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1-27-14 1:10pm Angela: on the race for Orleans Parish Sheriff

Jan 27, 2014|

Angela speaks with three of the four candidates for Orleans Parish Sheriff: Quentin Brown, Charles Foti, and Ira Thomas. (Incumbent Sheriff Marlin Gusman had a scheduling conflict and declined the invitation.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this week has certainly started off with a bang needless to say whether it's on everyone's mind. Today however we're gonna have three I think important shows but I want you to know. That we will be keeping you updated on the weather when we can expect the severe conditions to hit. We'll also keep you updated on school in business closings. And get the very latest from authorities about. Bridge closings road conditions preparations for outages everything that you need to know we'll talk to weather experts at twenty after the hour. And other authorities ten minutes before each hour. And then at 230 we're going to carry mayor Mitch Landrieu is press conference on winter weather perhaps line. So please stay with this for the whole three hours we're gonna begin with our I feel so fortunate at three of the candidates for sheriff. In the second hour doctor Peter -- who was the -- president of Beulah know as I know you know. You Leno as other public universities have suffered greatly with. With cuts and so we're gonna talk to him and some of -- alumni who are super successful. About the importance of that school. And then we'll wrap up with clients plan to do -- he's gonna talk about the election on Saturday. But again stay with the -- with us for all of the weather updates are. We are less than a week to the election double impact our lives for the next four years. One of the most hotly contested races is that for criminal share. President shares -- Gutman is being challenged by his predecessor. Charles forty who served as criminal share for almost thirty years. Pirate Thomas 28 year veteran of the NO PD and now head of security at -- And Quentin brown a gardener and landscaper who has run for other city offices before. And needless to say we did invite share Cashman and his schedule would not permit his being here but I'm delighted that the three of you all are here. I got -- right off the bat and start with our Thomas. What is the appeal. Of this job. -- Angela you know I've spent 34 years. -- city in law enforcement capacity. You just mentioned. I'm currently the chief of police. At Southern University police department of India for forty years. Now twenty years you also mentioned serving as a police officers union warns police department. And I've worked my way through the ranks today and of lieutenant and a return in 2003. What -- Listeners don't know is that -- of -- -- 1979. UP three I worked as a correction officer in. -- local jail system. And so I understand. The correctional field to understand law enforcement it's the law enforcement environment. As I look at all of the issues coming out of the sheriff's office. At the beginning of the year mutated. Complaints about the violence. It's everyone saw the video. We know that there are plethora of problems there and in addition to the violence in the GO. We know it's under a federal ongoing investigation individuals have been arrested and convicted. Political patronage where money's taxpayer dollars being -- each state. That's not the kind of thing that we want our city to be known for its been. Characterizes the worst GAO and country and the most dangerous GO in the country and I am very dysfunctional and so. That's the appeal because I've served this city I Love Lucy didn't care about the safety of the -- that's why I've spent. 34 years as a law enforcement officer we can fix this problem. It doesn't have to stay in condition and it's. Okay Harry -- a picture phone calling this year thirty odd years and you wanna go back. Yes I do but army's first say thank you for -- BI -- on today and I think the most important they -- is that on Saturday. Good weather -- bad -- He almost an audience and everybody says you know Walsh has a problem vote. But it does make a difference who you vote for a bit that. Franchise of voters that are precious and it and what will lead out sanity to better jobs. I'm running for sheriff. Because. There's a lack of leadership in the sheriff's office. As a -- administration ability. That was shown. By the nation's two corrections. It an inspection. By the United States apologize civil rights division wrote in 2000 and I'm about to problems did not fix any problems. In 2012. Eroded began Sega -- -- I constant condition -- we complain and have gotten worse. And then in 2013. There was a lawsuit by a -- -- loss. There's a 102 page. Opinion written by the judge in that case talked about excessive. Inmate on inmate -- it's talked about gang rapes he talked about no classification uses mystery new juvenile. Medical health care insufficient medical okay insufficient medical health care and lack of sanitation. And lack of organization to lack of protocols how to do business. So when you see all that you say. We want to have a -- it. -- and sheriff's office -- -- In the criminal justice system to making this Hastings says. Not just for example just two weeks ago. They inmate. In jail for ten -- comes courts. And is higher on opiates which is today in the legal drugs. In the normal way that the sheriff -- hostess is to say for five days to say we suspended five people. And looks like that was food -- it was not. They don't. Date they do not prescribe opiates in the jail so to -- again in the right side -- that's an illegal drug gets in the system. That was proof further on by when. The video -- inmates talk to show everybody. What a good time -- -- -- -- -- street applaud a come back to jail bring drugs. Bring up a bring a gun bring Budweiser. Bring crack cocaine and. So you're saying it's out of control you put it back and central apps and then have to -- -- Like you