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Scoot Show 1-27 10pm Winter storm

Jan 27, 2014|

schools will be closed, but so will many businesses. Many parents will be home with their children. Stock up on food, snacks and most of all stock up on patience! What do you do with your kids when they are home because of inclement weather? PLUS: how to drive on ‘black ice’ if you hit black ice – do not panic?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A winter storm warning is in effect for the Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Florida and much of the southern and eastern part of the United States. Along the coast Carol South Carolina and Georgia they -- gonna get -- part of the the really severe part of this is gonna be snowing in Atlanta it's going really throughout much of north Louisiana Mississippi and and Alabama and maybe even parts of Ford -- New Orleans is -- we're not exactly sure how much snow we're gonna get here I hope we get a lot of snow. Because it's it's fun especially if you don't have to be out in it. Ice is a lot worse since no. But because this is this is the deep south. The conditions have to be just right for snow and those conditions. Below are not always right for snow but I I do hope we gets no. There's a reason why you shouldn't be looking for black ice. Meet you hear about black ice and roadways are -- freeze over. Especially the N dot -- Elevated roadways in the bridges in the overpasses. An -- and people keep talking about watch -- for the black ice. Well don't look for black ice because. Well you can't see it. Like IC is not really black. Black ice is transparent. And if you're looking for -- you're not gonna see a black ice is the same color is the roadway. And since in many cases the roadway is asphalt or dark then the ice appears to be black. But if the roadway is lighter news CNET color then that's going to be the color of the ice black ice is actually transparent so. If you don't see -- don't think it's not there. And in assumed that it is there. If you're driving early tomorrow morning and really throughout tomorrow and into tomorrow night. And we will be here with you every step of the way we're talking about this tonight as we prepare for. And then tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock with Dave Cohen Debbie WL first news he'll have the latest in the following that as Tommy Tucker. And he'll have the latest stats about Debbie WL from six to ten in Garland Robinette from ten to one and Angela. From one to four -- that Bobby -- for 48. And I'll be back -- you tomorrow night and there will be a lot going on here tomorrow night and we'll share what we're experiencing. I if you don't have to be out don't be out because -- if you were people who were out. Means that fewer cars that it could end up in out in a bad situation if you outlast Friday or if you knew people who outlast Friday. When I was on here Friday night it was just amazing to hear the stories about how people were stuck in traffic for hours. And he'd do it took for ever to get across the Crescent City connection. Because of an accident and then -- -- see the accident a major accident on the of the pro river bridge on the I Kent coming in from Mississippi to Louisiana. There's really not much you can do if you hit this black ice. And I it in the wrong way and the wrong speed. And don't panic will continue to talk about that in some of the things that we talked about tonight will. Inevitably be repeating on the show but there are always so -- -- people tuning in so we were hammering everybody up to date also if you have experience. In wintry weather. Driving on ice driving in snow you have experience with this weather. When you're from here and you move somewhere else and you had experience dealing with -- or maybe your -- from somewhere else and now you've you've lived here. I if you have experience with this and there's something that you wanna tell people as they get ready for this this winter storm we don't want anybody to panic. We just want everybody to be prepared. Then I'd call our show it again if you've experienced. -- driving in this kind of this kind of weather. Let people know why they should go out and they're going to be people who are gonna be curious. If I mentioned this earlier in the show too if the snow is close to you and you're watching -- you listen to heavy WL you're watching WW LTV. Watching the weather channel if you see that the snow is close to you but it's not snowing where you war. You might be tempted to get in the car and go see the snow. Is -- is that he is that's not the best thing to do. And I'll share with you and a few minutes in experience that I had when there was a flood. It was raining so hard streets were flooding is silly idea to really dumb thing. I wanted to go see what it was like. I had. A vehicle that was higher off the ground. Thought I was fine can't wait to tell you what I did. So it's it's not a good idea to go sightseeing in the snow. I hope it's knows where you are and much of this area we'll get still and who knows maybe were gonna be surprised here in the New Orleans area a for pearl river -- -- on WW elegant evening. Good evening -- -- wanted to. We're on the border in Germany and there in 1963. We Czechoslovakia and we drove home -- and so -- almost every day and learned that trick from the Richmond -- people. Oh with a French -- on the border. Live about five to ten pounds out of your tired it you have to go out. Then. If you let