WWL>Topics>>1-24-14 2:10pm Angela: with actor Tony Bentley

1-24-14 2:10pm Angela: with actor Tony Bentley

Jan 24, 2014|

Angela and WWL's local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch talk with actor Tony Bentley about his upcoming performance of Moon for the Misbegotten at the Irish House.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well you know what is happening all so I have to introduce a man who's joining us now. Just we have some some and so many special people in our community among them. Is. A man who sang with the New Orleans opera for sixteen years. If you ever went to the fairgrounds for 27 of those years he was the voice. This is Larry -- yes and he has been an over thirty. Movies and television productions most recently in twelve years a slave. -- Oden who was this wonderful man and went to connect. Yeah hold on his name is Tony Bentley tight and importantly are you there. I am reminded him. And you're going to tell us about something very exciting that's happening. Well yes. I'm doing move into the -- we get I'd rather doubt in my theater in 25 to thirty years -- somehow they rope me into it and it bit wild ride but we're. Openings on the united the Irish Roush. 730. Quote you know that's what they do. Opposite the sorry for the younger now at 730 start time he can come early and have -- and have a drink there and hey you know more than that we got an Irish Catholic guilt and alcoholism what a great way to spend -- year -- I think it's a -- smells like a winner -- yeah. Their -- so involved in in all of me as a child. Again I came here and 74 to -- the announcer Trevor runs than them. Which packaged at 27 years that would all lead in the summer I don't know now lucky public knowledge but I would do that and now it's sincere way back in the -- that the key -- not. And I ran indicate he grows an audition for a movie and he started talking about -- there and he questioned and that's why just came up with a great. Run at look repeat in Lombardi. And shall. -- looked at the script and he read it -- settle that great and a terrific -- and I. Get a read through with the director on the -- settlement. I can't do this it's like yield on school well. Anyway shy kind of and yours and then I got active and now I mean it. Hear it and should. So the Irish -- kind of new on the scene as a place where people can go and see feeder and an innocent ones that are tells about what the spaces like -- Today are sort of for the Irish American community do electric Christmas show and dancing thing and poetry recital. And actually case GM and his wife Rachel -- opens -- there last year and it worked really well they have the second floor. And down it's not exactly -- pristine -- here but trying to take over one end of the room and there's you know tables and chairs and a hey you can drink water cooler maybe you know. So is -- dessert table service and I can come and sit down and say you know bring the chips independence hall. Sure how that actually work I think maybe not during the proportions going out and astronaut thing on the table there you know and ultimately there but down. But yes -- Matt murky there of course the child winner he. He's real enthusiastic about it and hope palatial -- come out maybe dinner enjoy the show. And again this is this weekend. Yeah we -- is scheduled -- Sunday's and Tuesday's. For the next three weeks so it's a 26 and 28 and then the next Sunday Tuesday and then the next Sunday Tuesday. -- wonderful. Different kind of thing to do it actually. You're -- -- you know not very popular that it. It very good -- serious stuff. -- -- -- and Yeltsin I really appreciate you calling in talent and and break regulatory. Thank you so my darling I stuck indeed Tony our -- here.