Clinton. Why do you -- this year. Because I'm not a politician. I'm a citizen that seat in time of the crap that's going home in politics in city government. I'm working for the people I want to beat of people for a I want it to people know. At that uses a way to go and this is a new way to go in if you wanna go right direction on the way to go if you wanna go to the wrong direction. You both for -- race and you feel like you have good qualifications to -- -- person. I -- for governor are -- from mania are ranked the City Council. And I ran for governor there is not the qualification issues front front air all that's oh okay well what is. What's what what kind of qualifications should -- eat the qualifications she really needs to care for people. You know you know with the human beings. You know who's closing at EB treating it right in BP put it in case they don't going there in somebody's getting paid this week's conference parity -- -- didn't sneak drugs and stuff like that and I have. Five of all of course as women come and help me with this problem to make this week is is a new life. This is the new way politics this is a new week we want is is caught is the -- that yet and call let me win this election. How shall you do best GO sale that you have ever -- real. We -- good around the world we can -- it now -- look perfect around the world they won't talk about these GO sale anymore if this thing up when he bolts that it. To make sure -- -- prison is safe insecure for everyone and make sure ever what is treaty right. And what every one goal in become how they know something indymac -- out in going back is in revolve -- point in and out in in the disk. -- -- -- -- HS was born in right now politicians. They hit the shot to do the right thing. -- go to pirate Thomas you're not really a politician even though -- were school board president. But in a sense give me some of some specifics. How would you change what has become very chaotic. Yet you know. This him. Tomorrow in between the sheriff and -- administration in the City Council. Eyes to the management of funds over him in -- beat. Mister -- when he was on the council criticized mr. Foley for not being transparent and disclose in his budget. To the administration. But now that he's been -- he's doing the exact same thing. And so he's come on the a lot of criticism for mismanagement. Of funds. For example Pena off form one point eight million dollars a year. Sixty some 65000. Dollars and fifteen days with a one peach. In boards. That's not accountability that's not being comparable with taxpayers' dollars that some serious work well waste and that's just one example. Among mania and shore and so to determine. To what extent taxpayer dollars are being wasted. Should I become share if I want to have the legislative or it is coming in to do complete financial audit of the shifts office and I wanna make that public. He mentioned the school board we post our budget on our website taxpayers have a right to know how to textiles are being spent. You bring up a very good point I'm going to ask them missed -- this. That was sort of the image while you were sheriff and certainly now under the -- mineral. Why aren't they published. The budgets that. The budget is published on Russia the bulges up like in the newspaper for everybody to read you you have to caught into the law. At the end poked towards the end of each year you have to put notices papers that you -- having a budget hearing. It's actually sheriff has to budget here. He goes to the city of New Orleans. For the money they provide. He has to take the money they provide plus -- funds he receives and he has stated his own budget hearing. He is August -- we audited every year legislative ought to is posted. I think that to some. Build on what I Harris says I think what you need a year of good men and women work and today they lack. In lack leadership -- lack. Understanding what their job function is -- nobody's telling them. The training has to be approved you you not only the post strangest piece of standard training but using. National organizations such as and I see nationalist Democrat -- Russian association. National -- associates and those trained and be on line and you can use are trained to advance to a professional status talk about. Job placement. Salary increases and -- it promotion. The other things that you talk about what his values that justice office as you know they have lost you guys are lost their -- ethical base. You have to go back and teach. It took interpersonal communication so people know how to deal with other people out to gain a conference of people. We -- to gobs of people that we went out as a partner in community cleanup to city cleanup to catch space is created every public school in the city and wall. Any time somebody needed us we will they had a -- how the week before he's point issues that we can do it again. -- hate that we have to break that because of the situation. One and we take a break come back in and I believe we're gonna talk a little weather and then when you back listening to Clinton brown and his thoughts run activist. Our guest this hour the three candidates for sheriff but before we get back to them Karl redundant what a busy day for you my friend it's getting their Angela. And I know I'm in good hands because I'm listening to you. -- can make fun and give us a time line. -- of one ice and snow may hit our area. Okay for today you don't have to worry about ice and snow for today for this -- or for that matter most of overnight. Most the overnight it's going to be windy and cold starting later on this evening. As the front continue to push on February area. And so tonight -- that we feel some cold here but tonight's not a -- pipes you know afterward but parts for tonight. On either side of the lake we're going to see temperatures dropped out at the upper 20s tomorrow morning. And low thirties costs out of the lake so alike freeze on both sides now we're looking at the chance for rain