is a little bit of -- running eagles' on and that is reserved for certain colleges in -- spiritual and religious and ethnic regions Leo wild. To continue to hunt whales. But for the most part it's -- on not so dolphins in and the reason why and as a team and worldwide from my understanding is because Japan. Heavily supports. Well this brings up some questions several questions one. In his -- back to Caroline Kennedy's. Outright condemning it. Is it our business and try to control what Japan does in the -- waters which is virtually with their race. Should we let -- get to a point where it jeopardizes our relations with Japan over this issue. Because we don't believe in killing and eating gulf. I guess the largest question rising out of this topic is should we interfere. With -- other cultures. Are different. Been different -- going to be different should when he says the United States of America. Exert our opinion and our influence in some cases the economic sanctions on the most far ago to try to get these countries to conform with more. Japan has a longstanding tradition of -- should the US try to control what Japan does in their own -- that's the subject about ready -- simple question what's up right now 70% of you believe in note don't mess with -- 78% say no. 22%. Say yes cast that vote. At WW dot com and it's only you know what they hear from you call me again attacks on him availability and if you text. This afternoon so called me at 60187. Or 866889087. Ian come back from this break. Explain to what exactly Eagles on opening in Japan if you get a chance to look at that documentary at least trailer. Old veteran listening it's called the cold. You'll find it on Golden's work page -- -- revealed that. We'll be right back to listen to the front edition of the think tank on WL 870 AM 1053 FM. In worldwide you hear us on the web at WW well. And good afternoon welcome back to the Friday edition think tank you know all morning long we've been keeping up with the traffic situation as well as the weather. As numbering in -- of the shows the executive and general manager of the causeway commission late march coming down Carlton how's it looking out there now that the icing down and maybe. It opened up -- road bridge and treatment. I need you tell me that. -- actually. I'm with so hard to police. On the drawbridge is or. Well on it a little bit better but we still light on the north. One bowl of there's VIP -- waiting to to see me give them go again the jets the problem is on. Currently. That it's in its debt. -- the drawbridge he hired actually Olympic alternate don't retreat in the right way. The weather service told me. Right before and let's talk to a lamps that they are wondering vehicle to get your news you've got to. Probably I'll have to be somewhere around 2 o'clock we are hopeful to get to bridge open. Meaty. I am I don't want it to the time but we're. Where we're standing and it right now in the rain stops will be right again and hope to get bowl. Both Britain open we're definitely do everything we can't get our commuters. To. Yeah that's totally. That will be the next the question no commuters -- take that we're all around the twins nauert yeah. We're at that point would do everything every thing on a good planet earth to get all on number it should make a couple like -- -- Might be a little bit slower than normal obviously whatever on the auction so this is it -- in law it is illegal but you'll keep people start to roll back all. And yet you telephone -- standing by remember one Tom -- didn't even say a little colony is that it's open. So every call. So let them know what was that number. Phone call that a dog first -- -- and then you were. Very good will put that information out Carl thank you Atlantic it'll go on and I got -- dry clothes on. I think everybody. I think it was doomed -- anyway -- duke Sergio the him mentally plot coming calls I'd back to -- topic at hand I was talking about. She's a new ambassador from the US to Japan and she told -- she doesn't like this idea of dolphin -- and tell you the reasons why. You should not and then you know you make a decision whether we should an -- and number one it's not a fish at some mammal. It's an air breathing warm blooded mammal. It's high up the evolutionary chain. On this some indications that there is would. A lot of scientists consider intelligence. On behalf of all and that there really move closer to humans a lot of people have a fall. And beat the flip through you know we know what that did Walt Disney SeaWorld. It in years children -- they've become almost like council that is. I can tell you this dolphins can be pretty nasty pretty mean in pretty dangers in the law. Other cultures that eat dogs and -- and you know -- seemed to leave them below what cultures that eat dolphin. And most if -- find somebody who is ever eat it. I would love to hear your experience of eating gulf it was -- taste like I was cooked. 80% of you that are responding to our opinion poll questions say. That we should not try to control what Japan does in -- -- waters what do you think cast that vote at WW dot com or call me at 2601878. 