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01-25 2:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jan 25, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitzmorris talks with WWL callers about food, cooking, recipes, dining and restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's the third courts. Of the food show here on the big 870 WWL -- WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris a yet to passing is a cultured person. And I slipped in whenever possible. To sit here and talk with you will but eating about shrinking but going valid but -- in the but the food you buy the store about the restaurants. About cookware about anything having to do with the eating even peripherally. We'd love to hear from you or numbers 2601872601870. And let's get back to which a week who's there are people waiting. One of them is. This year -- CO OK let me. The the pinpoint a mountain of picked the wrong -- and -- That's why. This this is the strangest thing Tomas welcome. And probably two adults -- -- actually. Just. Remind your body and my own. Chefs cooking class tomorrow. Tomorrow. Is the it's so Alex. What he's community term. -- -- -- A whole German and you what time to -- Start. Five in the in five in the afternoon. It was going to be. There is five certainly -- and avenues. Of -- age five blocks below. Military -- care. All right what how much is it cost ago. It's 35. Dollar ago. He soon you know again seat belt -- cities and yet -- and their feeling like. What you give me the address one more time. 530. Pelican. -- so you know 11 shall. Well good look thanks a lot and good -- Yeah -- feel like it's the food show mrs. Tom that warrants. Bob is over here with -- Bob. Bob -- Bob there. He's our. -- there come on it. Thank you -- That time wanted to ask you. Time -- on keeping life. A record finish. And I edit room and sure it's about eleven months now. Shall we inherited it from. Some. -- I was open now to your local -- would that. Sure you know what when that time frame on something like that that. You know it it it's it depends on what you're trying to do if the most important thing in your life is saving everything you possibly can from being thrown in the garbage. That would be my wife for example my wife it can't stand throw anything away and as a result she gets two or three times a year from eating things that she shouldn't have eaten -- -- them as long as she did. Well the rule number one when in doubt throw it out rule number two. Is. Anything that's in the freezer that long it's gonna pick no matter how well you wrap it is in the dry -- No no kidding you can have a completely covered with -- layers of plastic wrap. And sealed up. Completely. And it's still in the draw and it will pick up flavors from the freezer. There in the -- you just don't know because you don't stick your head in the freezer all that much. And I don't think it's gonna taste good I think it's time to give it to the cat. Or make fish stock with. But broiling it is the last thing I do. No we're only how would you could it. Well I had a nice fresh red fish. I broil it or a poachers or a -- But this is too far gone that it. Really I've got I think you know you just have to give up on some things. I I got like that fit the narrative and it was from an elderly person who now. In -- homes so. Yeah well I I I know that feeling I inherited high brought blood pressure for my mother but I do all I tend to to get rid. I would -- I would advise the same thing the. Right or and -- -- ego with now and then and that okay. Thank you Obama. Thank Garcia my patriots the food show. 260. 187. Someone. Ask me before the news and we just ran out of time there what was the name of the new place that though. That you with is we're Bozo is used to be. Mr. -- oyster bar is the official name of it actually if you wanna go official. It's as mr. -- oyster bar and fish grill. On the front. But you'll see -- I mean its -- go to where -- used to be and that's where they are right here he took over. Renovated the place not -- extremely -- made it look a lot better than it had before because you know the whole place opened up that location in 1975. And it was a little overdue for a for -- brightening up. The menu has been greatly expanded although a lot of the things that you used to be able to get a bozos are still on the menu there. As as I say mr. Ed MacIntyre who wants the mrs. mr. -- restaurants. He was a big fan of Bozo and used to eat there all the time I used to see of there all the time. So it's a good place and I yeah I've been there about five or six times now in really have enjoyed the food. Particularly the oysters the oysters first. 26063. Looks almost to a 601872601870. Loved to talk with you but anything about eating anything at all. Even if as this -- affect especially if what you have is what you think he news. A dumb comment or a dumb question. Trust me the best questions we have -- hand in this program in the 25 years we've been doing it. Have been. That were presented his dumb questions were actually the best questions we heard all solo please don't let loose. And will will solve something maybe that you've been wondering about for a long time. Or you can tell me something. That I've been trying to figure out for a long time to -- Kurt Kurt welcome to the food show. I don't stop there. A question about where -- -- -- all giant block -- joke at all I'd much -- -- and now an elected by. A lot Detroit. Shot on -- -- straw that -- -- what one should rule for. All. It's been in the street should alarm I don't trust shuttle little bit