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01-25 1:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jan 25, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitmorris talks with WWL callers about food, dining, recipes, cooking and restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They just don't cut it down that way and inside round is more. A restaurant cut then and Dennis supermarket cut but if you ask him for it though they'll have that they just cut it down a different pieces. And that's I think the best. Although I will have to say that shock. I think has a slightly better -- the problem with -- is he can't get to slice right it see it it's really hard to get slices -- of choppy wind up with chunks are shreds. And not everybody likes that. And not I'm fine with a quick a lot of people wanna see slice roast. So I don't know -- like. Shall be true that is you. Only a trial with a road -- where -- -- -- with a chalk. One of these days trim it out a little bit this is a lot of junk on our own big -- stake in and I would by the whole thing with the bones and everything you you too good value and it's not that part -- part. Go there you go I mean it's a great great cut that. Well there you go well let me know how it comes out we'll work on -- some more. -- this is one of those things you never get to the -- -- -- 2606368. We talk about it all -- -- what I -- -- 260. 187. Click on the wrong person again because he sees this box and went to a camp -- this. Here is ray -- well. And there and I could be mistaken monopoly days Robert Burns today Robert buns -- -- and and -- You. You know orders someone could get into world. No -- -- side never been served to my knowledge ever in the history of this. Well that you don't it's about what. -- that's a bummer because. So that on my bucket list. Well. Follow. -- laws of good taste number. The -- is number two or number 33 Ohio but -- -- -- -- lists don't write crawfish a two day. In anger mean. You know don't don't eat. Lobster in -- You know -- go to go to Scotland -- there you'll certainly have no trouble finding it. Or -- You know directly on the way to go have a peanut butter and eye opener Jolie cheeseburger that afternoon. Why -- -- that. I -- put -- boot to park view witches and being McCall's. Yeah yeah yeah and into it brought that back again although it's a peanut butter in one. There Joseph. Public there in -- some pepper jelly and peanut butter. Amber on the hamburger. Okay. Are like I would never condemn anything that I haven't tried but I've got here pretty close on this with the. A but so you. Are you get an update on and actually. At least -- yeah I'd like to know better scrutiny by there you go thank you. This is I think one of the worst trends in dining history. Eating things because. They sound ridiculous. Raymond welcome. -- on you I'm on good question about it. Okay what is the best way to keep you say that you see when you grow. Don't cook them too much. What about. You really shouldn't. Use -- songs instead. It's certainly what I do or or or spatula or you know as it's actually. I I would also tell you. That there are a couple of the things that can dry out mistake one of them is. That when you take them off. The the grill or whatever it is where that you cooking. If you comedy into it right away. All the juices come pouring out. And that leaves it dries stay behind so it -- to like him sitting for a little while like. If you go -- -- into a steak house you'll often see that they take stakes the do those real hot broiler -- -- -- And they sort of movement off the one side for a minute away from the main heat they'll hold you for a couple of minutes and then they'll put on. And and that's where -- the juices get re absorbed back into the meat there's no doubt about it all you have to do is cut into one. And you see that happen the other thing is it the thicker in the state he is the better it comes out and so. If my wife and I are having steak for two. In a restaurant or at home either one -- always order like the fourteen ounce filet or the you know the sixteen ounce sirloin strip. Or the Porter house even. And and real. You know will. Each get a -- piece of meat. And cut down the middle and that just the -- stay you know a whole lot more that way the -- the -- is better. The -- I don't -- out and you know we'll go let me know. I thank you very much. Thank you see it's the food -- will come back with more of Ireland broadcaster -- in just the moment then -- tune them. Hello it's the food show on Bill Gates -- -- WW LWWL. FM 105 point three. And here is Sean John welcome to the food. -- don't but I am glad. You. Yeah question is. A kind of opened. A lot of teachers. Actually it's. A bit. I don't know owner and now well electric up and go -- which will be better used over. -- -- -- Good question because both of them are good but for different things and also that confection feature also. Good for different things but I think you have got the best part of this ball in this is something I tell anybody who's doing kitchen. If you can possibly do it if you -- of the room. And you can work it into the budget. Do a double of you won't use the second one a -- When you use it you will thank god that you have because it really comes in handy to have a second. Okay having tell you that. The I have nothing but electric here my wife -- -- never wanted to propane for some reason we don't natural gas where. So so