WWL>Topics>>1-27 4:10pm Second Guess Show: Super Bowl Weather

1-27 4:10pm Second Guess Show: Super Bowl Weather

Jan 27, 2014|

Mike Detillier and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the possible effect the weather will have on the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second -- show Mike and the Bobby Hebert an abacus will slip a casino. Beat sided and it got brownie Mississippi in the area drop all by Macias won't be on until 7 o'clock that night. And in at 7 o'clock you know be good Johnny Jones show -- at -- wanted to keep your Dow went -- to the -- 87 -- we're going to be giving. All weather updates throughout the night and I certainly over the next couple days where. Some pretty. Unconditional. Sort of speak -- weather conditions. Down in south Louisiana we rarely steal but. You're gonna need to keep up that they don't what's open what's blows that's no devastation right here all of the big gate seventy. -- Seattle Denver. Book -- go for all all indications weather wise. It will not be. A weather situation in New Jersey where it made -- cold -- they do give a chance of rain and snow. Possibly that night five the seven mile an hour winds. I think it breaks down now and the one thing. How close they called this football team -- -- because we you look at the eye football this Denver has and Peyton Manning. Built on timing passes. And I'll Seattle plays very physical. Hope people if they didn't play a lot of -- covered but it when they played man demand they are scrappy team. -- -- -- football team if the referees called this game close. Which they have not done all season long it would certainly favors the -- If they let him go and just got to let you like we've seen all season long. I think if there's one factor I think it's going to be Seattle's -- try to get a -- with everything they can't defensively. To try to stop Peyton Manning's. Timing down field. Well like you said however that -- playing on our man they play bump and run. They used the pale technique where they'll come up and jam the receivers open their hits. And they're confident that even though they have the third -- what I mean not that. You very seldom that that makes about what you'll see him at two deep. You see Earl Thomas that the middle and then I'll -- and if -- -- and like a matchup zone and and he can cover a lot of ground. But actually cornerbacks have the common is that there and don't they can come up and jam the receiver and still -- and and get that deep outside. That's it makes the Seahawks those special. But when you look at it how serious are particularly that this series the weather could be. And now and how the NFL. With their contingency plans at all with coming about. And even look at it out of think -- prom I think he can be. In the high twenties that around thirty is gonna be the -- doable in history is going to be that you all of the global that -- that my dad. When the Cowboys. Will the dolphins' 24 to three. Have a white handkerchief -- to put a dollar that didn't help much with. That was 39 degrees but it felt like a 24 degrees. Because that a windshield and just the go to is that it goes to show you. How the NFL and how. You know they get a look at every aspect they're trying to get a grip are what's gonna come about. Is that. It -- you look at it whether it be game windchill factor ice there's no we still don't know that yet. And that's -- talked about the contingency plan though that you played a game a different day any time. Propriety. Before. To the Monday after a bit like us out and that's gonna happen but. When a collecting addicted to detail. Is if you look at they had this that NASA. Official. Are a NASA officials lifted I should say in the the executive box -- NFL when pitchers and business operations. Mr. Grubman. He went on to say that. The league gets -- NASA officials about how they view weather forecast is the launches you know you just don't shoot a rocket up in the air. In order for -- faithful to the weather 'cause at the place they -- these NASA officials. And they hired him as an expert to help with interpretation. Various weather models so Mike and I guarantee that it's overkill. Up until probably you know gain time. It you're addicted an eleven win challenger looked. Yeah yeah with what challenges rates. Most look good in that you saw a lot more out of stringent planes put an -- it's it was a cold day of Florida that particular yes. And that's why a lot like you know would it do it NASA does this -- being in New York it now who's part of that who against then. And at the art Art Rooney the second the Pittsburgh Steelers present anything I'll I would say. That wonderful -- take it to have the soup bowl in New York that he regard and it only as the New York bowl. It wasn't necessarily outdoor stadiums that are now media outlets and abilities stadium that they -- again it's doable but like Green Bay having a -- ball. Now the question PPI think the next one. With Ian walk loaded the easy because as the nation's capital. And you feel -- when ARCO Arena this pretty much that I heard Paul Tagliabue and interview. This is kind and it just probably came to fruition. This is basically thrown a ball. The New York the city and well deserved because. This part came up in conversation amongst our owners Charlie after 9/11. And there was some sentiment but all the owners treated -- but New York. And then he said even because of the nation's capital pentagon got affected I think watch it was mentioned it to those. Conversations as well but he said. Is that mr. Rooney I think he'll remain a rare occasion when the game was played in an audience city particularly went out adult. But I do think that you'll be watching -- could be affected -- decisions depending on how the NFL obviously couples at all. Now of Mark Murphy. You know he's the president. And with the Packers. And I'm not here's a guy ravaged inning Greenpeace that I think it was really. A specific to New York to even recognize