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01-25 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jan 25, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitmorris talks with WWL callers about food, dining, recipes, cooking and restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But he company bump but about but about but about okay it's a food show on the negates any WWL and WW 105 point three FM. And over here I have Daniels who has just told me a -- place a bistro he went to a magazine street. Where they had this a soup and they dropped the egg into it that it had been perfectly coached he said. And that's all I remember so what else did you tell me about it and -- All we're trying multiple witnesses there would be -- right here's. All -- And it's one thing about the price and as a you know one of the -- it probably easily frightened it. But you talked about his -- that this city what it's like Mac. It's it is on magazine street though look teach grocery. No we have had a lot of it's not but I would think to myself well there's waitresses and the we've got to contradict that -- more. Well that doesn't take much to -- that it is there's a whole website devoted to taking issue with everything I say. Why didn't you run a good day at the. Eight so they were great -- -- -- you know what these fines be they what matters but they like it. Is that right normal. Normal vegetable canola oil and and then when they come out and talk with -- on the bottom. And ethnic rebel -- you know. A lemon mr. park and. As -- sounding that this is sounding more and more like brightens. Know that but that's not on magazine street. No but it's when you can view the equipment you're in that department couldn't and excitement that it might have been okay. Wow okay well we're looking -- -- let. Will let well that figures. I mean we live is another one of those -- the -- I see that they just started opening on Monday for lunch now -- starting last week. -- something new for them. But that's always been with the place that that guy really knows how to cook and he really does he does different -- from what most other restaurants do it's a pretty original. It was really good at and I just a quick question for you about about four bullets on. And if it did an autograph at the department and if you have some very quickly it won't wipe them. Well I hope boy why some peoples that work but I had no idea. Well. I'll give you my I'll give you my. Let's see what's what's the word finesse. I don't. The the reason most people called -- always. Is that there is a feeling among many people who live in our town and I'm speaking as a native myself. Who believe that the dumber and funky here we look and sound. The more real New Orleans we are. Which of course is ridiculous. So it's hopefully. But the reason I -- poor boy is that. I IE used to go to the restaurant that actually invented the -- -- election this is all documented it was 1929. A place go Martin's poor boy restaurant that's what they call themselves that's what it was -- their menu that's what it was on the sign in front of the place. Or boys not po boy but poor boy and so they invented it they get to name it that's what they called it and that's what I call. -- Now would you believe I once engaged in a one hour. Debate on this subject during the middle of the very first hole boy festival -- 56 years ago. Other city -- yes but an organized debate this was actually a program. Will we hit that would serving wine and everything. And -- nephews and I had an argument and some other people to apply it whether it should be -- -- poll boys spent an hour. -- I. What was your eye and your body will lie about who ran the line that got him in the oil. In my area anything really great crappy debt would do well and that riverbend. Crabby Jack's is Greg -- pretty good if we -- in the river -- I got. You know. A year I do this -- this deplorable what shops around you -- one that I I think is actually pretty good. Although when you go into it you can think this is a little too new age to do good -- -- but in fact they do it's called the -- Cafe recently. The milk so. The milk bar. They may go glory roast beef pork went there. Great there and trying to -- and -- -- OK perfect. Great well thanks for calling. You're cheering for you later it's the food -- guy plays the cello in the symphony orchestra that that's the kind of audience we. Take that Tommy Tucker. Joseph welcome to the food show. Good afternoon -- news is you actually tell disparage the year. I'm done gone I'm only go to the movie quite often in the clear view park where area. And we look into a place to have dinner before movie. You have to kind of restaurant in that area. And as you have probably discovered there there isn't much. Barack. Rather there. That's exactly right and it is but there's there are a few restaurants up and down Jefferson highway but none of -- really stand out to me is being particularly good amendment they all have their fans like those who blew tomato a lot of people love that the system. Smiled leases not rest and I would recommend to you up and down clear view