we just get by with. On with electric. But it works fine I've never had I've never found myself saying you know gee I wish I had gas and -- just never comes up. What. -- get things done quicker because it. This makes the air inside of him move around a lot faster and so it imports more heat into whatever it is you try to cook. But the -- that you pay a price that in that it also has a way of driving things. Now sometimes that's good like if you put on convection. In -- picture in there -- docked you'll have a nice -- -- it really comes. But if you're trying to do something like let's say lasagna. Our reporting. We don't want it to dry. Heat might one on the top in particular. So YouTube you can turn it on and off at wheels so you can get the best. Oh -- But. As far as the propane is concerned one thing and all but it does it burns really hot you can get higher temperatures but now they're making these. Electric ovens can shoot up till like 600 degrees so what what -- when would you ever need more than that I don't know. Yeah well. No I don't think so whenever I need to that kind of you know like 70800. Degree temperatures I do it in the big green bag outside. And act works fine. So I hope that answers your question. It but thank you thanks for calling -- food show this stomp the sports. -- numbers 260187. And a that's it just -- that we have any. The we have. -- A text thing don't we except that I can't see it right that was so it's useless. 87870. But I cutesy. I I think is a way for me to do that but I don't know what it is I'll have to. All you know OK well maybe we could get that we we've had a lot of fun with that on the week they show. Via the texting. Speaking of things that we do -- the weekday show we have a bunch of eat club events coming up in the next. A couple of weeks and why most most of the time the beginning of the year for the mainly because a lot of people. Are on diets you know it's their New Year's resolution although a lot of those kind of wearing now. Let me give you -- -- quickly give -- some of the ones we have coming up. On the fifth of February. We have -- that Dakota. We haven't done one bear the fact that I was able looking up it's been so like four years of five years since last we did one. Over there it's. It really sounds like a great menu we start off -- re in crab. Not so they're famous for that. This is going to be an orange -- orange teen use of rice ball. But this is fascinating -- can't wait to see that. Second courses this year on -- tend to what that means is under ten per home so these are really be cease scale. With crossed the double lobster and herbal lobster pasta. Then pickled winter vegetables that pickle themselves. Boston but atlantis' is sort of silent and sent a group blue cheese. Bluefin tuna Wellington. New would like the idea though rapid pace root vegetable puree Nokia shrubs for McGraw. Something called the land -- which as I guess the the -- version of the port -- That they do in Italy it's a sausage -- with though was sort of a -- that you William -- -- baby carrots and charred vegetables. Then for -- -- -- teleport to -- Which is sort like it custard but will be different with hazel the wheels and cookies. The Dakota has fabulous wine cellar they always have. And so the -- I don't know what they're going to be yet but we always have some really good ones there. And that explains why the price that is is a hundred dollars more than we usually go but at that restaurant I think -- It's. Appropriate. So that's what it is it's on the fifth of February the day before my birthday. We are not celebrating my birthday that night. But. If you wanna join us here's what you do go to no menu dot com and OM EE and you'd dot com a menu dot com. Click on each club. You'll see it right here near the top of page the whole menu was posted there you can sign up for reservation which you don't have to -- -- -- over. And everything else about the well we just it it's of to -- a long story short. Very simply we have -- -- -- the time every week just having a good time eating great food. We don't have speeches we don't having long diatribes about the winds. No he he's in the year none of that. You can dress up or not as you wish. And do this when this going to be one of our better wins -- -- it from past experience at the coda on the fifth of February. Should I go to new issue and I talked to. News okay. We'll be back with -- in the moment but. Now it's time for -- instigating here and and turn that piece of paper upside down and now one more time there we go okay and our -- ago. Do it and and a Bob enough. Hello hello hello it's the food show on thirteen 53. W no windows sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. The big 870 WWL. The -- was going down the wrong road assumes they started I Gisele welcome. I -- apparently you. Wonderfully well. I have a -- are infrequent for out number. Oh OK I can't do -- numbers on Saturday. Notes call call me back I'll call me on on the regular show. I will do. Well my rules and are. You -- MacIntyre. Who wrecked our last night yeah we. We're used to being. Hit it is a class act and we. Really good. Right and they got off to a real fast start and everytime I go it gets. Well sorry that this service is wonderful one Italian that he walked right in -- quite the shocker. Unhappy people on earth you know that you did a great great on the on. And we get all. We did apply and Cha -- And then little. The food