WWL>Topics>>1-24-14 2:20pm Angela: on movies

1-24-14 2:20pm Angela: on movies

Jan 24, 2014|

Angela and WWL's local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch talk with Jude Borque about what movies to see this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- happy Friday even though it's bitterly cold it's every reason to be in the movies to go watch a great move me or let's talk about the movies with who. -- -- Hey Angela I viewed. Oh excellent and we just figured out that you talk about the Oscars. The Oscars are -- checked I checked out there on out there on March 2. And we know that Marty -- on March 4. Which means that everybody is going to have to be thinking about the Oscars Walter -- on baucus. Have to skip this year I usually like to garner more media -- -- That's what -- -- Than you -- out -- hard court. -- or we can be like this silly guys in the commercial watching on their TV on the phone. And the Oscars something like that that seems. -- stage -- last week and deceive the August Osage county home. -- -- -- Want to perform it all of them. An amazing performances in the it is imagined that on the stage. It's it's a well written story. August Osage Chinese -- not -- it. Damage Auburn who disappeared and the mother who -- problem. Get called the daughters and accomplish together. And that one by one start picking them but. Really does age that she says truth tell. And it just explode Merrill's street does a great job. Julia Roberts -- the one job the whole cast is. To its first rate. Are produced by George Clooney just Julia Roberts good friend. And there at its chance to watch them they do either. I think more problems. Yeah yeah I think everybody I talked to in the ladies' room afterwards presents in my -- are independently and collectively we realized that Iran that none of the so dysfunctional families that we thought. Only one that quietly set the standard pretty I don't think anybody wanna talk about the Oscars. 12. Take the challenge -- that you are here Margaret did you treasury coaches -- and we're both words -- -- so look to run through spoke. Everybody's out there doctor and wherever traffic are all so -- They can -- their ballots they can go to Oscar dot com. And fill up their -- About it what I -- you can't beat. Themselves you. Good morning doctor here at Colorado and doubt our club. -- take a great performance and it never appreciate. He plays they transsexual man going through the court did. And knowing is important roles in movies but I think he's never cliched. He he truly is not -- in the performance of so many levels. Was just two dimensional. And maybe you've really added a lot of -- console. It would all -- worked so -- and there are two reasons are so. Supporting actor supporting actors get the category that usually. Is the one record in their office -- loses because they always or somebody. Out of nowhere and yeah it -- bigger and yeah this year going. See Johnny it's twelve years the slave. I'm the -- and you'll. -- is Yale school. Acting graduate. And I believe that the captain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is -- an amazing performance. And eight QVC. It's who wants to get the brunt. -- to get all of the error. And she also had issued her hair to provide. So many heartbreak so that it's it's it's a great performed. You mentioned Angela you know all of those great county Julia Roberts had actually. Got the right to that -- back where. So she didn't get rewarded for bringing it to each and her before. You have -- -- from Nebraska. A great performance. A little small movies. Which you've been around for long and so as a courier. Award. She may get it. -- -- Sally Hawkins in Fallujah. She order the -- its sister. Kate went -- character. And is also the the host that holds the -- and Cate -- could do all the record. It's going to be wide open by market is going to be on the actors to twelve years before. There. Actual practice lead actress. Could lead actress. You can put money on K Russia is going to use -- again yeah I have. And it you know they're -- -- he's sought and a great you know people I. And intangible. And grabbed her probably her best performance ever even -- the blind side. But people -- world. Is so multi dimensional. It is so. -- in new law. That I think that that -- government cheese at once prepare. Actress. So. I think that the kind of like her. She's worked with many directors and to be rewarded for. I'll bring that to the best actor category. -- President would only work like Matthew McConaughey in doubt buyers club yeah. You know and -- so -- Great performance. And it is and you see the episode of true detective -- -- -- Yeah I did I -- not I understand it's got great it's so good as it was you know I hadn't had been playing or watching I missed the first episode with and I happened to catch the second one I was hooked immediately it's. It's great -- and Woody Austin. Quality English. It is so great you don't have HBO part -- -- and don't watch it it is today. He it's amazing and not -- a car and he and would open both of them in this HBO series. They play a character into different time period. So right now -- on television giving these great performances. So almost two of them a -- And the academy in -- range goes to performances plus -- -- -- and I think. I don't know how it finds time to -- -- -- I really hope Lindsay what was the name of the movie he was in something mud mud yeah not that that was on road -- you know that to me was a turning point for him. He's he was always the likable. Sort of sexy -- -- -- a lot right. On rescue and Muslims -- on the map in my brain as being serious actor and then to follow that up with them. Dallas Mayer's Columbia. He has stretched. It. Yeah but here are going to be the two that I'm I'm sitting with them but -- -- -- the office pool breakers. That director. I'm going with gravity of also here are. Gravity with a groundbreaking film and she gathered this film it wasn't very long. And two -- all of that I think they're going to applaud him for his work. He's done some of the market remove these children of men and that he foreign language film are you DN. -- now Alitalia. It is its shell which means translate into moment. Yeah. ET of people love and respect him and so -- -- your. You work but. Under him and -- you know what you real quick because they're gonna cut us off at this spirit of America. America -- good. We heard it from you mark dude you are a delight and we we're we're gonna keep these papers and -- say Yousef junior right. They warm and if they say thank you see us in next week thanks a lot of humidity and let's go to the newsroom now and Christmas.