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1-27 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 27, 2014|

Dave talks about nasty winter weather, Nagin on trial, and the Grammy's vs. the Pro Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on the 27 of January 2014 where it's Mon Gary asked that we should be celebrating. Really yeah it's war. It's not easy it's true and I. That's today is that data and -- things even though it's raining and lightning heavy rain across the region where roads everywhere. Some fog makes him but it's like sixty degrees every now. It's so. Tomorrow. Will be dropping 3035. Degrees compared could. And if you thought Friday it was bad the national weather services thing if I'd be worse yeah. During the day Tuesday and into Wednesday. And Friday it was bad. Now you know by the time Friday night rolled round. Had taken a little drive like a ten minute drive. And a while I was on like -- -- -- icicles hanging off of the meters on my vehicle -- in and that was from Metairie Kenner. It's. He had everything's shut down it just kept getting colder who's crazy on ice forming in Nam man and. Even though wasn't below freezing in parts of the region that was of course as we see the signs all the time -- freeze before road. He had just about every bridge with closed if you had to go anywhere. In southeast Louisiana and you went to get out of southeast Louisiana there was really no way to do it now. By the time Friday evening world 55 was closed because when it was closed. You could get across the twins' fans -- Two lanes are closed at one point the bridge between Louisiana Mississippi was close and long was closed the sunshine bridge was closed. So enemy diskette. One after the act and was close at twelve was closed. And we could very well Steve very similar could be a repeat performance. Very similar conditions for -- Tuesday in two wins and -- and it's movement part of the state north and there's been some kind of letter we could get snow yeah yeah this time either good chances are really better out of the way voted that forecasters -- yeah the National Weather Service is predicting up to two inches of accumulating snow in the southeast Louisiana. And then we know what happens that people go crazy. Umbilical Fargo is stay home and yeah. We'll start compiling later today Hampshire many of the schools will make decisions today. And what they're gonna do tomorrow tomorrow morning you should be able to get to school and -- -- and -- getting home though might be challenged him with data that due Wednesday morning could be very counting began. -- -- A second half of tomorrow was -- is when Laura's selling its for our area when things really might get Dicey. We'll continue to track that for you of people and keep tonight and deal for. I don't remember ever before having to. If I wanted to watch the Pro Bowl. Or the Grammy yeah. And even when you and I were discussing it late last week. I guess I just never really looked at the program schedule and didn't realize that they'd move the probable prime time. Which put it right up against. The Grammy I always remember the problem being in the afternoon rice and of course it's in Hawaii so it's a six hour time difference so it -- hours earlier outline. So yeah I remember starting at like four in the past some like that it was reasonable you know you don't have to wait all day which would have been perfect. Because -- it would -- ended just as the grammys were start gotcha and I can have done without seeing the red carpet. Mean that would be okay that I'm not missing the grammys. I love music at all I love the music industry I think the people on Larry as. So I picked the Grammy. And I was flipping back and forth I didn't likely cat through robberies thrown a touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham. All anti immigrant on the ball political goal posts I didn't see that they cut away just as he was kind of zone but I'm pretty sure he didn't do it. He just dropped the ball that's is. Trademark comedies is that it's. Never been Pro Bowl so we've done it in relation when I heard you know that saw and heard the announcer John ball I know who's gonna win that. You don't. You don't do a jump ball amber and -- it tells -- he did -- did the data and show team I'll Hitler years ago are you I don't know I didn't see them. Anyway so I got to see that and I got to see the game winning. Touchdown drive. You know two point conversion because that was -- commercial hunt McMahon it's a what did you think of the overall thing it was competitive. It wasn't one of these 83 to 76 games no offense came to play that -- -- scared -- is Drew Brees -- a pretty good yeah I did take your novel. From the especially defensive end they were really play off. -- -- it was a competitive out interesting game and I very different commercials program. I enjoy the -- well