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Scoot Show 1-27 9pm Impending winter storm

Jan 27, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: most problems during a winter storm can be avoided by using common sense, but as we know, common sense is no longer common! You can’t drive on ice so don’t drive. If you have to drive – don’t drive like you usually drive. Prepare to be without power for a few days. And do the best you can to enjoy this unavoidable interruption in our lives!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight we're talking about the approach of this winter storm winter storm watch was in effect earlier today now that has been elevated to a winter storm warning and you've just heard our our forecast. I would remind you that to tomorrow morning starting at 5 o'clock. A you can join -- Cohen. I was -- W first -- and then Tommy Tucker starting at 6 o'clock so. On the -- there will be constant updates on WL we're gonna continue to talk about this tonight we don't want anybody to panic we just want everybody to be prepared. And if you don't have to go out I don't go out there's really nothing you can do if you hit ice and and for those of you who were so concerned about black ice. It's not something that you can look for. Because it's transparent that they call it black ice because many road surfaces are dark. -- transparent the ice appears to be black. But it's not really black so don't go around looking for one senior black ice will there because it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna catch. And if you do it in there are many things we're gonna repeat. Throughout the issue tonight. I interfered with his for the entire time I've bear with us that we need to repeat some things because they're constantly new people tuning in. And one thing that we wanna do with the show tonight is just talk about some of the sensible things that we. Should all do to to best be prepared and there are so many of you who have experience living in colder climates and maybe -- from. A cold climate area and you've got experience may be grew up with this this kind of wintering weather and EU when he suggests some things that maybe you learned when you were growing up. Maybe you're from here. I'd like me and you lived elsewhere where there was snow and and nice and now you're back here and you could contribute some things from your experience and that the slightest little. Information that you get from the showed tonight might actually help you including somebody who called earlier said. That they they learn when they were in the military had to be driving course in an ice -- drive you know ice. That you if you park on an incline. There's possibility that your car's not going to be. On that the incline. The next day if if there is ice it does no guarantee that it's gonna move because that. The ice might not develop underneath the tire because we're not talking about sub zero temperatures here. But there's a possibility that if you want an incline that you vehicle might not stay -- inclined so you might wanna park on on level ground. Here's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight during the winter storm will you stay home or continue your regular routine. 73%. Say they'll stay home. And 27% will continue their regular routine. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that. As we continue to track this throughout the shield as we have mentioned there is a winter storm warning in effect and this is gonna be for tomorrow. And Wednesday also there's an expectation of high winds icy roads driving rain possible freezing rain sleet and snow. You can count on WWL. Every step of the way starting with our show tonight. Right now into the WL dot com we've got a list of all the school closings in the business closings parish by parish and we got that extensive list -- Also you can constantly check back if we get any new updates will pass that -- you. Listen to WWL every half hour top and bottom of the news for updates we'll have live updates from channel four forecast center starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. And and find out the latest instantly on your Smartphone by signing up for a WWL text alert. Simply text the word news. Too late 78 Stephanie. Or text the word whether to wait 7870. It's it's a free service now message and data rates may -- but it's a free service from us. And you don't have to have some kind of super Smart to expensive -- works on on any cellphone so if you wanna sign up for those alerts text the word news. 287870. Or the word whether to wait 7870. Also tonight we're talking about -- being prepared in the same way that you get prepared for a tropical storm or hurricane. The prepared to go a couple of days without power because some people may go a couple of days without power. -- get food from the grocery store get water get supplies. Have cash on hand. I make sure that your car has gas be prepared for the possibility of power outages and we are your official emergency management station. You can count on us and we -- want you to give us the information that that you have as well we are a VW well from Slidell John your on the -- she'll be needing. I don't look at some good point I think your budget. Take advantage of this good