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01-27 Scoot Show-winter storm warning, grammys

Jan 28, 2014|

Scoot talks about precautions and what we might expect in lieu of the winter storm we are facing; also, the performances at the grammy awards...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's enjoy this says this rare moment we have and I say enjoy it the best way to enjoy it is to just stay home and not go anywhere. A winter storm warning in affecting you -- an update on the forecast from coral a Redondo. We're preparing for a winter storm -- that are starting units of areas said after midnight actually -- you might be in some areas where you are already starting to experience and infect a few and -- show and if you're not driving and you could safely do that genuine let us know where you are if you or in the weather that's already started. Our number until three is 8668890870. And -- -- summer is 87870. Good to have more of your text here just a moment here so an update on our WW a pretty genuine opinion poll. During this winter storm will use stay home or continue your regular routine. 68%. Planning to stay home in 32% say they will continue with their regular routine. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com will continue. A -- you -- -- the latest of between now and midnight and then tomorrow morning. I joined -- going to be WL first news starting at 5 AM. A following that it's Tommy Tucker at 6 AM Debian to -- first news we will have the latest on this winter storm moving through the area. I will have the latest on. Of London the weather forecast. The traffic. Power out -- issues. On school closings of business closings we've got all of that on WWL dot com will also have. On every half hour we'll have an update on the weather exactly where it is and what's happening where you are. And that will be every half hour top of the hour bottom of the hour and a B from -- to -- WL and the channel four a -- Google forecast center. Also on if you wanna get weather updates on your phone. Now it's a free service from us -- a message and and data rates may apply but it's a free service from us. I just text the word news. To wait 7870. Or text the word whether. To wait 77. And win their updates you'll get the updates effective -- win the the winter weather watch went into effect earlier today. He would have gotten that update. And then he changed from a watch to a warning. And now watch is -- conditions are favorable for something to happen whether it's a hurricane or tornado or winter storm. And I believe the definition of a warning is. It's it it's probable or it's absolutely expected. That's kind of a loose definition of that. But generally George de Cologne tomorrow morning it to five and and Tommy Tucker from six to ten -- in Garland Robinette from ten to one. Angela hill from one to four Bobby indeed from 48. And then I'll be back with you tomorrow night and by tomorrow night at this time. We should be reaching a peak of this at this winter storm and will be talking about two what we are experiencing you let us know what you're experiencing. And. You know we'll we'll get through this it's it's amazing to think that is coldest it's going to be and it's it's again it's not bad cold right now it right in this immediate part of the country. It's going to be seventy on Saturday. With a chance of -- And even better chance of rain the Super Bowl Sunday -- -- that of the four to the last forecast cite her for the Super Bowl. Was. Like wind temperature about 35. And and partly cloudy skies so it looks like a new Jersey's gonna do okay as far as the weather's concerned. Although you know those. The people who get Super Bowl tickets. You know most of them mart executives and and they've they've got connections and it's not just your average football -- me some average transco. But let's think about this they're going to be a lot of high income high profile people. In the stadium. They go to the Super Bowl. These are people who are not used to being inconvenienced. -- of people are not used to being out in the cold. And yet they're they're gonna beat sitting at the stadium in East Rutherford,. New Jersey. I hear is attacks our last know was December 11 2008 but my son was coming here to visit his mom. For Christmas I knew it had to be in in December. On and it I was living in Denver at that time and again I just thought it was so ironic that my son was snowbound in Denver on his -- traveling from Portland. The plane stop in Denver couldn't go on. To New Orleans because of the snow in New Orleans so we ended up spending Christmas with the which I've got his mom ordered in the air but it just worked out that way. Also law got a text earlier the the actual dates. Of my very -- stupid to dangerous. Stunt. Which may eighth 1995. At any time if you just joined us I I talk about this because. If you are tempted to go out and sites see tomorrow. If the snow is close but it's not right where you Warren you wanna go see the -- when you wanna pack the -- in the -- to go see the -- I know that's gonna be tempting but that's not. Always the best thing to do. And I remember may eighth 1995. Storming torrential rain there was flooding had a vehicle that was higher profile off the ground so I thought. I'm gonna go on and take a look. I did not get very far away from my apartment and Harry hand. When I was actually trapped it could not get back. And I couldn't get on the interstate was the highest. Broad