great show you talk about that. With hope but for more Beatles stuff but -- -- -- all that February 9 with a doing it tire -- -- to -- The Beatles special got you all wondering delight they play The Beatles music. But when a new song don't ever heard again. As well we're. It's -- -- still got. Rid of its doldrums. But anyway. You worried about the weather tomorrow are you making plans to stay home tomorrow forget about it. You don't want. Now -- getting in on these multi car pileup after getting somewhere in the that Yemen to get back because they're hard to go anywhere right across an outrage. They don't have much in the way of the icing and here they put the ups and downs but that doesn't get in the eyes is that. Not -- well. -- Which -- -- -- -- that -- -- that I gave John we will take your forecast to get more on the global everything else -- sports now it's Super Bowl week. -- skeleton that. -- -- get a budget text messages today 77 by Jimmy Graham man. Whether or not he dunked the ball over the goal close I can tell you this when I was watching the score. The cut away from Graham before he actually got to the goal post but I did see the ball end up on the ground several people attacks and 87870 sank. And defensive player knocked it out his hand before he can docket. And others are saying but later they came back and showed a replay where he did -- he picked it up conducted over the goal post I don't know I went back to the grammys. After the point. So very ego whatever happened. You forecast. Clouds and showers around to greet you this Monday morning but it's so pretty mild outside Temps will be in the low sixties later on. With that 40% chance for rain and tonight it Temps drop the cold front is said. Lows around freezing on both sides of the lake. And then tomorrow the -- begin again this time in the form -- some freezing rain some ice and sleet and snow all possible tomorrow. 70% chance with highs around 35. Wednesday the moisture should come to an end but it's still gonna be called still could see some freezing conditions on the bridges and overpasses with highs Wednesday afternoon 38. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- walked out. Case still enjoy our light rain and 59 at the airport right now decently heavy rain in -- and 58 some fog reported in both locations and very heavy rain reported the Lakefront airport. And 59 degrees 61 and audobin park's 61 in Belle chase. Reason -- to enjoy that is because when I can't get out of the thirties tomorrow or Wednesday. That means we could very well have another situation as you -- with a 70% chance of ice. And sleet. And snow. With some accumulations up to two inches in southeast Louisiana we may not be going anywhere definitely not fast. On Tuesday or Wednesday. -- playing. Here in the Pro Bowl it looked like more of a football game that I recall seeing a long long time that was good at least apartheid's off. Steve -- summit -- -- in Munich that needs to that blasphemy. How could you call yourself a saints fan and miss some of our players last game. Cam had a great game. Never Jordan Jordan Cameron playing in the game yeah it was nice and confusing for the announcers -- there a camera -- and they don't look like him -- Easy keep them separated by so hot it -- you end up doing I know you love music like idea. Plus the pelicans replying during the pro boldly at the elegance the pro ball. And the grammys 01. And I couldn't turn off the pelicans gained just because Anthony Davis was going off so I had one I had he had had a TV -- with the grammys for the wife and acute deftly set up I had. The pelicans -- animal smaller television for his camera in the same room and I don't always on the laptop. Went to NBC dot com so I could watch the probable -- live there you -- -- I had all three going so you're the master of the multi tasks Steve -- with Monday morning sports the morning everyone and -- a bit shaky for team rice and Drew Brees but the saints quarterback found his Mo -- let the Pro Bowl. By going to his trusted tight end. Snapped the Braves and -- love. All right made a jump ball. -- -- Jimmy Graham gonna go to generic why don't go to try to defend the bonus that the -- Team rice would go onto win 2221. Over team Sanders Brees finished with 81 yards passing with one yards with one touchdown and one interception. Jimmy Graham had five catches for 51 yards and a school work. Tampa Bay Buccaneers executive Dennis -- has been hired as general manager of the Miami Dolphins. Ending a three week search -- he's been with the bucks for eighteen seasons including the past three as director of player personnel. What Anthony Davis is making it loud and clear that he should be selected to this year's NBA all star game. Pelicans lead by six try to go back to back wins into the last. You really offensive huddle look comfortable. You may have felt like there. Eight he had 22 points a career high nineteen rebounds and seven blocked shots as the -- won their second straight game 100 to 92 over the magic. And former Florida State quarterback Jacob Coker is transferring to Alabama. He's on target to graduate in May and would be eligible to play for the time between fourteen. He backed up Heisman Trophy winner -- it's Winston last season and will be given the opportunity to replace the departed AJ McCarron. Today for it's the second -- show from the silver slipper casino -- what did you think of this year's Pro Bowl plus will look ahead to the Super Bowl between the Broncos in the Seahawks. