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Jan 24, 2014|

Kristain talks about weather and the superbowl. Should the superbowl be held in "over the top" weather conditions?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several I look at it it's sports talk however three year on. The -- -- mail via. And you know before -- and topics and a lot of sour. Here a couple things with them on -- and you know get a home studio here art in the show time -- time. And now and it's side there the news in a football game has broken out my living room. On Terry Haden. And it's pretty tents. Out and -- -- and check on it. Watch at all. Take place -- out about this is like for keep here and -- mine my idol my middle son my six year old is the it hit me. Of the competitor -- cannot stand the throw one errant pass. I can. Stand to make any mistakes whatsoever cannot stand to lose refuses. To accept losing. My oldest son my fourteen year old hunter. Is like Richard Sherman. You know. He's the one that goes irate. -- you wanna try to test me with a -- receiver like Michael Crabtree. I'm a closure about Korea LOB and he's the ultimate trash talker we'll talk trash to anybody about anything. And it's pretty tense in there I'm a little concerned that it might he had a little violent. Between my four year old my six year old so I had to go there in between the news what Donnie is doing the news. -- -- there kind of refereeing that and make sure nobody was note no blood was being shattering realize that but. You know -- put the ball there on a Friday night. Current football season with boys. Interesting to say at least that's for sheer. Welcome to the sports talk Jimmy Graham the pay of hesitated a wide receiver. So much talk about the collective bargaining agreement whether he's a true tight end or a wide receiver based on the number of -- he's taken it wide receivers I didn't want -- thirteen. So what do you do -- the Saints. Tight end wide receiver in between Rob Gronkowski. Sixteen and a half million guaranteed 47 and have me guaranteed. For mega -- from the Detroit Lions. Somewhere in the middle there. They have that strike happy medium Jimmy sexton the agent for -- -- -- Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. At that come to an agreement before march 11 otherwise. He's an unrestricted free agent with the Saints did not franchise tag. Big number eighty so what's more important you. Getting paid or from the parity. Trust the loyalty is that a factor for -- With the the one looking for the rays are doing the pay. He can weigh in at 260187. Years -- 3866. 8890870. Text me. And 87870. And the NFL releases the contingency plans for Super Bowl XL BI. RX LBI I I. Of course the date is subject to change LB -- 48 scheduled for Sunday February 2 that the NFL. Put contingency plans in place. For the game any time between Friday and Monday next weekend. A storm of massive proportions. When happy in a forecast the lead to make those contingencies in reality. So NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that we are embracing the weather. Put all it's plated the elements. Well is it I mean it's the first cold weather. Super Bowl potentially. League has seen right. In New York. Is football played the ailment shouldn't be played. In the elements. Should. Wind and rain snow. Be a factor. In the biggest game of the season. For either franchise. 260187. April 3. 8668890878. -- 8787 in the current forecast for the Super Bowl. And east Rutherford new Jersey's high of forty. 30% chance of rain or snow kick off. Scheduled for 5 point 5 central time at the major storm. Or severe temperatures impact the region in the game could be played anywhere from Friday January 31. To Monday February 3. But the NFL so that's a worst case scenario. -- low probability based on current weather models. The thing about that do you want the best team that wins or that the team that can play and that weather conditions. To win the team that can best play in those conditions. Does -- benefit. The Seattle Seahawks -- it's cold the ball -- it's a little heavy if you Peyton Manning. He you know has to criticize a little bit about Cleo play in. Temperatures below forty greased much like Drew Brees was criticized as being criticized. But at the wind is a factor. That benefits the Seattle Seahawks if it's just -- -- -- that the huge advantage if it's snowy. I think it benefits. Peyton Manning of the Broncos. Look at issues games between. What was at week fourteen I believe it was between in Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles in a blizzard up there in Philly. And in Baltimore which means the Ravens and Vikings. Record number of points. With snow falling. The offense has the advantage. But should the weather. Played impact -- have an impact. On the biggest game to six -- 187 Neitzel 38668890870. -- he text me at 8787. Separate jaguar -- people long line for it at WL dot com. In your job what's more important EU money. Or individual and team success. Is -- something be -- -- -- familiarity. Feel like the comfort level knowing what kind of environment -- work environment you're working it you're going to each and every day. You heard and he is we have say go where your celebrated not tolerated. How much stock do you put -- that right now 71% of those voting. And are pretty -- our people online at WWL dot com save money. Is the most important. Overall individual and team success 29%. You can weigh in at 2601878. -- three. 