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Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show we will continue to update you on the approach of this of winter storm it's an overcast and 54 degrees right now in the city. It's 52 and -- sure it's really hard to believe that we're -- experience -- where the real experience. After midnight tonight -- to the early morning hours tomorrow and throughout tomorrow and into Wednesday. This is all gonna come to an end but right now we need to get through this it will do the best we can to inform you. As to what's going on and also we will continue to remind you about things to think about if you're driving thanks to think about with your home. I'm with your apartment and if you have an apartment. There are some things that you need to think about -- as well use -- if you don't have a -- -- about have to worry about it. Well there's some things that you should worry about as well. The high tomorrow is expected to be 36 and -- -- tomorrow night. Hard for tomorrow morning is going to be 29 so we do have some very cold weather and early religious or not that this this winter storm is is named. They a couple of years ago they started in the -- National Weather Service started naming winter storms. In disabling that they named tropical storms and hurricanes this is winter storm Leon. And and so this who didn't much of the country will embrace that more than we will we just think a -- to winter storm but they tracked winter storms that. You see like you know you and I talk about Katrina and Isaak. Their people in the country -- -- -- -- remembered -- tropical storm -- convoy that was that was one hell of a store pianist and winter storm -- They do name. The winter storms now also will be talking about. What to do what not to do if your if your driving it the best thing to do of course is to not drive and you don't wanna be caught our road to closest. And the best way to not get Carter wrote the closes is to simply not drive. So let's get into tonight's topic today which to right we are dedicating to our weather. It's time for the topic today here this copy things we'd like you know this week to get our shooter I don't know VW number eight. Winter storm warning is in effect from Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Florida and really throughout the itself in the eastern part of the United States. Those of you were listening in Atlanta you can get snow for much of the day starting tomorrow afternoon. And for those -- -- in South Carolina and Georgia especially along the coastal regions that's going to be some of the area that is hardest hit. This is so rear to be talking about -- sleet snow and icy conditions. I would make driving very very hazardous and we're expecting that over the next 44 to 48 hours. The National Weather Service says that there's a strong cold front is gonna move through southern Mississippi and southeast Louisiana today. At the disservice is gonna move across the northern Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and spread precipitation. Back into the area with a very cold air -- is already in place there will be precipitation likely. Now we don't often get this scenario when when fronts usually move through this area. The front is is preceded with with rain that we get -- to come through here it rains but the rain comes before the cold temperatures. Well now we have cold temperatures setting and and then there's some rain moving in from the west low pressure system moving in from the west these will combine and give us this barriers situation for this part of the country. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Do not look for black ice. Because it's not really black. We hear this talk about black ice and and that's something is relatively new to many in this area. With a -- conditions expected tomorrow and Wednesday. There warnings about driving on black -- So people might think well I see it if it's not glossy black ice that don't have any -- about well black ice is a thin coating device on the surface of the road. And it's transparent. So what's the color of the road surface if it's if it's Siemens and it's light and it's the color of that the surface of the road. Deter black ice comes from from asphalt and and so many roadways that are darker you can't see it but it's it's -- so. Just because you don't see the black ice doesn't mean that there isn't black ice out there. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. So how do you drive. On black -- If you hit like I said this is something we talked about Friday night on the show and will continue talk about it tonight if you hit black guys don't panic. If a car starts to slide a little bit to one of the first things a lot of people do is hit the brakes. Do not hit the brakes because that's garnered just create an even greater spin. Drive through the ice with little reaction. I try to keep this during real steady unless she starts -- to to spin if you start to speed and turn the wheel in the direction of the spin. And -- the card does begin to slide just in just don't panic and just do everything fairy very cautiously. And and easily. I will remind you once again even though there's some some controversy about this I will remind you again. That if you have four wheel drive a truck. -- -- -- If -- really no safer on ice. Then if you have to wheel drive. The only way that four wheel drive -- safer is the same way to injured regular vehicles are safer is if they're studded tires. But two of the four wheel drive it is gonna get you -- -- snow went out of gravel and sand and mud and things like that it to four wheel drive is not gonna really help you that much. In. An ice. And I testimony Friday night on the show say that I was totally wrong and had a four wheel drive vehicle and I was no I'm not wrong. And I know that you know you might