you've got all the chains you've got the original call ones among other things. This good sushi bar there for the sake cafe. Who else we're running out already. This you know where you ought to go this a cluster of restaurants. This isn't exactly. At the clear view mall but it's not all that far away -- issued a bright right nuclear -- once you've finished. Around the intersection of -- to Korean doc. And they're there's there there's a zero there this the the originals Zia. Than the smallest 12 they have a they they're missing a few things from their menu because of that. But that is. Adopt the dockside seafood which is global seafood restaurant there is. A place call huckleberry east that I think is so cute little restaurant that's good. And go win this one on the went around there and that I think is terrific and and not think you know. -- A bare knuckle -- yeah and if you shoot up the other direction across veterans. In in Metairie towards the west esplanade area there -- few restaurants they are mostly around trans continental. There's. Well Austin's. On the Cyprus. Vincent's all of those are clustered right in that trans continental west esplanade area they're old all of those have very -- Edmonton is now that -- good connection. Appreciate your there -- thank you can grab my. See why it's the food show. Have a feeling we need to take a break. We could but you sound like we don't have to -- on the keep -- Well let's talk to Randy William. Randy welcome to the food show. Package now I have a question -- look spirit I'll try -- Bob game. Oh OK okay and I love them raised -- -- an accurate way to -- to. But tomorrow on what to -- what agent Boston but boy. And soul. This idea why natural gait and gain an end and see outlook -- how it should label the oil or which. -- -- -- When you say you're doing it cajun boiler you that you mean your -- doing crab boil and stuff like that with the -- the with -- or older. I don't -- bomb -- That's an interesting idea. Out there are great don't wanna I don't know what what -- about -- I'll tell you wearing red when I tell you. Who needed. You'll know that it was good. And you'll also when I tell you where I had it you'll say why. A whole bunch years ago. Paul -- Brought this I don't know if he still hasn't but he had this enormous van the size of the look like an eighteen Wheeler. And he traveled around the country with this and did cajun food everywhere he went this was when he was much more active and he is now you know. But that's years ago which explains everything. Anyway. He turned up -- of all things the Napa wine auction which is one of the spiffy as upscale events you can possibly match. And -- part this is this his rig. And he did this boil. Of I've. I think it was pork shoulder if it wasn't it might have been brisket. And now that thinking about and sausage in and -- hole had a garlic -- it. Foot and inch shrimp in -- office anyway it was just amazing blew everybody away so. And be too. So I think I Euro on solid ground there doing -- you're doing the Cornish and I think would work but I think it would cook out much faster than the pork will so I think you need to edit link to maybe halfway. Well that's the wondering about strategy and research obviously did not being about their aboard. Yeah -- -- -- as -- why would you do that to the -- and I is that it's become I -- I picked it sounds solid to me I I don't think there's anything about that that sounds crazy. Well maybe these are these just all about what am I know -- -- About thirty minutes maybe. -- -- -- My temptation was to tell you 45 minutes but I don't know what never tried it before have -- these things which is pretty close to the same idea. And then that took about 45 minutes maybe even a little longer than that. What. Third yeah I'd check in at thirty minutes I would be very surprised if we're done by that point. OK okay you know under and it's just a miserable 4 o'clock -- -- -- do do do the -- Oh yeah -- -- myself. And then of course you know after notre ars Eritrea are thought -- had -- you know vegetables you know it just like cave you know. -- -- if you did and I'm thinking about this -- you're talking. I think it's something like this before that we use them a rest and out you know what town. Where they routinely. -- Hole -- hands. And and I ask you know how poems it's -- -- says about 35 minutes to fry. William frying it about 350 degrees if you're boiling to twelve is all you're gonna get. So. It might be as much as -- war. It's my instincts only 45 minutes but I've never done before someone. Good luck I'd like to all of that comes up that sounds really -- Second question. Why a bit better went out what I iPods and I got this from a building. By the book injected Robert what do you do read that -- -- as opposed to. Keep doing it overnight -- netbook. Why it. The bad break down the issue and it. It definitely does and that's why you wanna avoid freezing if you ask me. But it stands to reason that something. Like that it is ought to be a good process for something. Freezing. Would be me be. -- it definitely cares enough. Especially if you freeze -- slowly and employ it quickly. Raikkonen and ask about our allies -- that he injected -- And can look at it's much more liberal much more juicy I don't know why it. -- -- -- -- -- Then we then we invoke rule number one of taste if it tastes good it is good noting batters. All right thank you see -- up on that high note we will take a plausible it's views known that's Venezuela. A few moments of this that get to and more of the food show after first please. Hello it's the food show. Actually been busy first. First 45 minutes here. Now of course it's down to zip if you were trying to get in call right now you get pregnant. I'm Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here with you talking about food restaurants and stuff to 606368. Someone brought up. I'm sorry I did it already knew I wasn't bad though 51 minutes before I screwed that up. Sorry folks I'm all weeklong Monday through Friday I do three hours in base same show same everything the by the same -- same thing. Except that it's a different phone number. And so accustomed to seeing that phone numbers that I knew we forget the say the right one over here it's 260187. That's the real phone number here. 2601870. And know what was I got this thing. We have -- I think I may be on the verge of selling that now though so. Alina tell you about that just yet. What I would like to tell you about is something that someone brought up just a minute ago Koreans -- boys. Arranged for boys created a little. Brouhaha. On this show. Can remember when there was this show the other one. A guy called up and he said that he he found that the French bread there was different from the French -- that he was used to and I told him that. Whenever I'm in the -- My luck go with their poor -- is good enough that. Which of the French bread was part of it -- it. One thing if there's one thing I recognize it's you know some supermarket French French for -- which never is quite. Well I looked into it and it turns out that. Brands is buying its French bread. From John G induce a bakery which is. In existence for somewhere in the neighborhood of -- hundred years. And actually invented. The -- boy -- that -- it was unknown before that they did it for more formally rest along time ago. So I mean that's as good as it gets if you ask me. That's the kind of thing that they do across the board grants -- by the good stuff -- by the New Orleans stuff the -- everything in house they do with the right way and they have a huge menu. Of not just horrible ways that could platters of everything from red beans and rice to Italian being spaghetti and meatballs and a lot of seafood in planning more it's a neighborhood style in the world's restaurant the only difference between it and the ones on the corner in the back street corner that you grew up with. Is that it's on veterans highway in the strip mall but that's what happens in better. -- is open every day except Sunday for lunch. And they are doing. Did you stay open after lunch break through till dinner on Wednesday through Saturday so principal voice 3939 veterans. All right now that we've killed at time let's get over here and have a talk with. My most news this of Brenda Brenda welcome to the food should. Thank you. And thank you. And I heard the question. -- purple or white truffle oil truckload. Yet we let you make theater recently. And they are a little bit popular crumpled popcorn. One and and ordered the T -- Also the it is not enough. No way that without saying it was kind of cat. So I and I think I'm excited and I made it pizza. But buttoned -- oil and expect it. Very expense. What else not a speck of truffle limit that's the amazing thing. Now that's what I was that -- about you know -- I come home. You are or chemical plant here at work now. It's in my -- I can't go on letting. You speed up. American. Oil on the -- that it and he can won't know like we're at now. I'm on my mind and got it research it. And it may honorable and patrolling. And I. The petroleum aspect of it I haven't heard before. That would be real bad version of -- But you -- but the white truffle oil unless it's truly an astronomically expensive because trump white truffles far. Like 2400 dollars a pound ended that they've really are expensive. But you can make a truffle flavored oil and it is olive oil in the truffles don't have any oil so much room. But they only have oil. But a -- infuse the oil. With the flavors of this I don't exactly know how they do it I actually think it's a pretty decent product. But white truffles are not for everybody there were a lot of people who really can't stand him. I'll -- I love -- I it's you use it as a kind of a few a few drops Iowa the Iowa. And I know you have to use that there is there staring -- And may very spirit look at night apparently isn't on pot there that. You can use it on anything but it has to be kind of a bug of not have really strong flavor you don't wanna put it on like I. Hey listen I'm sorry I gotta go we Jim and up against the clock here will be back with more of the food should moment but first please this.

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