it has to talk about. That he'd. -- help the last week. And and it was excellent to more than the praise of the a couple of days. Bring a blanket over the -- they're either as the morning goes up 53 degree that it. We know he goes up to 63. Admit that I'll credit goes to see during belly is he going to -- He won't go that -- it is so old he is that the -- in the -- -- American everybody that goes that over its book -- brings another blanket. Because you're gonna need it it was very close -- -- comparable. Atlanta Friday. Our John I appreciate that information again these are the kinds of things that it it's a little bit of information that everybody does -- need but those people who needed. I'd need the information I appreciate you giving it to us. Right if you -- call our show tonight our number is 2601870. Much of the country is affected by this at some of that. The the heaviest snow in and heaviest precipitation is gonna take place along the South Carolina. And Georgia coast Atlanta's gonna have snow on -- snow throughout much of Alabama Georgia Mississippi. Louisiana. And this entire state is is dealing with cold weather and that doesn't often happen nearly quite often it's it's part of the state not the now the entire state -- so much of the state of the entire state is dealing with this this winter weather warning which again is a very very unusual. A state of affairs for us here -- again to join our show our numbers 2601870. Told free. Our numbers 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text numbers 877 here's a Texas said does -- they don't name winter storms it's the weather channel that does sent. Just the weather channel it's naming these winter storms and not the national weather sir I atop the National Weather Service to. Well this is said it strictly for marketing. On a publicity reasons. -- the weather channel named storms and this storm is named Leon. And for parts of the country. That deal with such long lasting effects of a storms in the same way that we refer you remember Katrina remember I basic remember Betsy. Well there are people that are gonna refer to the the tough winter storms up north in some parts of the country as. Leon now since we don't have this very often. We're gonna just remember the winter storm -- winter storm -- of 2014. We don't have to remember Leon body parts of the country where they get winter storm after winter storm. They might -- to remember the name as a as a reference point from the French Quarter Mitchell you're under a VW elegant evening. Eight scoot it is and you but he Rachel K thanks initial. But like condolences. And a lot of these. People that -- cheerio. Like -- so that it may -- may be your mayor and he and gets convicted. Which. The -- looked good ever make a long story short. This scenario as they work as a male -- now into sixteen years that India opiates -- And -- still get their tension he noted stole money when they get out of print. Then Mitchell I don't know that would be. A question to ask and since that are Ray Nagin trial is gonna go on for probably a couple of weeks will be a talking about that but tonight we're gonna. We're gonna focus on the weather but -- I appreciate you calling her show. If you do wonder break from all this weather stuff. The most recent -- blog is about Mike Huckabee. -- talking to the Republican National Committee last week and he said some things about birth control that are really helping the Democrats more than he's helping. His own party and before you pass judgment on on what all that means or if I'm bashing Mike Huckabee. Read the blog and share with others it's trending now on our web site. A front page -- -- if you don't -- right now it's overcast and 52 degrees in downtown New Orleans it's a 48 in Covington. So we are far from the wintry conditions that are on their way. And as we've said this is an unusual situation for for us here because usually it's it's the wind and the rain. That precedes the colder weather when we get a cold front that moved through here traditionally the cold front comes through and at the leading edge of the cold front has a lot of rain with it. But the rain is gone by the time the temperatures get to freezing or below. Will now we've got this Arctic air coming down from the north this Arctic blast. It's -- lower the temperatures. And then that's gonna merge. With a low pressure system coming in from the west. And the low pressure's gonna arrive here at a time when the temperature is already below freezing and that's why we're expecting watery conditions with sleet. And snow on possible. Many if you are gonna get snow. I hope we all get it because it's beautiful and it's fun especially if you don't have to be out and -- are talking about things like. Will what do you do if your power goes out how long but the food last wolf unlike days during the the summertime when we have tropical storms in the weather and the the power goes out because of weather. You can't put stuff out if it's freezing outside you can take those containers from your freezer and stuff from the refrigerator. Is that -- the refrigerator and put it outside as long as it's. Dazzling as it's called it is it's going to be it's going to be hard -- expected to be about 36 in the high Wednesday 39. The high -- Thursday