that much you're tired you get more traction on ice and snow. Yeah I have heard that terrorists of that is definitely a possibility because. The of their people have to go out there they're people who can't say -- and it's not that everybody is an essential to society but will we talk about. Essential workers were talking about it. People that have to be out and do their jobs to make society function. And of course we'll all be here at at the radio station. But if you have a job week in and put things off as much as you don't want to -- put things off for a couple of days this would be the time to do it. And -- just so happened that I have a son graduating from. Marine boot camp in pairs island and I have to be there on Friday. That's not promising. The other thing if you're. Freezes up and it will it's yours if we have ice storm we expect. -- Your bit for him if you have power. But the user here -- to go around the locks in the bill worse themselves. Melt the ice rather than try a little. Hot water on because hot water will simply freeze up -- You know I did a really dumb thing and I forget where it was or rather cold weather places. I lived in I hadn't -- tiny crack in my windshield. And it was cold outside in mind when she was iced over so I decided what I'm just gonna take some hot water until we're on the windshield. With the crack spread across the entire windshield. There and sometimes it will and you know just out the better solution. No pun intended is 5050 in inquiries. If you -- DO owners and around someplace. And you'd just use that to verbal wind. You mean 5050 and for easier target and alcohol. Are you talk about 5050 and a -- are you talking about like alcohol no -- and referees okay. Is that nobody wants to waste a vodka by torn on the car. -- -- -- Particularly if it's that cold I've got better uses for this. Did you take care. And he is stay safe in pearl river -- it -- I lived in Cincinnati for fifteen years. And they take care of the roads there. And this states cannot stay home. -- attacks I grew up in buffalo the secret to surviving the weather like this. Is to stay home. Here's a text don't need to let the air out of your tires. That's what steel belted -- great skills are all about here's another text. When all else fails you can get traction. On the packed ice. On this side by the shoulder of the road. You know another thing that you have that effect let's do this we will take a quick break here when we come back. I know these are not blizzard conditions. But -- if you if you are out especially if you're gonna be with family. If you do you have to be out and you do get stock. And year -- year stock for awhile there are certain things that you should having your car with you it's something that. In other parts of the country this time of year people have their survival kits in the car they and they know what to have with them all the time not that everybody does but they are aware of what they should have all the time so let's talk about some of the things that you should have in the car with -- if you do have to go out if you want to contribute to what our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- embassy Soviets having this is the -- -- And we'll be right back with more of our winter weather updates at a WL did you think at a time when you were snowbound can you think at a time when you're. -- stuck somewhere stuck inside couldn't go anywhere because of snow or because of -- We could talk about them and on the show as well if you gonna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601872. -- 3866889. Cyril it's happening. In a text numbers 87870. Here's a -- reminds me of living and get Lindbergh Tennessee. Going to stay home and enjoy. And that's what you should really try to do -- -- if you can stay home and just enjoy this and if it's those great if it doesn't snow just in enjoy this little eruption it's -- it's -- Unavoidable eruption in your life and in in some ways it's so easy to get frustrated when our routines are broken but think about it. No school. No work for many -- you so destroy I would think a lot of people are out tonight having a good time because conditions are not gonna deteriorate until well after midnight. If you do have to go out there's always a possibility that you're going to be stuck for hours maybe even longer than ours as people were on last Friday. Now in in many parts of the country they've they do have -- survival kits and not. I guess they -- survival kits but the people just have certain things in the car with them. In the event that they're driving through a pastor driving at highway and they get stuck in in in -- But especially when. There are a severe winter conditions of people are prepared to be in their car for an extended period of time. On make sure you have water. It be good idea to have protein bars or some nonperishable food to eat you know some people get so low blood sugar. And it you know you wanna have something there with you because you're not going to be able to go anywhere. Bring blankets with you in case your in your car for an extended period of time a flashlight. -- be good idea to have battery operated radio make sure your cellphone is fully charged before you head out. And get a phone George for the car. Kitty litter is also a good idea have kitty -- with you because if you if you get into an icy situation that can act is kind of Salter or sand on the ice so it's it's good to have a little kitty later. And also make sure that you have