that. And eagle on the thing about 9/11. And that also if you look at it a brand new stadium and it's a double whammy. Because it's unique because you have two teams involved. You either build a brand new stadium and you have the Jets the Jets and Giants involved but they were on this anticipate -- probably not set a precedent. Even it it -- pretty good. It's now like all of us and I think you'd have -- -- cities with outdoor stadiums all the than in the rotation. You know how we open -- -- fans that we get the civil every five years I'd be shot. If we don't get 2008 team that'll be -- general that you all as the competition. Is that any that Minneapolis and Minneapolis. So I think it's almost a that the other cities or to get involved because the tradition and history. New Orleans but what I say Minneapolis weight that you get the next and okay you -- -- -- stadium does that that this noble the next you're out at the yard. Think some of those sudden citizens in this that you don't cross my nerves. And Donald Ross yours so to speak so if it up with a 28 team will bail -- but you know get involved with us who we have one. I mean anything whether it's going to be cold we have been looking at New York Tuesday Wednesday I mean what you -- you don't know. I mean it did that he do you bring to what you did it looked and I mean. The one thing you -- though the couple. If the weather was like it's gonna be the next day walking. Walking distance to so many different things will have a lot more gear on the second guess show. State Q because -- also out so well before you write up that is great young negates that put him back in the second guess -- Mike fatigue about the event the days -- -- operating Jack or opinion poll. What do you think will win Super Bowl 48. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos you can. If that reply on -- video of that also on. Give us a call -- Bible for 60187. New York 86689087. Wanna tell everybody you as the 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. All of southeast Louisiana will be under winter winter storm warning. With expectations of high winds icy roads driving rain and possible freezing rain sleet and snow. Album definitely out of you with you every step parade online right now it -- -- -- -- now we have but that's the ball the school closings and business schools and Mike Parrish you can check back offered for the latest. This and to governor -- every half power and at the top and bottom of the opera updates live from the channel four. Forecasts that are and find out though -- instantly on your Smartphone. You can sign up for them -- text alerts -- used to 87 and whether you 87870. -- -- body get prepared now voters -- or whom supplies. That's opened stock up on a -- that it can't be prepared for the possibility. Of some electrical outages in the area. And just remembered -- -- -- the official emergency management station you can count here on the video Bob what are things that came up today Emmitt Smith made a comment. That he had never seen a runner. That. Basically had the Saints dollars -- moment. And that's what Emmitt Smith if you get a compliment that's because he can be he was a power runner himself right he was saying that he's never seen anybody in the league since he played in. It played with that same. I pulled Russians now as much as he would lift. I think he becomes absolutely huge factor this let's Peyton Manning is -- Denver it's Marshall bit with Seattle. Yet in a stunning as the -- you look at Seattle. A lot in the NFL average 174. Rushing yards in. They were number one and you look at the Broncos defense. They only gave up 64 and a half that at double -- it's in York the Lyle. So I mean if both -- have success. Now you know -- they never had a lot of success. I didn't think it was generally Garrett not like they did ED -- Jack I mean that's one thing. The Patriots could not run. Against the Broncos now Seattle -- -- different animal. In March on it because it's built to run the PV's top -- and stop them. All with almost -- look at it that given the local example. You met when the analogy America's I'm watching the line and when he violently in there. -- and really feel like it was Cutler ran the ball a meter per second half and also in the second half. It getting 78 yards every carry like why the army get those confused out march -- only hit it in that first half. Watch still -- export water that they gonna give his touches and because the weather we that is the way it is great -- back. Russell think notable party time if he does lose it and it picnic yet. We gotta -- a typical Indian hit the home environment. And -- Russell the -- by 25 times you can be terrible whether you won -- notable point of 25 that I that they even look at -- -- like it. And the rookies had a lot of times -- -- from the get go -- up with war get all of that study happened thirty yard run implement right over people. Kind of wearing down. That the -- that I'd be interested to see as good neighbor is it in noble want against the line. It it it they can do that. Throughout the game pocket that you right now if Denver and even average you know 134 yards rushing if they hole hole. Seattle but not the top hundred yards and end and turn over the outcome of the blame game and there's -- -- Seattle is going. You know in that football game at Richard chairman throughout hollow ring it that it that the various Thomas thing I think he's one of the top five receivers in the NFL. Like big gamble with and this that you're Greg receive everything got you can see him almost the mind game -- -- playing with him that tells me what I said last week. You gonna be won only one most of the time with America's Thomas. And then and it's going to be a big challenge Mike if you look at -- you talk about receiver nick stepped up big time on the big stage. And a look Woody did against the Patriots seven resented the 134 yards. And a lot of it you don't want that you -- -- -- at some highlights at