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1-27 6:15am Tommy, the Grammy's

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Stephen Klein, the owner of Stephen Klein Management, about the Grammy's and the local music scene

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Grammy Awards last night this is toward the front seat on me. He. Did an artist without. Song and had no earthly idea because I watched the problem. Until Drew Brees got knocked down like. Lord one song of the year -- guess -- -- is inclined it was a friend of ours for a long time. -- -- She -- in this contest and Browner Obama's daughters who who it is and sometimes they get the artisans like always guess that sometimes right sometimes. It is on the -- yeah him. I didn't mine's owner Stephen -- management and again a friend of Islam. Time is gonna hear is going to be -- talk about the grammys and a list view is pop music getting better or worse. What's your music and classic rock panic guys plus steal personal local museum who's your favorite artist or band. -- was that we welcome in Stephen Klein good morning good morning glory that banks taking the time tell me about the at the grammys last night and I guess showed the artists that was there the performances I did see Paul McCartney's only saw. Was Paul McCartney and the presentation was Paul McCartney oh and -- guided drop and it -- it up. The special guests did it seem like yes exactly what it was like -- -- like I'm planning your wedding a couple of down beats them out and out what was it just me I didn't even recognize the song played as a new song I think -- Saint Paul McCartney and I found it. Funny that they would cut the crowd shots their but it was an analogue. And -- now -- -- especially at the right that's nice considering you know we've never heard this for awaited -- don't know what could make it look like -- -- get well you know -- have a couple The Beatles there's nothing better than here in the new stuff yeah exactly that's what you wanna hear but there is I'm here in The Beatles tribute coming up or something on February. On the night the -- -- as they will play -- the the other get. Achievement award -- -- thought I had is that maybe they thought it would be disrespectful without George and champion I don't know but apparently not -- -- play. Tell me who won last night with a big surprise zoo we're the disappointments. Well. You know it all depends on how you look at it there's a lot of people that love the show last night is -- a lot of people that thought it was absolutely awful mean seems to me they got to wait. A lot from the music there was more smoke and lights and theatrics than than I've seen in years past. To -- Iowa because Iowa scenes dictate every year every four years what's popular what's not these. These small group of people in Iowa what do they think the you know what. Department the small secret committee heard about the caucuses in Ireland they claim that determine who the next president is so yes that. No and it's fun we'll talk about that second is there is actually a small committee after everybody votes that make sure nothing goes right you know so there's no. And Harlem shuffle that went against -- and Atlanta and it's not that's not currently signed to a big record label ever since you let the dogs out -- really actually did put a a committee together and make me turn up and -- in the season. Tom Barrasso in terms of the artists that Edward nominated and at one do you think lord was the best -- Orders note that was the best song of the year probably so who who would money is issues. -- now I know nothing about this at all absolutely nothing. I actually brought -- watch the Pro Bowl and I came up on the comedy side radio not the music side so I'm sorry I wish -- Italian -- Steven -- here he's gonna. When we come back ran through the winners talk about Louisiana music which did not have a great night last night and take your calls about the grammys as well 260187. -- toll free 866. 8890870. And is cut is pop music getting better. Or worse -- -- guess depends on how old you are and what you're tastes are Bennett like to hear from six when he won the title at a traffic. We go to Terrell Robinson height six when he five Tommy tiger that's yet what he's draft pong -- foot. -- would. Punitive. Assault. Death on new hot brand absolutely one of these guys that weird there we like Bob Hope when he used introduce these. These didn't like bands that he had no idea they aren't -- Let him and accurately like fish and a -- and there was -- so tell me. I guess will be looked up and tells programs. Well there you know there were no big surprises as far as winners or losers are concerned that you have a four major awards. Yeah it's really funny immigrant first started they were the first twelve categories and others over -- you know so. But when you look at record of the year album of the year song of the year best new order says the ones that people look at that usually awards that. That