any vital medication with you. You know you might not be able to get right back home so it's good to have whatever you think you might need for an extended thirtieth on it we're not talking about days. But it you don't want to be in that situation if you if you need something. And so the blankets flashlights. Make sure that your car also make sure the cars is full of gas last Friday night. We heard people -- running out of gas because they were prepared to be on the road for that -- Right now it's fifty degrees in the city it's fifty in applause 46 on the North Shore in Covington. It doesn't seem like it's gonna get that cold again detect just a moment ago from somebody it said that the wind has switched out of the northwest now. And it's picked up in mobile this entire area is under a winter storm warning for Metairie Jack here on this crucial and to be WL. Age group actually mean -- -- insurgent. I want to make a comment -- AMP say do this and that was the number one thing people can do and rarely. Need to think about that goes slow you have to get out. Was wrong or drop and channel. Thirteen miles per hours a lot in -- Jack I agree with -- and and this is there a chance to remind people that the posted speed limit is the speed limit for the highways the interstates in the roadways. When the weather is is ideal. And I just go slowly and another camp is people needed to want to. Get out of regular drop. Imported and hello Ian has stopped our actions. Jack I've I appreciate that it reject talks about going slow really I think he means to be cautious if if if the traffic is. Safely driving forty you don't wanna be going ten because then you're gonna create a problem so don't slow them to the point where you're a hindrance. To traffic. But but do slowdown and remembered the posted speed limit is the speed limit for that road under ideal conditions. And the speed limit is sixty perhaps the safest speed is gonna be 35 or forty. I'm from hallmark Kristin your under the WL. One -- and -- on don't. In the morning. Didn't work out pretty. Conditions 89. And yet I think you're right and they act so. My -- You have like crew and car battery car battery they capped the well. In hand model from our. -- -- -- Into. She barely touched a break and -- each. Issue and and I. So finally got there you know our -- there bring -- to do that -- like she actually mile -- -- So you have to barely tried she'll break it -- like La La La -- show. There is there and I meant that made it sure. As service it's it's a good idea -- and I'm sorry that happened to your mommy you're you're trying to helper out so what do you do you get -- -- you get -- current as you. Yeah I don't I don't Greta battery you know -- -- where we're at an emergency. Braly where you gonna go oh this is this. A battle with doctor -- go on on the back. You know Christians sometimes you just can't trust your parents to do the right thing yeah. -- Chris and I'm glad you called and have fun and home and I hope it's a good day off for you here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll. A during this winter storm are you gonna stay home or will you continue with your regular routine. Innocent people have to continue with their regular routine. I give -- -- -- by going to our web site WW dot com -- communities we try to -- A throughout our show tonight -- remind you once again that all of southeast Louisiana including. The greater New Orleans area is under a winter storm warning they expect high winds icy roads possibly driving rain freezing rain sleet. And so much of the area will get -- don't know how much in the B dual -- but much of the Syria will get snow. You can count on WW built to be with you every step of the way tonight and through tomorrow. -- you can always check back with us for the latest at WWL dot com and right now. We've got to a full list of school closings in business closings parish by parish. -- and Youkilis and WWL because we will constantly give you updates on the weather on an update to coming appeared in just a few minutes with the correlate Redondo. -- necessary directly from the channel four forecast center. Also. You can instantly on your Smartphone. You can get -- updates live updates live text updates from WWL. -- now message and data rates apply but it's a free service and it's available on your phone. -- all you need to do is text the word news. NE WS text the word news. Too late 787. Or text the word whether. Too late seventies Saturday and we'll give you those those updates as soon as -- as soon as we get up so don't panic but be prepared. Go to the grocery store for food water supplies -- gas has some cash on hand. Just be prepared for power outages in the same way that you prepare for power outages. If there is tropical storm or. A hurricane heading our direction. Where -- official emergency management station you can count on us Debbie WL a -- New Orleans Joey and -- on the Scotia be needing. Now. What. You. Call. -- -- And we're gonna do applaud them all about it. -- -- -- -- Op carpet action at 18. You know -- coming pack from the west -- From work. She needs to sort out and court. -- what did you do that. A lot. And I said her -- away and -- -- sorry I can't do during. Oh. Well. I heard stories about that in the military where -- that was a that was an option rather then. Then die of thirst that was the option not a good option but it. I don't know that it pumped out on the practice city connection by. You need -- like we needed a -- I didn't