the various Thomas. It's -- short while ago he was green not utilize that time you take note I get a kick out of it. If British covers up their -- run. You get a ticket chant like you've never won the Houston Texans and it -- -- throwback screen picked six in -- away. That's that's you know not to feel like -- that works and Peyton. They get the cornerbacks -- giving ground as. -- but it could have been aggressive. It's hard to pull off that -- wideout green. We'll have a lot more here on the second guess -- write up that is great hero on the beats them. What about this nagging issue Mike it that you Bobby their principles will proceed to beat that inning got pounding Mississippi. With a lower -- out there this is back. We -- put some money in your pockets weekdays on Davida DL yup more chances to win. Thousand dollars every weekday in our 1000. Dollar holiday cash contest. This and that definitely know we gave right before the top argues that 8 AM new. 3 PM and six you know for the poor word. Into the cold worded that to -- dot com slash cash are put on the contest link that definitely will not count. It's just -- season in April your Smartphone or tablet. -- office computer or surfing at. At home you can win anywhere. Every week that he wore lucky business nationwide went thousand dollars each good luck and remember at times to listen. Right before the top argues that it is you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- people listen now six you know on -- WL big John admits any as a rock and hit the slip of the big time. Normally in the huddle with Bobbitt might have been direct. Good afternoon gentlemen and and it's so it's a book and be with you in the if you get a soft for the bowl vortex of Muslims in here. You know one of the things that makes Bobby one of the best radio hosts -- in the countries you never know what you're gonna get with them any particularly it's not just sports history philosophy. Science and then and you've got to keep up with the Bill Nye the Science Guy. With with. Asked yeah. Not gonna go to WYDS than Detroit to Julien the paint it needs to be no big John it's unbelievable you know up the flattery you know I still like you but let it it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable that the NFL like gotten guys across in the fifties. That is not there and get ready to happen and hopefully nothing have a agency with that went to Olympic in Russia. I mean you -- if you -- you think about this now well another -- -- the -- here. Now -- one of the best in the world and all the things you hit it by his dad and mom a lot in which he -- to support you. Support me but I'll sort of like you say the end it's old nobody becomes that that's one thing -- -- everywhere -- security New York. But it shows you how we pick it didn't he Gilmore and don't have what's going on in Russia and the strides there. And that's what they -- us in special forces. Over there to watch out to remember in 1980. Member Jimmy Carter said we're not -- people to the Olympics -- basically slammed the door and just look at almost it's almost some training and to be told. You can hit them because -- -- -- Ryan -- situation well that's exactly what's happening in Iraq it's a political -- But we never want to let it and terrorist taken not a whole book certain situation. It's amazing though NFL. And and -- what the trying to pull this off that especially to have and a place like New York we talked about that. It wondering why having -- you are we talked about as the Jets and the Giants built a new stadium. Look at the largest media center where the largest business business centers in the world. I mean if you go anywhere in the world. You know they go to New York City if -- be you know people would not even physically remote parts of the world I think they know not everybody has a New York. You know with the -- York city. But he just goes to show you why they won NFL once does the work because that exposure. Of a city like New York. But you know it's not convene an -- and you can't make this work. Look where that media headquarters is. And -- -- at the games being played where the teams there's the need it to the coach's nightmare. You get caught traffic. Today and and and if it was and you all -- that you had to take him maybe 1520 minutes to go over two hours. To get. There and that's why you -- that's why we always in the hunt is that what have you done. The best part about New Orleans is assuming we sent this over repentance that the city of wrongs you go from your hotel to the super -- -- what 510 minutes. Right it might and might think it's flower water if I can rely on if you stopped him and you know and now on the watering holes on the way in the in New York though. The stadiums in New Jersey which is like going to slide -- for the for the foot nothing against -- by the way. But yeah there's no subway access is no real transportation access and if it's in the middle of the sticks on me that Barry if you are out there for -- it. Big John you look at we went to Miami yes upbeat that's all cool we know that it gave you caught with open now and yet. Where -- stadium is that where everything's happening in. And this evening and Atlantic Atlanta had a nice arm. I think that was the bills' public audible it if it was terrible. I mean that's how it differed a bit tactical activity at the end of canceling the TP get there. So it's a -- you know what and and you don't have that you all the closest thing I think what olive impressed. Indianapolis. They looked out what the weather and the like outlet low fifties I mean if it was ugly sound but. They don't have enough hotel room so we get in this thing I think it is sort of reports that here we -- the whole week promoting the snow will come to New Orleans. We excitement was saying how old is a mistake somewhere out citing you know have a -- would have been -- -- blossoms. Wouldn't -- there all of actually think that what it up hotel room wearing your wallet they