up to about 59 it's gonna be seventy. With a chance of rain on Saturday so this is not gonna last long but while we have to deal with this let's just stay with that and get through what is best weekend and the best thing you can do is be prepared. Don't panic best thing to do -- it is to be prepared. Last night Bruno Mars performed at the grammys and also he was a big winner. One and a couple of different categories in this the song was and was a big winner but getting. Haven't desist not sound like the police. There is some brilliant brilliant music and we'll talk about this on this good show once we get past this this winter storms. But there is a brilliant brilliant music that he's gonna defying this decade and it's coming out right now. People like Bruno Mars or defining these times and this is music and younger generation. Will will look back on in morning here. Years and years in the future but this this guy's brilliant and Bruno Mars is gonna be part of their Super Bowl halftime show Sunday along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And the last forecast I saw was partly cloudy skies for Super Bowl Sunday. With a high of about 3435. Degrees so it shouldn't bother anybody except those who. -- in the stands and you know those who were in the stands conceivable that they usually people who are not used to be inconvenienced in any way. And they're gonna have to sit out in this colder weather. It usually people who get Super Bowl tickets go the spoils of them. This is dispute killed and we'll be right back and -- -- well. This is the police. Spears and cheerio world. Does a little bit like that -- -- I hear a lot of retro sound and some of the music is out today and I died true. And I enjoyed -- -- -- -- one point they had a classical pianist. Performing with Metallica. And Sarah for relish and Carole King did dueling pianists. And that there was a rapper performing with -- mention it imagine dragons so aid that we just so many unique combinations it. Just that the production of that show the people that they brought together I'd be surprised if that show doesn't win net win an enemy. A 401 of the best specials I hear is an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. During this winter storm will you be staying home or will you continue your regular routine. 75%. Say they'll be staying home and 25% say they will continue their regular routine. Give us your opinion Michael into our website WWL dot com and practical -- abruptly coming appear. In just a few minutes all of southeast Louisiana including the immediate new -- areas wondering winter storm warning. -- -- expectation is of high winds icy roads driving rain possibly freezing rain sleet. And snow. You can count on us from Dave -- and WWL first news and our first news team starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning. -- Tommy Tucker from six to ten Garland Robinette from ten to one Angela -- from one to four. And Bobby and -- for 48. And I'll be back with you tomorrow night from -- To midnight and we will be your home for the latest news. The interviews with your parish leaders in the updates from state police in the Department of Transportation also reports from energy and click -- I'm on any downed power lines and trees a plus up to the minute weather reports or WW LTV meteorologist. So I join us tomorrow starting at 5 o'clock he will be with you till midnight tonight if there's anything that you won this year. From experience that you have in winner he weather conditions and where we're not trying to make a big deal out of something that. In other parts of the country is really not a big deal it's just it. That. The that the states and that municipalities in this area. Are not prepared for this. You know we don't have the ice and snow fighting equipment and the trucks and the salt that they have it in other places. So not only is is is that a problem with with dealing with the conditions but also of people just don't know. How to drive and a book I admit. People don't know how to drive period. But especially when it comes due to weather like this there are fewer people who know how to drive here. That in parts of the country where this is is normal however even in parts of the country where this is normal. There are still people who cannot. Navigate. On ice and in in -- So there are there are accidents. Even if there are places that are used to this kind of weather but especially in this part of the country mean this is -- criticism of the people here this is not criticism of the motorist here. This is just a reality fear if if you're not used to say if something like this is so -- Then obviously we need to be more vigilant. And think about things that we're not used to think it would there's a tropical storm or hurricane coming. We pretty much know what to do. But we also need to think about what to do at a time like this and and there are a lot of similarities. For example be prepared to go a couple of days without power. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 260187. A total free 8668890. Point 78. And our text number is 87 you said here's a text. Robert -- the guy. Family matters on. Robin thick I believe is it is Alan -- fix -- me correct me if I'm wrong there. Last time I saw -- thick was it. A party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles we really hang out I just. I saw him there from battery Jeff here and -- WL. -- truck computer works great champion who knows. Well it's it was technically able and Jamie you went last year and it's gonna still that you wow I don't think about that Jeff. It's amazing. I'm delays rural state say. When I was on the earlier today and somebody called instead. I noticed that. It's it's -- -- then that season we have a really -- hurricane. And apparently there's there's a coincidence. With that and I don't think that there's any meteorological. Reasons for that to happen -- we talked to a meteorologist channel four I will. I will mention that I don't think that there's anything. It creates this this particular winter weather system. That is also conducive to. Creating hurricanes and tropical storms in the summertime if you wanna join our -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point 78. In a text numbers 877. Here's a text in Gonzales looking at ten out of town electric crews polian. Yeah I I talked to energy earlier energy is said that they are bringing -- even though there's even though there's so much of this weather over this entire part of the country. They -- there are people actually coming in from elsewhere. To help us -- -- in the coming in from a mean you know if if if if I'm outside of the New Orleans area. And I'm getting snow and I'm getting nice and I got down power lines I don't want my people to go somewhere else to help somebody else. But they've got this all figured out. And energy is also said that even though we don't deal with this on a regular basis. That they year. Dear -- workers are prepared to deal with this this kind of weather. Even though this is -- that they have the training. To deal with this kind of weather which is good and -- -- sort of reminds you it looked as as as tempting as it is always beat up on the the energy company Entergy. -- -- No matter how prepared they -- There's still no guarantee you know you can lose power. They could be the greatest company on the planet. And there are certain things that happen in life. That you can't always prevent. And downed power lines -- and as the -- -- storm is one of those things that. That might. Just happen no matter how prepared the energy company -- and we can hope that the energy company is indeed prepared -- from Slidell Walter you're on the stooge -- good evening. I age group. All right so then not back and not 1989. On the Internet. Hospitals -- you know. The media. Hours -- purple coming into important market out great and they they called us pages posted to get active manner that will rule. Originate from as best we could -- out. Travel but it whale with their -- pale on back then and now that people once boasted that great it's gotten into one another and -- -- I didn't. They've -- outrageous that you people. It does get in -- -- -- -- -- you look at -- do we -- an automatic transmission. In addition to call on what needs opposite a slot and put that would be. Transmission and neutral. And then lightly tapped -- break. And not and and it keeps you from slot that much and I tried that and it worry. And people will open and he -- -- and audio along but he -- It's just that it would keep -- transmission and and and ended slightly after break in and -- slot as much. I don't remember that. -- We know passing them on Netflix like be careful tomorrow. If anybody wants to confirm that or deny it you know they are good people do things and it might not be the official thing you should do I -- be careful with the show and always talk about. Those things that that are. The official thing that you should do is it good to put your car in neutral I know that when it comes to two black guys. You're not supposed to accelerate and do not. If you are driving if you have to driving your on the -- do not use cruise control. Because if you start to lose traction that's going to cost the cruise control to kick in and that's gonna cause acceleration. And that's gonna make things even worse. If the card does start to slide. Do not. Hit the brakes. Because that's gonna cause -- even worse situation for Denham springs where they are expecting some snow band a year on this crucial in every WL. Yes you're currently our outlook and all or about thirteen years ago and pushed on computer. And all got out and of all I'm -- and -- just strongest and public system you know and it would you brakes on and hold him down. You breached files are all star. -- you can also shall be all student. Put it in due to any. I'm glad you brought this up because a lot of people have the anti braking systems but they don't know what they do. And and when you when you hear those brakes lock up there's a possibility that you can -- -- don't panic because they're doing are supposed to do. That's old and bigger you know why we're all or you want to stay normal and -- You -- get mutual doing it just play around GRE or no -- great. There are others brought us. I -- -- I appreciate you mentioning that that's a really good point that we haven't mentioned yet. It -- there's a possibility that generally have had a chance to use your anti braking system yet. And -- it's gonna it's gonna seemed like your brakes are going out if you hit those breaks but they're not going out there doing what they're supposed to do. A from a veto a bill here on WW elegant evening. I just want. Bring -- beta local election you talk about can't tiebreak system it's an anti lock brakes just OK which we are locked up anyway. I'm back here enough Auburn coming in -- school here high school. January 1962. Pocket water and under Astros went outside of the -- there. It was spot degrees -- And waiting to freezing thirty for three days ago about that -- -- And the city was essentially saying that all but they're low. But -- get about 32 or three days and club -- about six months. Following January. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They want to morning. And fortunately though an art school I wanted it brought it out. Get out there about three to four or more and believe it at the close. You're lucky or well. He had kind of a lot better technology with with apparel today. It right. But that was not payment January -- or so it isn't it well. In January that you know fresh -- well how many years ago that six hours at the. I -- -- -- -- you know I don't I'm not in the mood I'm not in the mood to do mass tonight Padilla somebody just figured announced. That Billiton gets a great story you know we we do think back on -- it because it's so rare here you were you really what we think back on the storms we also think back on. Those those moments when it has been cold that it was a -- a snowstorm in ninety effect in 98 I remember. Leading downtown after getting off the air and -- on the North Shore at the time and I remember. And being very very careful and being concerned about crossing the causeway and I remember my wife at the time and I. Went to two tree and eat. And I remember looking out the window at -- of the -- just the garden area and I remember seeing snow falling -- that night on the North Shore. Well over a year just thought the country -- out -- school -- assortment fool. And thanks you know goes oh c'mon -- Body -- -- try to walk across all out. He steps out of maturity right. How much and managers this all the was breezing him. Yeah you said that the the ice that might appear to be sick in this part of the country may not be that -- it's not like a lake in Michigan where you can do ice fishing. I don't know I'm glad you called. -- is it if you gonna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 26 ago. 1870. Toll free numbers 8668890. A seventy. In a text numbers 877 for those of you listening in parts of the country where this is more normal. It's not like we're trying to make a big deal out of something that is a relatively small to you. But in this part of the country this is a big deal in the same way that some of the weather that we have. If you didn't have a regular basis it might be a real big deal that you for medicine deal grants -- and to -- WL. State student doing a good. But he. Caught -- out. -- he talked about her -- and the growth outlook. North Carolina and I think one thing. That help particularly. All the Norse or in port city -- The best advice I ever got into. It about a black eyes. Hearing where are sort of -- year. -- not you know -- and all right at some people in the you know you'll lock down and -- real fight is -- will total. Grace has opened -- and it just sort of a year early and try and only -- next he had planned for the in. You know -- -- stop. Right yeah -- Clark and and everything needs to be very gradual. Thing. Yeah I mean -- all matter disorder. Let don't let the caller -- well particularly like that earlier. Antilock brakes and kind of put. -- -- -- -- -- Argued that incurred ordered that kept me cry at all court do you feel better now it is w.s well. Grant do you have do stick with your regular routine tomorrow or can you just take today off and enjoy it. I'm open to take the bail. A worker crawl the lake there and in the city at the commitments and aren't. You know awaited talk about it like that and shut down most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully it'll be an all state armies but in the event do should be interest in front there but -- And and and and you could get the end of the big trick is going to be getting home. Because a good possibility you'll be able to Gideon and now I think it's one of the problems with the with schools and a lot of things tomorrow people could get their kids could get to school. But it might be really difficult to that actually -- Yeah I think that's that's the biggest concern for a lot of people particularly a lot of not step up told most of them you know appears schedule after about. You know news is -- -- worry about it I'd rather be aggravated with the one Dayton another you know the rest of the mile light -- and objective get hurt -- And Greta mentioned earlier think about the people who came down here from very cold parts of the country and I think what we're gonna go to new worlds in January so it's it's it's gonna be really great second to be that cold. What are what are gonna exhibit there are people who did this is their normal winner becomes a New Orleans and they think they're just gonna cruise around urban street and have fun and maybe just Wear light jacket. Now it's gonna be cold and getting a winter storm in New Orleans who would have thought that would happen. Yeah you know in Vietnam and an area that probably the same group of folks do on -- years ago and they were. -- -- New Jersey in the summer comprehended it cool rested and ended up arcade -- you know outlook. Credit -- our conversation thanks for calling into a look at -- Specialist here's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight during this winter storm are you gonna stay home or will you continue your regular routine. 