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Jan 27, 2014|

Angela hosts a roundtable discussion on the budget cuts facing UNO. On the panel were UNO President Peter Fos and Stewart Enterprises CEO Tom Kitchen as well as a number of UNO alumni - Brian Glorioso, managing partner at Tonry, Brinson & Glorioso; Shawn Paretti, VP of Insurance Operations at LAMMICO; Dr. Bobby Savoie, CEO of Geocent; and Darryl d'Aquin, owner of CommTech Industries.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He started and you Leno as a freshman biological sciences major. And has ended at UN now as its first president since the lake front school was put in the university of Louisiana system. Doctor Peter -- took the reins of the UN no one year ago and has faced some incredible challenges with grace and enthusiasm. But the world of public higher education is tough today with declining enrollments higher cost and major cuts in state support. It is perhaps not just a tough world but a new world one of survival. And yet one that continues to strive for excellence. Doctor Peter Foster is here today to tell us all about that and I'm so genuinely thrilled that you would take time now to join. Well thank you Angela is really a pleasure to be with you and by the way is this a big hit two years two years and I'm so sorry I asked was exit just thought it went there -- and it's on really really fast. And ask -- with all of that many changes are you still happen. -- most days I'm -- But you know like any job when you first take to job you don't really understand all the the the situations that that you told about so it's a learning process not against the -- learning curve trying to view arguably done. But Libya in progress and I'm very happy where we are right now. Let's talk about sort of the bottom line of these. Draconian cuts. Horrendous. All across the state and how would affect. Did you vote on sent our president on the state funding has been reduced fourteen million. Also at the same time on the border regions increased admissions standards with regard ramped -- -- qualified students. We can no longer accept students who need me -- course in English and math and that AC -- of 23. The state averages twenty. Indeed something like that Serbia which is low that -- so we have difficulty recruiting students that we Mexican except. And we think we lose about 800 freshman year because of these new admissions standards. So that's that's been a problem also eat but 250 students equals a million miles an -- so in addition to state carts. Also often rate cuts have also been decreased the cause of the higher emission standards which are -- think I agree thinks is the right thing to do. But financially sometimes it's just it's -- rounds so. Few years -- the state gave us 54 million dollars this year disputes 32 million. And 56 years ago 65% of -- budget -- state funded this year it's 20%. So that detectives speed in which -- caught -- -- really been trounced -- was very very interesting industry. We can't open a close stores like Wal-Mart does quickly. Because of the nature of faculty and went to students is a program you have. Contract with them they can finish -- even when -- -- this continually so it's it's it's really a challenge for us to respond quickly enough or damage. Have you had to eliminate. -- up to this point in time we haven't touched any academic program at all because that's our main mission teaching and and and searched. We have eliminated a lot of the positions on any positions have been limited since a president and all the people -- -- -- dale but many of them did. How many people lost their jobs people retired we didn't in fill positions. 25 faculty a year ago acceptance and about retirement package which we didn't replace them. About seven faculty advertise this and -- in December and replace them. A bit controversial at the close children's. Because it -- outside of the classroom -- units and university which cost us money. On Jones and one of us have a couple of the units that we try and try and look at the C Weldon and keep open so we've done. -- trying to do everything I can outside the classroom of a moment ago at the university. -- ago while -- they would emissions to teach and to search. And we -- it to students -- at the university did the best education they can so let's really be in the towns that we've been through recently and how our world. Whenever -- 9400. When I took overall we will about 101200. Dollars historically -- -- -- would 171408. But of course six months later it was 67 -- and start to just to get going back that we -- really think the BP spill on her but says that affect -- -- little bit. 'cause a majority of our students have jobs and make him work in the hospitality industry and that we have claimant for PP. And just religious about getting that momentum going in recent -- and it's. So I should be down about 1618 -- students and we down on dissent just on -- so. Really think that optimistic that more of freshman this year than last year. But it's gonna take us awhile to get get a -- momentum going again to where we can get to where we think we should be. When did they changed the mission that into effect fall 20126. Months hostile. And all the statewide university which is unless you Lafayette Louisiana Tech affected this fall of the universities -- -- also affected by this article -- and -- when -- -- They're taking remedial students anymore. Again until we're down about sixteen and also interestingly the city. Got a community college. Soon oh and noon residents seventy pound sold students of lost -- -- one day. We don't know -- the school. State and so we were to -- -- the border regions work closer Delgado to try to turn away in which. You know again and take remedial students who won for university and began. So you mean having Delgado did it. The -- would do it on my campus. Record -- and excited -- architect you know if you Fleischer of restarted program -- best -- property -- we have profiteers adequate. The students who want to from the window but