are game changer in your career in the and and your income. You wanna run through room who won one -- well you were disarmament Daft Punk they won record of the year. They also won album of the year -- it's huge and it's just absolutely gigantic. Song of the year are we talked about is -- disarm royals. And and our best new artist says Mac more and Ryan -- It's news guy at the Seattle game that I think raised the twelfth man flag at some point did not saints game I'd. Have no idea and no one's Jordan when it didn't -- more -- the twelfth man flag at the Seattle game for the saints and thinks and we keep on well. Liked them. Anything that you think how can stalemate. Well and at the Louisiana embarrassed themselves. Bears -- -- we you know. I hate to say this your phone's gonna light up like a Christmas tree. Are a little bit body puzzle bit embarrassed for Ringo Starr and he's considered a god when it comes to drummers and it's just just at an embarrassing before and you know -- bothered me. -- the other thing about Ringo that he wasn't much of a drama according to drummer as a means of Beatles and well. There was always a -- a joke where somebody asked Paul McCartney is it you know is it is restore the best drummer in the world in palm court -- is an item in the best drummer in the vehicles wow. Obvious silliness about pink. No pink Regis that's -- and yeah -- I think -- forehead again it goes to show how the how the grammys have changed over the years I was shortages gotten up there and song with the band she was said she was swinging around smoke was everywhere it's just like -- -- has become more about theatrics and has the actual performance. All right anything else that we should know about. Well Louisiana had thirteen nominations this year but only one winner. Terrance Simien one best regional roots album. So there's little disappointed to read like -- said there's thirteen different I'm Louise in artists that were nominated women had one winner this year that's okay. I see some facts suggest here pretty interesting Rod Stewart never won a Grammy needed it queens Jackson 5 Beach Boys Led Zeppelin. -- everyone's lifetime achievement award 25 years after they broke up Jimi Hendrix Bob Marley Elvis won a Grammy in the gospel category you too. They won the most commenting. YouTube has won 22 most of the band individual artists together ones -- one the most. Stevie Wonder yet 28 of them. Michael Jackson won eight grammys in one night in 1983. Out of twelve he was nominated twelve times that I was most nominations ever by a single artist and he won eight which is this winter and coincidentally is Grammy was any audiences. Most nominations and one night -- twelve and most nominations ever Quincy Jones with 79 he has. One when he threw if you but it Quincy -- guy produced Frank Sinatra when he is in the sixties and he's amazed he really is and. -- or some other -- on this list I mean Diana Ross has never won as a solo artist or as supreme and so in his. It it if it goes on and on. I still before relate to go any other any other notes from the grammys that you would like to make known any mistakes and gaffes. Now our patents in the gaps of -- it was just you know. If you know how that how they're voted apartment is really hard for there -- be a mistake. You know there's thirteen thousand voting members in and -- and they can vote for whoever they want and nominate whoever they want the top five goes on to the second round. We're to talk about local music when we come back and Jerry involved in the local music industry 630. Time for Debbie WL first news and of course were much is all of this. Get ready -- I think in -- Should school and nonessential -- students are nonessential employees be off tomorrow. Right now here's David Blake got a W -- -- -- I Davidson just to get. Time -- on this weather because now a lot of people have been thinking about it and talking about it since Saturday and you know people who have kids in school. The idea of them go in there and and -- get home the afternoon pretty disturbing thing and if they're awful day then that can upset the schedule because they have to figure out what to do with -- and so. The timing on all of this begins win tomorrow morning. Such a -- -- -- actually tonight temperatures plunge. Bogut down under and around freezing on the North Shore and in darn close to it here. In the city and then. The with the precipitation. Possible snow and ice and mangalore is talking about the second half of the day so for noon on into the afternoon tomorrow. And the looks like Wednesday morning madness that's not going to be good not good. The temperature GAAP net precipitation and any guys that was there would still be cured. Will continue to follow up on this Stephen -- guests -- about the grammys last night and -- honesty I'm not a big music cunning guy like a lot of sports like. Talk radio I listen to any -- and only timing here. Alike current music is on my daughters in the cars and and then sometimes -- conversations