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1-27 8:15am Tommy, troubled youth

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Bobby Laird, UNO Professor of Psychology, about Justin Biebers struggles and parenting tips

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-- move on now word to Justin Bieber you know knows the trouble he got an idea whether it was race and on some video was released it was going sixty in a thirty mile an hour zone which. You know because it's him might be newsworthy but. If I had a dime for everybody that that did at least fifteen on MI Streep would supposedly a fifteen mile an hour limit. I think NB a rich guy but he has had some scrapes with the law before and as they go through -- pretty minor but. Yeah it would indicate a kind there arrogant guy in -- questions of the audience. You think Justin Bieber needs a big hug -- A swift kick in the pants and if he was -- -- straight -- out in which government you -- to be in show business. And be famous actor Bobby layered you know professor of psychology joins us right now morning doctor. So what do you think when you when you see behavior like this somebody that's famous acting out -- Headed for trouble or -- or just maybe got an -- is -- to being. I think is telling what the solutions that are real humans to do what -- -- -- -- a special circumstance. And corrupted. Justin Bieber wrote to me people like that are totally. I'm on a third linemen. It probably also doesn't have a lot of normal teenage friends hang out western if he's in a different place. Let's say is -- ridiculous and -- on TV. And a guy that hosts the shield built him a little car whatever and -- -- showed it on replay of the beavers drive and any pulls out in front of an eighteen Wheeler. And but for the grace of Goddard traffic lights and every Oleg added they'd both been dead -- It seems as though he needs some kind of some -- discipline some kind of reaction or reality gut checks and he knows. What exactly the real world is like is a bulletproof but. When it comes to parents and and the -- their kids in show business and on and -- there's never been any studies done on this with empirical data that. You know I always think about kids that are either the dynamic changes because suddenly the parents are depending on them the support. Or maybe you get kids that are acting and they don't even know who they are yeah added ten and twelve and fifteen an Elvis on their -- to be. Somebody else -- has there ever been any research to show their kids grown opened in show business can be normal and if so Heidi keep them that way. Now -- unwritten -- specifically focusing on to open. We do -- That that being out of city and different phases of your life can be challenging certainty -- our present plan out. In some respects. A lot more power maybe over their parents then a mobile network. And so that makes it difficult for their current certain kind of supplement and I'm also sure action which pocket and just took it very. So when it comes is somebody that apparently is -- authority. Nobody's -- and no busy need. A big undertaken a rear Enders something in between. Some combination through some torque -- You know being told that -- you know what -- meant that we care about future. That's in the most our diplomats and. Some may be hugging from the back in taking -- you do want it. Sure. They -- I appreciate your time have a great day.

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