WWL>Topics>>1-27-14 3:35pm Angela: with Clancy Dubos on the upcoming elections

1-27-14 3:35pm Angela: with Clancy Dubos on the upcoming elections

Jan 27, 2014|

Angela handicaps the upcoming Saturday night Orleans elections with WWL-TV political analyst and editor/publisher of Gambit Weekly Clancy Dubos.

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-- all thinking about this extraordinary weather but we are also thinking about what has happened higher education. In our state and it's been pretty devastating and yet in spite of that. The fight goes on because we have. Wonderful schools here that just need to help them. As we left you a doctor Peter false present if you went down with saying that a plan that's going to be brought for the legislature. Is very good news the wise plan. Really formulated by educators. Correct this has been working been in the works since July of of the pastor of last year. Developing the governor's staff. And legislators. Together said please bring us a plan. Let us know we can help you. And the governor is very -- liken -- development toward programs so with the cooperation although university in -- -- systems in statements for them. And a lot of work by a lot of people in Baton Rouge and the players and participants and negotiations. Work with the governor's staff that we brought this plan to government. Excellent a lot of formal system presidents. And the governor agreed that it was that it -- good investment and it's a plan that he said that he could support and he put music but thankfully. So with that you will get some -- you'll have to raise some funds privately that -- your good. On that yes you know universities and in general has raised one of the ways that but feel real comfortable because -- The criteria to to to match the funds. We do every day we have internships and scholarships. And cash donations from companies and relationships. That that we know we can do infect the real problem with G capital we had called sweep program in which is that it's a three point point ship between university. Also economic development. And apology capital to its apprenticeship program in which. LED. It was half a million dollars a year for India so it's a million dollars and Steve Moore uses exactly director recognized. The the and the value of the investment and university NG capital -- the boy and his people recognized the quality product that we actually produce. And so it's wonderful programs exactly the type of program at the wise. Initiative once -- that so we had a game. Well we're also in the interview with your alumni who are just very successful businesspeople -- I'd like to know from you all. What you think alumni throughout this area should be doing. I certainly think that getting involved is his step number one. I'm personally involved in the college of engineering and I have an advisory board. Our capital pools and different or wells it's very active war. If you're not involved. College it's. -- business -- Get involved because that's just it shows work from there things. -- -- university. -- -- Hello. All nations you do -- but foundations. That Google's. There's one thing your -- -- there vs country is the building these endowments that schools or you. Lose. So if -- is beginning -- I think if you're an alumni we have 70000. Alumni. Many of whom are in the launch area. Join the alumni association doesn't cost anything to become a member of the you'll see all of the things that we do community. If you're a business person and no 19 in this area. You know creates. Your future we create those people that you won't hire in the future so if you become involved. You can help the university to prepare the employees are you going to need to hire for your business going forward in the alumni association can help you to get that message. To the university -- that your business will be able to hire -- employees that it needs that are trained to work that your business needs. And -- sets 7000 alone in this area belong can be terrific ambassadors. Hello for the university to carry forward only get involved with the university but. To spread the word about the quality of education that each of us has -- You know from you know. And don't plan to do -- -- another great alarm. In and supporting. We need this school in this area. I remember when I was a history student -- you know back in the nineteen rooms and 1970s. Had the pleasure of stunning under the immortal Stephen Ambrose in the -- immortal Joseph blogs and in their history department. And we are was required appears to me just take -- course in Louisiana history and one of the things I learned. During that course taught by little by Joseph Torre go. Was that. You know was created. Part and parcel to. Number one it was the first integrated university in Louisiana that was never segregated today and it's it's life you know opened up as a fully. Racially integrated university in northern university in Louisiana as a distinction. Certainly not more -- Europe. And secondly you know actually created the middle class metro new walls before you know came along. The middle class in new loans was like the old time Republican Party that could have their convention in a phone Booth. But because of the -- Leno in the role that it played it as an economic driver in this area. The middle class that the native middle class in your walls is largely a product review -- And the comment that was made earlier about it through a business owner. You and I was going to supply you with your future workers is very true and my business again but we have a number of employees who -- you autograph my son attended -- I'm of course you know graduate and very proud of that so. In -- you know