overnight. At about 20% for some light rain or showers maybe mixed with -- but that's not going to be the issue. The it's it's gonna start tomorrow morning I'd say somewhere around 8:9 o'clock in the morning. North of the late you gonna start to see some sleet maybe at some freezing rain start. North of the -- throughout the late may not be till after 10 o'clock that we start to see some rain. Possibly mixed in with some -- and that may be freezing rain during the day so it would start I think until 8910 o'clock in the morning across our area and it's getting to continually get worse throughout the day. North -- it'll slowly changeover -- snow. Some accumulations. Expected by the National Weather Service could be one to two inches of snow north -- the late. South of lake it'll continue to get more in the way of freezing rain and sleet throughout the afternoon. And into the evening hours so as the day goes on we're gonna start -- icy conditions start to progress from north to south across our area so. Bridges and roadways will start to ice over some time during the course of the day tomorrow. And continued through the overnight timeframe. Now we could have a quarter of an inch of ice accumulating across our area both sides of late this is not just ignore source -- this is for every one. Mississippi counties. -- spanky spank everybody's everybody's including in this mixture now as the system continues to push southward tomorrow evening. Even south lake tickets even a brief time period of maybe some snow flurries or some snow moving on through. So even south of lake later in the day into the evening hours. As the whole area pushes outward that could even be since dose out that late but again. It's going to be the traveling there will be the big concern as well with power outages as this ice builds up. We base -- to see numerous power outages on both sides of the -- so if you don't have to do any traveling for tomorrow or through Wednesday. I wouldn't do it because even though precipitation may and after 9:10 o'clock tomorrow night. Whatever it's fallen will continue to freed because Wednesday morning both sides Italy. That's including New Orleans we could have a heart breeze with low to mid twenty's. On the sell short north the -- we could be in the upper teens. So whatever is falling throughout the day tomorrow will be on the ground. So it made it may not melt until May -- afternoon hours on Wednesday were some of the roadways made. Be allowed to be open because the ice melting -- really talking Tuesday and went Tuesday. Right if you don't have to travel tomorrow I would wait if you have some traveling to do it too early in the day before things start ice over. And then after that I wouldn't do any traveling -- let's necessary report Tuesday Tuesday night and even -- a good part of Wednesday as well. And we have an awful lot of the school's closed and that's a good thing you just don't need to to what worry and concern yourselves and and of course everybody should talk to their own business people. I'm probably gonna be open tomorrow -- chat with the stores etc. but the the bottom line of what you're talking about is to be prepared. That's right because throughout the day today you still have time do it you know go to the grocery stores stocked up -- Maybe get some ice two have on as a backup in case. You do lose power. But again it's going to be the traveling going to be be concerned this now this looks like a system more likely had the ice and snow. Where the one on Friday didn't look like gets bigger dealer that we're gonna have as much ice as we did so this one looks like it could be worse in the way of icing. -- what we have on Friday. Very important Karl can't thank you enough the city can't thank you enough for Morgan to stay in touch with a 20 okay. We're gonna take another break and were gonna come back and listen to -- brown has for his ideas on running the jail now let's go to the newsroom and Christmas. The three men we haven't studio today. Ira Thomas -- brown and Charles -- all want to be the next criminal share. Clinton left up with you should give me three specifics. What you would do to clean up well. The first thing Dallas saint and I think everybody -- it took it from me every time we did debate I want to all how -- the stock depending publicized. Everything has been -- from the take home call us to the luncheon today meals everything I want to elect the CD no I want elected government no I want it. The world know what you always how New Orleans is doing business outlook -- -- -- I wanna stop the crime is going on in -- city I wanna put my deputies to war which the mayor and -- accurate or with the City Council -- worked with the government. Acting work with a mere act in -- -- anybody it would help the the offices with the of opposites and put -- deputies with the police solace and put them on a streak and weakest -- crime and what's number and I wanted to donate 25%. A -- To crimes stop but -- trying to raise the boots on the crimes because people are out of that you'll pay for -- and the right -- somebody. Detect this when they not come at -- what could they took out loans. To say what's. What -- who don't someone I wanna give 125%. Some law offices congress is show me what offices are doing a great job and get a warning. Give him a boost in pay. Swim my races economy and it you want to win and what do we don't get the money from -- given some mop Pate. What did you -- what 172000. Dollars a year. Like to. Share in the dollar -- money but Clinton we're gonna move on. -- -- refine the clock alright let's go back to some other basic questions what are things you brought up was. Gutman has been criticized for lack of classification. -- do that why hasn't been done it seems so basic that if somebody comes to him. That you would automatically say this person should not be with. Break that it. Murders but it is very basic. When it went person walks in which you wanna do is find out. What is it what is age