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WWL>Topics>>1-27 8:10am Tommy talks to JP President John Young

1-27 8:10am Tommy talks to JP President John Young

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish Pres. John Young, about the inclement weather moving into the area tomorrow

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We will continue our conversation about Catholic schools also about just in beaver and is this -- need a big -- -- swift kick in the backside that. It's -- storm might start 6 AM tomorrow runs until 6 AM Wednesday in this I don't know whether bureau now. Snow accumulations could be around two inches ice accumulations could be a quarter inch or more. That's a black ice ice could form on the roads and bridges -- for a very difficult driving conditions and I don't care if it's a hurricane I don't care if it's just one of these thunderstorms again produced. Flooding in the streets but or an ice -- the world concerned with either kids or. Our loved ones they goes somewhere and they can't get back -- so John Young joins us right now friend of ours president Jefferson Parish it's always there when we need in good morning senator. It is smaller well warm right now Jonbenet guess that's got to change. Can tell me about tomorrow and plans for Jefferson Parish employees schools. Etc. Well right now I mean we've been continuing to monsters. We cannot or merge operations department and on top of it. Public works department is prepared. Taken the precautions we have sand trucks and barricades. Lined up. In case of road closures. Also Lou -- coordinating with Delhi Indian treaty. In terms of any closures were schooled -- all we have. Eleven conference go to National Weather Service at 8:30 AM coordinate which. -- my emergency operations. Director and with the Mercer management department. As well as you know obviously it's because the counseled in the in the school system. Outspoken look at restaurant which led them anywhere well just taken wage right now but certainly as as we get additional inflammation -- -- today. Certainly around and make decisions to it we feel is in the best interest of -- and. -- season around noon -- have a decent. It at all. We have we have monitored Q what it looks like around noon it's certainly based upon additional operational Webster street certainly. Well we would like to tell everybody right now certainly you know obviously you haven't -- types already do that should protect Japan and plants in thatched. Certainly Tommy were also talking Entergy and that missed certainly respect in fact two other conditions developed or -- right now. Could reach and -- could be some power -- and so to answer that. And again we're going to be talking with -- unanimous in that regard as well with the goes as well Indian treaty and certainly. The the Paris -- in the -- to -- according make sure. You know we protect our citizens and certainly we don't want to have a situation where. In what we're looking -- -- where people couple accuses schools and that they can't get too so we want one particular consideration as well that's what we're going to be much and at this morning in action and making some decisions. Early this afternoon. It's in text and comments they would bridges be closed you know Hugh EP year. It on well it depends on the conditions either. And it depends on the conditions but I mean obviously to conditions. Worse and they won't try and you can you can pretty much count on the fact that because -- -- probably going to be closed. You know due to longer -- those close it in a minute torched on Friday so right now again stressed -- much. We're we're on top of it has no reason to panic. But certainly -- top people make preparations but based on the forecast. Toward re hearing isn't going to be a little. Less ideal and worst and it was trying to so obvious respect you that you had in the consideration. Yeah you know what you're getting into when you ran for office but at this -- and on admire you all because you know you lose either side are you -- you decide depending on how you look at it parents that. Who want their kids to go to school because they had to make alternative arrangements are gonna scream if you cancels school and there's no reason Gordon and the parents that need to get the kids there pick him up. If you don't cancel school and all of a sudden you know good theories that are. Right that's not a particular measured approach. And we're we're we're -- we're not gonna. Overreact it's certainly wouldn't let -- take it seriously look at it and continue to monitor the weather situation you know. Sometimes at least -- -- you know that can change -- certainly. We're on top of it or when everybody at work today and certainly yeah will will be issuing releases as appropriate in -- Thank you general have that for years and -- audio -- conference --

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