think of that you know when when we traveled across the country every summer. Like my parents we had a aunt grandmother grandfather lived in Phoenix so every summer our summer vacation was to die in the station wagon. From New Orleans to clinics. And my brother and I had used the Coke bottle but he IE if my sister and to use the restroom we we stopped for. My mom but but if we had -- we -- to do medical. Well the bad. It out -- that would put it that like. I'm glad you brought that I'm -- specialist Ian and I know that I think about that Coke bottle deal. I don't remember where we put the Coke bottle to where it wouldn't fall or or what buy a book my dad did that to cork the top of the of the Coke bottle -- for Texas Paula you're under VW ought to be leading. I didn't -- that. You've mentioned not viewed -- Cruise control and that's though we weren't there earlier you. Article further away with the generals say. Those are the cruise control. Should only be news. Ultra service. Did in other words it is should not outraged properties that were whether -- prep disbursed. Now. Well. I don't know how many -- we have machine guns but definitely -- know what. Are you are -- cruise control in or school. That's really good advice site I hadn't thought about that I don't know that I would use my cruise control when it's rainy because you really have to be on the car you should be prepared due to slowed in a hurry but that's really. That's really good advice and in especially you know and it's dicier. Are those slippery anyway whether it's no eyesore or rain cruise control is not is I couldn't. No. And let them aren't in any way to make a long story short leash Taylor. Although played well -- it left. But. I had been badly and now the media to get it back under control but. Any help you know that I a midsize pickup truck and and and it. You know it that it 65 miles noted that. It. Paula thank you share their -- and you do have personal experience with that and that's that's a good idea that no cruise control if the surface. Is not totally draw. Paul Safin and thanks listing in Texas from New Orleans birds here and every WL. Thank you -- -- on down there rebate but got that one channel there. And -- but it can go. Out and they met it felt like there. Because camp though he did not cracked when bill and and that ate up the column outside it is war. -- Kendall because it'll give. Yeah actually you know when I am when I thought about nonperishable items on thinking about -- McCann story cancer can't chicken that have the did the pop tops but yeah I mean if you if you if you -- have some nonperishable items and it's in the candy you need to have the camper and and obviously some plastic utensils to. TE with but the camp I hadn't thought about the I had thought about the Kendall. Wore him. I -- I'm glad to call you to be able to stay home tomorrow DF to go to work. -- good -- enjoyed just relax and obedience and snow. Oh I don't like you know like right in -- -- millions. Burglar to called. It is so hot here so much of the year. Let's embrace this it's gonna be seventy by Saturday. So let's just relax and enjoy this it again this is an un avoidable. Event it's an unavoidable. In eruption in your routine. And fortunately today at least you have power. Think about how much you can do from home. That you couldn't do from home before. With your phone. With your computer Amy is so easy to get worked on for those who are gonna. Stressed out because they're not in the office tomorrow physically. There is so much you can do at home now and at that wasn't always the case if you would join our show with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. At a text numbers 877. Here is attacks would love to stay home but I am financially challenged and need to work. I I understand it. But you don't wanna put yourself in a situation where. You're in danger. So don't. Don't -- don't risk your life. To -- for the money that you think you need because the money's not going to be any good if you're not program to enjoyed. Here's a text front wheel drive is better. It will hold you in the direction you need to go. Same with four by four. This is am. The only advantage here's a text -- Skoda I drove from the East Coast to the West Coast for thirty years. When I had the right amount of room. When I left my truck start to skid I would speed up I'd just a little and turn the wheel. The way that I was skidding and solely turn my -- back. The way I need to go. Maybe this will help some. You're right stay off the brakes at -- if you do happen to hit the ice especially in in this part of the country where people aren't used to. An end and we're not used to it is people. If you live in a climate where. There's ice and snow. You know just walking around you have a little greater awareness of what ice and snow conditions are like. We don't we don't have that reference here. So. Will your car starts to slide. The first instinct that a lot of people have is to put on the breaks. And that's only going to make the slide the ski didn't. Even worse and if you do start to to spin. That you're supposed to turn the wheel gently and slowly. In the direction of the spin. And then you turn it back is this. I've voters is just telling assists and discuss who drove. Or woman I don't know drove from the East Coast of the West Coast thirty years. They -- deterred back in the direction if you wanna go win. -- you sure your instincts with that and you know -- -- gonna bring up something that