but. -- at our current form pops up much at -- You know what shut up that I should draw out our warrant out crap -- -- The it if I UC ice crystals on the outside of anything what it means is that the moisture inside. Whatever it is. Is escaping. And freezing that's what causes that it's not coming from the outside it's coming from the inside it's coming out of the food you are. Waiting and and -- more of that that happens the dryer it's going to be the more freezer burned it's gonna get freezer burn is kind of a contradiction in terms but that's kind kind of looks the same thing like it gets tough. It tastes terrible I hate you you said something to me that I'm going to love. Throw back at you you say you like to buy a lot of food. So you can save yourself the trips to the store right sacrificing. The goodness of the food. For that so what you want convenient food good food you have to decide. -- All right but should concert what sort questions involved without shop I go back. Oh sure -- this offensive. Reasons but. -- to me that that the closer you get to buying. The food you can eat every day that day or the day before the better your food will be. Now I thought we week we can all do that mean it's impossible in the old days we -- you know when I was growing up. My mother. Went to this little grocery store which is right across the street from us and we weren't just walking -- that that was the way it was all over on the little grocery stores and corners everywhere you walked two with three blocks in Vietnam but when. She used to go in there every single day and she'd buy what she was gonna -- that night for us and then -- you know the next should we do all over again. And then when we we started buying stuff from the supermarket once a week I think the quality of our food went down. Well I don't I don't -- you were. Still. But. Or girl shot. Here in Mexico right now -- it -- -- or not -- you ruptured show. A page. On any channel. By. Well she. I wish reach. Popped back. Well what we don't but I I as a better solution if a -- to. Write this down our website. This is for -- showed during the week we also have one for the show to you can listen to it on line. You can even on your phone you can walk -- on a cell phone but even easier is listen to it on the computer. The -- of the regular daily show. -- shows up at three WL. Thirteen fifty dot com. Three WL thirteen fifty dot com. And it's on from noon till three every weekday and you can just put on a new computer the easiest thing you go to that website and click one button animal one. So yeah there we. Saw it on get real up all night it's WW what you need is a podcast but that's -- distort but it can be done -- to -- into and -- and you can do okay. All right we will come back with more of the food chill in -- moment but first please this bomb on them pumped up about about -- hello hello it's the food show on the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM. And Maria is is Maria Maria re Murray. Component. Of and a question about it. Okay as. I'm not -- -- -- you can do -- cooking. And I think Betty Crocker cookbook. The preakness and and -- the appropriate pretty. Outlining you knew that -- -- -- on that. Children. You know there are some but for the life of me I couldn't spit out the name of any of it. The if you were to go to a bookstore I'm sure you would find it -- but what they usually do with the New Orleans. And Louisiana books. Cook books in most bookstores is that they put him separately from all the other cookbooks they -- like a whole section of New Orleans school books in just about any bookstore. And if you were to dig around in -- I'll -- -- you'll find some that are really good but. None of income in my head at the moment what. Did you. But certainly in the children effects in and it meant that. I I wouldn't I wouldn't go to the children's section I would go to the the straight ahead New Orleans Louisiana cajun section. And I can. Just guarantee you that you'll run into some some good looking books and just and nothing jumps into the front of my brain along those lines though. But. You -- that shouldn't be a big problem. And that's gonna need it now -- dedicated outnumbered when. I I can't do it on weekends -- -- -- it's a long story but I can't the got a call me during the week that. And -- there are like that children non entity that you. I don't know let's let's see if I can find one yeah I was about to do that myself let's see here Childrens. Intimate New Orleans. Portland's. Cook book. Children. And. New templates he with the stirs up a -- we get a few. Lets you might want you you know you know I forgot about this animal has a kids' cookbook. -- And it's pretty good to. Let's see there's this one here is news. Gionta on -- that's that's. He ought to do Lawrence's. -- by that that pop up. -- That the that the name of the name of -- cookbook is there's a chef in mice who. That's the name of the book. Let's see who else cool kids -- Louisiana this is -- -- put out a few years ago by the French market. Odd that -- pitches they'll round great recipes that you would that's the one for them. -- kid friendly recipes. And they don't have a name for that yet this bunch of them here go online and look up. New Orleans cookbook children and a vet you you'll well I'm looking at him out right now this bunch. I'm okay. Thank you I didn't really but I knew like the back way to look for the -- with. Well thank you you can. The food show. Stomp the -- with these -- with the clean used. My hosts. Pointers I've ever seen. Know mark welcome to the future. Mark -- It's the element. Here we mark the -- so -- The other day talking about English muffins and a -- Yeah I didn't have enough -- here why they can't a woman -- Well because you have an English muffin is made. It's a pancake -- it's caught exactly the same way pancake he's made except that it's much thicker. The don't always the batteries. And it it doesn't spread out quite as much but that is how it is made you pour the batter right on to a -- to a on buttered griddle. And if you if you look at the at an English -- you'll see that they are these little holes that go all the way through there exactly the same as the bubble holes that come through -- -- And pull it apart on the inside you think and K you'll see. That each one is done individually -- no such thing as a loaf. -- English muffins they must be done one of the time. And that's the story. Opened the I would just walk out but I'll sure. -- scouring American favorite -- at all. And I must op that saw the vote -- -- in which -- below there. Somebody might. Somebody might be making them out of the same kind of go with a -- and get what will come out as an English muffin. Not -- -- -- -- what I get finished or put it but watched it. An -- -- Or hurt your grandchildren that's blocked ball -- and large I -- mirrors. -- -- dish you. And I notice that it was. Brought should it was shots in the bowl. Ordinary. Well install it so mix -- up late. And one of the shots. 01. World opinion and -- there aren't the -- And should install so I won't. What's was this jumped on was the sauce dumped on top of the pasta. And that makes and it was all stirred together. Real ones are separated you know -- -- -- -- that looks like possible for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although what you have there is a -- trying to make something look good at the expense of it tasting. -- this is a widespread problem here is almost -- rule would no exceptions that I can think of that might be one but. If you have a pasta dish and it has anything else in it but pasta anything from a sauce to. To appease too chicken to. Oysters whatever you're putting into the Costa meatballs. That thing must at some point be tossed around. That everything can blend together and that should be done in the kitchen. Not at. All and and most shouts do not do that. In this and and most home -- even more so Oprah all right while they are thank you see there. The big 87 WWL we move ahead here in here's frank. Welcome almost but I don't usually armament and answered well I got three little short question all. Located in -- with me. -- -- Well again I am began as a word that we use here in Louisiana for what is actually sweet potato they are not related at all sweet potatoes. Are related most closely to love. 2 morning glories actually uses the closest thing to a a true yeah I am is native to Africa. And it's a bigger vegetable it's -- root vegetable. It's march. Less sweet it's much -- year it's much harder to grow harder to clean harder and harder to get out of the ground. And in the Caribbean. It is widely used in if you ever wander into a store where there's any significant number of people who come from Jamaica or a Puerto Rico or anyplace like that you might see yams. In the produce department but probably not it's not something you're likely to encounter in in places around here but it's -- related to. They vaguely looked the same but they're not even not even slightly. Related. Think you -- and how. Halloween -- how we got to calling them yams in Louisiana I don't know but they're not really yeah it's. -- -- hard -- well yeah but but they're bigger and it all you have to do is taste it you would say when note these two different things totally. You know me you know one thing in common. Let's say in my little ritual OK there -- earlier -- Yeah yeah some actual returns -- -- -- market the -- Roche would trickery. He's gonna make you. Unbelievably. -- That's the way it's gotta be and it comes good however the problem. In addition to more than -- also. It is good bench climate bill. If -- chose to ambulances to assign him afloat without when it -- Let's milk book but generally don't have all the time over it Nokia. As demonic also comes. This bill in the. I know they use to I don't know if they still do but for a long time. At the French market. And both both when the morning Paul was up -- to instead of using homogenized milk they would use pasteurized no which was not how much. And and if you use pasteurized milk the the milk fat does break out and spoke to the surface -- there's no doubt that. Tell the truth I preferred but you can't have anymore I can't read it and. And another question. After a morning call and you can be -- anyways bill. The they unity but -- -- alone she now they playing -- is there any value. It looks good. I wouldn't think so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're a waiter at the morning called you you better have to working arms beat. That's who we -- valuable time this yeah. Yeah what you are unanimously elected crop we will great control of -- -- right. Now I'm no machine that was Sloan. Well next I'm going to ask you should go to -- 11 particular issue possibly talk about his own community. And forget about some of the -- The four -- Perriello. Yeah that's what -- that's when she was on that for a long long time. But achieved before she did that she had a long career. Do it all more things and you can imagine. I mean she did had a radio show of her own for like twenty years. Hey -- listen thanks for calling we will continue with more of the food -- the moment