866889087. In this is sports talk on WW LA -- dot com. He often does in sporting events in the -- council. Anthony Georgia Ricky New Orleans that I wanna take your phone calls. Let's talk to jolt Corey former sports agent NFL contracts. And salary cap expert for CBS sports India national football post in the Saints. The salary cap situation seventeen me dollar projected roughly. Over the when he fourteen cap along with the Cowboys and Steelers. McAnulty to weigh in. Joseph jolt when you look at it that salary cap situation for the -- it on the surface it might look pretty dire. -- one of the worst in the league. Some of that room and be immediately. I've gotten by that we think will net to create a Latin five million dollars in cap room at saint part ways -- There a couple of the guys treat the potential salary cap captain candidates. Career making more. -- Roman Harper. In -- -- running -- his first episode coming -- person mark Robinson has been maybe the packed field to crack. Of course you know Pierre Thomas in that mix he is out for a couple weeks with a chest and back injury in the playoffs and you mention. Roman Harper. He's still got a year left on his deal but the price tag not mean the production activities -- That's why he would either be a -- candidate or potentially could be right now. Joseph when you look at -- from a former sports agent perspective when year may be representing -- Coram year. Obligation is to do with Spencer client and in this case would it be getting paid as a tight end or wide receiver. Are most definitely as any wide receiver. What I'm here -- -- already looking to be paid like a pop why why we were. Although he did that money is our world -- here. -- -- I don't pay -- Ian Crocker and out. And knowing -- year. And the most getting money into a tie -- -- -- Davis -- Renault being so he he appeared representing -- Korean. You positioning and as a wide receiver. In the neighborhood of twenty to thirty million dollars roughly depending on how you slice it but ultimately -- -- Saints clear seventeen million dollars. And cap space and signed Jimmy Graham and that may be a guy like Malcolm tickets. Yeah. You're going to use sign Graham it's better to be better to keep him under contract for a long long term deal. Is opposed to having him on when he tried to always COLT and -- out -- -- On struck looked like watched you in at the structure their work you pick up the note not cap room by those -- those. When you look at restructuring of contracts in. You know obviously that when he fifteenth salary cap projecting to be big because of the TV contracts. Could they work a deal words hey maybe you know it is much money and no it's about the guaranteed cash -- but maybe Jimmy Graham doesn't get as much money in their first year. And once that TV deals kick in a place in the salary cap and plates. Pretty dramatically that's when he's gonna get most of his money. Yeah a couple of that you can stretcher. You can have a low cap number war. 2014. Count like Mike Wallace's deal were -- cap numbers little three million he jumps over seventeen million for 2014. Or he can go -- option bonus concept like it it was. Through greet the first -- when you came very. Where a lot of the option vote that went on on the -- that they after the first in -- made a ton of money in the first year. Second year so we'll work around the -- they're. Jolt Corey former sports agent NFL contract -- salary cap expert for CBS sports and the national football post -- what counts against the salary cap. And what does not. Well in the off season in the top speed you want cap number count against the cap. And -- -- which we are from the record what counts while they like in terms of what I count individually aren't like aren't going. And while I'd not likely to -- -- is. You know -- or 000. In Korea. -- the most. We -- -- court I didn't. And also our team roster bonuses. Are treated like that -- -- Roster bonus which pays them. We've got. Thousand dollars per game but we played quite a treat each year we eight teams -- roster bonus will count on the cap. So it's pretty complex jolt Corey former sports agent -- contracts salary cap expert for CBS sports and national football post. It takes a bunch for weigh in here Manny provided. And it's and I think that otherwise were were certainly better for next above shall. I'm Anthony in Georgia you're on WB well Anthony. -- -- I'm doing good man how are you. Just find -- just like. You can talk to you about football being played or whether you. Think that she