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1-27-14 12:35pm Scoot: on expected road conditions

Jan 27, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and gets an update on what to expect in terms of road closures and conditions during tomorrow's severe winter weather from State Trooper Melissa Matey.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Melissa Beatty is with Louisiana state police troop B she joins us again under the document. -- any new updates on on the courage the plans for the police. My accurately and had playing in where where in the practice and working eighty. Arm and trying to make sure that we eat actively -- rated and that we have because they can't. All hurt all strategically -- It yet or and -- eighty. It is an -- is a little bit actors that we get -- week. Work and what I'm BP. I get for travel and there they were gonna make sure that we shot that currently we can protect crash happening. And the only Battle Creek or the people. -- work or will be solicit you have a problem that we lacked the rhetorically and getting public. Yet this doesn't happen very often and it is extremely rare that it happens it will within it within a week it happens twice within a week. If if there are conditions that. It would lead to icing that would just acquired. Sand being being brought out what will be trucks being able to to operate in the ice. -- -- -- -- Part two which currently. It acted like -- or. And -- Act we we can you acknowledge it again strategically. Troopers. And -- -- working with our ET. Partners and and -- in people and truck where he could be. Reached -- and we've been -- -- will likely he. All that -- -- anybody eat anything up or read at least not yet checked out. There. -- -- because we want actually happening and indeed crack in her back and can help equally -- the weather report. And you. -- I. -- an apple currently can -- eight and. -- Melissa you say that state police are gonna monitor the situation so that means that right now. There's no time set to close anything in particular. Yeah absolutely we can -- anything in particular and and -- because we're gonna put trooper around his -- you know it can't act -- -- -- I accumulate it will shut immigrant way. There's no direct a public they you know -- be completely. Shut down arbitrarily. And yet at the board director public -- in order for protectorate. It was a -- spokesperson with state police to be Thanksgiving with a -- WW well. Right.

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