really isn't it's that there's there's one thing that you you can apply. It in times like this -- winter storm. Everybody can use this. Not many people do it's -- It's a commodity that is available to everybody. It's absolutely free. If you choose to use it. It's common sense. But we know the common sense is not really that common anymore. You can't drive on ice. You can't I don't care how good a driver you think you or you can't drive on ice. So if you don't have to don't try. And if you have to drive. Don't drive like he usually -- And also prepare to be for power I'm prepared to be without power for a couple of days. And again just do the best you can to enjoy this spend quality time at and I holed it's it again it -- kids are off from school was not their fault. It's not your fault that -- not gonna be at work so if you have a chance to. To have this snow day they've columns noted it's just unheard of that we have a snow day in this part of the country but. We're gonna have Estonia tomorrow we have the complete list of school closures on our website and it is extensive. And also many businesses that have announced that their clothes and all of that is on our website right now. And we're constantly updating it DaVita QL dot com so during this winter storm -- you stay home or will you continue your regular routine. That's a Debian you'll pretty jaguar opinion poll. I'm -- to give you an update on that when we come back and we're coming right back with more of your comments. Under -- WL as we prepare for winter storm Leon yeah winter storm has a name like a tropical storm this witness. Is Leon winter storm warning in effect for New Orleans and its entire part of the country will be back. Let's I don't watch the Grammy Awards and I. Who wins awards shows but I I sort of -- and I really got caught a -- I thought it was an excellent excellent show. And the match -- think man people performing with different people -- just. Amazing. I would be surprised if the grammys don't win an Emmy award for an instant. Right special dividend categories. -- -- more and Ryan Lewis performed same -- last night and we'll we'll play that song a little bit later because they did something really special things. They had people we knew their towns and it was amazing place and Michael -- and Brian Lewis best new artist. The grammys last night when the awards they won in the song goes -- -- -- -- with. The excellent. And after doing. If you wanna join our show tonight with a comment we're talking about the approach of this in winter storm we don't want. Winter storm warnings in New Orleans in this part of the country. Are very rare if there's anything that you one and two to our conversation even if you think it's been said before maybe it hasn't been said. And we are continuing to repeat some of the things we've said earlier because new people always -- tuning in and you know the the slightest little information that you you get here from WWL. Might actually help keep you safe and might keep you from being in a very inconvenient situation and might help you out. In oh if powered does go out well how long the keep -- food in the refrigerator or in the freezer. We'll think about it if it's freezer close to freezing outside. Not like in the summertime we have power going out for for hurricane or tropical storm you can take your stuff from the freezer there for curator and put it outside. It's gonna be cold enough outside to. Well actually is going to be like natural refrigeration. Here's a text whiskey and -- for me -- You know and is Lloyd leisure staying in home there's nothing wrong with that I would think that because so many people were around tomorrow I would think that. Are off tomorrow I would think that a lot of people are going to be out tonight so if you are out tonight be careful some people may be out -- having their version of a hurricane party. Which you know people want to have when he gets enough when he gets really COLT. I mean I'm sorry when he gets really historian -- -- its -- of people might be out having a winter storm party here's an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion polls so during this winter storm are you gonna stay home or continue your regular routine. 70% are gonna stay home and 30% to continue their regular routine. I don't remember I think it was I think it was 1996. Might have been 95. There was a big flawed. And I was living -- -- and at the time and ahead of vehicle that was was higher off the road. And I was hearing on the news about. All of these these streets were flooding. And just the rainfall was was just on torrential. So I thought you know I'm good I'm gonna go I wanna go see it I wanna go get out and it. So I did. I got about half a mile. Away from my house. My apartment. And I couldn't get back. I mean I couldn't get back. The rain was falling. So hard. For such an extended period time when I say I couldn't get back I couldn't get back home. I in the highest area was the interstate. I live in her hand. So I go out to -- a cruise around and see what it's like. I'm on the interstate. I can't get off the interstate because the exits are blocked because they're -- That night. With no. Provisions with me. Just enough cash. To spend the night. I ended up at a hotel. In Slidell. And then ended up I felt so. So. Stupid. That was a really dumb thing for me to do. So it's temperate as you might be an -- as that was plus it was dangerous. So I regret that. And I tell you that story because tomorrow. If