can sit there. You know all. The fans that are going to be trying to in this game and in the field and not in winter weather. You got to take into consideration because it's like any other business without the science. The -- Won't be over now. Let me stop me if they can't stop you for sentiment without conversation. It I so the phases suitable. You know. Of the average fan you and I. That in a forcible price. No no we can't I don't know if you're in a hurry and it. Yeah it's cost prohibitive. The -- -- -- or did you think about this this puts it in perspective right OK Anthony so and the comic give -- some time here we got plenty of it so. The average cost of a suite at MetLife stadium during a Giants or Jets game -- 325000. Dollars. For this game it's won me the they think if they can't either eight NFL. Really cares about the average fan in his game. And that particular aspect got to know -- right now. Yeah now. -- don't -- -- to the bottom line is being able should be written with the web particularly in in. You know good -- arms treaties and industry. Don't you wanna see Peyton Manning operate an ideal conditions he was that office can do against. Then number one pass defense in the legion of boom the LOB and totally. Crystal clear conditions where. You can't it removes the argument of well what if it had been raining you know what if -- Wasn't snowing -- if it wasn't thirty mile an hour winds are fifteen degrees. Or it's zero to. He's with the wind -- that you -- I mean is it as a as a as com. Business and that's that the NFL is. As a accompany. Go to -- reveals sell to your fans. Hey this was about as level the playing field this week again. I would I would love to see in beautiful weather and see just how good or bad defense can't do get -- -- without the ball. Eating them right. I'm in and out -- -- like -- he would like sixty degree day. -- power figure out that the reasonable -- again. The great. Eight LOB it's fun to say that though I mean Obi. Ain't nobody I knew. You don't have to be cool let's say that you know I'm one of those crazy is that automatically makes you cool. Christian I love it like that I like that or not they can really do you know what they gave -- my dream my money and to do what -- -- -- it. You know you can't but you can't walk away. And had nothing but respect what that secondary is about a mean ultimately note the -- The -- -- he Drew Brees and company yes but man. I have seen it. You know Anthony twice a close of personal spent a month. And I though you know -- about gives -- archives saying that. I'm in love with Seattle and that's not the case I also -- -- mean ultimately that is respected defense and good football -- -- with it looked like -- let's see him. And that secondary. It's something else. And I respect that Christian. And ignored coached. Seventeen year they would -- there yeah Mike -- cute look up to. That NFL players now that they're not be like at a fairly big picture of his plate. Just built big and should have come at it like this whether they want to be and not be a role models to see you at what they want yet. And they'll ask you should not but again I just wish he would say it'd -- good to see it. Put a -- Fernando which you mean that's not a little pain through an argument right I mean. I so athletes not role models tickets in the of that conversation again I think we've had a conversation ad nauseam. I know I have at least in. You know it -- that a parent -- role model their children. I don't have a problem with that whatsoever -- probably whatsoever. Because he -- You know. If we don't want those kind of reactions and this goes back to you know the NFC championship game in which you know Richard Sherman said in the future chances -- receiver closure about -- ball -- But if we go back. And that's what we get for putting microphones of these players bases. Thirty seconds after game in which they they were they were an emotional about I mean. How many times have you been an emotional situation your life and thought clearly about it. Thirty seconds afterward that very much right now probably -- systems to. I've I've said some things that are stupid there it's there it's out there. Still the same think stupid that a thirty minutes out there and emotional conversation you follow -- here. Yeah so bring. It back and -- pretty you enjoyed shall com. Jim Ingraham I don't know -- -- should be. What shall we do that we could do to make sure he remained there a lot about what is ward beat him one. I hope we played without. Yeah yes -- dismissed a thinks about it but he don't dismiss just how important this guy is I know it's a system thing Drew Brees certainly makes him better. Maybe didn't put up the same numbers with -- eighty to all right Kenny Hillard TJ Yates. But listen he's a special player and definitely slice. You know it 1616. Passes in the game and are in a season. Yeah you're doing something right -- simple call it that he had yourself a great weekend. It would be an overstatement if I