coming out we saw a table next to it with a way to -- the. Yeah all those great. They run for those who you don't have picture this they they frying them. And then they put them on the shelves and they topped that with the the toasted almonds and light come -- here -- and then I think they probably run under the broiler yet again. But if it is some kind of good. Well we we got -- belly full of oyster and we did he. A little. Dessert and we did he. Did peach cobbler. -- -- I'm just you know is kudos to this restaurant very very good yeah it's good -- great guy to. He -- he's a very good operator he really knows his stuff he understands the whole program from the perspective of his customers which a lot of people in the restaurant business don't. And the best part of wall. Is that he was the perfect guy to take over that restaurant because he himself has been a customer of bozos since he was a little kid he -- So what that's that's that's just. Worked out just perfect I'm glad that happened. Great right. And I will call you back during the week -- -- number. Well please do it sorry about that but they make rules like you would -- here's what to do it right thank. By its food showed she's ill but he remembered as the old McKenzie. Good singer really good singer. She could play the violin to. 2606368. She was a big star there I did it again -- I'm -- I'm in my mind is on other things. Like what I'm gonna say next but the Gisele McKenzie was a huge star. On television. In the 57 in the into the sixties. I think she's still alive she may still be performing. Anyway there was a lady as she told me I think if it's the same one she told me that she was named for -- -- Who was Canadian but she became an American. She used to do all of her records in both English and French but she was a comedian and here is Susan Susan welcome to the food show. -- -- -- -- -- Com. And -- collar and legal -- certain. We elect Saturday night it's like killing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Send him back they -- -- completely and possible appeal meaning in the hatred. I mean at the top of the yeah I hit it -- and you can just peeling patent problem a little bit each week in and out. It couldn't that it acts as she took and your. Outlet and -- They took it off than you. -- -- -- -- -- opposite in the -- What more do you. I think it. Orchard. At the plate sprinkled red -- So with that -- -- it's not New Orleans about red pepper. You couldn't eat them that you couldn't kill him. And the. Okay you sent him back they gave your money back with you know it's -- it's so it this restaurants that open for months. -- Okay well. Try again try again. Well. Yeah. 2606360. Look there. 2601 pizza sorry I have this auto pilot in the back of my mine have been giving that phone number up but 25 years that's it. It keeps. Its way over here my eyes in 260. 1872601870. Call right now and get right to believe it -- -- we've been busy. Let's see -- Welcome to the food. Much -- -- happy new year. -- question about. About who LLL. Way we don't see that too much not well. But my honing in Colorado and got. -- -- You wouldn't count out. We have to buy a freezer you know. And I idea they'll know if I don't like it. -- -- just haven't been able to get -- in Che. Out and now. Com agent K so getting EOK. With you I'm -- eating. There and buttermilk. Tried that he tried -- -- up you know -- -- mall and buying it at it like everything. I don't know what else. I mean he. Have we have we put all -- we put away all the all the backs up already. All about what I meant by that was do you have any of the back -- laugh Edwards is that's the best part okay. That the extra. Want to if it's frozen thawed out giving a few days the thought I would be in the refrigerator. And then marinated. In food storage bag. Red wine. A little bit up olive oil like let's say. Let's if you like a couple of pounds of the stuff. A the three fourths of a cup of red wine. About a fourth of a cup of I was about to see in -- I think it did -- olive oil but even better than that about a half a cup of Italian salad dressing just regular bottled -- -- -- like shake it up. And I dump that in the -- a couple of sprigs of Rosemary. And a slice or two of Orange juice in an orange in -- up and throw that in there. And ads push out all the air polluted in the refrigerator and let sit in the container for about. Three days if you've got if you got five days ago five days. Hanging out drain on all the stuff get rid of the solid. Keep the wind and everything else Syria in the skillet. -- meet the skillet. And then put it in the oven to cook the rest of the way and while it's in the -- you take this leftover marinade you poured into the summer that not all went into the pain and and and when you get to the end of that I think you'll find. That the -- flavor will be not completely gone because you know what's the point of that. But it will be much attenuated. And will be also much tender and much better. Try to -- and see if that doesn't work I writes I find that whenever I'm faced with a meat that has a little bit strong flavor that's that usually does that your. OK don't really get it. How important thing you were talking about -- and you remember. Well yes but not remember seeing a reform. -- mind went out to hit. I was on. I don't know why weren't the paper. You know -- just a lot -- -- -- you know now. Amp it up and -- probably -- at -- -- along on. And she would