want I just think that you. That because you've got a truck you're invincible. You have an issue V four wheel drive it I can go -- -- -- he can't not when it comes to -- So don't be one of those people that endangers the lives of others remember your car. Your truck the issue -- That can be a weapon. Just like a gun you could kill people with that thing. So if you're out. On the road alone and nobody's around you and you do something stupid and kill yourself. Well okay that's sad and think about the people you're leaving behind. But it's really sad if you hurt somebody else who's trying to do the right thing. So just be Smart and again we're talking about this now it's 54 degrees. And it is we're not having those conditions right now but we're trying to be proactive with all of this. A lot of people caught by surprise on Friday fewer people will be caught by surprise today. A lot of businesses that many schools are closed even some businesses. Tomorrow and possibly even Wednesday as well and we've got that full the closure list on our website at WW real dot com. I'd -- five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You must enter out on the icy winter -- roads then it'd be certain you remember certain things for your car. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of gas you know Friday night a lot of people were stock and one of the problems for the few people ran out of gas. And you don't want to do that so make sure you have a sufficient supply of gas before you venture out now inevitably some people have to go out. But this is why only those people who have to go out should be out because the less traffic on the road the lower the chance of somebody getting into an accident. -- have water in the car with you. Have protein bars. Maybe some nonperishable food to eat. And bring some blankets flashlight. -- make sure your cellphone is fully charged or get a car charger. Also something else to remember is have kitty litter with you in the car because that would help with traction between the tires in the road. And also be -- your vital medication -- this is not as severe as it is in. A state of Colorado where they have blizzard like conditions and if you get -- you might be stuck for. For a day. Chances are you're not gonna be stuck for a danger car. But you could be stock for an extended period of time and it would be best if you did have some of these -- especially. If you're traveling with kids you know make sure that you've got provisions for the kids. Never for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You stay home be prepared to live without electricity without power for a couple days. The freezing rain and the ice can weighed down power lines to the breaking point also the ice can buildup on tree branches and doesn't take that much. And caused the tree branches to break to snap and then they will break the power lines. So make sure you have all the items that you plan on having if there's a possible power outage during a tropical storm or during a hurricane. A power outage. Is a power outage now -- on the earlier for Garland and talk to -- spokesperson with energy. And they say that they are as prepared as they can be and I'm a realist and a lot of people. Have a bad impression of energy especially because of of Isaak. They say they're prepared and they say that the people that they have here in place are prepared even though. We don't do this very often they are prepared to deal with it now. I'm not here to promote energy but I do know that things happen and even if energy is totally prepared. Dinners. There's never going to be 100%. Guarantee. That -- not gonna be without power. No matter how prepared your energy company years whether it's energy click -- or any company around the country. There is no 100% guarantee that you are not going to. Loose power. So when these kind of situations happen of the the best thing that we can do is is is the understanding. Did it does to -- we wanna be understanding if if somebody's not vigilant of the company's not doing its job but the company could be totally doing its job. And still you might be without power number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Schools will be close and so many businesses. I guess the good part about this is they're going to be many parents who will be able to be home with their kids because if you if you work and you have kids who were at school. On days when school's out and suddenly out and you didn't make plans for you got to scramble around and and find places for the kids. Well many parents are gonna be home with their children but stock up on food. And snacks and most of all I would stock up on patients. And you know EU's I really hope it's knows. Because there are so many kids who have never seen snow. And it's it's such a rarity for this part of the country that I I really do hope it snows in new world is out. For for many if you are listening to be WL tonight it is gonna so you are gonna see snow laden Montgomery Alabama's expecting snow and and really thought much of Louisiana throughout much of Mississippi and Alabama even -- parts of northern Florida and Georgia dear -- will be snow. But I hope we get it in New Orleans because I hope kids get a chance to see -- if you're not. If you're not driving and if your home and you're safe. You know -- great it's it's beautiful I grew up here but I've been fortunate to live in some places where. It shows a regular basis. And this always beautiful and you know I don't know about here by -- it in a place like Denver where did the snow flakes are are are big. The areas. There's such com. When it -- It's almost as if the the snowflakes and I don't and I don't know this for sure but I I always figured that the snowflakes. Absorb so much sound. That it it just it it almost muted. The whole area you -- And there was just such a such a quiet