what is their -- who did the normal physical carrier. -- their past history what is their medical history when they charge you what did they've been charged with before. -- you then you have a conversation with a -- interview and a goal of these things. And then that then that helps slow way you know places so you know placing. First time offender in which sexual brightest you know placed a drunk driver in -- and so -- murderers like ABC -- But there's in the Cayman. -- -- reason it's it's not happening is because it's been such a breakdown. Of accountability within the jail a breakdown in supervision. And of training offices. And so if if offices and trained on the with a look for the simple questions as. And then if you don't have policies and procedures in place directing people in supervises. Making sure that the policies of the unit here too is the reason why you got all of these chaos that's that's going on inside the GO now. And in and then under staffing. The McCain have one. Deputy supervising. Hundreds of inmates watching 314 bad management -- you're not going to accomplish anything next week. Well enough. Charles voted the sheriff there were roughly 6000 prisoners today there -- white. Under -- under 3000. But when he thought about 2502. What do you attribute that -- in the number. I think that date they lost sight of what exposes do and they didn't make an adequate case either too. Federal court ought to the City Council man and so what did neat what they need war. Date date they let all the programs go one on ways that she tries. To make a deal not violent -- you program your adult basic education for the -- It you'd use him literacy courses. He you know these are. And Gutman says he has that he did he -- they would go for years and his daughter because it's a lot of -- she's talking about that is because it's election time and -- How do you deal bring out all these different things when it's time I'm in a race because I'm tired of all was in a -- -- as the tide is. Every time election come up they wanna see what they going to do what they call it do. I'm Tyrone comedy it's not churches on time comedy top schools in time neighborhoods to own TV it's -- TVA's not to be watching it's -- belts on TV I noticed a -- gave Clinton any Communist laid everything out -- up here Clinton. How do you stop. Rapes in prison. Through. Accountability is mentioned you know and read it vehicles back to to the basics to -- The three core responsibilities. Of the chair of salt -- care custody and control. Out of jail. And you have to monitor in in me behavior where it is only one deputy covering three in fourteen years you know you're not able to monitor. In -- behavior and lack of money from the City Council -- is that. We're not getting enough of the podium while it's hard to say because again goes back to the issue of transparency. And that discourse between the city administration share in the City Council in determining trying to determine what. -- is what the needs of the ships all of that is actually all. And so without that level of transparency. In administration is playing a guessing game in any city counts is somewhere in between trying to figure out. What the budget really ought to be and so. If if you share was. Transparent in a way that he managed public dollars but if you if it. This such distrust. When you learn about. Law firm as I mentioned earlier gaining one point eight million dollars a year. In day in day and so it is a question of managing. But taxpayer dollars so to share -- can't say when I'm not being given enough to manage. The the the office. When we see these examples of low weights. Is that what you have to do go for the countless that Nelson president. That they gonna marry adult -- yeah it does not operate about. -- are about basics basics -- symbolic coming you classified file which. Second of all use -- system. With the way they tell you they have up from third of all you had to supervises -- -- deputies interview in meets every data file was going and going. Then you make yourself available both over the Internet or by phone says that the families got a problem making contact you tell you to problem it. This is what we talk is not money money is not to Q married when we talk about is administration we talk about leadership we talk about making Shula. If you do 123 foresight. When you're gonna cut you -- pressure at the gas for one more okay they have the beaches along was where India the push. And -- I do when -- not follow up on any thing. The federal courts incomplete investigations. They talk about it all time anyone confuse the issue. But it anyway when you pay after two weeks it makes lead in house today every night every night. And knowing catches and no one knows about it and later on it on Chappell went deposit ask about the gun -- have we don't know. What you mean you don't know you're supposed to know if you don't know then you ought to be hip they ought to really have investigation about what's going on. And take the necessary act is not just show budget and people say I have zero -- it is taking the necessary. Action to -- -- on the number two per Diem Charlie have to agree you know in nets the a huge criticism of the way to offices demand -- with questions about -- yet. Question is what would you do if you hit thirty years -- to do it now you're trying to do it again and is going. They just don't be a repeat it's going to be this same site but evidently. I'm by the library and rightly that we that attend that buyouts and corporate. There is such a sense not just here but nationally that everybody wants to be safe and safe from criminals. But they don't want to sort of a prison industrial complex that we pay an awful lot of money. The question is how best to fund. A decent jail. And that's what we're talking about. Not all -- once. The bush it is and you gotta go directly with the budget saves which you have to spin in don't pull all the budget and did he don't hit you deputies taking