it is even if you didn't go to you know. If you if you do almost anything in in the area. Of any kind of consequence you -- you have to recognize the importance of you know in the role at a place in our economy and a culture to its jazz studies program and and and other important parts of what make New Orleans and New Orleans UN it was right there. Stay with this I'm Angela under the W well. Our discussion has been about UN no -- higher education but again whether on our mind and -- -- Redondo on the phone -- any changes since we last spoke. While we're looking at the the changes a slight changes in the accumulation of what we can expect now for tomorrow. Extreme north little lake like northern can't about what northern -- Paris and parts of Mississippi. Could see anywhere from one to three inches of snow. And may be less than a quarter when he took ice accumulations up the rest of the new areas north to the lake up from lake -- rate to about. Sent to a -- to grow at southern Washington cares about one to two inches of snow with a quarter inch of ice accumulation. Anywhere south Italy including metro New Orleans less than any tips now. And ice accumulations more about a quarter two media happened -- so. It all depends on the system in the cold there but we are looking at. Snow accumulations even on the South Shore maybe not a lot but there could be some south -- -- but ice accumulations will be everywhere depending on how much falls it could be anywhere from a quarter. To half an inch across our area so we're looking at a Dicey situation beginning maybe it's in his 8:9 o'clock in the morning north lake and after ten or eleven south lake as well. Work organist and touch on OK you know the simple thank you so much. We're gonna wrap up what I think -- Berry -- important discussion. We had to prioritize higher end and we have got to appreciate the schools we had. And support and as these wonderful alumni have said. Note that has made the difference not only in their lines but now their business owners and their hiring Salem. So we just have to communicate with our representatives and and our governor and say this matters this matters a lot. Doctor Peter -- our special guest president and now. And these terrific night sort of your final -- are you. Now little more optimistic that were going to be able to get some funds and yes very. Optimistic and and a I think you need to know into a new listeners who -- alive and well. In spite of the the budget cuts and we continue to fight and and do good job. The faculty and staff for the most dedicated group of people know. We've always -- universe was built on tactics and academic programs. We still have very excellent academic programs so it's it's a school that parents and high school students -- this need to really consider. To get a wonderful education at a relatively inexpensive price. And I think that's at a point that we shouldn't make a little bit earlier that it was named one of among the lowest. That of the financial burden that kids have when they graduate right and that's that's important because a lot of people looking at -- and and we've also been named. Out of Princeton Review one of the nation's best institutions undergraduate education so I'm only at the graduate with not a lot of debt -- actually get a very very excellent education. So -- in spite of of the of the cuts. And despite me wanting more money to do more things they have for the university for the students and staff and faculty. We still have waste of good thing going and -- continued to DP that. If all goes well with the economy. Hopefully we're finished with that some rough spot we have an -- on nine. Where do you see the university ten years and people ask a question that since I've gotten Anderson this is sort of a broad stroke brush stroke. I want us to beat me university in the universe and we sent system I have some very. -- good and and and and successful system institutions so when people hear that you -- system. They sell us the system universal -- -- Google won't be the best in academics the best and student life the best and student says. The best and and and housing the best even -- -- and athletics. And want nothing to to let your listeners know. The university I went to which the problem -- development and Portland in between classes is not the same universe animals -- today. But let let on to people living on campus full time negative view on campus are -- from 7 o'clock to alarm clock at night. It's really it's really. A community that -- -- and low buzz going on right now as well so it's it's a good place. To be good places and your student of these children. And -- for the sit. And the higher standard feature in agreement. Yes or who -- -- and have better better prepared students. So we work with that -- those two ounces -- -- earlier to get those to attract those are qualified students sitting members. And to these delightful alumni who have been here this afternoon I can't thank you enough it means a lot I think it just humanize is an issue. These are real people who have invested in the schooling got something out of it and continue to. Any final thought. Well I just think it's important to note that. The university itself even though we've had these cuts is in great shape for students and a student comes on campus they're gonna get a first rate education. The professors are still the best professors. They give each student personal attention. And they're running graduated with a degree that is worth. Every penny and more and they're going to be able to go -- to the workforce and the employers are looking for the you know graduate. Again I thank you very very much and well do follow up we'll see how things go after the