can't be admitted because admission standards that the content you know and take all the classes and you know campus Paul Delgado. Once they finished 24 credits. And it and taken English and math and welcome you know student but the reply pages. Change on ID courts. They used that the average -- -- senate and he attempt to reread everything and then it you know student is now. And once and once -- seamless transition. We also -- trying to work with Delgado. That money so that to themselves a great point deficit that is that. What about that student who takes the math and English to first semester and passes the of his body could get -- and you know what it at week 24 credits to transfer. So we've -- to bring proposal to reasonable regents probably in the next month. That once you've finished radiation that you should be improved to borrow -- -- and you know before you reached for. Threshold capable responses -- me. Now you know I just here -- -- fight. -- here that you are not giving up that you clearly have your mission in mind. And as a person who spent so much of his life and academics. Your thoughts on when the cuts first happened I mean. People who weren't even in colleges or -- -- have a -- content gasped bright what was the state -- We're not that this is the situation governors and then in a statement states don't discretionary monies that as -- Louisiana is hard education and so when when cuts have to happen he can't he -- He can't go constitutionally can't -- take money from places that you do across the board cuts to every one. But that doesn't government good so he's got to go to those places where this morning and fortunately -- -- want -- And I think the go go became depressed for instance in which to talk a minute with -- that is sort of give. Start to give money back to color. Because he wants us a very strong and and educated workforce. -- to cut education. You can shoot yourself in the foot -- that the governor realizes that. But I think that the tar when he made those -- I think he didn't think he has any of the spot to take the money for a but assistance it's devastated us before. And this is that the the hour we're going to be talking about that I think a lot of people questioning could've done better. He would definitely cut and things that come and I -- I. With we're gonna continue our discussion with doctor Peter -- president of UN now. And a whole slew of alumni you're going to be very impressed that we have in this studio talking about how it impacted their lives right after this. Dave not a mom how I have looked forward to talking to do is done gone on a wonderful team meteorologist channel four. Thank you for joining us sir thank you Angela. It's it's going to be a messes and. It really is and Condoleezza formation from the weather service now they've updated that winter storm watch to it winter storm warning now. Which basically means we're gonna get some winter weather especially during the day Tuesday -- from 7 -- Tuesday at 7 -- Wednesday and it's gonna start off pretty quiet in the morning hours in the world and kind of worse his head up I tend toward Baton Rouge and or shore area but things going downhill quick quickly as the morning progresses through the afternoon. So Tuesday and Wednesday were going to get links were gonna get ice we're going to get rain. Yes there -- a little bit of everything that mother nature throws that you went to wise. We've got likely start officer marine here in the world and stuff through the middle the morning for the late morning hours -- lunchtime and it's kind of transition quickly. Into some freezing rain of course freezing rain it's rain -- -- your windshield but it actually starts freezing if things on the surface because the circus actually is below freezing. And what battle continued down here north of away. Now we're talking about sleet and freezing -- to start in the kind of transition to sleet and snow. During the day with accumulating snow possible something we don't see here he often down here. And it's been a number of years that 20089 -- and we saw some in central and northern Louisiana Baton Rouge area. But not too much down here in the world area. We're talking potentially one to three inches and those areas and then that's enough to cause all kinds of travel headaches south of the lake. A quarter to -- be as much as half an inch of ice could form. And I am not seem like a lot of Koreans or maybe that half an inch but that is more than enough. To weight down breaches countries to daybreak. Weighed down the power lines advocates. And now we're talking in power outages -- north and south Philly potentially because of the which whether. We're gonna stay very close to you to isn't -- -- we really appreciate you taking time but we're gonna stay in touch. Everybody's paying attention and hopefully getting prepared. That's that's the big thing -- to be prepared. We keep be prepared for her tropical systems in the -- all the time don't take this system lately if you thought Friday it was bad. This is going to be ports that's what the message a bit. Didn't like Friday you're really not gonna like Tuesday in Wednesday's going to be critical experts pursue a travel issues all around Louisiana. Thank you so much international. Now joining us in our studio talking with doctor Foster the president of UN -- Some alumni and very proud alumni Brian Gloria -- so who's the managing partner economy Branson and glorious and law firm. Shawn writing on phone division vice president of insurance operations for -- make out. And Ulanova mom doctor Bobby Seth Waugh CEO of honestly this -- G -- And I see an engineering services company headquartered in Metairie. -- block saying it. Doc can't dock and it's going to be in my brain owner of Comtech industries. Tom kitchen CEO of Stewart Enterprises all of view you in -- -- Many of you have been on the foundation -- continue to be on the foundation you care about the school. So it had to have pained you to see when it was just being ripped financially. I think so I think one of