said every one thing the Super Bowl in New York is a bad idea except the commissioner. The owners. And the giant of the Giants and Jets would that be too much of an overstatement. -- -- He -- the Bulls a bad idea in the your. We haven't played yet. But. You look at it contingency plans. Laid out by the NFL right now. What happens. In the event of bad weather for Super Bowl XL the guy -- high. February 2. And you know we're embracing the weather Roger Goodell says. Well what choice the act. Billy you're outside you're in New York I'm sorry New Jersey. New York. It's skiing and gave his build is indeed mean in New York not majors -- don't say. Pay all that the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey has it been invited to one Super Bowl event. The mayor of New York invited all of them. My point. But football is played in the elements -- commission says. But at the Super Bowl we played the elements. Should the weather have an impact on the biggest -- 260187. Neitzel free. 8668890870. -- -- world Owens you're on WWL -- -- there. I -- Rick is not there -- 2260187. They told 38668890870. And of course he can weigh in on a text line and 87870. Don't you wanna see what Peyton Manning can do. Against -- legion -- boom the LOB that's a -- word to say our phrase LOB. And Richard Sherman school. -- NL Michael but he comes up with some pretty cool phrases. Right the one that you wanna see what. That would be like that matchup would be like an ideal conditions how many yards it Peyton Manning throw -- he threw for 280. Against Saddam once secondary -- He threw for 321 week. Is win gonna be a factor in determining that. It is rain. Snow. Cold conditions at a coach tell me at the Senior Bowl this week. Believe it or not even equal conditions forty Bynum -- That football feels heavier than maybe it really is. -- about that as a receiver. Trying to catch that block of ice or as a quarterback trying to throw them block the -- it's gonna it's gonna affect you. And with so much on the line. This already. There's already built in. Intensity it is suitable. The weather being a factor with the Jets and Giants would've got that Super Bowl. If it was still in the medal is the old Giants Stadium they would of got it. But because they've built -- new stadium they get it eat at the Super Bowl regardless of if it's. A blizzard coming your way slam it down on New York City. On February 2 law will just -- the game. You would have the -- -- over the game in the world that you would have to worry about moving in Miami. You would have to worry about moving the game at Phoenix. Tampa. So what next play as a global -- back. It's forced off on WL am method -- -- Are we still have a call -- period closed in both directions that between the -- sure the outdoor. Also -- -- size that it goes between -- club and got you to a studio only dropped again to -- nor shall be the right to him twin span which is open however. Eleven bridge is shut down due to -- week and it didn't. At least -- that that that could be on the guy like Kevin roof closed and also beat. Veterans memorial. Are that close out the -- -- real area and also the subject I'm reared its growth in the Donaldson bill area. That would be while traffic camera and about trot -- the tip called toothpicks so it well. Don't get stuck in traffic be the first to know sign up for RW QB well text alerts text the -- traffic right now to 87870. You know about delays accidents roadblocks before everyone else message and data rates. May apply and there's always something euphoria. And Debbie did you -- dot com and -- the release the sexual assault allegations against. At saint Darren Sharper plus snow freezing conditions -- streak in school closures. We had the latest and snow -- from listeners across Louisiana Tech outs and blogs. At a top fuel it's about Justin Bieber wanna mess. Bobby the video about Super Bowl matchups it's -- long lines for WWL. Dot com if you're on the roadways and -- pass along some traffic tips to your fellow commuters. He called me right now at 260187. Year old 38668890870. -- poll 86. Just an update for you in case you care. Payton losing pretty badly now that -- 160. Seventy. Roughly. Eight missed on a couple of centers two -- son hunter. The us to the phones we go more unknown. On the -- -- -- -- did well on. They'll do it don't they were not really don't know what. What or did the -- oh. Can happen. Is that -- goal. On Monday in your batters because -- Put it in mop and -- The proper state on Saturday I hamper you on Saturday New Year's Day and that. -- -- already out I'd be able to bet the ratings would be through the roof you'd have to go to you know it'll work the next day. You know I mean it. I mean I voted -- -- you know it you know. One more straight top of the back -- got the ball over. And it would do it that -- -- All -- work all the work that. Gotta have a party for your new world for a suitable means that our. And where I mean it would be bought it at that age but yeah -- the most watched