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1-27 9:45am Tommy, incoming inclement

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bambi Hall, Spokesperson with DOTD, about how the inclement weather may affect bridges and roads

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

946 Tommy Tucker talking about a lot of different things that they move and as usual -- about a hundred miles an hour one thing -- Better not ever do if you're on the safe highways and you might have a hard time you know the speed limit. Tomorrow if you're even allowed on a highway -- all joins us right now spokesperson. -- DOT he would talk about. Tomorrow especially as it relates to Friday morning Betty in morning thanks for taking the time with -- some. I guess in -- after what happened Friday in in terms of anticipating what's supposed to happen can you give us an update on. How prepared DO TD is for people who wanna know anything's pre stage and also what they can expect in terms of closures if the weather. Proceeds like they say it's gonna. Well at this time we are in the pre staging phase of our planning process that we are working. Across the state not just in the blunders -- -- across the state to require fault and equipment to distribute salt. And then and the like for the department plan to pre treat the interstates and major court or to keep them open as long as possible. However keep in mind that the elevated highways are especially susceptible -- anti icing during prolonged freezing temperatures so. We will. Worst case scenario have to focus on the major secondary routes such as the major reverently crossing the 61. You assigned him like. I don't know anything about highways and freezing when you say pre prepare if you put the sand in the salt down first to prevent -- highway from freezing initialing. Well it doesn't prevent it from freezing. Because at this point. We won't see freezing if the temperature or the prediction poll we won't -- freezing temperatures until about the 5 AM hour or so everything will be occurring where weather -- Indeed about tomorrow when I'm IBM. It is Monday due to -- -- I cannot understand. Tuesday morning tomorrow morning IBM. According to the National Weather Service that is when we can perhaps -- that 32 degrees freezing mark. I let me ask you question that the Crescent City connection is they've gotten some text on this. Apparently an accident that took a long time to clear and in terms of icing now -- I thought it used to be sixty mile an hour winds during a tropical storm I don't know about that we'll worry about that in the summer but. How do you guys in make that call on. Com weather Crescent City connections it closes or stays open and Andy you guys make the call in the UEP here is that the causeway commission. Note the -- only handles the conflict. All the interpreted in our area or maintain top and the responsibility of due to -- -- Situation with the bridges is we monitor. Of course they police around their monitoring roadways as well. And so we're contacting them. Pretty much on the clock or they're contacting around the clock the -- efforts. We're out here we put a party -- -- wrote that at the Crescent City connection. Top -- the main thing is that. We need people to stay off the road when we know we have the very pleased with the conditions coming that is something that we saw. And the last couple of days I do understand the fact that there are people who are working in the work certain hours and they wanna go home they wanna be. Stuck with a -- that they don't want to be. But it's very scary and tired of that they can. Really tried to be stationary. At a certain point that they particularly good sport and I fought for that you don't have to worry about looking out for black eye black ice is like that they and transparently here. That accumulate that's really hard to detect on bridges and overpasses are France you know -- so the main things that we want them to be afraid. And we are monitoring and it just depends at what point you can't really predict because albeit on the -- But as soon as we. Have made the determination and we have confirmed that there at the issue on any roadway where they're being breached or. Highway. We're going to accept that they. Because that is in the vestiges of our motors and we don't want them out there or on on safe. Arm in terms of the twin spans and the the highrise you guys control and as well got you. On to an Indian attacks here and -- money in and says I need to host the twins fans and field Dumars of under the go back home you can't tell anybody right now because it depends on whether. If it really can't we cannot predict what roads may be close again worst case scenario. Build elevated highways and -- -- If they do our. Then we have to go to the secondary. Routes and that would be airlines currently 61 or US ninety or even shift pastor -- we would have to -- try to keep some. Major court or open for the people can't get to throw. I mean we we can't say -- of course because -- that but we certainly want -- to be safe and we will have to close certain roadways if they become a thing. Indiana many -- flat footed here but I saw something Friday night that I'm just curious about that was on the -- -- drawbridge on highway 23 I guess it is it seemed as though. They had a man out there with a with a tank of propane or something -- spray in something for the -- graded it and I make himself up or do you guys do something like that. I don't know about that I would definitely have to find out about that but I would like you would -- would be a perfect have been up. Apparently brought in -- and good -- just hired. He was you know pinnacle with what look like but take a -- -- you use them for Barbeque pit and you play busy don't worry about looking at a forming a via thank you and I thank you I'm touching an -- sure.

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