the things that Peter pointed out is that as a community and we have to consider. Do we want our legislature to have to cut education when their shortfalls in the budget because that's what we have now. They don't have a choice they can cut healthcare and they can cut cut education so I think as a community we need to consider our. Do we wanna change that because otherwise it's going to continue to happen we can't blame the governor because he has no choice that's what the way the -- set up. So I think that's something as a community we need to consider changing talking about going to Baton Rouge and changing laws and exactly so that education does not have to be cut when as the budget shortfall. I think if you look a competitively. Analysis of state. The legislature has really stepped back in and take a look at how we competing around the country war. Four residents and for the young population and I think we're having problem. When when we continue to cut and cut education especially higher education. -- -- Emphasis is placed an economic development cannot happen unless there's an educated qualified workforce that you know this. Really created. Over the last fifty years and so it's it is really the response it's responsible. For the middle class in the New Orleans area in the state of Louisiana. Doctors -- want. -- but your thoughts. And I agree -- be. Statement that it just been made one of the critical component is the message that all of this and you. Behind and student and younger. In our region. And that is. Essentially dead we again it doesn't put enough and a higher education. And for companies like mine you know like -- -- relies heavily on technology. And personnel. Want to continue their education technology. In the field -- he would -- with. We need a message to be. Not only if you'll open the -- but we. Vibrant and viable. Regional. Public university. Is available to them and and we need to view. Love. Reached out to him behind -- student and anecdotal or -- you can. -- -- I would also agree the comments Clinton -- What is this really is not a good problem as a student on campus back in the late eighties we faced this problem and where we're lobby in the legislature back then. Popular with the same problem with education health care being -- year after year. And not -- -- that's one. Opportunity -- consciousness spot current administration as well when he took office took the momentum Q. Change some of these things jurors not in our -- that's unfortunate yeah. But that the situation I think that the university found itself -- just a continuation of what's been going on for the last twenty top bush years. So we're not prioritizing. What you're saying. Court then you know as. That's one of management and we hire a lot of students how a lot of graduates from the University -- New Orleans and our workforce Kindle that university to educate. You know that the next generation of workers and our city. In different and if we're not careful what what they may also be missing is the fact that while a lot of the residents may not have had the money to travel in the past to go to out of state universities. On line education is getting better and better and so the competition that we have. Is getting more and more fierce from very reputable universities all over the country. And so and so we -- need to move forward very quickly to fix this. We're gonna take another break hate government to do this but -- we need to take a break but I want to find out that these five men are successes. And it all started that you went out and I think that's what people need to hear the value. To these men have from their education you -- Because there's a bigger discussion in this country about the value of college and young people are having to pay or burden themselves with. Loans. But it mattered to you and I think that's the story we'll talk about next but stay with this we're gonna continue this and our discussion with doctor fonts right after this. I'm Angela under the W well. Our guest today is doctor Peter Frost that he up president of Ulanova starting his third year on corrected. And done. Really some outstanding alumni who have just gone on to struck down companies to be great successes to BCE -- And it all says the importance of having a college like this in. Or university like this in New Orleans and supported. A little bit about just very briefly what it meant that you could have that degree -- Well. I think with the university provides is that foundation that you need to be successful. It provides you win if the education to learn how to speak to write properly in a business. Mood. But also the foundation in history and in other. Fields so that -- well rounded when you when you graduate but also. At the institution itself at UN though the professors are involved. And you you learn the work ethic because they. Require he used to meet their standards you know I think has a pretty good reputation in the community. For academics and when you say army -- graduate people generally believe. That -- hard worker and that you pretty bright because it's hard school to graduate from. It's -- think those things the university has maintained even though we've had these budget cuts the academic excellence is still there. Arm and I think that's the type of thing that I took away from mine Tommy you know. And. I graduated in engineering from the universe in more loans and my father's an engineer and neither him nor the heads of all the engineering firms that were -- around the city at that time. What none of them went to you know they went to all these big name schools I had the opportunity to meet with all of them when trying to choose school. And while they all went to these different -- schools. They all hired from you know and they said they got a better products. And they weren't ashamed to say it. And between that and that and they in the affordability if you -- now. It was an easy decision and I don't regret them and it's great. And Angela for me it was the affordable option. I went there. I