it here. Or there. I don't know why did they do it on a spot. You have -- idea. Well I think it's just been tradition crystal ball. In a couple balls played on the Sunday and it just keeping with tradition. Its -- -- in our frequent. And whether she should whether. Unknown. Be a factor in the Super Bowl he'll light that element to -- that intrigue. -- Either way it's football but involvement he played -- You know it -- -- that I'll think it should be. Put in the rotation that they were would -- you'd damn well want awhile sure now the way I look at it. Yet that might not be your pay and it might be able -- people that you might play ball. And get that what it. Yet but let's not -- let's not let's not be silly to think that it doesn't impact. A team one way or the other right and if you're playing an ideal conditions it favors the offense if you're playing in less than ideal conditions. In all likelihood it enough that the passing offense of Peyton Manning in in -- reason Tom Brady -- that era. So. Hey you know. 00. Or are -- it our all. And now they were in order our. Yeah yeah what. You know we edged and I think it might even now. -- that you are aware this year. And this year. What. But they are all back to the right thing. And I don't I don't want to do out there and yeah yeah I taper. And -- I don't know why don't you. You wonder why what's taken so long right. Court got it all out now but it. I don't know why. You. Are right -- -- what he will be on and do it. Because. You know -- like the -- -- work the ball then. -- their -- pool and you know. If you about all that there -- 200. Ball. On it April he looked it can be played on Tuesday night in the states and it would matter. It is place of the upside down. Anyone. -- it. That one on I went all the law all -- -- lot -- work oh lord. Hey unknown do you have any Yemeni -- me any kids. They play like football living room to do all -- -- Well not anymore but yeah yeah. They did. I think they hit was it heated to the reason why I'm asking is -- but fourteen year old a six year old playing right now. And is pretty brutal and I'm scared to go back in there. Oh -- sure short hair -- it -- right soccer are or what worked out. And you can't you hear a lot. I known on the notion or the sports talk on WWL -- Matt Clement out. I winding down here. On sports talk in -- long closed in both directions. The celts orient as we get him. -- w.'s ago that common. Don't get stuck in traffic can be that personalities on a forward W Hugo text alerts text the word traffic right now 287878. You know about delays -- were -- setter before everyone else message and data rates may apply. Stay tuned to W go dot com. Are up pretty -- people on line for here at WL dot com. Your job what's more important you money or overall an individual teams success. 72% -- money. 20% say overall individual teams success of course it's coming from. Giving Graham a conversation about. What matters to him knowing he goes ultimately what matters. Jimmy Graham. As they try to were got a contract extension our contract. With the Saints Seattle Seahawks quarterback Richard Sherman find it. 7800. Dollars for unsportsmanlike conduct policy in the final minute. Of the NFC title game against him his coach and find. Confirmed pie in the league today. He was flagged after he made eight choking gesture. Toward the sense that bitch that he said it was directed at quarterback -- cap predict. It just deflect -- pass intended for Michael Crabtree in zone that was -- about linebacker Malcolm Smith. It clinch clear Seattle's one victories seventeen victory. Chairman ran over. After a happening Crabtree on the backside and six TDs and for the anti Crabtree showed Sherman's -- Golf pro quarterback in the eighty choking gesture which was the only player fine in the game. What about Michael Crabtree should he -- that should he had been -- were shoving. Richard Sherman. Ultimately it doesn't matter he's making that up -- this -- bull that Otis. If he was passionate. He's -- he's a competitor. Sean Payton called them on Twitter. The other day saying he's a special player congratulations on the post season run need to go -- special. He's the best in the games -- -- -- And I don't have a problem telling her easiest when you are. It tells and it's -- you generational thing. You know my dad right. With scoffed at the idea of trash talking in the game he doesn't like and I know -- -- -- I had mile and I love it I it's good. It's a boring league I don't wanna hear Peyton Manning. Say oh well you know we wanted to win -- game we executed well as games to win the team are far away -- -- -- that. Wanna -- some of the things that Richard Sherman says he's real he's genuine. Sotheby's said that. Are right. Monday morning -- in -- probably that back with -- double coverage three ago thirteenth at the it is there. Pro Bowl coming up on Sunday. It's just sports as well -- news. Right here on the B well thanks to Jackie Harris -- Pittman and master controls. Simplify about.