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1-27 7:15am Tommy, changes to Archdiocesan schools

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jan Lancaster, the Supt. of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, about coming changes to the schools and preparations for the bad weather moving in

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we invited factored in Lancaster superintendent of Catholic schools from the archdiocese of New Orleans on to talk about the changes. That are coming -- Catholic school. System but first doctor Lancaster good morning thanks to good morning thank you -- since the -- approaching we thought we'd ask before we get in of the changes. In terms of weather cancellation of school kids in the school -- immediately get home parents not being able again I'm. I'm sure you've been just bombarded with emails from parents wanting to know or even principles so. Have you decided or when it -- side about schools in the weather and tomorrow. Well what I emergency procedures we ask our schools to follow this simple -- directives. The -- -- as access to the it's an agency that could but the situation is so if the double -- closes our schools closed accordingly. Schools and Jefferson Parish you wait to see what. John Young Jefferson and the emergency operations person says anything New Orleans parish you weigh in on mayor Landrieu and went and -- needs it and -- so. You really get an owners -- because parents you know after you well -- have to make arrangements. If the child is is not going to school or maybe they're concerned about. Pick him up if they do goes so just keep listening I guess in debit WL here will letters everybody knows and as you Telus. Right in the exactly be you know I appreciate -- -- it is the year also in Orleans -- we -- the directive that their recovery school district. And so parents can listen to the news and right when this -- -- closes saying you know that and their school booklets as well. I doctor Lancaster thank you for that I want to get that out of the way because nobody was gonna hear any thing but -- Yet a -- and I'm saying other than ask about the weather ask about the way so glad to write what you take a break when we come back we'll talk about the changes that are common to. To Catholic schools how many will be effected what happens as students and from what the timeframe and all of this and what led to the decision and for the audience -- like Dan Escude generally speaking do you think. That elementary school should be kindergarten through eighth grade is it better to have. A high school from I guess eight now until being a senior and overall is it better to have years -- same school from first through twelfth grade. We think it's better to experience something else more -- that will come back seven to money now let's look at -- It's Carol Roberts hi Tommy Tucker with you this morning and if you if you've. Have a child in Catholic schools are involved at all you know the big changes are common. And doctor Lancaster I know that your time is is limited -- -- got a lot to do so if you could briefly tell us what exactly is gonna change and why the decision. To make those changes. Well basically we have been looking at this. Since 2009. We have Catholic university to come in and look at our family our fiscal and make it sound. Recommendation two and one of the recommendations. That they felt was very important based on the days that they had is that in order for. To continue to provide the best in Catholic formation academics. We Pakistan. The great level structure. So once again we know. Having external people come in and look at what we need to do it was a good thing but when Marlon. So we took enough years to look at it herself. And I've had many conversations. With with people over the last several years. The administrators have been involved in this clergy has been involved going to several collapse meeting board meetings. Anyone that would listen we would talk about this because it's so very important Catholic education. He has been such a strong. Family at school in the archdiocese almost 300 years. And we've consistently offer at the very best as a setting Catholic formation and academics. We have to look towards the future and with this plan. It's staple -- the schools to plant the curriculum initiatives. There's also a financial consideration I would think because if year an elementary school when you're losing eighth grade -- that's going to be. Less to wishing coming in on amount of the costs are going to be. Decreased by that much of your high school with a middle school a holy cross something enough for example he built that big huge school in -- what happens. To a school like that in terms of you know I am I gonna have the middle school tuition coming in and in terms of high schools that have to expand and now at a ninth grade are all the high schools at the an -- to do they include an an eighth grade now and com explain all of that to -- doctor if you well. Okay all of her high school right now have an eighth grade except one Pope John Paul and slide down -- American anti eighth grade. Throughout this study Catholic university alum. -- -- course of several years we had so much data. The one at one of the most interesting things I think is that right now. The recount -- -- eighth grade students are in the high school 700 are presently in the elementary schools. So in looking at this and also in the surveys and all of this available on our web site we habitat that has strategic -- and you can click on that. And you see all of the information. The recommendations from Catholic university is well. The action plan and put out by the office of Catholic school after -- -- another year to look at everything inhabit a lot of conversations. But as far as art school in all of that date that we didn't capacities -- -- can make shall it high school. Could actually handle the influx of students coming in from the eighth grade. And and the other thing we did what we look at the financial piece of it and I mean your view right. It's going to be difficult for the transition over the first few years but once this transition is in place. Dance schools will be stable. And ultimately that schools will be say stabilize animal will then be able to serve. The students and and offered at strong capital formation in that it very strong academics. And and a -- these are archdiocesan schools not -- -- holy cross where they they built the big campus with a middle school and I don't know if they knew it is common or not they. You look at com Ers line for example and saying on -- -- weighs in on his middle schoolers on you know from pre K moment me but it your girl every day. All the way to twelfth grade our school's going to be effective that'll. Well. To all the meeting that would -- one saint but I have to say is that our administrators. Really understand what -- What we want to accomplish two it means if you read this should teach it plant different recommendations and input and discussion. And shall we work closely with all of our schools to make -- go smoothly as possible that this is going to be difficult. This is gonna be difficult but at the same time and working with schools to come up with a plan that's viable. It it's amazing collaboration or getting anywhere schools are currently working together because again. Family schools I mean what it once difficult and and we. We want to be the very best that we can be and when one school makes such a decision to do something it does affect the other school. So if for example when you have a I guess really holy cross the only thing they would lose in this model one would really lose the eighth grade because. They. Lay down on the you don't in the specifics all across and just think anyone -- eighth grade because then that would just be made into a high school ranked. Well let me let me explain. What the -- sent a planned suggested and you can get in new directive came last week. That our schools. Would be today -- seventh. And then eight to. That would be the structure. And with that recommendation that schools well. So with that being said we're looking at this structure and now between now and April schools for the currently ninth in the structure has the opportunity. To put together a plan and then. Talk about how that's gonna affect other schools but at the same time are allowed them to be the strongest school they can possibly be -- well because. School whether it's holy cross where they did all the schools that you names and it can't stand the eighth grades that are taking them make -- sacrifice here as well. Every school is so very important to our family school. And it terms of -- before really to go Christian Brothers -- only -- grades 56 and seven so what happens to them. Well once again more connected details between now in an April putt but all of the schools -- and talking to. Have expressed that it's so very important that there are part of the family school and once again all of these administrators. Has been very involved in the conversation as well as the clarity and and the parents and the portent and I want to get I -- -- -- I've said this before. Going through this parents deserve an explanation. That's why I invite them to go to our web site and look at the strategic plan and read through that. I also invite them to call me parent has been calling meet with the having conversations. And -- competitions quite Landry because because through the whole process. But at the same time. Well we get finished with congress patient. They have a better understanding. Of that this is something that we've been discussing. Three years and this is something between -- forward usually parent as we continue to offer the very best we can and Catholic education. And strong Catholic formation in bed with academics that we have had done two years and will continue to do you thank you doctor appreciate your time. Thank you have a great candidate.