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1-27 5:20pm Second Guess Show: Super Bowl, Broncos

Jan 27, 2014|

Mike Detiller and Bobby Hebert talk to Renaud Notaro of Mile High Sports Radio in Denver to talk about the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Vacuum on the second guess you'll Mike Hilliard Bobby bare. It's also casino beach side and got on Mississippi regional -- -- Randall on the par -- who covers the divot -- schools for the mob on Sports Radio. Thanks so much for -- if at all we've created. An. An old one of the things that came up today and -- is no. All all the predictions of really terrible weather that that probably will not happen not that that's certainly favors. The Broncos in that area where the to go to be I Wendy's or. You know in the thirties chance of rain and snow but not a real windy days and I think that would have meant a major part of it I think now returns to. How the -- reads called this game. Because if they do it like you've done in the regular season. I think if anything stop the brothels of slows them down. It'll be the -- distant target everything else that we've seen with the Seattle secondary. All season long if they call I. I think and that's a big favorite with -- yeah. It is especially. -- a quarterback like children and food so it Marreese would be 205. Maybe shoot it and -- the city guy. And you know to -- -- matches up well with it and the NC five to 3030. -- -- -- -- -- -- Beat golf that appeared in the into victory. There I think that. You know quality. And the quality. If it that. Day and they don't make Kolb the let him go like they do in the the this. Definitely it's going to be. There's -- weapons. Of that summer and you know. Now what you look at is beginning getting all of because because I'm I'm thinking in with that Peyton Manning has time he can exploit -- defense. And you know it's gonna hang in the pocket. Look at and at Thursday night game when a couple of times -- has got to I think that's going to be key. Can Seahawks pass rush get -- Peyton. And it now what are your take on this oval. To me it's that issue that overblown. We will look at Peyton. He's 1111 in the playoffs then they bring up that. You know he's born seven and gains that are below freezing their kickoff. But then I look at as what -- -- department lately. And I look at that Tennessee Titans game. He was 39 I completed 39 passes right on the four yards four touchdowns. And -- of its last month. And the -- to kick off with eighteen degrees in Denver. Silly thing is I got he was able to throw the football not -- the document is is not the Tennessee -- defense but to me the cold weather did not affect him at all. Not that you -- I think he has. Put that to that that titan game was perfect example. But as Mike in the in the question and win in this case if the wind is blustery. Like the New England Patriots game in New England. You see where where it taxes and most quarterbacks that are affected by it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think. As we get further and further away from his -- surgery. I think every week he gets stronger stronger and stronger I think we're being match. This season but at the spectrum this season how well he's playing but just how much stronger -- -- hearing with. Yeah I'm really not worried that much about the cold weather it's. It plugged in between. 45 and thirty degrees accurate yeah it's in the game and it hit six point five kick off. Eastern time zone mean that they night's game it's going to be cold but. I'm I'm really not that that concerns now that got really when you -- one in thirty degrees. They. That that might feel -- a that would concern. -- gonna ask you you can hang on the -- that you use rate in. -- a couple more questions for you about the Bronco on the line with us now right now role. -- -- -- roles you never would you like that you -- your colleagues that not much and they really I don't know when you look back at this season. -- I don't know one walk back. That really. A great game or not -- him very good game against the Seahawks. It's funny because normally we look back at the season there's that game but you that somebody like tomorrow if anybody in the NFL could do it it's Peyton. But really there's really no blueprint up and you know that's the strange thing about this game that there have not been -- back. That I've really gotten out that Seahawks secondary now Woolsey this in the Texans game. That match hobbled him up pretty good for a bottom half but then -- went downhill real quick. Yeah I think. Up front like nothing is. But Rocco but the wind can continue to protect date and the way they've done all year. Then I hit me that well Peyton. Speak upon the Seattle that -- Cornerback. And wide receivers are similar. In the bay on it doesn't very dependent positions. Wide receivers dependent on -- quarterback. And the quarterback. On dependent on the offensive line getting pressure -- Seattle. Defensive line you know any pressure on -- I don't care how good those cornerback. Are you can't keep it with a -- wide uber for a paying an extended period of time. Yeah Florida have no idea that it yet. You can. Read the review what you do you or Deion Sanders -- -- -- Any of the Darrelle Revis. Were days in the game. You happen that some pressure though the main thing. How much better quarterback look when it Beilein yet into the quarter quarterback. And Seattle. Predominantly with four guys so it'll be interesting you know -- offsets that and and if the Broncos keep. -- -- -- -- -- -- Manning will be pressured. And even that one but didn't really good about twenty people that. Don't want them all of them that they could -- -- so. Yeah really the -- that southern miss while Chris Clark is the starting left tackle wore. The Broncos did. Ryan Clady was. Gone -- being gone for all of you guys use it and I caught on an admirable job probably. Going to be the -- contact with somebody. Right yeah that the fact that you know that just shows you -- after the Broncos because I thought that was going to be almost look at that they -- you end -- -- critical and in no they haven't really -- that because just looking at that the Broncos offense. Look at on the other side of a bomb out Seattle's offense against the Broncos defense. And and all what you witnessed with the Broncos defense. Has there ever been a game when we you would say I was at navy in San Diego and and Ryan Matthews where. Even though they only gave up 64 and a half yards to gain and a -- Thursday night game he had success running -- the reason why bring that up could not put that. Marshawn Lynch in indicate that I've watched him. It's -- like all of a sudden you containing up a couple of waters two and a half quarters beating kind of wears on an opponent. Dulles and he's breaking tackles stiff arms and he he has that big run in the back in third or fourth quarter just break down what you think of that Broncos defense. And I know they've given up and and also are trying to stop a guy like Morse on the. Wife and I go back with starting on the line starts with the defensive line. On the run to they've got to keep the offensive line it's possible linebackers. And then you have guys like -- -- them. You musically picked Kentucky. Wesley -- yard. Play that. We're not really all we got to go to heartbreak we appreciate everything you bring to the table with us and and we hope that you back next week. Thanks so much thank you -- note that our role covers the -- prop gold bat more witness that against you right after the break you -- it's.

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