WWL>Topics>>1-24-14 2:35pm Angela: with John "Spud" McConnell

1-24-14 2:35pm Angela: with John "Spud" McConnell

Jan 24, 2014|

Angela and WWL's local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch talk with John "Spud" McConnell about his upcoming performances of Kingfish at the Joy Theatre.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we welcome back to what's happening this weekend and it took a long time but we finally got the best who is with -- in the studio. Spud McConnell the man who cannot hit a garbage can it was a right there to delete all -- Practicing got -- and haven't -- our our our eyes. Well over there and now I want to pick it up after Ian ball pretty well talented king finished. If you have not seen spud McConnell -- the issue are really missing out like keep saying it I thought I -- it on again. You could see three and four and five times this man is a marvel he has by himself on stage and I swear in heaven. You think you're looking at picking. Out of that. I -- more than half and had -- -- that's painted -- mention. Just talking you have -- since 1988 that's 44 years. No I don't completely. He's just in their cute I'm gonna six years in the in my actually we're trying to do -- 25 anniversary last year but the man who directed me in apparent -- different. Was very very -- all very very -- and people through and so. So we're gonna do roughly 26 it was two point six years in march of of 88. We did and and to have -- tandem. Not to push any buttons which you know six helicopter. With put a lot of shame yeah yeah oh five day. I'll let you know it's very cool and then we brought it up to Winfield who -- on. And the funny thing was we we went up there and tried to interview people who knew Huey Long and so many people that come out there and and interviewed. Friends and relatives Huey Long and then they do some documentary that trash you know we -- we couldn't get -- -- -- -- -- -- get Russell. And so anyway when the show went up there it was very it's you know it's very favorable view. And when it volleys all the show that name Cano would worked on the story more. Mostly go ahead by then was -- stores mostly used up fast so we did Earl Long in purgatory so -- -- and missed so we had a lot of research that. But the human from the human being and I think that he's no longer character he is human being yeah I'm feeling coming. I thought kind of the same thing I thought it was at a hotel and not the blue room via the rose -- was at the rose well it -- Roselle and ultimately in the international news at bats were silent partner -- and bring together at a restaurant up and we we now converted it into with the recalled the like yeah. So they're going to be its tonight and tomorrow more Agile at the Joyce theater also of him in the dirt on canal in need to do that he'd go there for two reasons well three reasons number one the converted to a nice breeze -- was -- with -- year. But it's converted very very well in two. Alive performance space number two. They have valley park -- -- cold outside the valley park and run -- number three because it is called us this review boards in the and -- bars and nice well while -- one downstairs has one of them has won in the -- now nice bars and this is the latest and cold night. -- listening. Despite McConnell do Huey Long absolutely. I think is that the configuration of the space -- they pick -- -- whole thing open for an. On this -- yeah it's it's it's not completely sold out but a big chunk of it is -- of people down on the orchestra and then. The whole front of the bow in the credit had violated as a way the -- once or they've had that it blocked off about twenty seats. Audience laughed but other than that meanest -- plenty of seats and it's a great space you know it's pretty intimate space for -- yeah I like it when the when -- When they don't have every single seat assailant feels a lot tighter and there's actually had a an influence on disarming -- -- downs Tennessee spirits of you know then then upstairs balcony seating -- you know as far as I'm concerned. Put everybody announced days in the absolutely -- but it is it's it's a wonderful space they recruited its this thing is great but or freedom's been purchased. Yes. So that is a beautiful thing read our -- you know you can do if -- haven't had this idea already in 2018. When it's that the tri Centennial grate on me by then or -- will be open and you can go and have the thirtieth anniversary. Of the king finished. You are you Kutcher number that. Well one other thing. What. And discussed details. And new stage or confederacy. On those -- scoop now I mean Guillermo and I workshop you know for five days that opened this past summer and it's its property it's. And so -- to. Do it this bro win. Out here. Did you -- in New York. Oh three and four years. Came down here had a confederacy met Maureen went back -- one moment. Okay nice so this -- reworked or a brand new this this is a complete well it did in a different application that version -- was adapted by. Derek wall by his wife -- makeup she did the adaptation -- and he -- that it. This is a completely different -- -- shouldn't somebody else took the novel and adapt to different way doesn't have a you know. The royal Shakespeare company's symbolism. Purpose. Is it a one man I don't know -- none of the -- production totaled 1518. I would put as many as eighteen states. Do problem with as few as well on the this is true that. Think we have been able to 3400 air ambulance the I wanna -- I -- canal street it's it's it's a good. -- even though you're not telling it could I -- nothing that I really don't I'm I'm hired gun I got into McCain says or long view. Whenever you know what he called me up get a -- -- -- a moment -- honest -- I'm not a producer Ian -- produces stuff with his group. I'm just -- show I'm a hundred Purdue's I just wrote -- So I yep that sounds good to meet you I'm just saying -- set it for years I've been a group -- of yours and I'm telling you this is such tremendous performance. Please go see the king -- it's this weekend -- the joint theater and as you said. Good bars and valley parking. Like the -- that. Cool thank you say -- are welcome have a good one will be right back.