after first police have a word. -- and ones and this is -- guess you could say this is bad news but not real real bad. And ones has been forced by conditions beyond their control. To raise the price. Of the year lunch menu which is available every day including Saturday. It has been. Up until recently. When he dollars and thirteen cents you would get a three course lunch. With three choices in each torso you know it's a lot of variety there for example right now what they're running is so well they have a soup. They have the grilled oysters as an appetizers they have a salad winter style salad with some lettuce grapes carrots and cranberries and walnuts and things like that. Stuffed pork tenderloin on do we stuffing inside of a pork tenderloin mashed sweet -- is on the side. Oysters. None of -- I think that's not chicken Florentine that's the with some of Florentine rice and Pyrenees sauce. And then there's sweet potato cheesecake and they have those the good probably in red putting. And the one other -- I can't remember at the moment but anyway the price for this three course lunch and -- ones has skyrocketed. Shot up to twenty dollars and fourteen cents it is still available every day every -- and on Saturday. And and one's the oldest -- in America. 713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter all the world there is only one and ones this looks like the perfect moment to take a break we'll break we'll come right back with more the food show but now this man and. Yeah. And me it's. Yeah. Oh hello there it's the food show. It's the big 870 WWL the sun is shining here at the cool water ranch in a -- brings. It's still kind of went out there. My whole house. Was surrounded by icicles hanging from the I've never seen that before. Iran quickly passed them underneath. Keep from one of them may be falling in piercing me through the skull. And then of course they slipped on the deck and on that clumsy use manual -- meet. Steve is here hello Steve welcome to the food show. -- -- -- -- -- argued conversation with a gentleman a moment ago that I can tell you. There's a few places here locally in the batter's. Area where you can get the nod homogenized bill. My wish that were the local area by the OK yeah what about -- look forward you can look -- -- over -- -- web sides two hours pollution in the orange area. Yeah international -- local -- that they not homogenized milk it would cost comparative to other ghosts. The track content slightly. But it it is no more percentage sodium and stuff like that is the absolute best -- -- they go to the farmers market downtrend on -- Saturdays and you can find them Carter's supermarket and some of the year ago. IG a stores. And also Claude -- farms stereo which local variant batters. It produces in court saw. Containers of I'll watch a quarter you know do well -- we -- stop in. Eight I ID you can buy that. Around New Orleans. And certainly on the North Shore it's everywhere on declined -- everywhere on the -- through but I have never seen that and whenever I go. To buy milk which I do every time -- go to the store a mall I always kind of looked just in case because. If you think that -- -- is good made with the regular milk you on -- -- just pasteurized not homogenized milk it really makes a difference it says it is really hard to believe almost. And it measures used to have lunch with Wednesday that you -- to -- -- with bill consult blue there's nothing like that what you have to do it is -- -- out. Yeah and every every time you go to war glass you got to shake it up or water and I'll just do what. There's nothing like a frosty cold glass of Islamabad laws although but they also reduces the pollution -- orange people. Also produced -- -- 2%. And this bill so the static content but it few of them lawful -- are you if you -- mail them. The owner of the inflation will -- -- failure die within 48 hours guaranteed you you -- -- abuse springs or wherever. Is or local market a year where you make troops to supply your bill there about a commerce. Soft and tells me you MarketWatch in your mind. Well you never know a very rarely gotten lucky in the past but maybe it could happen it's the food show here is patsy patsy welcome. -- out I just wanted to comment that got gotten on my you know parents Gary. -- -- -- Are you see everybody whenever these questions come up everybody has these answers that are way out of ten. But they have like he -- they are trying they had it -- kitty -- like -- There are some relative of mine and they said that it. If we wanted to hold them twenty years ago that we pay more bottled water that we it's a male you know opt out and -- -- -- Right. And had to -- up all night. Well thanks anyway. The food show. And only seems to happen when it went looking for something. We get answers but there are all for months now. Well. You know the old walker rumor theory remember that used to have the home. Above its plants over on on on the I ten in the Kyle would be turning around they need. They need to kind to know that we're so good. Four. For making -- only one of the ones that actually pasteurized -- not much say they always had that in half gallons. Paper paper. But they also have another. And I used to buy this when I was much younger and didn't care now -- -- -- much older than I do care. Don't think I would do too often but I would do it once in awhile. They used to put out a 4%. Milk. -- typical milk I think regular. Whole milk used 3.2 were 3.4 this was for in might have even been four point something. They had a name one and it was something like -- roller so. And it was supposed to be good to give little kids especially skinny little kids. He's dubious in -- Anyway. Walker rumors of course is gone -- to come over but I don't think they ever put in India that stuff. Too bad 0260. 