7% -- gonna -- 25% say they will continue the regular routine. Now some people have to continued their regular routine instantly these people area. -- like going to war. On their people who have to. The reason that you shouldn't go if you don't have to is the fewer people on the road the safer everybody news. There were looking for reasons to play songs -- only ice cold weather. Mean I'm always looking for recently for no lines right. This is -- -- -- -- -- your comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Activity. Text -- some creativity. -- -- -- -- -- just picked up a case of -- don't plan -- in the house till Thursday it did a lot of people gonna go out tonight so so be careful. People off tomorrow it's not freezing right now a lot of places -- going to be -- tonight with people having. A winner version of hurricane party. Will be right back but it TWO. I hope that snow is and I hope you get to see and I hope your kids get to see it and play unit. I there's still some debate about how emotional we're gonna get in the New Orleans area and it we may be surprised in their -- more rather than less or it just be a freezing mix. -- and mr. wintering mix with a few snowflakes -- we're not gonna know until it actually happens it's it's not that easy to -- to predict exactly. Oh what the weather's gonna do when it's when it's like this. If you wanna join our show of the comet tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668. -- early Sunni. Our tax receipts -- -- having and it's excerpts of what he said they received the text from energy. And their telling him that there there will be power outages and some could last three to four days. And this is a result of not only win but it's it's mainly the result of ice. Ice gets on the power lines ice gets on a tree limbs. And this time of -- really answer or or not is. That is limber as they as they might be they might be drier so they're easier to snap in the wintertime. -- tree limbs made me snapped and fallen power lines breaking the power lines. It's gonna take a while to get those back up. And trucks might not necessarily be able to be everywhere because of the -- so it's the same scenario. As with the hurricane or tropical storm. You've got to be prepared to go a couple of days with without power. The good thing is you're not gonna liken a -- it'd be miserable. You going to be cold it's not gonna be so cold that you're gonna die. And in you can you know when it when it's cold in -- without power when it's called the video with the heat. Say this it was a which you could mean you can get naked if it's if it's hot and you don't have power. Which you can only get so naked and you can just keep putting stuff on if it if it gets cold let's go to Dallas -- on WW good evening. Good evening I'm calling match you know that putting their automatic in the mid April yeah on the -- yeah it works. I don't know Orlando. As I -- cover breach. And I was was on the bright kid and I would still creeping. In -- but it neutral and that's. So I I have and I haven't heard that -- I appreciate you telling a cent of credit and I've -- second round. Well -- out but it might it might be the right to go to find out obviously if it's the wrong answer but -- that might be something we're gonna continue to talk about that tonight's -- anybody else has experience with putting the automatic transmission in neutral. If you hit ice please call our show or sends text. I'd Joseph I think our weather's gonna be a little worsened colder here that is going to be in Dallas. It's only been in the lower police here did not note -- partnership station. We partied at last couple weeks ago. I remember that -- I appreciate you calling and be safe okay thank you and from bush Fred you're on WW elegant evening. I'm good -- -- art taught in city while Leah did that -- ice freeze over and the biggest thing Losman is it. Everybody knew it would comment by what the work -- and -- trotting you know they couldn't -- you know because nobody can there's like. It is common sense we know it's common. You know straight at all. You know I mean it was like -- calls. In one while I remember right this was well I don't know if this is the when you're about -- about 1989. I do -- gotten off camera and I am in. Error. Well I saw cars I -- -- I mean is sometimes just gently sliding into each other but it yeah inconvenient. I was working on broad street. And you know mob -- follow that those golf or you know technician. In and to males like you know while we've been eager and and all the sudden says okay let's go ugly things go well we -- -- -- -- and you know everybody's. Bobbled and -- and it and you know. Look at it people just you know. Full -- call you know bam -- ailment people just don't know what to do. In if it which is it crept. Even if you