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Jan 28, 2014|

Dave talks about nasty winter weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 28 of January 2013. Menus -- -- you don't wanna be here at all today. You are I do you'd use your. Time. You do dramatic says about the weather Obama. -- remembering these same level of enthusiasm that is news day as I do every other know your not not even close I even. I'm a little congested which applies on the way I'd do. It does not a lot of and it -- and understand that it does not that exciting that we yet. Horrible winter weather coming the potential for icy rain. And sleet and snow and man but out there now. Just pretty freak in wind. That wind is blowing up a storm is not a walked into the building and all the salt they put down -- are building to protect from the icing. Is blown around out there and. So that's kind of unfortunate but they did -- the entire area around our building our entire parking -- has -- -- They're making efforts to prevent what should be rain heading this way from freezing and turning to ice. Shortly but right now temperatures in the forties here's south of the lake upper thirties north of the way. And go over to Baton Rouge start to see what's coming 32 in Baton Rouge 29 up in new roads and foils there's. The freezing temperatures are out there and heading this way. But based on everything we're hearing this morning as the Eyewitness News forecast and it takes a fresh look at it they're still saying hey it looks like the -- gonna move then. After the temperatures -- as the temperatures are dropping most of the potential for ice forming all across south Louisiana. Nothing has changed as far as you're concerned as far as you know based on we youth. Talk to Laura about and so on. That's all just what we said yesterday it's gonna get really cold and it's gonna start -- coming down -- pretty miserable. Later this morning. And then it's gonna get below freezing and then it'll start to have -- -- -- -- over and it'll be the ice apocalypse increased. Uncle says I like that it's a good choice of words based on the descriptions we're hearing that that's exactly what it sounds like is going to happen. And whether or not it developed to exactly as they say -- -- -- -- halftime variant is saying that. Parlor down and chief meteorologist in the Eyewitness News forecast said that. Forecasting snow is one of the most difficult things that meteorologist ever passed to do. That because of the mix of conditions that have to current timing and everything else that. Determining when and where it will snow is very hard apparently harder than it is to forecast what's going to happen -- tropical. And services. You know let's be honest what we have here is a lot of -- Gathered from very highly technological. Machinery. Between the radars fan. And the satellites and all of the sensing equipment that they use all of the computer modeling that they use and everything else that. Both government and private meteorologists have at their fingertips. They're taking information they're processing it and they're making educated. Forecasts. And the what do forecast is is a prediction. It's not. Solid it's not. The gospel it's not the fact of what will happen but it is an educated. I don't wanna use the word yes. But it's taking scientific data and trying to determine what will happen. And the best information they have now. Is that as this front continues to filter and the temperatures continue to drop here that moisture from the gulf is gonna come back over Louisiana. As a rain. And when the temperatures get significantly. Cold enough. In that rain will turn to ice and some places will see freezing rain some places -- sleet and some places will see snow. With accumulations possible several inches. -- thinking mostly north. Of the greater New Orleans area north of the I ten quarter stretching across south Louisiana. So we really just kinda have to wait and see -- -- school officials that they really had a choice but to close schools definitely today and most schools closed tomorrow and if you're sitting there in that broom. In that meeting on that conference call. In that. Text conversation however they made these decisions. As a school officials do you actually -- -- based on what the National Weather Service is saying in the local forecasters are sanctity of choice but to close school that. And why wouldn't you you didn't have to use a whole lot of weather days during the tropical season he should have those built in your calendar use them now. That is funny that in at stake in the days now for tropical. And hurricanes. And have any extended closures due to. Any evacuations or anything like that this year so now how he now we get a freeze a -- have -- That sounds even. That's actually the apocalypse -- man maybe more mature and thank eucharist. We'll take him again about fifteen minutes -- first news here on WWL. AM and now are how concerned are you folks. What are you doing today did you take off what school did you take awful war. Did you decide suggests sleep and then call -- today and just not do anything today. How are you approaching me. Potential -- apocalypse. -- six one examine the successful 3866889. Series seventy attacks. At age 78 cents. We'll take you forecaster now it is forecast center and sports it is Super Bowl if Steve Geller and with that. Right after this thank you for joining us on this not Monday morning. I'm WW well. I made gains. For joining us on the early edition of