if it's not snowing where you war but it's snowing close by. You might be tempted to go out and drive -- see the snow. And it's tempting is that news. I wanna recommend that you nine goes sightseeing because. Things can happen. Here is a text. If you plan on being stuck in a vehicle make sure that you have an empty milk jug to take a leak yet. Yeah I guess that would with somebody mentioned. Zip lock bag. I don't know where would you put the back. I mean it would be like this. But we're would you put it I mean it. Reboot what you but it leaked out. I don't know why it ends -- what I mean I guess have you had to that would via a choice finale the idea of a vote of a milk jug -- -- -- dead -- issues. A soft drink bottles. -- -- -- about this you know my brother and I had to have pretty good name. A soft drink bottle. And I don't I'm not exactly sure what he did to court the top with the Padilla who drive across the cut if my mom -- my sister had to use the restroom we pulled over. If it was one of those guys my dad behind the wheel me in my brother in the backseat to the station wagon. And they as a probe borrow. Originally got a crew wasn't here's a text scooter I'm a law enforcement officer. I will pretend. That I know everything. About every topic. Because I have researched them. You pretend. You're me. And come out in the snow ice sleet and rain. Quit asking for snow. If you want it so much please go there. Please. Do not talk such nonsense. Well with all due respect -- this law enforcement officer. On it I can't help whether it's gonna snow or not it's going to be icy I'd rather snow -- -- And I realize what this the law enforcement officers saying but that's not gonna stop me from saying you know I hope -- -- Now. It. That doesn't mean that I want any bad things happen to anybody but it's such a rare occurrence. Of people still remember when it's as it would when it was elastic snow in 2008. Guess it was 2008 in fact I was living in Denver at the time. And I it was around christmastime didn't. Because my son. Was traveling from Portland through Denver the plane -- in Denver to -- to visit his mom in new worlds for Christmas. And and that my son couldn't get on -- like so he gets stuck in Denver with me. -- Christie's was a stint with his mom in new -- like from Portland -- Denver to New Orleans gets stuck in Denver because the flight -- -- coming -- north I've also got -- -- about the airports -- as far as we know everything is open. And and as far as we know the no roads are closed now. But the -- are gonna close. Based on what their monitoring. In the field but as far as I know no roads are closed right now if you wanna join us tonight with that. A comment or with some advice on dealing with a winter storm which we don't often deal with our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 866. 8890 point 78. Protects embassies have VA seventy I'm -- it will be. Right back on every WL and we're preparing for a winter storm -- last I checked it wears a fifty degrees in the city and 46 in Covington fifty in applause. It is it's hard to believe that this past winter storm is coming but it is and it's than usual because. As I said earlier in the show what's different about this situation is. We usually get rain ahead of cold fronts. And did the rain perceives -- the drop in temperatures. Well we've got this Arctic blast coming down. And then we have this. This system of precipitation coming in from the west a low pressure system merging with this colder weather so the the precipitation moving in. At a time when the temperatures are going to be at or below freezing. I've discussed -- of friends are listening in Denham springs and they are prepared for some snow and many view. A throughout this part of the country -- gonna get some snow and again I understand what this law enforcement officers saying about. -- I shouldn't say I want snow. I can't control the weather it's it's going to be bad it's going to be winery. And as long as it's going to be winery. I prefer snow and sleet and ice and snow is again more. Negotiable then ice or sleep -- for Metairie Chris here on -- WL. -- -- I was just wondering. People read it and I'm like that tomorrow when it going to be trees and let the process to run you a direct. But I was wondering if you go outside in the triangle that brought it up outside. And income and opened it ought to let the water run out is that it. It's inside that an expert in the area Chris if somebody wants to call a lot and comment on and I want them to call our show to 2601878. Or toll free 8668890. -- let us know what's the best thing you know and I I had a house I remember used to run. A slight drip inside and displayed trip outside so I keep listening and Simonyi will tell you what's the best thing to do. A -- of a signal tomorrow. Good. Good for you Chris and that's the best thing you can do don't panic just just plan and and be prepared. So just stay with us here WWL and we will be with you every step of the way whether it's. Tropical storm hurricane. Rain and flooding or career -- storm like this. We are. Gonna stay with you every step of the way and we always have constantly updated information on our web site it is just a wealth of information. And you can access that at any time it's WW will not count. I'm here is a text if the power goes out just pretend you or your ancestors. They made it without. Gives you more appreciation for what our ancestors accomplished. Indeed. This is the -- show and we'll be back.