way. Some of the interstate. I couldn't get off anywhere. Because the exits were -- it. That night I ended up in Slidell. And I I'll I'll never forget this I had I had about forty dollars with me and that's what the hotel room cost. Is the best westerner or some some hotel off I don't know one of the exits in in Slidell. But that was a very very dumb. Irresponsible thing for me to do. Into this stay or regretted thank god nothing can happen and I'm okay but I'm here to tell you this story that is -- that issue might be to Gilani and do some sightseeing in the snow that might not be the best thing to do. All so -- we just want to remind you that black ice it sounds like it's something that's very definite in in Europe they're looking for black ice. You're -- Tennessee. Because it's not really black ice it's it's it's transparent. It's the color of the roadway. And since so many roadways are dark dark like asphalt. It it gets the image and in the name of being black ice but it's actually transparent ice. So if it's a lighter color roadway. It's gonna be lighter in other words you can't see it. But -- stay -- and I wanna continue even though we've talked about this all night you'll continue talk about this tonight and tomorrow we talked about it last Friday night. When so many of you were more out tonight driving around and so many places were closed. If you start to to skid do not slam on your brakes. I've been gripped the steering wheel tightly and just try to. Try to just cruised through it until you get traction but do not. -- don't slam on the brakes in and that's an instinct because you weren't a stop what you're doing but that's not gonna help it's only gonna make things even worse. If you wanna join our conversation tonight with suggestion on what people might think about as they prepare for this winter storm and again for those of you were listening in other parts of the country tonight. We're not making a big deal about nothing of the in this part of the country something like this is a big deal because. And our cities. Towns. Our states in this part of the country are not prepared to deal they don't have the equipment. To to battle the ice in the snow. Like in many parts of the country. Can't. So we're at a disadvantage in terms of of how to actually battle it. And then there are are so many people as part of the country who have no experience driving. In these conditions and while I admit we can say that nobody around here knows how to drive anyway. It gets even worse when there's ice or slower conditions like this and I do specifically remember being here. In die in Nen 1989. And there was that says there was an ice ice ice and snowstorm and I remember getting off the air it. I've lived on the nor short the time and I remember. Very. And stressful drive across the causeway. And then I remember that night I remember sitting and entry entry yen. And looking out of the window I saw snow falling in man to fail so you know it's it it's it's it's a fun thing. Here's -- text hey Ed -- TX hit heck yes -- let it snow let it snow let it snow baby who -- but seriously. It's going to be dangerous in -- etc. But let it snow yeah it's. It's beautiful but it it can be dangerous and there's no need to be out in it. I also wanted to let you know that even in parts of the country where they get ice on a regular basis. There are still numerous people who do not -- -- know how to drive under those circumstances. Here's a text skewed if I share of Freud Norman and John Young are saying to stay off the streets tomorrow. Would you still go to work my workers open and I feel obligated. Very confused. And anxious. And I understand so what do you what do you do if if if officials are telling you not to go out and much you have to. If you work -- so what do you do. You know it's really it's unfortunate that that there are so many people who will look for any excuse. To not go to work. That there are people who. Just love playing hooky from work. But times like this. You really need to stay home. I can't officially tell you what to do and it's not that you're not essential. But if you're not essential worker and everybody's essential to society but it. Some jobs are are required to keep society moving. And if you don't have one of those jobs that it would be best if you if you stay home I deployed to I've. I don't know what to kind of work this is it's gonna be your decision but I can understand your confusion. And your anxiety. If you being told to stay home. -- business is open. And dead there are people who are very conscientious they're people who are concerned about. I'm losing their jobs or losing favor with their their bosses so we wanna show up at work. But I would like to think that bosses would do it would give everybody a pass here if they don't absolutely have to be at work. Then they would be required to be work. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text number. They say 77. -- -- to abort your -- also more of your calls are coming up and again if you have experience in in winter weather conditions like this. And you want to share some things that you remember growing up -- things that you learn when you move to a colder climate. Our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy -- -- states have the -- -- also be prepared to live. A couple of days. Without power. Be prepared in the same way that you prepared it was a tropical storm or hurricane coming. The good news is if you have no power. It's a little easier to cover up I mean you can only take off so much when it's like brutally hot in the summertime we don't have a say. Today it's a little more comfortable when you just look let's call it could be cold. But you can put a bush is -- fallen and hopefully stay warm. This is the -- jolt like from New Orleans and we'll be right back on WWL. Last night at the Grammy Awards this song get lucky died Daft Punk. And was a big winner this is that a basic mission of this are what keeps this line in the seventies it. There is so blondes really good music and their a lot of people who just when it totally dismiss music today there's a lot of really good good music. It's out today and done. Songwriter Paul Williams actually worked with them on this on this album public that you very short guy usually has come a long hair. Paul Williams last night and accepting the the award I think this was album of the year said -- Back when I was drinking I would imagine things weren't there and I'd get frightened. Then I got sober into robots called -- -- and make an album whether it's -- that was really interesting I thought it was an excellent show they just made so many interesting match ups. They had a classical pianist I forget his name. Performing with Metallica. They had a young rap artist. Performing with the band imagine dragons. Are rock payment. So it was really some interest accommodations. Carol king and Sarah Peru Ellis. We're doing dueling piano it's. They were playing it again -- again it was it was wonderful and natural born Ryan Lewis spelling one best new miss new best new artist. But this hip hop duo. Did their song same love. With a very interesting ceremony it will it will play a part of that song in the talk about that coming up in just a moment but there's some really goods and Bruno Mars. This guy is just so brilliant there are a lot of mention dragons and other one of the groups -- their a lot of groups that are now. Doing music it will define the music of this decade we'll talk about this on the -- show one night soon I have this theory and goes back to The Beatles debt. The music that defines a decade. It doesn't really come into play until the third and fourth year. Of that decade. To the music that will define this decade is just coming to light right now last year 2013 in this year 2014. And that goes back to The Beatles it goes back to the in my opinion the seventies the eighties and nineties. That the 2000 and and right now so what we'll talk about that -- on the -- show. A sometime soon and if you're gonna join us tonight with a comment about. I've -- dealing with this in this winter weather there are a lot of people who are gonna deal with this for the first time they've dealt with it before it. They don't deal with it on a regular basis and there are some things that you might be familiar with and others are if you want to join us our numbers 2601878. A toll free 866889. -- seventy. At a text Amber's -- 7870. Here is a text that reads don't cut off the water recent for running water is to keep above freezing water running through the pipes. If water is cut off your pipes between the city meter and your home. Could burst. That he is the homeowner's responsibility. Here is a text -- good news many electrical trucks headed south on I 49. So here's my question if if this Arctic blast. Is affecting most of the south in the eastern part of the United States. Where these trucks coming from. A -- what it would if it's freezing there and they're gonna come here. I mean I I know they're gonna still have people there but I just think you sell like well there's nothing going on in Tennessee or South Carolina or Georgia saw against the -- I guess they'll all come here. There is a lot of sharing that goes on and I've talked energy earlier today. And they said they'd even though this doesn't happen on a regular basis of their people and I'm assuming the same is with ago. If people are trained and do have the provisions that they need. To deal with this kind of weather now I know everybody loves to beat up on energy likely go lower their energy company. But no matter how prepared a company might be. No matter how much they anticipate. What's coming. That's still not gonna guarantee that you're not gonna be without power there are some things that are beyond the control. Of human beings and a possibility that your. Got to lose power so this is the timing you still my time my guess is someplace astute to go out tonight and and get what you need. I guess you can do an early tomorrow morning again tune into WWL first thing in the morning at 5 o'clock with Dave Cohen and a six -- Tommy Tucker the latest on the temperature. Exactly where the freeze line is exactly what the temperature is where -- precipitation is is it's no is it's sleet. What areas are becoming IC you'll have all the information and tomorrow morning. So it's not happening now but it's gonna start to happen after midnight will start to get some this. This winter weather in here and if you haven't gotten what you need I I guess it might be safe depending on what the weather's like you know again -- WL. A tomorrow morning but it might be okay for you to go get which you need when we get together tomorrow night here on WWL. Will be at the peak of this this winter storm. And -- they'll be a lot of areas that are right -- hopefully. The most people are just gonna stay home and and relax -- from New Orleans Mary you're under the WL. I want to