have enough bulletin on their body -- either. In the in the in the newspaper we've been given the report that while most of the -- Super Bowl in 1972. Right I don't look too good to pull that you know -- -- All right I'll get this story on that when we get back and I'm going to break finish but Dave Dixon over the story of this pitch. It getting Wallace the first couple holes and one of its first pitches was. That they had which the weapon and it was a round 69 degrees and sunny. Every week he has to make it but I'll like Miami head and all of us. You get that whole go to -- to pull the Super -- played right here. In New Orleans will have a lot more here on the second guess you'll run up his breaking on the negates that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Become we kind of ran off a little pantanal weather and everything else so well I'll let you finish up your thought of this. You can't get chances and yeah and we can't do anything and I and and we all of its chances that I wanted to talk about one thing unit with all the focus on. Seahawks quarterback Richard Sherman. Run under the radar right now is a really feel good story but it's also an existing player match up in in Champ Bailey. Who's playing its first Super Bowl in. Fifteen seasons. And it's hard to believe a big job obviously that's now -- what you think now he was at one point considered the -- cornerback that you had a row Revis. And now kind of averaged -- that challenge and that. But it they get any better than Champ Bailey no. It doesn't and it shows you -- look the transition of generations where he came up on their. Darrell greens to do with the right and try and now you have that this new crop of defensive backs coming in that sort of in -- setting them all the way Deion Sanders -- the weight Champ Bailey did because that's really bloom today Richard -- Patrick news yeah yeah yeah lawman the Patrick. Now about what what what I think but I think the McKnight McKnight while I think that's they'll give them and it's their Ricky Sherman analogy think they'll get picked off I think. Patrick Peterson the better I believe good -- can punt return all that but I think your cornerback you know I say that. All I'm always Jimmy Graham Byrd packed because of that slant route but you know Nadal -- -- got to keep everything in Latin and that's -- opt -- blog I think that. In that goal that you maverick that Jimmy Graham had a unbelievable that you. So what they did go one of the plays its -- as they spotted the average that you. It's really -- that they wanted at the last -- he was beckoning hand sickness he went right after we did attack Patrick on a -- Rollins and it got to tell -- right -- you guys so much to say it is what it is this is a -- You know it looked he has to think if Denver does commit to the run to stop Marshawn Lynch and there's no guarantees it'll be on the whole game -- mark -- -- -- in the NFC championship game. But if they do commit early to stop and watch and see whether or not Pete Carroll decides to go away after the then the secondary you go up to camp. And he's gonna go at it -- and try to see if the fifty year old veteran still has stepped to left with Hideki. -- back -- hurting our efforts -- harming our. The Saints knocked him out and does the I'll quit right to run away there with little time yet within our. Might that Rafael bush now that what the penalty didn't olds that you're a good hit. And then -- in Italy every Atlanta and it is -- it -- it's inning slam is that they've done able. And you know I think he has done and you know what now I heard this question now I don't think about it. You think it's worth it. -- -- -- All of a sign obviously if you help that intimacy it's that game. Maybe the difference maker not -- DP but it never make it to overtake the Broncos. When you say even though he hasn't really played. That that's sixteen million dollars well that's the -- Paul Allen and well Alex if it meant a lot of all out and got like a 160 dollar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's the -- that he did Larry Brown. Off he got an -- and Angel. We'll Donald we've known about this it's -- giving him -- -- that. But it may brown up a million or multi multi millionaire baseball but those two picks that he had. Oh by the Cowboys in that with. Andy Andy. The idea level up or you obviously get fuel run at that has break you negate them. We're back here on the second issue -- it that your body there were expecting severe winter weather be first to know what changing weather conditions. Sign up now we're definitely -- excellent statistics the weather now a 7870. Message and data rates -- -- -- Go back to Seattle -- different this situation a really big early hole and I think Seattle's been trying to get person you don't go public she's got in the tank. I think they're gonna try to use Percy real quickly. Short passing game all are we -- the jobless saint maybe try to stretch the field one thing we don't always. And you don't on equipment the that. He wasn't picked up well but actually had a great game against Marty niners don't -- like every game he has one big play almost like you have personal Robert Meachem. That he comes up -- one huge play every game a big kick return and also picked up to that won't down play from -- the ball. You know -- I'm just thinking about this that and I would be surprised that they had both make a kick returns. Now it it never kick kicker and I got to look at this and he's kicking an 89 yards the you know I'm gonna take -- back. What you look how critical that was against the 49ers to Seattle -- he was -- an 89 yards the fallen. At that that to bring about anything keep the momentum that long putt every time they kick off return also the first papers -- that game back. He had a big kick off return they might put both those guys back maybe at the -- positions. Funny how Denver's used Eric Decker as the punt return look at this scandal dependent holidays. Yet they'll fumble well.