WWL first news of this Texas sedate them and it's a great flight to Jersey at 8 AM to get better weather. And it's got a funny go to the Super Bowl. I keep the -- coming debates 7870 right now you probably should be able to get out this morning with the airlines have started canceling flights throughout the day today. So if you do you expect to fly out -- expects them to fly in today. You might wanna check. With your airline to make sure that flight is still happening is that whether going to turn nasty is this rain gimmick com and turned to ice. -- that's what they think is gonna happen. For your cheap state -- falling into the mid even lower thirties further rain develop -- quickly become freezing rain sleet. And even some portions of southeastern Louisiana and know at least see that winter storm warning don't let back. And continued through the nighttime hours out of moisture will end and night. But at Lowe's dropped into the twenty's beneath it will free up -- bridges and overpasses that tomorrow. We'll be mainly cloudy -- -- hype only around 38 and by Thursday we're back to the sunshine with a high near fifty. On the I would its forecast center I'm meteorologist Bob -- -- right now it's just blustery out there those winds are blowing up to twenty miles an hour out of the north it's 42 degrees at the airport in -- It is 39 degrees at the National Weather Service office in -- but the freezing conditions are on the way. Already 32 in Baton Rouge with a north wind over twenty miles an hour feels like 25. In Baton Rouge and Hammond. 37 but feels like 29 with the wind gusting over twenty miles an hour I'm Dave -- it's the early edition of WWL first news. Rob thanks for calling here on WWL. Dave I mean everything is war from the ground. The trees war com. Soul in this. -- -- -- Where I get where you're going this you don't think that even if it rains. And and the air temperature drops into the thirties and the Taiwanese and potentially even the scenes over the next and a half. You don't think that the ice is gonna form you think that this enough warmth in the ground. Yeah I mean what -- capture now do you know 42 degrees. 42 so it's -- -- -- it's gotten dropped ten degrees. And and that don't even consider that the ground has. And caught well what the ground warm Friday when we had to close in nearly every elevated highway around the state Louisiana nearly every region out of greater New Orleans. Point will -- and there was ice on everything. Everything on Friday. Not you're your theory holds up to remember what the sign says that. Bridges ice before the road and that's we have a lot of elevated roadways in and -- cold targets under that road. It chills down in. Thanks for golf. Appreciate around I got to run a sports with Steve Geller and Steve. Pedestal base line up New Jersey. To get out of this whether. We hear that. And but you know what things are a little shake either unknown right now the Super Bowl as well what's gonna happen but it's definitely not as sketchy as -- right now -- -- -- -- -- sports staff on WWL for that you've got to take. Good morning everyone while weather seems to be a major storyline not only here but it's also in New Jersey at Super Bowl forty as they're gearing up for kick off on Sunday. Weather conditions. Weather conditions are in store for the teams the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says being from Seattle -- for the preparations no matter what's ahead it does help -- on -- of the guys have been through it you know we we play and in in -- that has -- inclement weather. Occasionally. And so we're a bit it's not something that we're bothered by. Former Houston Texas coach Gary Kubiak has found a new job. He's been hired by the Baltimore Ravens as their new offensive coordinator. Kubiak had a 61 and 64 regular season record and went to into in the post season with Houston. The -- have won their last two games in are gunning for 83 consecutive victory tonight in Cleveland shooting guard Eric Gordon talks about what it takes for his team to be successful. We just didn't look good collective effort -- above being consistent us because this and played on an overall team. You know I -- everybody you know collectively stormed. Catch every minute from Quicken Loans Arena at 6 o'clock on the flagship 1053 WWL left them. Knicks fans worried about free -- to be superstar Carmelo Anthony leaving New York for greener -- should relax. He's not going anywhere source close to Anthony says his wife a lot lot. Said she definitely thinks Melo will stay in New York. An excuse he can give him an extra year and some thirty million more dollars and any other team but they're seventeen point 17 record. Has created speculation that he would consider leaving the team. Tonight's game between LSU basketball in Kentucky is still on as of right now. The wildcats come into Baton Rouge having won three straight and of the eleventh ranked team in the country. Tip off on three WL thirteen 50 AME scheduled for 8 PM. And as the new baseball season draws near the new wave of pre season rankings have begun to roll out. Baseball America jumped out and has put its top 25 in the mix and Alicia was ranked number nine. The tigers are coming off a 57 and eleven season that ended in the college World Series. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sports Q. Really just say lie lie and below in the same sentence while doing spore it's yes. So Carmelo Anthony who is known as Malibu. Is married to a woman who is nicknamed -- flowers that are real. That I think it's a real NN news she started Out Magazine Vijay on meet and MTV so yes she is law lie Anthony I don't know if that's her real name online and -- Thank you Steve a reality show in the making here. All right so still by the way the Denver Broncos two and a half point favorites according to Vegas that oddsmakers. Uninteresting -- yesterday I don't know who compiled and how -- news. But they found that Peyton Manning. As a higher QB rating when he wears gloves. Then when he doesn't Wear -- which. You know sound like a surprising statistic that quarterback. And handle the -- matter and throw the ball better handed off even if it doesn't have gloves on but they say no and Peyton Manning's case at least. He is a better QB when wearing gloves yeah I would think you want the you know the grip of a natural hand rather than a love. You know what you can -- all these stats anyway you rob there's another one saying that Peyton Manning is a win four in play off games. And when temperatures are below forty degrees. If the erratically -- -- would fall of days post season games to play. Kaposi's -- at play including the super right. But -- there were a member of the stats of the state that loss to Miami it is saying that it was definitely warm. Right but you know -- -- -- that you can skew these stats anywhere you wanted a saints no team had ever won the Super Bowl losing their last three games -- we know what happened in 2009. What can happen. So well I wonder if quarterbacks still with their hands they're wearing Drew Brees I don't know what Drew Brees definitely you'll see him -- we -- it really grabs. I'm a bit of her buffalo -- right now he's putting his hands under Saturday he touches the senators bottom he grabs the football and everybody else -- touching. And then he constantly licks his hands during the whole game hope there's a lot of sanitize or on the sidelines. Not on the football I don't elixir. Right after every plant -- disabled -- you know at that point by -- more sports here on WWL. All right we'll get back to serious stuff the weather tick check your forecast. Right after the I -- CAC is -- the early edition of WWL first here's your forecast comes to us from the Eyewitness News forecast center or. Turkey -- winter storm warning in effect the the -- -- or point of the guys that -- percent chance for precipitation. And all form the winter precepts from rain get frequent rate to sleep has no possible. As have the range from the low thirties to the mid thirties. Then tonight the moisture in the south but we're still going to see that the Worcester wreath on the bridges and overpasses. At lows -- to that mid twenty's and tomorrow mainly cloudy and they'll called hype only 38. But we do thaw out a bit on Thursday with the sunshine -- back up to fifty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm -- just -- up. Guys on the forties here but freezing if you go to Baton Rouge and points west. The timing on all this -- the National Weather Service as a wintry mix of precipitation as begun. In southwest Mississippi and east central Louisiana. We'll continue to spread south Lebanese through the day. With the heaviest precipitation expected from mid day today into the early evening hours with accumulation south of lake -- to train. Of an inch of ice or. I'm coming up. I'll clarify this ice accumulation of snow accumulations could be all the details on what the National Weather Service is predicting how much of it will fall. Also how that discussion -- meteorologist Laura -- now. And after the news here at WWL AMF Iman -- now. And it is a day off for the vast majority. Of people here in southeast Louisiana. With this threat winter weather and an ice storm moving across our portion. Of the State's last night. I was out barbecue. As the cold -- was imminent because we decided. We'd just take everything we had all the meat that we had purchased over the last week in the fridge and even some of the stuff in the freezer and grill it up and get ready to go so that if the power does go out. And we you know have a couple of days where we don't have electricity -- this round. Generator and keep the fridge go on and we can just use the microwave -- heat up whatever we got to eat. Well for right now our presiding mystic everything outside. That you could pull battles changed. I guess mid day tomorrow -- Thursday. So that'll get him back on by them but the power goes out today. Or overnight needs to go outside. As long as it's below forty degrees outside I think that's what is infringes forty degrees and -- that should be refrigerated. Do not put like poultry meat outside people you put your beer outside did not put -- outside I'm kidding you that you don't want. So what's gonna have. Get told Maine or something and they're gonna blame me well it. Was once told that if -- left food and name metal pot. In the refrigerator you meet roaming points in a restaurant. -- -- hold don't leave the metal spoon in the potato salad thing. That is -- retirement poisoning apparently apparently believe metal and anything would mayonnaise you're just begging. -- -- to please give me told -- boys anyways so we're ready just in case we have a gas fireplace. If we lose the ability to meet him on the blower. -- house we can use gas fire place to keep warm wall -- -- Bundle up and point its. You know Amazon -- and a -- lost power for about a couple hours early Saturday morning and at that time I think my house to drop about four degrees forty years that -- -- I've lived through an ice storm before. In fact about twenty years ago. Living and working in the Central Park police. And it does exact same scenario it setup it was raining. And then attack the cold front. And that temperature dropped after the rain had begun and it coated all of the streets in a layer of my basic code and all the power lines in a layer device decoded all the trees and a layer -- -- the limbs started ball in the power lines started following. And pretty much no one can go anywhere because everything all the streets all the bridges not even the ground level street everything was iced over. And nearly everyone lost electricity. And so I've been been there done that and an ice storm is a nasty nasty thing. It's a very difficult thing to predict it's very difficult to know where and when it will happen but they do you know the conditions are here now where it could happen so. I know that people of the grocery stores last night there was a you know the lines -- twenty and thirty deep. The gas stations it was a long wait it's a lot because. -- people were heeding the warnings they were going out and stocking up much like we see was approaching its tropical storm or hurricane in the gulf. So I guess that's good everyone has prepared. I think some people looking forward to. A comment socio social media is like most of this is a hurricane parties around the word -- flooding. And authenticated point. And it is not about I don't have to call the insurance company -- -- you -- -- can do some damage depending on how much -- -- that's being icicles -- the -- heard you know falling and you were falling on your car wins while on your car or on your house that they give weight under the weight of the -- You could have some problems but now I kind of like that theory. It's like a hurricane party without the -- they ever came without evacuation were about the heat. Well please don't keep your wits about you speak as you will need to. Being able to make reasonable decisions as conditions change thank eucharist with -- Q in less than twenty minutes more first days here on WWL AM FM and act now. -- the rain that we'll let the breeze. That's we can blame it on -- meteorologist Laura but -- -- joins us live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast senator good morning. Alina so we'll look -- your pinpoint doppler radar yet. Yes it looks like this wintry mess is out there in Mississippi and -- north and central Louisiana and headed this way. It has yet to catch cash stretches on a slant from Lake Charles totally up to kind Jackson Mississippi's so it little by little gonna kind of edged its way as we expected during the day today. Temperatures will continue to drop and which are contained in the event that there will be several hours this morning without any pre set but I would say certainly by late morning and it's in mid -- afternoon were going to see that take anywhere from rain to freezing rain to -- kind of mix here. Across the city. Okay and a lot of people are trying to figure out the timing of this they want to know if they have to go -- what time and they go and I find it. You know it's something about human nature no matter what is going on we always feel like we can handle it okay we can beat we -- takes care -- it. You -- and so instead of just saying you know what I'm just not gonna go anywhere Tuesday right I'm just -- as -- and are trying to figure how they can do it yeah out yeah rock I get there before -- can I get there before 2 o'clock and I get. Well yeah and the you know if you ask the people that we're stuck the reds on Friday night how -- it is to try to get there you know all I can say -- That there are gonna be people working today there are going to be people you know that there are doing some things -- -- essential personnel be out there as well we that's -- you'd think if you don't have to go anywhere yet. It it's best just to stay home because it is gonna start getting pretty messy and you know just the hassle of getting stuck somewhere where you can't get home yet they shut. You know parts of the roads down parts of I ten could be shut down and you get stuck somewhere. Now surface roads you know or not -- concerning especially the after they'd -- more a concern later tonight. But it's really what those overpasses and bridges so. If you don't -- you know to your neighborhood grocery store you have to. Unity some things close by we would just not advice traveling. You up to Jackson Mississippi or traveling to that memories are trying to go you know long distances across the late may be well into the North Shore because that's going to be the best chance that you make -- treated them. Right and of course as the day progresses that the threat he has asked. And if you goes somewhere will you be able to get back. Right right applicants are and that's schools are canceled at a couple emails and it it's nice to -- -- that why school canceled what wasn't the worry about kids getting to school. It was the worry about them getting home from school so you rather than trying to -- early dismissal that that system that they just canceled for today because by two meter by 3:4 o'clock. Yes there will be some freezing rain in the area. OK so as we move through the -- in the afternoon the rain increases the temperatures fall. And you expected by this afternoon this evening is when we'll start seeing -- impacts of this wintry weather and the right to -- all night. And and I just wanna you know. Because of what happened