do it gives you one note experience backhand. I'm in New Orleans and before I'd do that -- to say two things I have in my house that I am very happy that they I have I have a I radio that runs on batteries. Yeah and not that we got the operative who. The bullet and then I'll put him on land mine -- -- -- -- -- it's not Corbett -- that -- a lot of electricity. It get to pick land line. People don't have that too much anymore they. Yeah I have a vague memory of those. You know but the thing that it is. Ottawa could you know when the kids went to court as well and outlook but anyway. One of the tea. I think that date was. Credit that he. Nineteen. -- to an -- -- the -- Republican downtown I think he he can. Yet the not they gave me new you'd see it nearly need nineteen to -- -- -- somebody being -- -- -- that they opera that might. And they would work there have been days and then that we -- it -- -- -- that date what happened anyway. It happened differently when they went to the French Quarter to Jack and Gloria I had my camera. And it wasn't a stand -- tell -- that -- -- -- that option now. And the good people in -- that took pictures because people and attack him where -- though they were phenomenal picture. I mean one. I've been made -- it was about. Two and a -- And had not been -- and -- president than they had the -- contract and Pitt game and people in yellow and you know and that is that the faithful advocate god get into the beautiful on the plan. And part of the beauty and that is it -- it's so rare to see that. Right I have resident and I. Make equipment kind of abandoned and -- that the people and I think pain the pain about it you know. Oh. Yeah it was just going to start to pitch it to be that. And want to let you know. You know I appreciate this story Marion -- be able to stay home tomorrow. All it would. Radio would -- actually coordinate well I mean no. And. All right well we will we will be here Mary and I'm glad you're going to be safe hears it takes a reason tire. I 49 to Alex is close to detour Louisiana highway one. Here is. Texts. That reads. School one of the ways I keep water flowing during a freeze. Is to stagger. The delays settings. On my war sure in dishwasher. For example -- program the -- sure to come on at 3 AM. I guess that's that's a thought guy I love using a talk radio news to get together and share some of the things that we should be thinking about because again this is not something that is. Is natural to -- and you know we don't want anybody to panic we're not trying to to do this to get everybody all hyped up and excited but it's our responsibility to help you be prepared. If you -- break from all of this and again. Check out there a couple of blogs that I wrote recently. One of them is Serbia are you getting attention are our website at WWL dot com under our opinions it said about Mike Huckabee. Something that he said about birth control at the Republican National Committee last week you know this was a committee that we talked about on the show. -- was opening their winter meetings in Washington. And the plan was to change the image of the Republican Party. Well Mike Huckabee talked about birth control in a way that I think is helping the Democrats. And he's not helping his own party. Before you pass judgment on what you think I might say and my Modi for saying it. I read the blog and you can share with others it's a turning on -- we're excited to -- WL dot com also following the recent arrest in them Miami Beach. Of Justin Bieber if you have. Teenagers that look up to Justin Bieber. How did you talk to your kids. About the Justin Bieber arrest. That blog is also on our web site. And to be WL dot com and here's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight -- during this winter storm will use stay home or will you continue your regular schedule. 68%. Are gonna stay home 32%. We're gonna continue their regular routine. And and you know keep in mind those people who will have their regular routine tomorrow those who really. Can't take off those who have to do their job because there essential workers and that's part of what they need to do did to keep the world running so you know keep those people in mind and you know while you're safe and comfortable in your surroundings are going to be a lot of people out there. Who are I'm going to be working but the key is if you don't have to go out. Don't go out. That just reduces the then number of people who. Might be out there to create. Some problems. You know and another great reminder that has come up on the show tonight if you're driving especially winners there are conditions favorable for icing. And and we will have we will have icing conditions. Very early tomorrow. And through tomorrow and into tomorrow night and we'll be talking about them on the show tomorrow night and we'll find out which you have been experiencing I don't use cruise control. Because if used if you were on cruise control and you do hit an icy area it might cause your. An -- to accelerate. And that is only gonna worsened matters. So that's another thing to keep in mind. I don't hit the brakes and don't you -- cruise control if you wanna join us with comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free numbers 8668890870. -- a text numbers 877. Have you ever been is this the first time you've ever been. Really trapped in winter weather. In -- not something that happens to us in this part of the country very often. I remember I guess