was impressed with the caliber of the professors and teachers I had I was well prepared got a good quality education. Went out work to India on business community here locally and I was well prepared to to take on any challenge that would that came my way. So it. It's the affordable options still. When you look at higher education and you mentioned about the give you the question of does is it worth going to college and I think that that is a legitimate question but when you. Weigh the value of a college education against the cost of foot -- a college degree from you know. You could see that that the college degree from you know is going to pay dividends for person you know after the current toward. And you would agree doctor Samar and Sean -- -- and I would agree -- are fortunate to have you know. Available for myself well I mean I have the opportunity to to go to college does. I'm very technical problem stay with this burst of talk in education we'll be right back I'm Angela under the genuine. We welcome you back we're talking about Ulanova. Not just to survive I think that's an important point it is about keeping the excellence. That's been the history of human now. Peter losses it's. President and starting his third term and we're sitting here with a bunch of great alumni. The states how many used the words and the people and again but it really rate higher education and now all of a sudden. Whether it be -- be who we head on and others saying you know we got an influx of industries. We're gonna need to work force. And they're going to have to be talented so now the governor as of Friday announcing his budget is putting some more money and that's a good thing. Is going to be enough. That's of it that's a very good question some people think it's not enough but I tell people last Q zero so this year. And so -- and nothing but it's it's a good sign I think that that the governor -- identified that he needs to invest in and hard. Born here and built to do. And and it's exciting. Is that we already know right now executive budget the money we had last year at the same money which -- -- -- good thing because it's very good. And there was no -- cut this year first -- -- Also. -- -- regret act which was institute a few years ago. Allows us to raise tuition 10% without approval from legislature. The list two years ago and has -- that money which meant that we raise tuition 10% and -- Took out the state programs that equal amounts we didn't get any additional money. And -- and regret it was gives additional -- do. What's he doing with 10% vote in the general general fund he was he was. He was reducing our general fund from the money -- known now. Which. As a student stable money and we didn't get the benefits of additional revenue. This year it in the exact budgets and keep. Well. Mandated. Which in increases its four million dollars. That sickness but it stars yes and it. Third like I'm sorry but. My mind which is -- and that's. Midyear cuts and then you never had confidence. Coming in the next year with anything other than you have before right and then you're able to raise 10% tuition for four million dollars in the text yes and that is an okay. -- certainly understand very. So I'm very thankful and grateful. He's doing it this year so I was so weak weekend an additional four million dollars. Austin to pay anyway at least we can put it to use that helped them. Educate them bad -- the student. Also has developed a program that's still it's going to be an end in the bills can be in too long we hope. Called wise program and its work force and an invitation for a strong economy. And he's gonna put forty -- of state put -- mean girls a year. We can't appease its supply and it can't be swapped him beat messed with. If the bills the bills passed that rule. Go to universities to warn us -- great many people with the workforce commission calls for and pop -- jobs. Engineering computer science counting education as an example. And some technical jobs and unbelievably wonderful as the Soviet affairs. Analyst that will be dedicated to moderate as an earlier. Right now and hundred dollars -- dedicate this this money be first down. District state. At least since Alaska institution convention that these -- these -- will be dedicated and no one can touch him. Which is really really good and will that will benefit from from from as well. -- -- -- -- that don't you have to -- yet and -- the match to get -- get 20% match. To get the money. Possibly a couple of million dollars which is actually pretty good. And but this is is very liberal we can match -- on scholarships. You internships. -- -- which is always good. Equipment. Company gives equipment with the news facilities. So that the turnaround plan in July offers to let them know. What will be a match and and at the refute that we get the money. You come up with a when he went out here it comes we're going to take would go to -- well let's go to Dave Dave Allen. We welcome you back to our open mind having I think a wonderful discussion on an important one. About you -- -- higher education and we have the president to -- one now Peter Frost is our guest and some incredible problem. And I'm going to I think reintroduce everybody is we've added 101. And only -- do post. History. Famous political analyst is going to be a little later with this as well -- glorious who was an attorney. With Tommy Branson glorious law firm sure on ready division vice president insurance operations. AMOCO. Doctor bodies stabbed autopsy you know -- isn't -- IT engineering service company headquartered in Metairie. -- -- -- -- tech industries. And Tom kitchens you know Stewart Enterprises just retired two weeks ago. Had also run out and everything this plus plan to do those who was mr. perfection. About the excellence that has come out of you -- I think we need to. Continue to remember that as they fight the battle of doing things right and I think what doctor -- was just talking about very very important. All these cuts over the last years now the governor is proposing to -- some money and that is very good news. In program all the -- program but I want to get to again we have a contest coming in thirty seconds and I went in erupt again. But that's the goodness that some money is going to be coming back to higher and much much needed. It will mean that you'll have to raise 20%. But that you're checking your very doable so that's important -- Almost there at our contest. Here we go probably. It's the 1000 dollar cash contest the code word this hour is order. OR DE -- Enter that code word that it -- dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just a simple and -- -- in your office computer surfing at home run your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Listen for the tax code -- like for the top of the hour news at 6 PM. Good -- from Smart radio intercom and W. -- all thinking about this extraordinary weather that we are also thinking about what has happened higher education. In our state and it's been pretty devastating and yet in spite of that. The fight goes on because we have. Wonderful schools here that just need the help and as we left you a doctor Peter -- president of UN now. Was saying that they plan that's going to be brought for the legislature. Is very good news the wise plan. Really formulated by educators. That -- This has been working been in the works since July of of this pastor of last year. Developing the governor's staff and legislators. Together said please bring us a plan. Let us know we can help you. And the governor is very consistent economic development toward the programs so. With the cooperation of all the the university in Mexico its systems and statements for them. And a lot of work by a lot of people and van rouge and I have the pleasure participants on the negotiations. Work with the governor's staff that we brought this plan to the governor. Excellent a lot of formal system presidents and the governor agreed that it was that it was a good investment. And it's a plan that he said that he could support and he put an exact budget that thankfully. So with that you'll get some fun you'll have to raise some funds privately -- good. On that yes you know universities. And -- raise money of the ways that we feel real comfortable because -- The criteria to to to match the funds. We do every day we have internships and scholarships. And cash donations from companies and relationships. That we know we can do in fact we're real proud one with G capital we had called sweet program which is that it's -- -- -- ship between university. Also economic development. And a GE capital to its apprenticeship program in which. -- It was half me and tells you that India so it's a million dollars and Stephen -- uses exactly director recognized. The the and the value of the investment and university NG capital my boy and his people recognized the quality product that we actually Purdue's. And so it's wonderful programs exactly the type of program at the wise. Initiative wants us to do so we had a game. Well we're also in the interview with the -- alumni who are just very successful business people on I'd like to know from you all. What you think alumni. Throughout this area should be doing. I certainly think that getting involved this is step number one. I'm personally involved in the college of engineering and I have an advisory board. Our capital pools and different or wells and it's very active war. If you're not involved. College it's. -- business -- It fault because that's just it shows work from there things. Helps support university. -- -- Well. All nations you do it but foundations. That house. There's one thing you knows. There vs country is the building these endowments that schools or you. Lose. That's the beginning or. I think if your alumni we have 70000. Alumni. Many of homer into the launch area. Join the alumni association doesn't cost anything to become a member of the you'll see all of the things that we do community. If you're a business person and no 19 in this area. You know creates. Your future we create those people that you won't hire in the future so if you become involved. You can help the university to prepare the employees are you going to need to hire for your business going forward in the alumni association can help you to get that message. To the universities about your business will be able to hire the employees that it needs that are trained to work that your business meets. And -- -- 7000 alone in this area belong can be terrific ambassadors. -- for the university to care there were -- get involved with the university but to spread the word about the quality of education that each of us has received. You know from you know. And don't -- to do both -- another great alarm. In in supporting. We need this school in this area. I remember when I was a history student that you -- know back in the nineteen -- and 1970s. Had the pleasure of stunning under the immortal Stephen Ambrose in the -- immortal Joseph blogs and in their history department. And we. Was required appears to me just take a course in Louisiana history and one of the things I learned. During that course taught by -- -- by -- retrieval. Was that. You know was created. Part and parcel to. Number one it was the first integrated university in Louisiana that was never segregated -- -- and it's it's life you know opened up as a fully. Racially integrated university in -- of the university in Louisiana as a distinction. Certainly not more from that -- And secondly you know actually created the middle class metro new walls before you know came along. The middle class in new loans was like the old time Republican Party that could have their convention in a phone Booth. But because of you know in the role that it played it as an economic driver in this area. The middle class that the native middle class in New Orleans is largely a product review -- And the comment that was made earlier about it through a business owner you and I was going to supply you with your future workers is very true and my business -- gambit. We have a number of