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. And grown man's stuff. Think that -- That's an interesting call is Anthony Davis really an amazing game and the pelicans are winning streak at us that streak it was way back in Google December -- since Atlanta had last year yet last year they go. Outed by the way Jordan tells me just got to find that Jordan -- -- -- Cameron Jordan Jordan camera draft in the same near the browns accidentally called Cameron Jordan. When they meant to call Jordan Cameron to let him know -- they were drafting it. Even the browser to view gag camera Droid like -- -- -- in the first rounds I'd like I'll wait we got it backwards the only man drafted by Tutsis that's where the thank god it simply that the -- Thank you Steve will draft you -- do another sportscaster 25 minutes yet WWL IMF them. 5 point 7 good morning I'm gave -- and are you ready for some really nasty wintry weather well after today we get plenty of it. Today's still looking fairly mild with highs around 61 and watch out of that rain it's kicking in this morning and we'll continue off and on about 40% chance at the front -- then. They've tonight temperatures drop down to about freezing on both sides of the lake and we stayed there for much of Tuesday even as more preset begins to work get. That means some freezing rain some ice and sleet and snow all possible on Tuesday with they winter storm watch in effect. Highs will be in the low to mid thirties then Wednesday we see the end the precept but it's still going to be very cold highs Wednesday afternoon only 38. From the eyewitness -- news forecast center I'm thrall to slop out Tarek. It's and recent folks is we don't know it's going to be freezing rain sleet snow wintering mix of what it's going to be so we know it's gonna beat precipitation. And we know it's gonna cause the potential for big problems around here mrs. Tuesday mid day all the way through Wednesday. During today. Light rain now 59 -- the airport heavy rain heavily front heavy rain and Obama heavy rain in slide down. So -- it's raining quite a bit but it's like sixty degrees and all those places -- no worried about anything freezing right now. I coming up we'll take a look what happened over the at the box office over the weekend I'll say what movie I saw they what I thought about it and -- Scientific evidence shows women are right we can remember seeing us. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news that January 27 when he fourteen gates Monday. And I'm gonna enjoy the weather today now that I am very much oh Rainier and -- -- a lot of rain in some places and implement or about that beat says. I am thinking about what's coming tomorrow do. Mean data -- crews -- and blow things snow sleet freezing rain lasting all day tomorrow and Wednesday and could have frozen bridges and overpasses all day Wednesday you'll get more specific on the times from the media on Islam on the job. Exactly is it going to be is Wednesday morning going to be that it the toughest of the lot are just getting home tomorrow -- trouble Friday night getting around anywhere you know YE -- fortunately got a home. Africa and and I was -- but and I felt so bad for the people on all these bridges on the in Holland massive accidents because there's nothing you can do once something starts sliding around like that. Right yeah and it's awful. Really is awful on the better. -- is an act going where they please help it would all go anyway -- it'll still wet places and it's again to go you know what is it about us that. We we never want to let anything get beat can't stand it away or keep us from gone where we want ago. Even though we -- roads and bridges all across the state were closing the that was happening here that the cause of equality -- -- -- -- you know we -- After them. Now exactly that kept showing that shot of three of the Mississippi bridge in in Baton Rouge and it was just like a ghost -- slam you know. No -- and the night. Well or bad there's nobody that's -- they close those yes they kept a -- And people went and in the end up crashing -- -- -- -- go far while law were around where they want to go and in many cases I'm getting text messages from people who -- -- -- on the wrong so late going the wrong side of the