it was 1996. And my girlfriend at the time was at a convention in New York. And I went to go visit her. And there was this incredible -- And I was gonna leave early as she was still there I tried to get back to New Orleans and I've -- to the -- out of Newark. And I guess this that it's a blizzard of 96 I I forget the month and obviously does have the wintertime. And they had like 36 inches of snow. And I I remember being on this this this this flight. To flight back to New Orleans. I was on the plane for five hours. And we we we didn't go. We thought we were gonna go we got all the way out to the end of the run. Ready to take off. And they could not. Keep the plane DI east. And I honestly remember thinking. I don't know if I'm gonna make it I mean I honestly thought at that moment that. I might not even make it home that's how that's how heavy the snow one mean blizzard conditions and we're about to take off. Well five hours later we end up back at the terminal. But then there was a challenge to get back to New York City to get back to the news the -- the hotel. And hotel was actually -- finally got back and that was it that was a -- getting back from Newark to New York to. A Grand Central station and trying to find they can't because here but it was noted enemy of really it was a very. Frightening moment in my in my life and meditate actually we were staying in and we hawk and across the river in New Jersey and take the stereo that anyway the hotel. Was totally snowed in and a lot of the the the snow workers the people who are working for the department transportation. And ended the city in the state. They were staying in the hotel two and they were actually working to try to to clear the roads. The hotel had to ration food. Because they couldn't get any food -- So all they offered their gassed were up portions of some kind of a meat sauce and pasta. And that's only had for breakfast lunch. And dinner. So. Think about how comfortable and you're going to be tomorrow. If you do have to stay home and again just be prepared for the possibility. That the power may go up from Gonzales -- -- WW real good evening. He did -- evening Biersch I noticed slight lead but every night. Well I'm good I'm glad that I've I've I'm I'm so exciting that I I help you go to sleep today. Yeah. Did you ever. I did the storm. In Arkansas and -- house. He remembered. You know to -- And we didn't -- power for two weeks. And I work as a med tech and up pops the and they sent the game will match to pick up on their part now. They were -- Make sure we went to war. How did you do how did you go that long without power is in that cold weather. As you know mobile suit. Again. -- -- I don't care about free day I absolutely not quite shake that so coal. And it and ate all my pipes generic and and I -- in state -- and people and air sea. Because I was all elector. Bet he'll never ever. Hear a worse down and treat quiet and and Blake and. Yeah it is almost each. Any it is spooky because she'd never know where they're gonna -- Matt lately but without power for two weeks and -- out and he in the chicken houses really stopped her. All I can imagine. But yeah I can gradual thing I appreciate you sharing that story numbers are going to be safe tomorrow. -- -- members island into our yeah and we can't get off the island. Gradually here we have it would reduced it costs. And all we have up here in -- arch. But -- you're you're already in -- to weather this out. I'm sure all right they were you take care and I call us tomorrow and tell us what you see will be back on the tomorrow night we should be reaching the peak of -- winter storm I tomorrow night -- on the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right fail I'm glad you are going to call my show and stay safe I here's a text tell your kids Justin Bieber is an idiot. What do you see if you do that they're gonna totally dismiss anything that you say because -- -- I believe that. Justin Bieber made a mistake a big mistake. But those who idolize people and this is not only just for kids this is for adults as well. If you idolize somebody you tend to look beyond. They're mistakes even their big mistakes. And so this is why it would be good -- I don't don't just -- he's an idiot. I mean there's a right way to say that he's an idiot there's a right way to say that he did something really stupid. Andy responsible and it could have been a lot worse that it wants a deal why he's nineteen. He's going around to bars. His daddy is within. Helping him block off the street. And their dear he's drag racing a Ferrari he -- on yellow Lamborghini. So there's a lot it was wrong with this situation even talk to the police abide drinking and smoking pot in. Taking prescription Mets. And doing all of that it needs. He's drag racing so again that it is -- way to talk to kids about that but you know if you're an adult. I also pay attention to yourself and and think about the times that you excuse. Negative behavior. By those people you idolize. And you might not realize years you're doing it by. That's the tendency of adults as well. A for the North Shore Rick you're under the WL. Yeah I you don't tonight here's the good. I. You know alive and -- -- talked about the grammys tonight. Yeah and actually the what did you think it's the biggest joke about -- in my life you let. In what way is because -- -- -- out grammys Indy low poll that can come out and do attacked Medtronic ball. On a key border are they can't