there. Apparently by scout troop and micro LP here recognize you don't that we all. Crap. But having any idea why. Action comes -- where they'll have a -- -- rapid economic and now it's comical to buck up. Yeah well you know now that they are all these wonderful. Music services on the Internet it's actually not hard to pull up. A few of her record she may need. She recorded a tremendous amount stuff. Or most of which is not very well known she had one big hit called the name hard to get it was wrong song. And that he was just a great singer. Just real talent -- she had perfect pitch. Could nail all the all the head all the notes down but I wish the matter it's. A lot about it since. So I'll definitely look -- some of our baggage and it. -- -- -- Nice story I appreciated the food show and Tom Fitzmorris too. 60187. -- always let me just -- one board the end is that they and Dan and welcome to the food show. Colleges do one. Paula do you here we go out there and -- The end the only guy -- welcome him. Welcome to myself I. Illegal but it's the signals -- bought a -- My wife's California. -- -- -- How -- you know. -- -- -- Normal animal like elderly -- all those wonderful up. Anyway. Would talking about simple early. And made me think of my favorites but you know I like the smoked Turkey. So what I do like take almost -- stuffing that we put an admin in the caucus in skin and bones Yale's. Enrollment of Google pot of water. All it do anything blip on the bones starts coming off. Drained -- quick little -- bit. Take every piece of meat that slip all of it caught it and -- reasonable. Cut up -- that he's so wanted to do and drop of the net liquid. Involvement zone this all about to be called slew. And jobs that -- up that we picked off the bones of property and -- you mentioned. Smoked turkeys who does. All delicious we we we wind and Leo the only slightly different they want to be in the -- but -- you sound like you're. Moralists in that direction anyway. What's that what's available puppet as soon. All gumbo is -- soups but -- -- ago. A rule I would CO rule or -- rhetoric. In that case. Well and oh yeah it is it's a funny thing when you. When you get. X number of people to make -- Even if you give them all the same ingredients. You'll have six different things you have X different flavors from all of them but the strange is even though. It is and all of them will be recognizable as -- but if you go down and gives somebody the ingredients in the recipe says okay make this. What will come out will not face like -- It's it's it's it's strange sort of deal. A history. They're making me take a break in you got you got the who are you where you've done. Potentially. I do -- give you one quick thing. I have a way of making a lot of people use -- but so. Totally alone in the bottom of what goes. -- That would take up but you know -- capable. Below net drop theory in this tournament Michael -- one minute. Almost like the regular Friday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you we will return -- more -- the moment but first please this. -- They were huh. Oh. It's. We met. You longs. Knight isn't. They world. -- Do I wish you -- It. And I need you at all I'm. And all. Lying behind yeah. Nine weeks I. Then have been small. And the book review that that's -- zone attempts. Not not the Abu female voice but the other. 58 that's about right. The food showed 260. It's 187 -- got to write for a change here is Sam Sam welcome. -- -- Push it down harder Tom there we go Sam come on debt. -- -- -- -- -- Good script I want an actual product probably -- -- -- -- overtone to trumpet marks -- had a pretty good -- record through. All you agree yelled. It's a bit -- and has if you went to her. Uncle. Well and -- about the normal and boot maker chicken gumbo topic for certain. Tea and I would like they are driven up borrow that approach called off the bone and but our playbook beaten. -- would make room agreed on an example parsley. -- them but I Kagan DuPont Circle -- -- actually bought the attraction I was ordered candy maker -- would. -- our courts sculptural -- -- could you cook argued and largely like stupid no Odom scored ought to look they're here and. You know that's a very good question. And I don't. Know the answer to and I I this the closest I can get to it is set I discovered. When there was a -- -- up on the which unfortunately just close. Where they would doing mellow times coded with a mixture of mostly cornstarch instead of flour or cornmeal or anything like that. And it came out great. In terms of making the rule with that I'm not really sure I don't know how -- round. Right as you know a few that we use if you ever put cornstarch into would issue into a sauce. It thickens it up and makes it sort of translucent that it it's very common in Chinese cooking to. But I don't know let's throw this out of the crowd and see if somebody knows what to do about that because I really don't know. Okay well I -- appears that it -- that. Let's see when we come up all right it's the food show -- this -- to do you do and don't but he -- but up. Hello it's the food show on the big 87 EWW. -- WW of one of five point three FM. WWL radio New Orleans WWL. FM -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 2 o'clock stay -- we have another whole hour of the food show following this the news in the sports in the weather and everything else thank you.

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