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1-27 6:20pm Second Guess Show: Super Bowl, Seahawks

Jan 27, 2014|

Mike Detiller and Bobby Hebert talk to Dave Boling, who covers the Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune to talk about the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the -- -- -- -- Mike and they've obviously a lot of the civil foot casino beach side and Hank pat -- Mississippi which dog but Dave bowling who covers the Seattle Seahawks for the Tacoma news Tribune date thanks so much for darkness tonight. -- Report called. We should do it's unusual day at this Italy's here and they'll be in Louisiana the cut. It's those its debut once every five iron out five and six and yes. -- expected a five day. They're one of things who who Bob and I was talking about there early in the broadcast was. You know normally that's even with some of the top ranked defense is there's normally one. Quarterback that has been up -- the and you think about it this year. Is there any body that really rest this Seattle defense. Because when you think about how well -- played all season long now I think that maybe the weather's been kind of taken out of it it's will be cold but not that windy conditions. I think Al they call this game is going to be. Really I'll update point one we -- another but it has a good one quarterback that you've seen it certainly wasn't Drew Brees and in the. And it's now I don't wanna bring up touchy topic there that you saw that. You know it's worked in. Where a guy like he's not only now you knew he was gonna come back. To Asia -- these guys and and couldn't get much Jerry and I hit. One of them oh well. Statistics when I'm like here in new Super Bowl kinda. And you two. Figure out who's been -- and I like to look at -- -- quarterback. Hurry. How would. And does what what -- opposing quarterbacks do and not -- person. So they have -- quarterback you know some -- of them here here to. You know. To -- That's unheard. Of in depth that we here even appeared Peyton Manning. You can't expect him and -- what people. Now Dave. What is that cake or. The approach that should say with the twelve man in the Seahawks fan base. When they reflect back in and -- the last time awareness for mobile. Because I think that they got rob I'm never seen as -- global. Where the calls were so one sided and the Steelers and winning 21 to ten in Detroit. But there was a lot of difficult there was five calls I had that that is ridiculous -- -- officials. Beat that bag and I'm never seen anything like it or Seahawks fans to Wear that going to get me. Oh yeah -- you know -- -- -- -- estranged. You know. Was out and training camp. Two or three years after connecting. Any apologize. He says that were called beginning specifically. He's the glue in it than that. To his glory and not stand still -- that -- -- certainly be equally. And did some paying out this past week I talked to a number. Of players from apple cards Seahawks team. And I -- -- or what was going through your mind all happening and everyone's optimistic you know. We were getting jobs programs because it was so on -- doing our job in -- you know what a winning team. Will. You know -- -- obstacles out and we. Overcome some team ago. We thought man we can't. Fight through it and what we can only focus on. Playing the team in two man. -- really. Well after the team -- part about it so. I think that says a lot about the here and why were acting bit there you know that focused on doing their job right. Like man routes. Now that they've do you think is the Washington. Let them bring up as you look at Peyton Manning the only player in this to a bowl last won the big game for you -- this they also lost one. Dallas against the Saints and on the flip side you look none of the Seahawks have ever played is doable. The first a team with zero previous two oval experience you gotta go back in a Buffalo Bills -- and they lost that it Giants and I -- you think -- because in the play are not really. You know why I I have a hard time think you have to think you're right I think more of the number one and going against the number one defense and historically. That's happened one more time in three times the -- -- There's one. And you remember. The puck in here sick here the Raiders and and the Ravens when you were really good. I think this team can follow. Now they've went when you look at. Obviously something has to give in in -- rules talk about. Peyton Manning. You know obviously -- gone against them that Seattle secondary. And now myself. Play in. You know professional quarterback in the NFL is that if if you give any quarterback enough time I don't care it's Champ Bailey. It was Darrelle Revis is that it's written chairman or the best that event Deion Sanders. I played against them up -- with them. You can burn any second Hairston to be the key. Is going to be Seattle's pass rush. -- it big and keep up Peyton Manning all -- is that you ignore them. Nobody nobody give the man. He's only been one time in in right playoffs with a -- prospect. He gets written in the point two seconds so you're not commitment to a which -- did a great point and him one thing that I think might be giving me a little bit he is the way the Broncos. Don't know I don't now it isn't. Often but -- you know -- In this blocked them and it that are and pressuring opposing quarterback it's been when they rotate their front four. And yet they keep up. Substitutes. And bring him -- package and then it's not what their first and second down on third down. Then and that definitely works to benefit. -- Manning and the Broncos I. I think that's going to be on them that they use is part of their own plan because the Hartford played eight guys. And they bring him I was able and Michael -- that when they really pressured the difference between -- both guys. Neal said that you matchup that was beaten him Broncos. Dave movement that we got to go to break real quick I think -- be interesting thing is in watching Seattle on. Is when they put Michael Benedict the -- that. In his an athletic mismatch for most guys who late goal and I think I wanna see how Denver. Come up plays the chess game with Michael Bennett could -- give us an outside guy but if you watched in the last two games when guys don't admit the guy you would. -- go out and we had Dave Michael Bennett looked Jahri Evans who's all parole and he got what like that in years. I think I don't know what's yours speaking. -- If you if you think this certain way you know -- told the front but then temperature parades I haven't seen him and Clinton unit so good with their hands. And right now that you know he's not a -- guys not terrifically strong he's fast he's quick and nimble but not. As much as others he'd -- human hands so well like that. That's a little bit and the key to taking on hand in April. Hand -- and some -- the -- pressure compare the secret. Since the Bennett hit him hit him on people and keeps them linemen and hand off. Hey thanks so much we appreciate it and we seen enough of Michael Bennett when you play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I'm Paula thought we got a wife again this year. Dave thanks so much for starting this we appreciate it. -- -- The table -- put the Tacoma news Tribune now won't go to the news here on the big 870 Whitney colon.