866889087. In another important point. That brought up by this documentary called the cold and I suggest you watch it. Is that dolphin meat is highly -- It contains -- one of the highest levels of Mercury. Of any meat or food on the planet. And -- in dealing with fish a fish. All animals and fish by you by coal -- by you by -- accumulate. Mercury. Smaller animals eat it date died a short lifespan but the longer lived in the higher up the predatory chain -- -- animal is. Every analyst -- -- whatever amount of Mercury is in that particular -- stays in that would system. And stays with them and accumulates over years so longer -- something is the more dangerous and toxic. The media's so that's yet another reason and I see -- news' Tom already so Jozy and Hammond police they would -- wanna talk to you. Ron -- mobile they've got some opinions on. What we should do about it is dolphins and it turns out to be a slaughter it's very very graphic and gruesome if you've not seen it. That takes place in a town called I believe it is -- tell you more about it -- get your opinions on it right after the news. Welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tank down -- in football and -- this afternoon we are thinking about Japan and its tradition along standing tradition hundreds if not thousands of years of hunting and eating in killing of dolphins. Caroline Kennedy. As as many people across the world such as the banning -- now a lot of people think often running. Should be banned there's a town a coastal community in Japan call eight G Anderson where takes place it's kind of a roundup -- some. -- geography it's who actually they say they risk their lives they were being watched. By Japanese fishermen name they thought they were being watched by the Japanese mafia. They got in there and under some. Secret surveillance that they did hidden cameras and probably on to some. Circumstances which led the people than him in the believe that they were not you doing news. To expose what was going on to the rest of the world really took some desperate chances to get this video. They won an Academy Award support Mitchell's the slaughter. Of thousands of dolphins also captured much of -- on this document another bonus on one with -- that's an albino dolphin is that this thing was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars many of these dolphins this whole. Does seem worlds to zoos. To four exhibition but most of them end up on the plate of the Japanese. They -- The meat is very dangerous it's harmful it's one of the most highly toxic. Forms of -- loaded with Mercury and Mercury bio accumulates in the lifetime of the dolphin from the the nation that it eats and the question we're asking you on operating opinion poll is -- US try to control what Japan does in their own waters how would you feel look. Another country's ambassador came here and says they didn't like something that we've been doing hundreds of years. In water must change 79%. Of you say no. -- Malone 41%. Say yes we need to get involved in this edition welcome your phone calls Jozy thank you for your patience shows he's in Hammond and one -- thanks Rocco. Thank you thank you. I feel like this is an emotional -- -- Caroline Kennedy. Since I watched her when her daddy died. With a copy dormant and Arctic tears coming down this is an emotional thing. Dolphins. Are beautiful of course. But that Japan. Japan and people are these dolphins and this that this sort. But did say sort of there but we have no business. Telling them what to do. But if it is chilly water. That does -- access to watch this. Then of course we're gonna want to get involved because that's going to involve our emotions. Can eat those things. So this is a very difficult days to decide on it could cause walk. It could cause -- -- keeping -- between Japan and the united state. So it's up to our president. To decide what to do. Well he's got a lot on his plate -- he wants dolphin honestly -- that's right. Josie thank you for the call appreciate it let's go out -- Ron listening to was in Mobile, Alabama. Iran got a lot of dolphins there around the -- don't you. Lauderdale are actually -- Jerry -- would just work your whole. -- the way I'd muted how we feel that Japan cable -- over at that we -- hunt alligators. I mean how far back do we go -- -- alligator in Louisiana and has not resulted. -- its -- the group that's open at any time you should do anything its -- if people if people at church. They Internet video that shouldn't watch. We're in the I think the -- from the comes from the sports. They're all slaughter. -- And there are a lot of people who are against the slaughter of Novo cattle. And hogs and chickens and that it. Shoot dolphins via the exception being any different. And they are putting Japan all -- for generations they have it and they don't want -- -- commandos and business. It. Iraq thanks for the call appreciate it. -- 260187866889087. Let's go to Jean she's calling somewhere out of state hello Jeanne thanks for the call. Well hi Don thank you for taking my call. I am one of those people who believe that we should interfere with the cup. The United States in here with all kinds of culture as we defeated with a culture in Vietnam means that the culture in Iraq Afghanistan. But. This and and this amount I think. They are extremely. Highly intelligent animals. -- Armed forces you down you go because they are so intelligent and we. We are -- compassionate people I'm surprised -- -- Catcher survey results that so many people are getting. I you know I think aren't appearance. I think that's a little bit misleading but not in the accuracy of it but I think that if you Holden said. Do you think it is wrong to do it I think you see a much different result but when you say. -- you she think we should tell Japan they're wrong and thinking get a it's pretty accurate. Really well -- I disagree in Gulfport Mississippi there is the institute -- marine mammal studies. And rehabilitate. These I have and I. Swam with the dolphins. And that is day. If there they're beautiful magnificent. Highly intelligent animals and the Italian -- thing that I am a gain and you can and Europe Europe. People -- that listeners. I'm in China and the eight. Hand and cat and dog puppy and kitten our lives. And the eat the meat they say they eat. -- -- pairings out among. While their lives. So old you know that culture is all over the world hobbled but. These. And -- are intelligent but but it. You know China and Japan -- noted that Ronald history as being let -- a cruel -- chuck. And mom I you know I for one thing that they should not. Be doing what they're doing and. I know that you're not alone and do you think -- question is do you think it is Caroline Kennedy's role as an ambassador. The company and express that dissatisfaction. And