river or wherever you know the wrong side of Baton -- the wrong side of a war. And they could not get where they were -- So. You know they put sand down and about -- with its and it doesn't melt ice now. It just makes it greedy eyes so oh there is that that will see will get more information from mark -- up in just a moment. How we did not get a chance on Friday because we are to preoccupied with the -- talk about the box office. But I know that you would have predicted. Then Kevin Hart and ice cube -- and again. I'll -- that one spot ride along -- and did not happen yes and it's when he one point two million dollars in the second weekend I went to see it. With one of my sons and my wife on Sunday morning okay good of those morning shows already done. I was very few people there the prices lower no lines the concession and anyway I really enjoyed it. Kevin Hart is. Really the Eddie Murphy this generation. He is that. Money well hopefully he doesn't soften it seemed ages like Eddie Murphy did but he is really funny with ice cube in them movie it was -- cutting edge comedy Iraq. There was no big new challenges and I Frankenstein which flocked. Two in just eight point three million dollars -- loan survivor comes in number two. In its fifth week I'm still looking forward to seeing not 1 -- -- my morning shot yeah there was enough job. Which brought in twelve point three million dollars in its second week that the animated squirrel common. I'm that he says that now we got that out of the way they get back to the serious stuff and the fact that. We've had nasty nasty weather coming and we got the Nagin trial starting today or as well we are -- to some last second surprise some kind of plea by a the ex mayor despite looking like all the cards are stacked against him and every every analysts saying they don't see how the defense -- Overcome this mountain of evidence and all of these people -- gonna testify against him. He will start today so will talk more about that -- to back in here with more news in less than twenty minutes Christmas out. Chicken and conditions and -- with planned for this nasty weather coming. Here I don't read our AM FM and -- like it is. They're relatively hot today but definitely cold. From a -- and Wednesdays -- live in directing the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a -- morning. -- -- meteorologist Laura but now. Tia yeah well especially today. Oh yeah exactly why is that while he had a little -- a little long and act like pert near sixty degrees. He ate -- morning 59 yet New Orleans right now how about that that's actually pretty nice yeah. You know it's done by Katie Perry did you watch what you pick last that you watched grammys or the rubble or the pelicans are none of the. None of the above I did see the opening active by the grammys I'd have to get that. You know I just what the red carpet. Give us a little bit about he's not kidding here he's dressings with interest in using it is horrible well -- and become and I took my favorite insisted that it was coming. I did -- wasn't. Figure flattering and it wasn't pretty it wasn't any commitment not a fashion he does want it yanked it actually ended up on some people's on the best dressed of the night I don't hate you -- are weird because he. Tight -- across the top and it's huge -- her musical you know what they've made -- musical funny that threw me off about -- a little -- that Katy Perry thinks it whereas you know candy and stuff which seats that as a unit volumes for trying to figure flat flat -- fun yeah anyway -- not at night. Fashion. -- are important anyone or for any thing what is important is we do have rained today and then it gets really cold tomorrow. Yeah we do we have some showers out there -- continue kind of off and on through Vietnam date early afternoon -- actually news through kind of later this afternoon. At a high to it they tried that little bit later today it gets cold tonight lows will be dropping its bid lower Perry's right around freezing. -- a problem happens tomorrow because we have moisture coming back again from the gulf. That's going to collide with these freezing Temps and we're looking at all modes of what you rather -- anywhere from freezing rain and sleet to some ice and even some snow possible spots tomorrow night what time. You anticipate will start seeing you know it'll -- in the morning kind of northwest at the lake it'll start you know as the official winter weather watch goes into effect at 6 AM doubles start at northwest of the -- first. And they kind of start looking -- so you know throughout the day it's can it progressively get worse by the evening time. I'm expecting it to be a bit of a mess we're talking you know road closures and breaks closers probably by two more keeping definitely tomorrow night and into Wednesday morning. If we could definitely have a situation where you can get to work