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1-27 6:35pm Second Guess: College Football

Jan 27, 2014|

Mike Detellier and Bobby Hebert talk to Southeastern Cornerback Todd Washington about college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go back to the second guess -- Mike Hilliard Bobby ate there with the so most of the casino -- -- and Hancock county Mississippi. We don't know line by what -- -- to high school would southeastern Louisiana on a back. Hot Washington topic so much for joining us tonight. Her term career. Thanks so much not appreciated. Not all of your body a little bit about you were invited to the Senior Bowl. And you sustained. A turf toe injury correct. Here. You had surgery on the injury. And so you'll be ready I don't know you were invited to -- might you be ready to go put the individual workouts and stuff. All of -- We're. I'm just in the mountains very fair fair fairly. I'll work for every area has been cleared by the doctor actually the very sort of turned out much sense -- -- not move. Would you have become my car would not go. That you know what's funny is we talk about it all the time you know all those kind of grew up here in south Louisiana. But it and we know the talent level in this state look to high school my cousin Tim being the head coach there but you and Jarvis Landry. That same football the and you you just think about it -- you guys not get an opportunity to play in the pros you know when you've grown up. Gotta clean pitching catch out of the yard I mean that dream everybody is the play the National Football League. That's happened to you guys from the same -- Yeah extremely. That has been there was handed the people movement and that's. Very vote for two people may not the kind of hurt. Both. Now what is or take you get anything from this as far as I know he'll speak. Robert Alford and his success. Where he was drafted him and then the impression that he had on the scouts and also his contribution. With the -- at a high level have you picked his brain or. I've talked to him and then as the give you confidence. And -- really doesn't matter what level you that even though you're not at the Ellis shoes over. Or Alabama's of the world that that they'll find you wherever you. Yeah. Well -- series. There are certain. Pro football. You can relate to go with. Obviously there aren't -- Not did you watch film what you watch anybody in particular you can -- emulate your style laughter from. Force quarterback is concerned NFL wise. Then when you. Commentary around who could find it. Occurred in contention among tech is that. I'm not where the guys -- Are you the most. And go with it will -- wayward. Also you got good instincts that a football you've got good ball skills and I think that's it you're playing cornerback. Here. Ron Roberts comes in here not a breeze you'd like it to the southeast of program. Hello everybody a little bit that maybe hasn't been a route called Roberts and -- he's been able to do it -- taken that program up. Not only at one level but a couple levels. Oh well what problem and then. Felt that there's then there. My movement there. These children who thought these here they'll. And you know made it very well. And you're -- Moved up the line but Iraq and there aren't -- there. How much special teams work not because I know that's going to be solved that from the NFL standpoint. Unit during the week. That public you know that SE. -- answer here special teams work. Our coverage units return game that sort of think that that's going to be big this -- you try to make it in the NFL. Right you can't be one minute and hasn't looked more you lose you now. That's -- our league. They know corner over there and cover Murton pan out there -- six concurrently on. Our retirement and has desire then. Don't be -- and all constitute constantly and you know. Spezza and yours or anything. Not one of the things I think everybody asked about his -- -- average football. You've got an opportunity to play and it's a wild games on that little Paris. The people who maybe haven't seen that because you know and we concentrate a lot of maybe New Orleans and Baton Rouge. A British report -- area. Man they got some big time -- little bit in my room. Yes definitely a great group of guys who Greg Cote. Marco in particular -- -- the sooners great effort and very oh great man. Grown up not where you -- thanks man. Not there. Then you know. Nah I'll sit right next to default that it would that -- -- -- most -- know where you're picked -- -- Halo rule luck at night do you know they got a guy you know for Melvin why. Who played that you know lap yet that was an undrafted we Yates who ended up story but the Carolina Panthers this year. -- and you look at Jake Long that. Obviously the Saints -- continuity Carolina. But but let me give via a little advice if you wanna live there long term in my now want to you know don't be hate -- think. They are there -- a lot of do you wanna go back home that are river passes in. You know there's a lot of players from that area although with the NFL with you and if you think that we don't ended. Not excellent but we started this -- good look -- That you had a great career southeast and and also -- legit and -- we -- it but yeah in. Well wishing the best health wise and I think you got a shot to play in the slot. Thanks so much spot Washington former elect to high school football player. -- an outstanding career at Southeastern University great season last year under coach Ron Roberts -- the southeast in line more with this thing issue. Right up -- this break you know we gave them --

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