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1-27 9:25am Tommy, inclement weather

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carlton Dufrechou, the General Manager of the Causeway Commission, about the incoming inclement weather and the Causeway bridge

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker ninth when he time talking about the weather that is expected to roll in. -- overnight. Winter storm watch in effect from 6 AM tomorrow until 6 AM Wednesday. And is read what it says here's snow accumulations could be around two inches and nice. Accumulations could be a quarter inch or more ice could form on roads and bridges. Making for -- very difficult driving conditions and just so you know. The year that it snowed on Christmas Day. -- was half an inch of snow and then in December of 2008 that was an inch of snow and calling for twice as much. And that when they say eyes of Mormon roads and bridges. Yet -- talk about the cause and for that we go to Carlton -- show. Our friend in the general manager in the cosmic commission morning golf in. Algiers when he thought you might get a break and get back to normal. -- I doubt this is common and it could be I'm guessing worse. All -- from what we're good projections have been here yeah you are. You are comment earlier about -- no date for school. That Google would place it may not be a bad deal by if all of. Yeah well as you know -- in and seriously -- having been stuck in that thing in 1989. And Carter Reagan eight and a half hours from Aaron into the west bank and I believe it's Novo snowfall involved. With where. You're you're right -- well so it such an anomaly. -- -- -- what the world and again sorry -- between. You know what a squad because if you don't close a bridge. And people drive an off India. From the -- in the the waters into what an immediate close -- And then if you closed the bridge to keep people from doing that it's. Well why did that jerk closed the bridge so you get you beat her realize now people are Niigata. But somebody's got to make the decision and decides so I guess that it. Back up on that than actually coming that the majority of folks that you could cause -- -- goal is to it they don't get this sure more indeed critical that you. I think they had been on the bridge. Walking out that they recognize that the only outlook close agree it's it's it's it's a safety -- absolutely necessary. Let's Friday and fortunately. -- actually it's in the morning -- -- the ice. At the bridge reopened. The right -- -- but that we have the -- comeback in that you became well much worse in the evening and cracked. Saturday morning in the game and when we opened up the honor nor an obligation channel Robert was little extra -- -- -- -- -- The great deck on top but -- ramps going up -- -- We do have we're ready for who got cardiac equipment but the problem that. That we traces -- where it would be nice if we get -- continual moderate rain coming down. And we just an ice over again and those navigation channels are Regis there. -- can become -- actual place. I'm for -- now that the weather will decide -- lies and it's no make eagle birdie. And the perpetual rule that caused sites that we you know rights -- problem one more time. Our first order incher vice mores -- and -- click -- question I have is why. Does it -- -- average users has seen these signs all over the place and ice to form and bridges before -- away and and ambulances why wasn't between Spain closed last week. And then actually came down to law I think online later in the afternoon and you probably know better than me but there was. Considerable number or accident on the twins fan at all. These are communities -- law you know this is state police actually recommended closing. The twin span -- the evening Indian treaty was reluctant to rightfully so. At that point the causeway I would eleven. Relief totaling nine it was close at one point wingspan -- it. Back and -- to go to the North -- so. They would do in there I think their best efforts to try to to keep at least some access point to open or folks to get actually more than. More than individuals treated -- emergency services to get back for that might need big. As far as on the causeway that the difference on the because we choose a bit of the call to remember we don't have shoulders and something happens on the -- It first thing is trying to get to the incident and to help those that are that may be in jeopardy. Without the shareholders it becomes imperative that you have a positive control that are able actually even stopped traffic and traffic around the -- -- also. That's why we're watching it and try and bridge right now -- -- our country. But there's no restrictions as far as convoys or anything like that. And we're probably going to be stuck with all -- sure butchering shortcomings and again around noon today here don't we start picking up. It's it's an interest in event out here comes. They MOK here but tell me about. In terms of pre staging pre planning. What you guys are anticipating as of this time. First -- is watching where but in the -- -- with the National Weather Service and electric like oh well we -- them very. We can't sit and talk about them -- yeah. They are in contact with this whenever they see anything changing almost while on a quarterly basis the average yield long. The but the icing equipment we have majority states that the nor sure replenish our supplies so ready. That they did the caveat that limit was that. Is that if we do get continual. Seeing less sleep kind of rainy. Cold weather then no matter how much media were going to be fighting you -- -- look. The rain -- -- stops. There's temperature. -- yelling -- the temperature. Is more than that went -- last week was just continue lowering. Give wanted to the bridge deck that -- equities below freezing on Friday. It remained that way actually until. About the 1 AM Saturday morning started calling out but. The media right now where we're actually pretty good shape the temperature is out -- -- about on the all over the lake is about if you could actually expecting like that well we're fortunate -- -- in the fall -- temperature about saint. Is -- on the outside there. It. It's going to be -- -- our thing to borrow and our goal is to keep the bridge open all the time. And were grieving we have to close that it's always an innocent we -- we can reopen say it will do if it makes it. That is most critical as the drivers so art whether commuters are drivers that are trying to get back import them in north sure anywhere in the so sure north. -- -- -- -- To be vigilant. And that I think taken that I don't think I noticed all of this politically tomorrow and probably in the Wednesday. Should plan for a I'd say considerable amount of extra time for any art movement and if we don't have to go out and a in this. And playing through typically -- -- there are our children. They -- year old that's. There we were -- we're. Very good market we are geared to got a lot of practice with back with ice and you know this is the -- for it to the island newsroom. Good but it.