know what to do is sometimes he gained in these situations and in that even if you know what to do this and nothing you can do to stop -- Yet are you know I don't know -- Try to you know go in Detroit and -- right now and try to cut that we went right straight to oak -- in the room. You know it was a single box. You know auto bosses the old -- would drop. He tried to stop at a red light in. Although we stopped within the box get go one way out what daddy is slid into the debate that goes. Of the crowd in the world when he hit it you know you know -- edged the bus stop he got out a lot about companies walk -- You know it took me out -- -- street straight ball. One now yeah yes it was it was it was completely crazy aunt thing about it too -- people -- I was. In did they would get more from quote dropped calls. So you know you all followed -- -- you eat it it's an advantage. I just got a text of somebody wanting to know if it's better to have front wheel rear wheel drive and while I didn't know for sure I I I assault trial pulling the car would be in the -- the if the wheels are pulling that car rather than pushing and I would think that would be safe right. Right and that thing about it if he didn't have a real vote for a -- Our little trot and a final bit. Pockets he had a -- that -- better. I used to my emotion like stop the vehicle -- my back wheels stopped and select the fought local school is what -- We're rolling in the you can steer the vehicle if you picture writes you stop and all all. Tires the same time you have no control the vehicle at all. And all the orders slot. I appreciate you calling out that we -- effects of that advice. I'm going to come out yet if if you wanna. Contribute to our our conversation we're just talking about what we need to do to prepare for the storm it's not here yet it's comfortable outside right now. But that's gonna change after midnight and by tomorrow morning and tomorrow during the day and into tomorrow night we're going to be in winter weather in winter. Storm warning is now in effect. This is this -- show and we'll be right back -- every W -- it isn't very often in this part of the country that we talk about it winter storm warning but that's what we're dealing with right now is on the way but nothing's going on right now might be hard to believe that it's coming but -- is coming. So so be prepared and the key is if you don't have to be out. Early tomorrow morning all day tomorrow into tomorrow night -- if you don't have to be out. Guilty out because there will be ice and the more people outs the more possibility that you're going to be involved in a situation that you rather than be involved. I'm from pearl river Bobby you're on the scoop -- -- WL. Hello Bob. I over about adults if he's if he's still there here's a dummy of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. A during this winter storm you gonna stay home or will you continue your regular schedule. -- shipping of a going to be a -- to account. However remind you again that at beginning tomorrow morning quick update Cohen starting at 5 o'clock and then Tony Tucker at 6 o'clock. WWL first news we will have the latest. On this of this severe winter storm on the schools -- work closures the bridge the road closures the power outages. How to prepare your family your home your cars your pets your plans. And dead than you can tell us what your plans are for the next couple of days there were also talking about that tonight as we get ready for this. You know -- we live in that part of the country where this doesn't happen very often and maybe you've lived in some cold weather we've been talking about them on the -- tonight if you're a seasoned veteran. And you -- me share with people here who are going through this for the first -- don't go through this very often you want to share with them some of the things that -- -- I'm having lived in those those environments whether you're from there or you're from here you live there and you live here now. Police. Say -- share your advice would share your knowledge. About today in the these cold winter conditions with our audience so remember to join date Cologne tomorrow morning 5 AM WWL first news followed by Tommy Tucker from six to ten. Went every WL. And here is attacks that reads -- putting the automatic transmission in neutral will not stop the car from sliding in snow. Here is. I taxed. That reads regular routine tomorrow. I'm retired. If you wanna join us tonight -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text or -- 7870. If if you are going to be home tomorrow with the kids. You might actually. You you might have a a fund a teaching how to be a time out. If you're locked up with a -- tomorrow there's a good possibility they're gonna give you a recent. To be putting timeout so might be a good opportunity to take time to teach your children the art. Of being in time -- also want to make sure you have what you need. Again and make sure the cars filled with gas picture you have some cash on hand -- that -- -- nonperishable items and and all the things that you would have preparing for. On tropical storm or hurricane that's what you're gonna need for this storm. This is the -- show were getting ready for winter storm Leon and we'll be right back on WW well.