1872601870. You were listening to the huge ego and rents or voices or sponsor. When you think about poor boys you think immediately of course about a rose before which they due to fears the will. You also think about all the seafood or -- the U fried oysters fried shrimp and catfish. And even. Stuff -- for boys to do that no there. But do you ever think about how. Will. I don't know who was who came up with the idea let something like about 2530. Years ago somebody somewhere. Around town said -- would be good let's slice up some meatballs. And put him on a poor boy. With some melted mozzarella cheese and some -- -- and see what that's. Well what that's like is real good. And then somebody came up with the idea of doing the same idea with meatballs instead of meatballs that we use Italian sausage also sliced. And that was good and then somebody did a version with the -- the meatballs and the Italian sausage -- -- somebody else came up with the idea. Too funny some veal and do that with the mozzarella cheese in the red gravy and anyway. But to my knowledge no bad version of this has ever appeared certainly it hasn't appeared to me. If you wanna try that scene in which doesn't really nicely. Go to Koreans for boys to get that they're pretty good that the Italian side they have a a bunch of different things. On their menu that or Italian including pizzas and they make everything in house this losses the deal for the pizza everything. Just like -- grows their own roast beef. Brands or voices at 3939 veterans highway. They will be open today till about eight. They have lunch every day except on Sunday. And Wednesday through. Saturday they just keep on going after they would ordinarily close at three they just keep on going -- about 8 o'clock in the keep the whole menu going and that's a big men who will be there to 3939. Veterans highway just past Cleary. RR a an apostrophe S your rent your godfather. 26 so. 187 here is. I can't I -- no Wonder -- Yeah Renny Ren. Ren how do you spell it. Right. OK it's uninteresting game. -- That -- their blood. That's a good. More than that. Good thing to beat when you were known by one name me you know that you're only the most famous people. Currently and in two. You know some of the trappings that lets hope you do. You do. What was the all of -- No role. In the war on Claiborne avenue. -- told a non commodity bill -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A bit -- Maria is still around. And -- me at their milk. All of their -- still -- if you you have to shake it up because. You'll see the milk fed up at the top of that if you open up the container but I pretty sure it's honest it's homogenized anyway go. Because club army there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good about it you know. The Bill Owens at all the -- You know you know off of the album out but however -- way. You get bigger and goes to. Show. Don't let me switch over to. -- -- went out and aren't -- A while but it and you know if they have the big club greens won't chop and you know that it. -- Willow I will check it again but I look at it every time I buy it every now and then but and it's definitely good -- but I don't know if that is not well listen thank you very much for sharing that with this and it's great to be here with you with the food show. -- will be back with more of it in just a moment but first -- this -- They think they needed -- all gosh. There are two people who waited almost all the way through the break and just when the break and today -- Well we've got a couple of minutes left here. It's even with a -- -- we have an. It's gonna take place at apple mean apple -- -- -- -- -- -- best new restaurants open. In the in the very very busy and popular. Magazines. -- strip you know there's so many new restaurants have opened up along there a lot of good ones. Other when we're doing -- Abilene. Disperse when we've ever done that and open upon a year now. It's going to be a four course and we have some really terrific wines. Put in this thing. And its ninety dollars we'd love to have -- joys and it's very casual very easy going. We give -- quick run on many were starting off with a choice of rabbit re yet its order. They're doing roasted corn encrypt heartless. In the small chicken and sausage gumbo with Buddha or an heirloom tomatoes island the countries are on the goalies can't feel duck leg or opinions here grouper. And then be re -- -- putting. -- dessert. Or sweet potato pancakes at some interest. That's Tuesday if you wanna look this over golden dome and you dot com. Click on -- club in all of the details will be -- including what is that -- -- thing anyway. And who you have to beat you to become a member actually whistled and everybody. And how's it all work. And you and I get a chance to sit down have dinner together that's one of the things that comes out of this. -- mind I think I've done everything I can do now we will be back. Not next week I think we have the week off next week but every day Monday through Friday. On thirteen 53 WL. And the food show noon till three. And FM on HD. On sky wave and on line this is WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. 105 point three FM Kenner and New Orleans but the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS -- Columbia. Broadcasting system.

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