calls all -- a bad which scene of a Jefferson Parish -- Orleans -- Police called on to win a bad roach cannot sit outside and wait. About outlook two I was but it's -- person -- come up this house in passing this would -- textile is going to become an outside corner his hands up in everything given related kiss. Passing is all peak peak. Why is going in bad English but so I guess I power right there -- -- -- hold -- -- you got nick Charles Simonyi. Charles -- how -- we do. I think we -- a fixed budget. But you have to understand it to fix budget has to be flexible. You should AM he's with the council. -- at the courtly time -- India -- -- that you view Marty posted on in that. -- performance dollars would call you would have that you ought to one inmate population. Rest of the lineup of going down you know also. When you -- of that day and use today. This is what is indeed this is an average cost -- house these inmates diseases or services we providing and this is how it's done. Now obviously the city doesn't agree and then you would you would have to go to court because you have to run a constitutional. -- Wanted to problem happens while we have a pretty in this city refuse to pay any money into the may go back when the city was in financial straight. They cut it they cut the the parochial office off all ago that that zero. You went to federal court in in federal court we went through a series of hearings and the city decided at that time that the -- -- they want paper Padilla. That's how we got to have for him as they would say we would only pay X number dollars. And that that's what you're saying it's a better better way of doing it on this quarterly basis I think it is a better way -- doing a book 'cause it. You rebuilt confidence in the community it is sheriff's offices don't suppose you rebuilt confidence in in in in the city administration. Doing to write the -- -- -- -- And it helped them and -- and people -- and release programs put in to businesses. Make -- -- work -- been this is -- and work release programs that's it you know watch and Mike Tyson fights in complaint call it. And lifting weights one guy we and a hundred pounds when he unit -- and we come out to five years and go. He weighing 300 pounds between ethnic feet and too much is it good that it got to -- yeah right. Put on the work. Let him this clean text balances paid too much money but it plus they cost -- rate these criminals -- don't wanna get out in -- our top -- that you have to have the. He fixed budget Angela the current. Per -- news news -- the widely -- it's an incentive to keep people NG. Now folks who arrested on minor traffic charges -- municipal challenges being held in -- -- 412. Almost 24 hours. Anything going and at 10 o'clock and you Obama team Yemen night for example you maybe there but the -- -- -- all for tickets per team for that day. In India and ended. Audio. The upcoming -- In -- it's of care system bare its system. -- is it he said he disservice to people who shouldn't being jailed and that's part of the conversation -- keeping people Ngo who -- mean jail. And the City Council passed an ordinance banking juniors. 2011 directed share to BO. A 14130. -- facility. So that. That's -- that's what they're told him to do. And so so. The City Council and administration is saying we want a smaller jailed citizens as saying we want a smaller jail today and we have to now. In hands. -- rehabilitation. -- re entry programs that work it translates into jobs. And so that we can reduce recidivism. Is that we continue to do the same thing -- a little over and over again it's inefficient. I'm gonna have to in erupt again I'm so sorry but again. This is an important it's an important elections are very important office on so privilege is a three to be wall came election to stay with this but we also have. A big weather issue were facing and band be called who is the public information office for the Department of Transportation. And development -- -- with us. -- I -- -- I know you're working 24/7 but were and I appreciate his call I'm hoping for an update. On. What you -- are preparing especially for the bridges in the overpasses. All right now we're preparing. To gather all resources and stage them along the major court or that would -- him for a particularly in the Portland area to the larger. Metropolitan area and eight we're working. -- long hours with our guys they're prepared to stay overnight. Which -- food for them though. At this point we have bear caves that are being stage we have public speaking out about. A hundred or so bear -- around different areas because we are. While -- For accessibility we know that the possibility of closure. Is -- so again as far as. War leading toward that that system to come through later tonight you know we're expecting something between 14 AM when -- Creating temperature -- two degrees we keep our area Albert stating that material Leo. Expecting 3000 -- console the DIC agent. 144. On the -- and we already have in how sick and they have so we're we're working port eighty getting together here. And how do you put it like for instance the causeway do you Disco had put assault on the -- the sand. Or they greater normal to bridge. Well actually the cart way is run by the conflict commission -- we would not be responsible for that particular crossover but we do have agreed on bridge. And -- long that are that are so when it comes to -- state lightly. We will be pre treating as well responding. -- conditions changed weather changes rapidly were monitoring web report that the country we're working with other local stakeholders agree it's like the levee districts. Local law enforcement we all work together in these countries and because. Obviously we have X amount personal computer agency. We all can't be in the same place at all times so that is how we coordinator -- Thank you very very much and try to get some rest and Morgan -- close touch with. Thank you very much thank you and stay with us we'll be right.