or cry wolf tomorrow morning problem but you may not be able to get home in an afternoon here's what I think TO you know I think with what happened on Friday which you know there were accident then and there -- spots that. Why haven't closed and reopened -- I think you know this is just my speculation I think they may just -- at safety kind of shut everything down at everything it's been like all roads the bridges and overpasses. They may just go ahead and say you know for safety sake we wanna close as -- that equipment a major pileup on the Crescent City connection late Friday night it -- So I acting out of an abundance of caution you are gonna start seeing some -- getting shut down tomorrow so it may just be more difficult to get home. For some argue it maybe you know an issue where is he can't get help so. So maybe maybe the best advice and I'm sure a lot of businesses and trials and having a make decisions is a way yes but the best advice maybe if you don't have. Have to go summer tomorrow morning yeah may want to stay put -- -- -- -- get back in the afternoon are you. And it's just you know it's gonna be kind of dangerous on those routes to you know trying to get prime maneuver around -- and yet they take you a lot longer to get somewhere -- -- -- -- secondary roads and highways and stuff like that that just. They have some patients tomorrow if it's gonna be kind of a -- to march -- evening. But it does that kind of warmup. By Thursday and were back in the seventies by the week to Wednesday also looking and especially in the morning hat in the morning or evening I had about a jealous people roads and bridges closed until we get above freezing and I have the high -- when -- only about 38 were talking. After dean before -- may start reopening again. But speculation no official port from state police are -- -- -- like that but this is based on what happened Friday you know items Saturday morning. Stuff was close in that -- still for a while you know. Saturday at prom was no matter what they did big get rid of the ice more rain kept falling right reasoning right so as long as it's below freezing and that rain keeps coming. Or sleet or freezing rain or snow or whatever. Yes Tuesday and Wednesday pretty much off limits to move around at least safely Thursday things get better that it does it matter. Well you'll keep us posted -- -- moment -- I appreciate all of your assistance by the way the Super Bowl yeah. They're calling it a super Boston New York. Hotels are actually dropping their prices back down to normal. Because no one's come. People don't -- know if it's going to be snow in publicity and miserable you know what I mean -- on the original apple. All accounts can't sell the rooms and are clearly upset. And I guess that's good for us maybe they won't do many future super balls especially outdoors in a -- -- right act guessed it -- -- -- break on that. And maybe use it for new world Huntsman. There even briefly talk about moving this to both Saturday get the bad weather expected Sunday -- -- -- is pretty much think Dallara that I. And he Iran will talk to you -- in our -- now back with the forecast in just a few minutes once again here on WW well AM moment that stood out about why men are so bad at remembering things but I forgot to do that with David -- don't do it coming up. And that's actually true and it's not put -- -- actually forgot. The report -- men for getting things. Guess it was just illustrating the point one that. Sports and -- forecast coming -- he gave challenger -- -- WW wealth is interesting text messages from people who are saying they have. Have to go somewhere they can't stay put. What are you gonna do you folks are you planning on staying home Tuesday and Wednesday because as it's the way it's turning out right now. We may see a lot of bridges and overpasses elevated roadways throughout the New Orleans metropolitan area shut down closed -- go somewhere Tuesday morning you get home Tuesday afternoon. You -- get home till Wednesday -- Afternoon if then. Lot of people wondering well they do something about this now as long as the rain and sleet in whatever it is keeps falling all the sand in the world -- gonna keep it from freezing men have to have massive loads of salt that just. -- But -- vehicles not treated to protect against that you know things don't blow air up your undercarriage and even the body -- vehicle. Turn it up was Anthony Davis and the team a six run the pro ball -- definitely they want to put all that in Lawrence. Sports we say good morning Yukio. Good morning everybody and happy Monday it was defense that wolf today the Pro Bowl as team rice beat team Sanders 2221. The game featured six interceptions and turnovers and nine sack. Tax saints quarterback Drew Brees was picked off once but did throw a touchdown to a familiar face and -- The -- sound courtesy of NBC sports Jimmy Graham finished today with five catches for 51 yards and that score. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have touched down in New Jersey for Sunday's Super Bowl in MetLife stadium. Broncos coach John Fox told reporters that place kicker Matt Prater will be fine for the game. Prater missed practice all week with the flu. Tampa Bay Buccaneers executive Dennis Hickey has been hired as general manager of the Miami Dolphins. He he had been with the bucks for eighteen seasons including the past three is director of player personnel he was the director of college scouting for six seasons. Attention NBA all star committee Anthony Davis needs to be apart of this year's game. There's of the -- can play right. Our big baby you'll want to the basketball -- approach to the -- Does what it's. The new Davis put up 22 points and a career high nineteen rebounds along with seven blocks to lead the pelicans to their second straight victory by beating the Orlando Magic 192. Today at four -- the second game show from the silver slipper casino. What did you think of this year's Pro Bowl plus will look ahead to the Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seahawks I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look it's. Warts -- Vegas oddsmakers are really something you know that they get paid to do what they do you and that's when they're very good at it died team rice in the pro ball was favored depending on which -- you went. By 11 and a half or two points. And most casinos -- one and a half. And they won by one point. How could they do with. These guys who have never played together right war that they pick the teams that wasn't AFC president of Selig it's been historically. But the Vegas oddsmakers oddsmakers nailed it the final score 21. To 22 in favorite team right the team and I talk about it with a lot of the guys around here and it's one of the reasons I just. Don't think that is just amazing how spot on they can be and what got very few times -- completely with the way off well by the way. There after. Opening at one and. Half that. The Denver Broncos and two and a half point as president because. Industry. That's the tough bet for me because just the Seattle Seahawks defense been so -- you gotta worry about. Hey -- and at all since I've been going back and forth about which team I think that it takes a game that we won't make you take it to fly into and right and I have time they -- Vegas two and a half for them. I'm Dave Carney Steve Gallo tucked in fifteen minutes more sports games back right after this with a white man forget everything and if I remember the played report. And we'll get your forecast once again for some very bad nasty winter weather moving in tomorrow. Spain and sixties today snow sleet ice and freezing tomorrow. Or your Monday mainly cloudy skies and some rain chances around today 40% beginning this morning and continuing through the actor and it will be a bit milder though highs around 61 today now the front arrives tonight. And that's when temperatures will start to drop thirty on the North Shore and 32 south Italy. In the precept begins again tomorrow we're looking at a 70% chance for rain ice sleet and even some snow. As tense Tuesday sit around 35. Wednesday morning the precipitation comes to an end but they're still could be some ice around look for highs on Wednesday at 38. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm into -- just Clark walked out six. One -- 59 and rain at the airport 59 and rein in Slidell it's cloudy and 61. In Belle chase I'm Dave Conte and he's -- -- -- BNY Mets can't remember any tax. And find your -- can't find your glasses. Chances are your men women have known for years that men are more forgetful and others as scientific study to back it up researchers at the Norwegian university of science and technology so even they were surprised by how much more forgettable men are when compared to women. And it doesn't matter if there -- thirty years older sixty. There's search which part of a much more wide ranging health study one of the largest ever conducted. The only area where women seemed to have more memory trouble was when dealing with names and dates Jim Shannon BC BS and. Nine and out -- and he doesn't it again. Tommy Tucker and for the next four hours of fun much again. We have limited -- little letter that we'll talk about the grammys and we began and local news that we'll talk about Justin Bieber does he need to. A big con -- swift kick in the ours. Obviously in Britain it. We'll talk about. Catholic schools and it changes they're gonna make and we talked to the superintendent we'll talk about the plans for tomorrow. As a lot of schools -- the people have to make a decision right now exactly -- -- -- to try to stay home a mile and -- people can connect. I mean -- news talk and sports leader.

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