calm. Over an area -- -- it again -- I I hope you get a chance to see that number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. What -- notes. You know it's it's always exciting it's always beautiful especially in this part of the country. And it's -- is close to you. And it's not snowing where you war. You might be tempted to get in the car and go sightseeing. Don't -- You know the snow is beautiful. But sliding off the road. Getting caught in an accident is a pretty. Getting caught on a road that is also IC is not pretty. So. I know you might be tempted to get in the car and drive to where it's knowing if it's going if you find out. On the weather channel if you listened WWL or WW LTV. And you find out that it's too close do you but it's not snowing where you are. I know it's tempting but don't get in the car to go sightseeing because that can lead to problems. Number one on tonight's list. And -- -- and. Most problems during winter storms can be avoided by using one thing. But it's it's not a widely used commodity. But it's available to everybody. It's common sense. As we know common sense is no longer common. If you can't drive on ice that don't drive on -- If you have to drive and don't drive like you usually drive. And prepared to be. A few days without power and that may not happen but. Anything that you buy to prepare yourself to be without power over the next 48 hours is stuff that you can use this summer. Just in case we have a tropical storm or hurricane. And do the best you can to embrace and enjoy this. Unavoidable in eruption in our lines it's of you know it's it's it's a break. And many -- we're gonna enjoy a nice day off. There are people who actually are gonna go on in and party tonight -- drive safely I mean I think you going to be fine because we're not expecting the precipitation and it. They the freezing conditions until early in the morning so if you could go ought to have a nice evening a lot of people -- have the day off tomorrow. Kids are out of school. It's -- college. And a lot of adults. Have a snow day it's not often that you get a snow day in this part of the country if you would join us with a comment about anything that you think people should think about as we've. Get ready for this this winter storm we -- store currently on our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is he 77. And if you happen to be in an area where it's already snowing annual this year your sites with this a caller show. This is dispute show. And we'll be right back -- from New Orleans on this Monday night as we anticipate a winter storm. Under the WL. During this winter storm which is named winter storm Leon. Will you stay home or will you continue your regular routine. And I don't mean that in in a defiant way like I don't care what they say I'm honored I'm gonna stay with my routine so people have to go to work they will be at work here tomorrow and Debbie WL. So during his winter storm we stay home or we continue your regular routine that's sort of VW a pretty -- opinion polls give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and technical. Don't you give an update in just few minutes. It was a Texan reads I'm sorry skewed but if I get a chance to play in the snow I'm gonna risk it snow day adventure is often risky. Yes it is I just feel like I needed to do my job and say what you don't don't go sites I. I made a mistake once in and there there was flooding around my house and it was funny really throughout the area and I did a really stupid thing I got in the car. And I went sightseeing. And they're coming up I'll tell you. What happened I mean obviously I'm OK but I felt really really stupid. I saw when she added different situation but it was the same kind of thing. You know I had a high profile vehicle at the time obviously Gordon Bennett and CC with this is like well that was a real dumb decision. If you -- join us tonight with a comment. About what we're anticipating. If you wanna talk about things that you would remind other people about maybe you have lived in the north. Or you're from here and you lived up north in your back if you have lived in that situations where this is a regular currency you wanna. Let people know what they should know please call our show 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text numbers dates of the seven from the mirror Iran your on the -- show good evening. Q -- you to view on poll. You know what quarter and into place is not gonna bother any one. All bought this thing. -- draw in other words that there's ice on them. Are they crashed down on power lines. So to me at least maybe. I am -- and some stopped denying education as power goes. Well I think that's a good idea you know obvious errors on them early for -- and went home and digital cooked in. And took command and it also -- -- bought a few things just in case -- by power goes out. They're not a lot of trees downtown so I don't expect power to go out downtown but you never know what's gonna happen somewhere else it might cause my power to go so it. I wanted to be prepared. You know and and day to check -- out Saturday and Sunday. The -- going to be almost seventy. So honestly. Just hunkered down. Our role. Enjoyed that time you know executed in the white man you know Saturday and Sunday. Bank opened to seven the. And with with some range of possible and on Sunday -- I'm glad to tell the show. Yeah this will be a great time if you if you if you are stuck home with the kids I mean this would be a great time to up practice putting your kids in timeout. And I'm I'm sure they'll give you good recent practice that. From an activist Peter -- to be WL. I just -- good -- It would touch on upbeat bit earlier about riding -- IE it happened. About the military he had a driving force. Being patient debate like why are they also you did not. -- -- auto. Which controls aren't