going on on a really pay a lot of attention that is being honest but. If yell -- any questions. Or -- comments about the grammys Stephen Klein is in we'd -- -- -- vehicles if you wanna help me out at 2601870. Toll free 866889087. In text comes in though she was hot beyoncé looked like a tramp. -- -- -- Each. Their correct she was hot and yes she looked like trying to which you look at it. Silica they had a lot of comments throughout the nightmare about a -- -- who isn't seeing the thing it was LO who object of and what about Kanye had a -- Was there yet he you know he could find didn't run away with awards that he defied. Any Miley Cyrus moments that are gonna have been be run over and over again on TV you know I'll watch the I watched the entire three hours plus and -- nothing stands out. And so how was the Pro -- -- It was okay they get a -- throw shots. And I son Drew Brees get knocked down twice early on and thought you know -- had enough like I ended your season is that he brought his two guards Whitney. You know I'd have to -- look at tape to see if -- was -- guards that opened up the holes and again came around and tackles I don't know how it will look at the -- I find it interesting that he brought both guards Lehman is still running for his life that say something about -- -- and perhaps the offseason that they need to address. Let's talk about local music and local bands because and you're very involved and it's. Sure sure well again we -- world well represented. When you look at who was nominated. We had artists from Louisiana on Rihanna is album. Hunter Hayes from Louisiana was. Some I was a Boomtown that kid. If for a concert and we shrimp eight or something I don't know what it was years ago right. And he was. Like five years old was an accordion yeah it's kind of like Amanda Shaw and here's a guy here Jim -- that said this kid's gonna be a star watch in -- needs to -- -- -- and every time -- seen in the hallway he reminds me of that. -- -- -- -- But I -- 100 days -- in a kind of stole the show last -- any sort of -- that was just out of this world really should always phenomenal -- he won any awards he did not win and he did not when he was up for best country solo performance and -- with the -- -- I -- I I want crazy and it it did not win should've -- did. And while that's not grammatically correct that might have. Her in bloated thing. 8642 when we come back we'll talk about local bands like you know it is the paper steamboat IV those just getting. Now some -- -- do look contracts top -- is still around though believe it or not. And it robs a big guy you know that you don't realize -- -- standing some -- Easton and Aaron is drums and you think -- an average guy in the stands out like 69. Big tall guy out we'll take a break come back talk about what's your favorite local band and answer the question that is kind man. Via text what is the difference between album and record of the year. Is even final answer that as well as any other Grammy. Comments you never questions. No louis' Chris Kristofferson look like you forgot that chords and he's playing the guitar. How would you know -- a slash WW well. Woods won it it would it would it. Would tablet. -- I heard it was a great -- yeah. I know this interest in grammys contact Stephen Klein says here Bill Clinton Mikhail Gorbachev and Sophia Lauren. Which sounds like the set up to a really corny joke. They'll locked in a bar right -- but these three very famous people's shared a Grammy for best spoken word last night. -- 20034. Peter and the wolf. And -- and Bill Clinton played the world. And he did yes so tell me about. The bad they're pursuing album of the year and song of the year. Well I think what you're caller was asked about was record what's -- between record year what's the diversity. Between song of the year but they actually -- album of the year so start the actual question what's the between record of the year in the directory album of the year -- record is obviously just once saw -- single right correct where album is accomplished. -- uninteresting as a column records and an ID column records they still they still live there hung up on -- a guess a moment ago way. -- when it comes to local bands or first that text about the grammys -- as Ozzy Osborne couldn't even speak had to be on something that. What does his deal did did he -- burn himself out on drugs because its abilities they have on TV which they cleverly named the Osborne's. Arm he did haven't seemed like you had a hard time speaking and then. Will last night honest to god I had no idea what he set. And neither did the two other guys up there with and they were just -- they had no idea what do -- so what what is his problem -- burn himself out on drugs or did he hit his head you know I hate to be the one that says that but I mean you -- one would think. While mom -- no local bands and -- are coming in here Contra flow -- tied to the best local bands to you is pretty good is a category. 