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1-27 9:10am Tommy, La. budget

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to C.B. Forgotston about Governor Jindal's proposed state bduget

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know we talked to a friend CB for got in the line attorney and now watchdog when it comes Louisiana government morning serenade on. Yeah out I appreciate -- time coming on CB intake and at times so the governor in his budget proposes sixty million bucks. To give raises this state workers. And I'll do -- let you take it from here. Well you know the funny thing is we were told that in order to. Maintain the current level of spending. That in this in this state budget. That we would need an extra 500 million dollars plus in revenue -- Four. These fiscal year budget that starts you'll want. And my question is where does that money come from the has not only do we not -- bad but. Bobby Jindal has been adding things like sixty million dollars for -- pay raises a 150000. Dollar for over the field. They're. Items that had been omitted from the budget in previous years he added back. But we don't know where he took the money from to do it. We have a five million dollar contract. With a consulting firm out of New York to tell us how to save money and really even aware of that money came from he gave additional money. Far higher education. Or. About fifty something million dollars forty me no -- will come from. The will be required to get say 20% match in private funding for the colleges to be to get. There share of them forty million dollars in the -- just to. About fifteen million dollars we don't know exactly what fault but that's not a lot about that among all the colleges. So it just raises little a lot of questions. We are supposedly a cash strapped state government. Where are we getting the money to do all these additions to the budget. We. Haven't seen the subtraction. This is all very complicated stuff to Meehan from most of the listeners and in yeah it seems to me when it comes to politics in this dubbed the miners up as what the focus of the people like myself focused on just taxpayers with. It's not about the real money you'd need -- legal pad to sort all this out and draws some. -- charts and those kind of things so. When you say it 500 million is that what we're going to be short this year because it seems like every session there there's there's emergency we're good drive off the cliff then. They find the money it's almost like bad theater at this point. Well what they do is they'd they'd get one -- money unplug it and they they -- various. Find around the state that would statutorily dedicated perfectly legal to take that money. But sooner or later. The where that money was going to be spent. This distortion no longer exist to operate that function of government. So it just it. It is today more less -- shell game and it keeps going down and nobody nobody believes -- anymore I mean you're right we hear. That there's a short while every year and the shortfall projected for the upcoming fiscal year which began -- -- wants this over 500 million dollars. And that's without counting. The editions that the governor has made to the budget. For the fiscal year beginning July I want. So not only do we have a short ball but we have a couple of hundred million dollars. And new money that has been allocated but from we don't know the source. Wouldn't you say we don't know the source of it we don't know it you better we don't know it because the things are open a public records before are not open now. Now now we just don't know. We don't know what -- particularly. You know this is that it -- this this talk of transparency but frankly it's it's hard to come back in this -- Why do you think politically. The change where they governors adding a lot of things to. You know like pay raises and so forth when you would think to be so that national aspirations. That wouldn't be such good staying in on on his. Either conservative -- made us an idea of Faison as big budget deficit but yet you considered or. Did the planned on on giving people a brazen and -- -- is it technically you could say at that time increasing deficit and an eight. Yeah but is it just it just plain old populism Tom. What if you look at each item that he's adding back they were things that he took out. Last year that college problems or in previous years I mean he has not given all the state employees a pay rise. About half the class that employs got a pay raise. Last year and I mean in the current fiscal year. The is. Each agency was allowed to fan money within their budget for the pay rise. So to make their own cuts in essence. Well. DS for the department edge in that makes you wonder what we need to. Consulting company -- did that they can. They came out with thirty million dollars to get. Themselves pay rise so give their employees in agencies they -- but. Everything that Bobby Jindal doing now to me is just about making him popular because trying to make him popular in his hand on the -- He if you have any -- that negative feedback weeks. In your home state how can you expect you know to be popular in the of that state. And then it's just it's just that game and make them that it can't the popular given the light money. Particularly if it's somebody else's money yeah -- almost have unlimited the -- look at each item that he's funded a horse that he's going to find. The fiscal year starting do you I want and they are the ones that caused the uproar. From the public when he -- -- match -- that the current. And so he just putting back. This year -- that. Fiscal year beginning July 1 -- he took out this year and you know it is just natural. That'll make people happy. Before we let you go on the target of this contract situation that exists between. He is that the governor's office and the contractors. And do we not much is actually being spenders at an end run around some kind of restrictions. Well that that. It has yet to be determined that. The fact is there's a contract that is been let apparently about the commissioner of administration and worked directly for the governor. We don't know about what authority and we don't know where she got the money. But and as soon as she let the initial four point two million dollar contract. For four months. She added another 800000. Dollars to the contract. For doing some consulting services on the opposite group benefits. Also as a group benefits. That which is that manages state health insurance was privatized. Over a year ago group blue cross. And now we have continued -- and expand the consulting contracts. To provide. Help. Two blue cross to learn how to save money I mean it just. It is it boggles the mind it just needs to all be laid out on the table and and some specific questions be asked him. And I'm I'm happy to report to you this morning that represented do you re shards from -- But I think he may have Eddie -- show floor. Actually took some questions are raised over the weekend. About the contract and has sent them. To the commissioner administration Kristy Nichols asking that she respond to him and all the legislators. So at least you know somebody else feel these questions need to be replaced. And -- We don't know whether we'll get him not at least you know they are it's not this year it may sound and there are a lot of people that have the same question. CB I appreciate you time and really doing and we'll have more from me about this. And -- that.

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