even say it's ridiculous than there. They're given the Grammy Award d.'s new artists that just come out Uga artists like Bruno are. That actually get up there intensity and play that music. And -- given award. Couple robot attendant when it's you topic came even saying -- -- -- the airplane on a keyboard and on -- Peter. There were attacked an electronic news that it's ridiculous. Well. You know a lot of people feel the way you do the the band Daft Punk with the the robots like Paul Williams was a collaborator on that album. And he's now an old school song writer. And he you might think it's all techno I thought the song was really good -- you know -- -- and you've got the did you bring up. I think you do bring up a good point in the same way that you know it's easier for people to be as good photographer today. Because of technology in it was a time when it was all a lot more difficult to get great pictures it's a lot easier to. They get pictures today. So electronically and and technology. Has has changed so much that I guess in some ways it's easier to make music. But I still think there's a lot of a lot of talent out there and I think Bruno Mars is -- is among them. I believe I do -- -- -- you watched a grammys. I don't watch most. Watched most of let me ask you they had the Pro Bowl down against the Grammy Award last night it was one game on with the raid in Vienna. I don't approval on all. Able the -- land mine today. And and and I immediately. -- -- -- -- -- -- they gave awards to under lord. That was seventy years ago -- -- part -- or its category -- over that have made -- here. Trying to -- two years. And they cheated them -- I don't. It's fair to say they cheated them out of rhetoric that was the decision of those who are are are voting and -- every year when it comes to the grammys and the the Oscars -- we always think that well maybe this should've won but this ended up winning. There's a lot of on our artistic. Judgment it goes into deciding who gets the award I was surprised -- -- seventeen years old. One for song royals -- she she won a couple of awards last night. But that doesn't do that they cheated anybody out and that was look. Art is subject. December break there's that there's there's a category called new artist. And there there's a new artist ever got out while Rick. Art is subjective and just because the person you wanted to win didn't win doesn't mean that anybody who's cheated out of it just means that you disagree. Richie tell me that the -- and I kept -- robot that can leave that are on page. Beijing -- saying. And keep playing techno music on the keyboard and on computer and -- going to be a true artists for a bring him. That means it's not only the daily deal weren't given Graham keep any. Shock that come along again Bryant. Well there. In -- like Rick I'm glad you called the show and I'm sure people agree with you in the same way. -- Carlos Santana. Used other artists. Like rock Thomas. And Michelle. What was her name -- Carlos Santana -- whether the people okay Daft Punk is not just to robots. There are a lot of people that worked on that and there was a lot of singing that went into that as well so. And I know that there are people who were always old school and they're just so bitter when they see new things happening. But there was a time when the establishment said that same kind of stuff. -- bands like Led Zeppelin. And the beatles'. I'm scoot him we'll be right back a -- have you well. When I was in the third day. That was his last night at the grammys and I thought it was an excellent show and I think it's -- really really -- she's brilliant music coming down for three -- war. And Ryan Lewis had a point and -- and Brad Lambert. Is his songs -- -- You know in the sixties we talked about songs that we had meaning that those that the songs and extend meaning cactus and a lot of solace in today's news. Think its citizens and they did this song same love for a lot of different couples and straight assists a game. Mixed couples. On call renewed their vows break on stage you don't go out and as they were doing this but we here -- Queen Latifah came out. And -- Madonna came out and -- an updated version of -- was open your heart visitors. Open your hearts that the -- I thought -- -- last night at the grammys. Robin thick perform with Chicago. He did beginnings he said Dan at the keyboards and played Saturday in the park which is a lot of piano when it. It's -- did some classic Chicago songs. And then Chicago did blurred lines with with Robin thick Katy Perry went goth which was -- -- and I thought that was got a cool. Paint perform with the band fund a Ringo did photographs. And you know I got to tell you. -- -- -- as proof that a lot of white people can't dance. As he insists. You know we tried but it was great when Paul and Ringo appeared together Kendrick Lamar. A young rapper. And imagine dragons. And classical pianist in Metallica I get ideas I thought the awards show which was brilliant and I think there is a lot of talent in dance partner and getting a lot of text about. The guy who just calls it was it was critical that it didn't turn out the way he wanted to to. Here's a text their random access memories from Daft Punk one of the best albums I've ever heard. Yeah -- -- is is good in it. Robin thick as you know Robert -- is not a great singer but I mean the guy is more talented than music and and you can't judge him by just -- blurred lines. And -- Daft Punk but Bruno more