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WWL>Topics>>1-27-14 10:20am Scoot: on severe winter weather

1-27-14 10:20am Scoot: on severe winter weather

Jan 27, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and gets an update on tomorrow's severe winter weather from WWL-TV meteorologist Alexandra Cranford.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now we're gonna go live to the WWL Eyewitness News pinpoint weather center Alexandra -- for every urologist joins us live and every trivial. Alexander tell us the latest about the winter storm watch this in effect. Right now it's still in effect for Tuesday that goes on Tuesday about 6 AM all the way through early Wednesday morning it does look like we're going to feed the wintry precipitation. Maybe starting north of the break early Tuesday morning. And then spreading south and it's like postseason sleet freezing rain or -- maybe even some snowflakes south of the lake. And then the travel situation really -- bad as we move into it especially Tuesday evening Tuesday night. And Wednesday morning because anything. On the roadways will have frozen by that point -- we're talking about ice on remotely. It you know are as as they opened the show today I talked about how and in parts of the country it's that this is this is common you prepare for a winter storm watcher winter storm warning and you make always preparations but it is part of the country it's. It is is very unusual and everybody is so excited about the possibility of of snow but there really isn't that great of a possibility of snow on the south shores -- correct. It looks like mostly sleet or freezing rain unfortunately -- the line that the snow starts it's going to be just a little bit north of New Orleans for most of the day we may actually see it changing over to snow. Moving into especially the nighttime hours Tuesday night. And into Wednesday mornings and on the it's going to be beautiful winter wonderland kind of seen south of the lake. But wee -- that eventual changeover unfortunately most of the day I think what Portman at the end of freezing rain with -- -- now what is the high tomorrow expected to be. Tomorrow the high only a few degrees above freezing so we'll hit that for just a few hours in the afternoon. About 35 or so sneak into that we don't have a lot of time to warm up we start out that -- freezing. At thirty -- the lake in thirty teams out of the lake we climbed just a couple of degrees to about 35. And then we quickly dive back into the twenty's for overnight lows Tuesday night. Alexander is there anything about this system that could surprise you or does it today expect to to -- way it looks at this point. It's not really a super typical winter system so it's more kind of -- theories of disturbances. Instead of one big block of cold -- just rushing into the scene so we will have that moisture out there. And it does look like especially into Wednesday morning some of that precipitation. Will have stopped just a 20% for your very early Wednesday. So I think if anything that'll be a surprise we think radical -- But those roads are going to stay frozen without ice on it probably through about Wednesday afternoon. Alexander transferred from the W you'll Eyewitness News -- pinpoint where the senator thanks for being minister absolutely right -- would be -- -- came with a channel for just a little while.

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