66 and and not bad at all. I've seen them another one says favorite local artisan Marc Broussard super charger best local bands so. Tell me do who what do you think in terms of local acts and and people do billions of people enjoyed. Well first of all. They're missing a lot of cover bands so -- that that'd be a little bit difficult to tie into the same conversation as the grammys. But I know you're a Latin local music soon and and I think when people go to C local and winning -- -- the new stuff that they. When you play the hits and cover the songs they like to dance too well. So how is the probable so I'm serious about whip them into different and. Just express and -- and there's a hard and we have so many good local bands here in New Orleans and nothing against government we have some of the best government in the country. I mean one of the few markets I know of that that that cover band can sell out of born you don't see that anywhere else. But some of the local bands on you know with with with with outflow tribe which is a -- I've been working with that -- -- -- -- on the verge of breaking big they're just there you know they they packed it out on on on Saturday night on Friday night. But don't you think that at least that I don't -- that I think that if your local band to cover band and you get to the point. You know let's face it you're you're probably not you start in the garage -- friends and and sometimes don't even have music for the stuff they just hear this song on -- -- our planet. I think that if you can get to the point is a local bandit that's you're lifting that you don't have to. -- -- -- you can program computers during the day you don't have to. Do whatever else it is during the day to play music at night if you get to the point where that's your livelihood. I think your success. -- I absolutely -- there's a ton of fans in New Orleans that that's what they do for a living and you were talking about -- Cover bands that top cats have done a great job of making a living out of about the Molly ring lost she -- baggage doughnut and we have -- we have. Great musicians -- New Orleans and making a living doing and but channel search absolutely there's that there's -- as good as he gets. Com the only thing I do know is that there's a local group and and I am not gonna mention any names is I don't embarrass anybody but they did just about. They had gotten the point where they can make a living and it. Were really making some noise locally. And now a fee -- gotten way it would pale broke -- -- recover man or run. Equitable manner and we didn't know the names now -- -- I don't embarrass anybody on the -- but this always has me scratching my -- -- that he has gotten way in and they split up I don't know I don't know I think it -- yes I'm really -- but everybody sort of -- -- it because they have -- a lot of success that they -- -- star. And he's -- to me who I'm not gonna tell the year on his hands on the. I mean obviously there's more than one there's -- -- that happens all the time. Utah. Notes. I asked financing unit before we take tonight. I would just arm it was a funnier thing next year you're gonna see a lot more Louisiana artisan grammys an -- come out with a lot more winners and we did this year it's of the nominees why do you think. Louisiana didn't do so well because the competition was just absolutely -- and you look at hunter Hayes who he's up against Jason out dean in. And I am I mean they're not just up against other we. They're not just up against other Louisiana or it's Europe against national arts. I only go to JG real quick and Graceland got a favorite local man AJ -- -- -- -- no current or historical -- hours -- -- -- You know gentlemen. I would. -- Record when he woke. Up or covered -- been pretty. Agree or you're up order. Local -- Carbon in that Borough school program about what you're Democrat or what about. Leon I'm glad you said that -- because my daughter went with a group of France's season kids and I still our member of the band but they had a great time so I guess. Herself when you say top forty you might be talking about top forty over years and years and years and a lot of different songs and Stephen Klein. We'll I hate that phone call and on number one is. Believe me I know there's a lot of bands of their -- original music I've made of living office bands playing original music. So I support that a 100% so please don't take that context what I was saying. Is that there are a lot of cover band in the war -- that can make a living doing that and there's nothing wrong with that -- -- but I totally agree with you there are a lot of fans here -- Norman that -- original music in the Air France passed. Corey. -- work -- -- -- and saying JG is it. They look you know work in and you nice to be involved and it's a little bit new look and get booked regularly and packed the place which is all about selling drinks. Chances are they know what the comfort and -- alleged culprits -- taken time. Have a good week guide Steven Klein thank you run in late you.