person Justin Timberlake. There are a lot a mansion dragons. There are a lot of bands that are defining the music. That will define this decade and has a lot of stuff coming out today it's going to be remembered for a very very long time a -- city bridging your WWL. I'm good. -- wondering you and me and me. Or. Whatever it was about forty. You don't like. The difference. In reporting. From the irony -- late keen. -- lower court district and it in the city. And sort. -- where did you did you hear Richard. Apparently neighbor. Drop them. That. Anybody. Else will be. Shirt and different. On -- look great on anybody information on the explosion shot one liners. Gonna go to break your bridges if anybody has any information on that and you don't know a -- show give us a quick call -- send a secret texted an 877 yeah I'm sure we'll have that information tomorrow morning starting at five and to -- W offers news and I appreciate the call Bridget. KD get to hang out tomorrow. We're our own good we'll just relax and and -- union for as a -- -- Bicycling Bridget. How we'll get back to a couple more -- your take Jeff you -- about a big explosion of color show our arsonist attacks. This is -- show hey we are continuing to get ready for a winter storm winter storm warning in effect for New Orleans and this entire part of the country. And we'll continue talking about this until midnight and then it dead begins again tomorrow morning 5 o'clock with Dave -- and then from 6 -- -- tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker and all day. And I'll be back with you tomorrow night we'll be right back with more -- WL -- that means. Killed in the it's cold shoulder and we've -- our own named. -- This is the -- dimension dragons. And I think this is one of the band status defining the music -- this decade and it's. It's really good stuff and -- -- Good news. Now bonus. Well I'm very able to talk more about this in the futures to show you know -- -- you don't know what I'm hearing now is. -- music with messages. And music that is that is uplifting. And what I think about the young generation the a couple of young generations they're totally into the eighty sound. In fact there's a band if you if you haven't heard them and -- like eighties music and maybe you like me you. And nobody eighties music when it was was popular. This event called to the door cinema club. And they're a new band doing new stuff but the kind of remind me of the cure. -- they sound like. The -- from the -- it's a young generation that has has so embraced. The that it that the happier sound and you know the eighties it was if this was a good time for many people in America. And the eighties music reflected that. And -- this there are several young generations out there they just the wanna be happy that we're letting go which really needed the opposite of the the grunge sound the angst. The anger the frustration of the the grunge movement from the nineties. But there's a lot of really positive -- stuff I hear things like. Daft Punk and I hear Bruno Mars and I hear a lot of similarities with the past but he it's it's uplifting it's fun stuff. And there are young generations trying to escape. Into. -- into a happier world it doesn't mean that they're not being responsible but in the same way that we escape through music in that in the past. Over the years seducing young generation in May be several literature trying to -- I think it's a lot of great music it's coming out today. But you know is since we're talking about a winter storm. Warning. And we're talking about the possibility of snow -- a lot of things that people don't know about snow in this part of the country so let me remind you of the Frank Zappa classic. Don't -- the Yellowstone. Would you say hello. You know those of you were part of the media. Establishment today January about. Kids exposed to strange musicians that do drugs. What about franks -- but c'mon you know we've survived Frank -- Is a final update on our WW pretty -- opinion poll tonight a during the winter storm you've got to stay home or continue your regular routine. 65% we're gonna stay home 35%. Are gonna continue their regular routine. I'm not getting much information averaging just called a moment ago in the news that the about an explosion of not getting too much information about the explosion Bridget. Wish we had more information -- -- I'm sure. If there was an explosion you'll hear about it tomorrow. -- WL. Here's a text about the grammys Cisco and I can't believe how talented lord is at seventeen as she made that song royals when she was sixteen she's from New Zealand. Seventeen years old. On the Tex goes on to say I can only imagine what her accomplishments will be in 1010 years from now what are young talent Bravo for her. There are people who totally dismissed. Current music and -- is symptomatic of I guess every establishment. In I'd like you to pay attention to some of the new stuff that's coming out because there's a lot of great stuff here's a text my husband works for major pizza company and the company is requiring delivery workers to go to work tomorrow. Because people are gonna stay home and it is too dangerous for them to go while they're gonna want pizza. So the pizza companies requiring them to work. I'm not making that decision for them. But that doesn't make sense. Will be back tomorrow night to update you on the winter storm -- thank and John -- studio producer -- Harrison new studio plug in Orleans.