that's great pointed I didn't bring -- -- didn't -- -- yeah I just -- -- water -- combined. Eight in -- it it all of a sudden. A good shot and you walk into the into. The -- -- -- like that you know but a -- even need to keep an eye out. Part Peter that's a great example of something that I mean I I don't remember and and mention everything so if I forget anything I want somebody to call already even reiterate certain things -- that's a really good point do not. Have you car and cruise control. If you -- on the interstate I mean right now in the New Orleans area and along the the I ten corridor. It seems like it's okay but it's not going to be that way when it starts to to get -- we get some precipitation. Hi Peter thanks for sharing that with this. Here's a text that read says seriously. You -- find out to if the city is putting fire continue fighting out of the city is putting fire trucks. Out of service again. Maybe if you mention it's on the year. They won't it will. A better chance of saving property lines as far as I know the fire department -- rings operating. Not only. And at normal levels but even may be at increased levels because. Everybody knows what to expect right now. A from river ridge Joseph you're on the -- show and -- WL. It means that stigma sure. I had as well it's -- you know business as usual tomorrow is going where. They're not saying our rush out now. And character arc and whatever. We work until we get shut down and -- weight fully reopen again. And Jody it's going to be a good service because there are a lot of people uptown who are gonna be stuck at home and many are gonna wanna go out and get of the nineties so a year serving the community who literally and figuratively. I get many people are like traffic they're mostly. How would -- does well it to depart keeps on and -- it would be all right. All right and indeed be kind to your waiter waitress if you if you go out to our. Car all right Joseph thanks for calling in a drive carefully if your on your way to work. I was go to the North Shore Michael you're on WWL. -- I was. Up in about five years but short -- What they killed. You have. The -- it's wrote in their pocket imply they need to try to -- its memorial to put derby. Far out there. I'd probably brought it up the next morning by truck down a street. That's a good point you know there's a possibility that. Dent that attire would protect. What's underneath that the tire and they wouldn't get too icy underneath the tie between attire in the road but there is a possibility that that would freeze over and it wouldn't take much for it to start to slip a little bit on an inclined because of because the grammys are really good point. -- Michael is and so this is what we do this is this is a way. Where the community comes together and and and starts talking about some things that maybe you haven't bought a suit so that the course of our show. If if there's something that you wanna share please call our show or send us a text if you're if you're driving they'll send us a text if you have to designated texture Guidant then sent us attacks. But this is an opportunity for us to just. Talked to each other and -- you can always get the official word from this place -- that placement. You know it it's rare that you could sit down and get a total comprehensive. -- Listed absolutely everything that you should do so through the course of the show tonight we'll be talking about things that you should and should not do. And we're not trying to cause panic. We're just trying to make sure that everybody's prepared. This is not about saying oh my god the world's gonna end because it's not the caller earlier mentioning this weekend's going to be in the upper 60s70s. Yeah it it is this is just a temporary moment but since it is so rare. For this part of the country. And it's a good that we get together and talk about it from a B to spring side Judy you're under the WL. I look at Levy she thinks I just want to know anybody. If we end up without electricity how Long Will -- plants in Europe refrigerator and meet every player. I want somebody to confirm this. But if depending on your refrigerator or freezer I think it can last. A day yourself. What we care about my count -- out of -- -- act out on body changed and they tell me that you agreed that you don't open and that the few hours. At a that's a long time. Well it's not gonna stay frozen for 72 hours but what's freezer may. Me stay. Credible force every two hours but in the refrigerator it it may not last that long and then there are some things that are more perishables and then others and if you had a he had smoked -- That's gonna last a little longer than. And brought chicken if it's distilling their refrigerator. All right Judy I'm glad Carl. Have a nice that'd be safe and if if you wanted to call up and and talk about your experience because we've we've been through this now with tropical storms with hurricanes we don't go through this with winter storms like this. Last big ice storm we had was 1989 and I do remember that. I was on magic one or two with a time David Blake and -- -- magic 102 at the time this magical or one point nine now. David Blake and number 2 in the morning Joseph and I remember leaving I was living on the North Shore at the time. And that was one scary trip on a downtown New Orleans and one scary trip. To the North Shore if you wanna join us with a comet tonight or share any of your experience in cold weather like this. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. At a text number. -- -- -- Stephanie this is the -- would will be right back -- -- bureau earlier today it was a winter storm watch now it is officially winter storm warning in effect for. The New Orleans area all of Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama. And much of Florida really of much of the southern and eastern part of the United States. Now we're talking about some things that we should be aware of as we've. -- go through this winter storm and again this is just going to be for the next 48 hours in and everything should be fine I'm hoping that we get snow snow was a lot more fun and easier to deal with that ice. But even if we do get snow there's always a possibility that this going to be a lot of effect it's almost certain. That there will be ice in there will be road closures I ended the forecast is calling for. The situation to be a little worse than it was on Friday. And those of you who were stuck in the traffic on Friday trying to get home think about what you went through. Also that the slightest little suggestion they were getting on the show tonight. Might really help help you stay out of a really bad situation. But the you're staying home more or going out here's a Texas said that the gentleman talked about parking aren't inclined there a lot of people who raised their house. And their driveway is now at an incline they might wanna park on the street now he's -- things that you might not thought out and and while this might not be necessary. Why not taken EC precaution rather than leave yourself forward as something bad to happen again if if you if you continue to listen to show and if you contribute to the show there could be the slightest little suggestion it's gonna help you out over the next 48 hours. I Julia Euro and heavy WL. -- -- And you're the expert credit and a are you from. I am out there are out and quietly. Well so if you're so you're familiar with ice you're familiar with snell. -- have free and all of them -- heavy. Black guy you can't a couple of heavy snowfall but I really like the military -- -- you know it's set -- auto pilot I had even forgot. Yet cruise control don't have your card on cruise control because it yet if if there's it is any loss of traction it's gonna cause the engine to rev. And that would be like guys stepping on the accelerator on on black ice and that would be a disaster. Right and I love -- You know people think they're invincible and I will try it for a guy that can and I'll try it you're not. If you -- yeah yeah. I mean like I thought I might try it yourself by. Net net we should I. He matters I mean we are doing it -- -- down at number -- you might edit I'm not a target. That's that's important to remember you know the the speed limit that is posted is the speed limit for ideal conditions. And it in if you're in as -- 6567. Even fifty mile an hour speed zone. It might be that you should be driving thirty thoughts. Exactly what happened it is your driving twenty -- thirty I. It in the hospitality Google and without black -- here's what if you are -- I era they -- well. Kicker can't I don't feel that our street if he can immediately take your optic. That's good advice from a veteran driver -- -- as you drive through this theory you must think it's kind of humorous they were talking about a winter storm warning in New Orleans. You know I don't and why can't they and things like great -- my grandma -- and they saved my life that I. Any time and you know I keep our dependence that really eager situations and people just split. -- By some -- and they say they're like somebody -- And that is such a scary hopeless feeling good because I've I've been on ice too and I've started to spin out and that is just don't hopeless hopeless feeling. I mean I'm not -- but I have to look at that cart and ever and why do you are you right now. I don't know -- I had already trying to get caught or let it let it start. How well I think you're gonna make -- you're gonna go faster than the storm you should be there. You should be their funny time and then get there and settle down and enjoy the storm. All right Julia thanks for being -- -- VW oil price of that advice. From a meets temperature -- Euro on the skewed -- -- the W well. I stay out. You bring that so many other former truck bring bring in at some point teach that there is one thing I wanted to mention and and -- just come -- cents -- Get everything prepared the duplicate and a. She recently either. -- I'll eat he -- them about the avalanche likes seventeen hours she can't in the refrigerator. Well somebody mentioned that two they they thought that the aid that the the frozen food might last 72 hours in the freezer and is accuracy frozen that long but it might remain edible for that long. I'm certainly not that long I would think in in a refrigerator he had some other advice. Well average sinking you know we have below freezing temperatures try. And without power. Won that British start absorbing. The -- -- precision that's a great idea and I've gotten a couple of text saying if you if you if you wanna preserve your food if it's going to be freezing outside -- just put the stuff out at the containers outside they'll be better off there than in the refrigerator if you lose power. Hopefully nobody will but it's very likely that some people will lose power. Yeah well the opening minute it is power plant up and and match. Should I dislike bring you know it detectable amounts to keep screeching and -- -- -- me -- -- make waves seeking care at all. Pretty -- that it lasts longer. -- -- it's a good idea Patricia and I I think you -- probably see some very nice -- York. -- -- All right thanks for listing effects of that device. A few if you lose power just put the food outside it's cold enough out there to to keep it keep it good I Todd your under the WL. That is given. I'm originally from Iowa central Iowa. -- our outlook here since 1980. I've been in ever kind of beach no. Rights conditions you can -- here and which you know you cannot do. Respected because it's it's so much different than anything that anybody routers used to and you just. Were driving and driving situation united beat on. On the ice age but you can't panic and reactors you know bank area quick reaction. Just. Speaks -- audience. You know -- and Todd yeah if if you're from an area where there's there's snow and ice on a regular basis. -- you're more used to immediately if you're walking around you kind of have a better idea of what I studs. People don't know and so in parts of the country like this. And this is not to criticize people for here is it's just to point out the YouTube you're not familiar with -- ice and you you do. Tend to panic instinctively you you panic if your car starts to slide out nicely you think an OMG. And he he can't panic because any jerky movement at all is gonna make thinks a lot worse. -- I've I got a little quick story matching grants that are while other prominent in the city are. -- in person. And Albania. I like doctor little while ago which said it was below zero story. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know that it's been that way there were were Williams and that it's just automatic. You know others. There's -- wrote all the time up there does call -- old. And Todd obviously you know this is a live downtown I've I've always see -- groups of people in town with their tags to their badges because there in town for a convention thinking. How many people had on the calendar that they were kind of come to New Orleans. In January and im gonna get away from cold cold weather in snow and nice in here that are coming here and they're gonna get it. Well I told them. Just just bring a light jacket and everything will be all right you know we're a snowstorm but but I just like Jack at their Saudi. Super cold. -- you're right about that this is not relative to many parts of the country this is not that cold that it doesn't sound that severe but. For an area that's not prepared -- I'm -- to call the show thanks -- -- but for an area that's not prepared to this for drivers that aren't used to this. And for. Municipalities. And for states that don't have the equipment to battle the snow and the ice. It's a bigger problem here than it is elsewhere. If you wanna join us for your thoughts and comments and -- and much of what we talk about might be repeated several times because people always tuning in. So if you want to add anything even if you think it might have been said before please call our show 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text numbers it's -- -- simply I'm scoots and we'll be right back on WWL. This is one of the big winners last scientific Grammy Awards -- I don't always watch those shows I think that the Grammy Awards last night was exceptional. We'll talk about that a little bit as we go in and out of our breaks into song. Get lucky. By Daft Punk. Boys one of the big winners and interestingly Paul Williams. That it is -- -- singer songwriter from -- long time ago actually. Collaborated on this album that an amazing that this was. Just listen to this newspapers tomorrow. Not like sound like earth wind and fire. That this does so that's seven. And I also hear that it's brutal war stuff and what -- Bruno's horse new songs alike and haven't it to be that reminds me of of the police there are some really great. Great music from new performers that is defining the music that will define this decade it will. And features some of the winners from the the grammys last night -- -- -- with us tonight we're talking about this a winter storm winter storm Leon. Yes they do name winter storms now. When a -- Leon is going to affect the New Orleans area and relief that this this part of the country at snowy Atlanta still in Montgomery Alabama still in Louisiana. It is not often that a winter storm like this and icy conditions hit the entire state all at once. So all of our state workers said state police ended those who work the highways DOT. They -- going to be very very busy out of Texas Tom your -- WL. That happen among apparently detection is part of bill. Work for -- -- to build towards you're. Are you get a lot of this kind of stuff. They'll be it'll all work around the world leader in anymore correction for the year. And world business -- and or if they're. Of -- old model. Of power -- -- in the country don't know. Probably go through. In the -- battle -- jumped and pole -- while footwork in the pro. And -- and the olden. Shouldn't jumper network -- world war when. But it crawled through it and told you. Co wrote it is Islam goes boundaries. But it I got back neutral could prove to mode in the whole world power -- don't know. The cold and so audit group broke through up to. The moment they weren't wrong and -- People talk about global war when he. Will. This so -- Well is it's kind of hard to convince people that there's global warming at a time like this -- I joked the other day Friday night when it was sick Colton there was ice everywhere -- -- coming up an inexorable talk about global warming. There -- a lot of people who don't think that there is legitimately climate change and you know if there is but personally I'm not so sure that it's. Created by humans as much as it might be part of the cyclical cycle of this planet that is believed to be Florida half billion years old. There you are not -- -- Apparently. What Tom I hope he gets of participants of some. Precipitated this soon I hope he get that soon because elected via can be a dusty hardware. Oh yeah few. Particularly among the word we will actually -- it could go. Some I appreciate you calling her show and you have a really great -- official listing in the panhandle of Texas. It's overcast it's 54 degrees 52 on the North Shore it's hard to believe that a winter storm is coming it's it's kinda like the calm before big tropical storm or hurricane. Is coming it's gonna -- SP -- after midnight tonight. Will continue to talk about it if your whole stay -- this more of your calls in more of your Texas we talk about this winter storm warning coming up on WWL.