wise plan has hopefully done. I want to thank god crawler I'm sorry -- -- couldn't get to you but he said his son chose UN now over others that's quite a statement. So stay with -- the next thirty minutes it's going to be Clancy Dubose talking politics right after this. Well a lot of weather a lot of interesting talk about higher -- but. We are now less than a week away from an election that will determine who our city leaders will be for the next four years. If you haven't already voted and over 101000 of you did. Or if you haven't made up your mind stay with us we have the best year -- do -- to give us the scoop on each race. Clancy of course is the editor of gambit and political analyst for WL TV and my wonderful friend who was here shortly after Christmas saying. That elections gonna come out pretty quickly. And by golly it hands. It really does this is. Probably the worst. Election schedule in the United States of America. And its -- nobody else has an election February. And to pick if you could pick one place in America that would be the worst place I have an election February it would be new Wallace because of the saints -- in the playoffs because of Mardi -- The pelicans basketball team -- what else can you the pylon in front we're never gonna dissident threat that the legislature passed a law. And I think it's going to go before New Orleans voters as well. Possibly in the autumn of this year to change the charter to align. With the new state law to put. Our citywide elections for mayor council -- Clark etc. Back where was before. The 1982. It was changed during the administration of Dutch morial who complain that the transition period was too long one now our bodies complain because the transition period is too short so we're gonna go back to the way it used to be for the next time. And hopefully that will work out because it certainly I think it helped turn -- on having him in February and march run offs and Martina. And these are very -- turn -- this is the mayor of this is the council this racer this is a big deal. So we can I have to say we're gonna be at the voting Booth that we have more on -- -- now let's talk about has anything changed dramatically in the mayor's race. Well I think it's got a little tighter you know when Michael back -- first qualified in December a lot of people did not know who he was who he is rather. And I think. Because he's run a very progressive campaign and try to get his message out and on TV and on radio and visiting churches and school affairs all things that candidates do. I think he has gotten his message out he's gotten his name his face out there people now know that Mitch Landrieu has a major opponent. They know who he is he was a judge until. December. 11 to twelve. And you know -- made a race out of it. And he has quite a political background and that he worked with the -- more. He got his start as that's Morales executive council that's when he and I first practice I was covering -- Mario back and so I've known. It's a column Michael 'cause I know but I've known -- back Marist. Since around 1978. Or 79 yeah. Okay so are you I'm thinking it's going to be tight do you think he'll be a runoff do you think Mitchell went out right. I don't know that there will be a run off a runoff seems to me it's like anything's possible. And I can't predict what the turnout will be look at this weather we're having -- next two days and I think it's gonna get a little chilly toward him in a week as well so. In -- -- always. It's been number one factor in what happens. Because if if every single person voted I think I can predict election but that never happens so. It depends on how many vote and who votes. And you know the campaign is still going -- you know I think Larry Drew the incumbent. As is the case for all incumbents just about. It is the favorite. Which you know I like to go to the fairgrounds in the favorite doesn't always win the got to show up and run the race dislike the horses have to run around the track the candidates have to campaign and I think that this is a week when everything builds towards Saturday. But you'll see the campaigns begin to shift. Internally at least the way I look at them. After Wednesday night they're really going to be shifting their efforts towards getting out to vote they spent a lot of time up till now. Getting their message out and identifying their voters and then they're gonna spend Thursday and Friday and Saturday reminding. The people that they've identified as their voters what their likely voters. Please make sure you get out and vote because as important as this is. And it's it's the whole world to the keep people who are running. But to the average person who's got. Mortgage to pay -- you can -- burn home and got to him got to make some groceries and so it's OK -- combat rather tough you know average everybody's juggling that little thing that happens between elections called life. Yeah so a lot of people forget to vote and I think they gonna need to be reminded him and that's what the candidates will be doing. That one of them. The most contested and and frankly interesting races this bin for criminal share yet a lot of -- just -- sheriff back because there's a direct to that is correct share. So Marlon -- somebody is gonna make a run port. Yes he probably has of all the incumbents he may have the toughest fight. I still think he has -- a favorite not a heavy favorite necessarily but I think he's a favorite and that's a race that could go to a runoff because. Charlie -- -- former sheriff also. Former state attorney general has mounted a major challenge and -- Thomas -- school board president has made a race on itself. Thomas is probably the the the long shot but I think