condemn what -- -- Because I think if you I have no problem with that because I'd -- me. That he if you work to poll people and ask them do you think it is wrong to do that. Ought to -- animal I think that you would you would find a lot of Americans me yet. And cry. For one has petitioned. Against this practice. You know -- Barry and animal rights groups and mom I. Yeah you know I I think yes and in particular by the people identity. Are brought it up. And has also that went on the top -- -- thank you for the ago. Aren't aren't right and I thank you for expressing your opinion -- -- will come back right after this and take today's call also Mattel is story about a very very unique situation will ultimately -- and technically it's still going on. Right here in the slot Hillary back but then after this timeout you listen to the think tank on WW. I'll get back to the phone lines just a second but first the all important update from WW LTV weather center meteorologist Dave -- bond -- looks like this Penske team I don't frozen or just not really going away is expected. It's not on it and it's still continuing across our area and it it's morning the temperatures that or she did -- above freezing efficient world there actually report 33 degrees -- L 3332. But. Back to the west -- Baton -- -- 28 degrees there now. There's not a whole lot falling right now the veteran the world -- area. These have little drizzle sleet pellets mixed in -- had applied and toward Isner and over towards that area. Would it have been achieved things and freezing rain or drizzle -- we pallets. You ultimately leave the but the -- may feel like we treat except -- and sleet and rain to go to the afternoon that. One update as we talk to you last on is that the National Weather Service has now. Included in the world -- in the winter weather advisory. -- 6 o'clock tonight and would that mean it is and the issue which were surprised usually they're doing it because you could be some travel problems that. As you heard from people ready for the bridges and overpasses may be in the IC but it continuing to communal. All right we'll keep an island thanks for helping us do that no problem -- point. Friday they -- moment of mobile TV weather sent. I'm just suck it back to the telephone lines topic before it's a telephone imitate Astoria promise jamaat. We had a situation here in Slidell that I'm following Katrina. 88 yell and immature at dolphin. Evidently lost its mother became lost disoriented. Found itself in the community called lake -- states in Slidell. The people the residents there kind of adopted it started beating it by hand. It got lost its fear of humans and this led to some real problem because people wanting to get in there and had -- hand -- swim with it. It put it in attacked several people. On the response from the government department -- fisheries held a special meeting to educate the public that talent alum to. Leave this alone it is a wild dangerous animal -- these things weigh upwards of 15100 pounds they could they can kill you -- in a heartbeat. And they said that they would try to may be captured and relocated but then. These things have a way of finding their way back in would probably come back on my suggestion was in knowing that area. And seeing what goes on now a child could be standing on community like -- -- lakeshore states. While right there at the water's edge in this don't have to think it was in the -- -- and take that child and and heard of seriously if not kill. My suggestion was. It between human life children and dolphins the dolphins got to go and a suggested. Sending someone out the dispatch it. And got the flack from men now but you know again that's one man's opinion -- -- -- In slaughter of dolphins that Japan does note don't think so what do you think a stock. They say great or that. -- Well if you think about it western culture there's something even more heinous and the cultures are sort of -- -- what. The people in India for our consumption of beef. Well you know they they view. -- atmosphere. Did you we incorporated ancestor should. Well you know the whole big thing about you know -- agriculture what did you. Our topic we need to -- structure diplomatic it would not occur trees very carefully. Oh you know. Unless everybody in the world as -- step up and makes severe alterations to what they do that we shouldn't we kill anybody else what they should do on on the struggle -- All right great analogy thank you for the call today let's go to Pete in Mississippi line one. Peek at just committed a solo what's your opinion on these dolphins being. Killed and served on him plates in Japan. Basically. You know I'm dead against it because -- Called for calm as an amount and I've been out there unseen it's -- way they -- -- swim alongside the these ships and -- also. As they tend to help people have been many drowning cases who had dolphins came along and actually help. The person back to ensure law and a lot of documented cases like that. And I think that they they don't need to -- and all and that's what we have so much. Influence over Japan they would written get rid of that practice as if we just said. Let's just pull out hot air force base from there you're on your wrong with China with -- detect use since World War II. Now if you don't want to do away with pot does hobbled in doubts. Kabul accountable practiced and slaughtered and intelligent intelligent creature then put the adage you know where -- out -- -- bureau chief. And you know that's my -- deal I'll bet against it you know I can say anything they want about cattle and all black not the bright creatures that these animals so. Understood thank you for your opinion the threat. 601878668890878. You're listening to the Friday edition of this thing. And thanks for joining us for the Friday -- think tank I'll see you darkened early tomorrow morning at 5 AM for the outdoor show. Open Mike with Angela hill coming up next right here on the big 870. WW well.