employees who are you and I regret my son attended UNO. I'm of course -- you know graduate and very proud of that so. You know you know it is even if you didn't go to U -- know if you if you do almost anything in in the area. Of any kind of consequence you -- you have to recognize the importance of UNL and the role at a place in our economy and a culture to its jazz studies program and and and other important parts of what make New Orleans to New Orleans UN it was right there. Stay with this I'm Angela under the W well. -- discussion has been about UN no -- higher education but again whether on our mind and Carl there Redondo on the phone -- any changes since we last spoke. What we're looking at the the yet changes a slight changes in the accumulation of what we can expect now. For tomorrow. Extreme north little lake like northern -- about what northern -- Paris and parts of Mississippi. Could see anywhere from one to three inches of snow. And may be less than a quarter inch of ice accumulations up the rest of the -- areas north to the lake up from lake -- rate to about. Sent to a -- to borrow at southern -- -- about one to two inches of snow with a quarter inch of ice accumulation. Anywhere south Italy including metro New Orleans less than an -- it's no. And ice accumulations more about a quarter two media happened -- so. It all depends on the system in the cold -- but we are looking at snow accumulations even on the South -- maybe not a lot but there could be some south lake but ice accumulations will be everywhere depending on how much falls it could be anywhere from a quarter. To half an inch across areas that we're looking at an -- situation beginning may be as soon -- 8:9 o'clock in the morning north lake and after ten or eleven south lake as well. Work organist in touch with OK you know the simple thank you so much. We're gonna wrap up what I think is Mary -- important discussion. We had to prioritize higher -- and we have got to appreciate the schools we have. And support and as these wonderful alumni have said. Nobody has made a difference not only in their lines but now their business owners and their hiring Salem. So we just have to communicate with our. Representatives and and our governor and say this matters -- matters a lot doctor Peter fonts are special guest president and now. And these terrific night -- your final thoughts are you. Now little more optimistic that we're going to be able to get some funds and yes very. Optimistic and and a I think you need to know into a new listeners who -- alive and well. In spite of the the budget cuts and we continue to fight and and -- good job. The faculty and staff and most dedicated group of people know. We've always universe was built on tactics and academic programs. We still -- very excellent academic programs so it's it's a school that parents and high school students of this need to really consider. To get a wonderful education at a relatively inexpensive price. And I think that's at a point that we should have made a little bit earlier that it was named one of among the lowest. That of the financial burden that kids have when they graduate right and that's that's important because a lot of people looking at fact and and we've also been named. Out of Princeton Review one of the nation's best institutions undergraduate education so I'm only at the graduate with not a lot of debt -- very very excellent education. So -- in spite of of the of the cuts. And despite me wanting more money to do more things that for the university for the students and staff and faculty. We still have we still have a good thing going and -- continued to DP that way. If all goes well with the economy. Hopefully we're finished with that some rough spot we have -- -- nine. Where do you see the university ten years and lastly a question -- -- gotten Anderson this is sort of a broad stroke brush stroke. I want us to beat me university in the universe and we sent system have some very. Gerber good and and and and successful system institutions so when people hear that you -- system. They sell us the system and universe and -- Google won't be the best in academics the best and student life the best student says. The best and and and housing the best you can and and athletics. And want nothing to to let your listeners know. The university I went to which -- problem call once and Portland in between classes is not the same universe animals we have today. But let let -- to people living on campus full time. You -- -- -- on campus are -- -- clock to alarm clock at night. It's really it's really. A community that drew Julio and low buzz going on right now as well so it's it's a good place. To be good places and student -- children. And -- for the sit. And the higher standard feature in agreement. Yes -- witness and have been better better prepared students. So we work with that -- -- -- ounces -- -- earlier to get those to attract those are qualified students at numbers. And to these delightful alumni who have been here this afternoon I can't thank you enough it means a lot I think it just humanize is an issue. These are real people who have invested in the schooling got something out of it and continue to. Any final thought. Well I just think it's important to note that. The university itself even though we've had these cuts is in great shape for students and a student comes on campus they're gonna get a first rate education. The professors are still the best professors. They give each student personal attention. And they're gonna graduate with a degree that is worth. Every penny and more and they're going to be able to go -- to the workforce and the employers are looking for the you know graduate. Again I thank you very very much and we'll do -- follow up we'll see how things go after the wise plan is hopefully done. I want to thank -- crawler I'm sorry Donald but couldn't get to you but he said his son chose UN now over others that's quite a statement. So stay with was the next thirty minutes it's going to be Clancy Dubose talking politics right after this.