is gonna get enough votes. That if Grossman and -- rhymes kind of neck and neck but I expect -- to run first. It could throw it to a runoff and I pack two very well happen. We only have adamant -- and I wanted to get to the council. You're thinking most of incumbents well plan. Well one incumbent has already warned -- -- Cantrell was not challenged. Stacy -- definitely favored in her race she faces only one opponent Eugene green. There's a vacancy for Jackie Clarkson seat. Which is being. Contested by. Cynthia has -- whose term limited in district. Challenged by Freddie sharp and -- who was an interim council member. And by Jayson Williams who ran for DA. I'm not quite what four years ago and I ran third. I think has Morales a favorite but that would could well go to -- run off. Council district pay the incumbent Susan injuries probably the favorite there council district seat if we're very close race I think between Jackie Clarkson. Who is an at large -- running back to her old district. And Nadine Ramsey a former judge who grants from mayor four years ago. And possibly Louis -- that the government could go to a runoff I think Clarkson is probably have a slight favorite but they've got to be very very very close. Industry the it's -- of -- reformists -- -- chancellor is challenging. Ajar for a set there's no incumbent there. Because has relish running at large -- outline neighborhood leader tablet could potentially go to a runoff community. James -- and Cynthia Willard Lewis both of certain district the -- of the via a real hard -- what. And Carner. Coroner. It's wide open because frank -- yard didn't run you know you've got three very qualified. Opposition's running. And you know and any two of them could make the run up I think we might see your runoff there. I really think some of these things just should be appointed. You know we elect a corner. Watcher anyway it will be an interesting Saturday it's important to people go out vote that's right these people in lived with us for a very long time. And we're gonna live with their decisions for a very long time. That is right and it's good to have to see that they are really we've had some of the candidates on and they they really have been working to forms. And people have been coming out and that's exactly how should work yes. But John. You don't see anything that's any super surprises. Or pocket for C a surprise it would be much of a surprise but I mean there's always some last minute fireworks people try to gin up interest but. You know usually those things don't really that kind of -- summit Raza you know. -- snake in the room can write the very adamant. It it doesn't usually have the effect it's intended. And most people have made -- demise of a book needed now is for people to remember. To about their vote. Well we're gonna remember to get -- back -- after the elections apparently I don't know what is happening. Thank you Clinton to bush -- world wonderful human being used to you or is wonderful human being. I preach their record that planet from martyr for. Thanks again stay with us everyone we're not done we're going to be talking some one other run activists. -- the message is loud and clear and that is to be prepared for the next 48 hours. As we get as mayor Landrieu said. Probably the worst winter storm we -- at least ten years if not 25 years. On joining us now is saint Tammany parish president pat -- and I truly appreciate chew on. Joining us because I know your parish is getting so organized. Thank you and appreciate the time that your allowing the church just reinforced -- We have to be prepared never. Surprised here -- unexpected obviously that we are prepared. What was it like on Friday for -- law. She well Friday. You know we make it through it is what it but I'm -- Beers what we've been achieved next today. We had a couple. Actual. Areas that we needed to improve upon which. That is just sitting communications. Where that could be achieved it LTD and other agency that we've been on the phone all day today and make sure we have ironed out church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- again caught by surprise a little bit in. We didn't make it or aren't we were -- -- to have option in major accidents or any injuries or. War. And all of your schools are closed over there injure. Are your government offices also close in courts. -- we are. -- we'd meet. Here at our emergency operations in her I'll be here for the next two days and trade both superintendent of schools. Come -- reached what. Our National Weather Service calls. And we kind of talk about it the other because you know like go to our government officer -- is it it probably is best that we. Closed at the same time because parents and home. Where children are children without parents should really reach mention much more difficult -- we try to coordinate that what are our cities our municipalities. Our our court system is. Close call so and the schools are closed -- -- today. So would be both Tuesday and Wednesday. Is there and stayed in the world. Monitor Thursday. We're hoping that well enough. Sunshine. A warm weather that that we will watch what my situation now and. Have you any information on our stores going to open tomorrow. You know we have not gotten that information yet -- Well aware advising you stay all the fruits and that's absolutely Mets -- particularly. It happened and after -- and I -- it'll start in the morning but it'll start -- little bit later he thinks -- Yeah everything everything change about your power players early to. We're going to be staying in touch with you in the next couple of days thank you pat Brister president of saint Tammany parish. Now let's go to Dave -- in the news -- --