on Friday were -- had you know roads closed and then reopen and we had accidents out there I think out of an abundance of precaution DO TD the -- state police everything will. -- -- can't just. Shut things down as best they can't because they don't want those accidents to happen so. You'd just be prepared for that later this afternoon and evening that they may just kind of clockwork it's OK temperatures are best. Before we actually have reports of ice on the -- yeah we're gonna go ahead close those area. Have another pile right we'll close it right event at the time. Exactly and that's likely going to be by this evening and definitely tonight because even as the moisture moves out tonight. What ever is still out there is going to immediately freeze on the roads were gonna see those in the twenty's on both sides -- late tonight. So it's gonna freeze on the growth and it's gonna be there probably for about mid day tomorrow. OK so that's gather timing on -- -- then tomorrow we may warm up a little bit but then we'll freeze again so anything they write this thaws out may freeze again ride Thursday. It could be a problem again especially north -- epic for New Orleans we today. You start to thought a little bit what may not be quite as problematic but for the north story you know -- toward that Greece again Thursday morning could be a problem. All right there you go folks that's got to timing on at the expectations thinking from mr. meteorologist. Laura but now do you have plans to camp out and you guys gonna have like a hurricane. Tight right stabilization. Everyone. Hang time how to -- we had a grand -- -- you know there there are several of us that will be staying here because of you know trying to get home and that kind of thing they're people close by the probably key -- back. But I gather people have been rolling suitcases and all morning long appeared -- -- at. Cuddle up on the -- find an air mattress sleeping your desk chair whatever -- day -- right actually get some rooms at the hotel next door for that we have some of those hit it to collected across the lake and things like that so they can continue to work to provide the information up to the listening public I -- you are will keep checking in with you -- Only to see what's going on. As we get ready for the potential for really nasty Wednesday -- -- about -- that's good advice -- about now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts and sports with Steve Geller and -- 49 gave him. Well for atlas and -- and it does put out. Has a lot of people are texting and calling us and they're being skeptical about the warnings. That winter weather warning from the National Weather Service in the predictions of what's gonna happen they'll leave it. That's your decision listen on you can view. Is take the information that officials are putting out there and make your best decisions based on what you feel is. Best for you -- and your -- and why -- government is doing. Is making reasonable. Predictions based on the data of what they think could have. And in trying to protect people now eat up do you ultimately. Decide if you want to be protected now there out there right now. Sanding and icing bridges they started yesterday afternoon on the North Shore -- at 4 o'clock this morning started doing it here on the South Shore. And I got to try to keep the roads and bridges. Open despite these. Predictions for possible. Thick snow. I mean aunts and an ice and sleet. -- National Weather Service says -- read it right here from the advisory ice accumulations of one quarter to one half inch can be expected in all locations of southeast Louisiana with accumulations. Possible nearing one half and south of lake on train. And in the metropolitan New Orleans area half an inch of ice on everything that's a lot of ice spoke. Snow amounts of one to three inches with locally higher amounts are possible especially in southwest Mississippi in the adjacent Louisiana parishes. Elsewhere in the warned area snow amounts of one of near it's -- amounts of new year to less than one inch are expected. So there ego that's what the National Weather Service puts out. Are they right well only time will now do they often get it right yes do they sometimes get it wrong yes. Is it educated guessing ultimately that's what is so there's the info. From the weather service make your own decisions I decided sports time now one -- -- That we go to Steve Geller how -- Doing good stated war yet you guided me. Comparable sweat shirt on looks like -- cozy and warm and then it -- you know you don't get we are these all in -- over here actually handled I've mentioned before to a leather trench coat. That I love to Wear and I thought we couldn't do much down here. Had enough people on the other management right and what's under there like I'm in the matrix like -- -- -- sports on them. Well good morning everyone while we all braced for a brutal winter storm the Broncos and Seahawks are also gearing up for inclement weather for Super Bowl 48 on Sunday. Denver wide receiver to Marion Thomas feels though that the temperature won't be a factor for him. Colin don't bother me and I never really played in the snow. The governor and you know of mice no look look you know colon and somebody. In other NFL news former Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak has been hired to be the Baltimore Ravens new offensive coordinator. Replacing Jim Caldwell who left to coach the Detroit Lions. -- Cleveland new browns coach Mike the team has hired Jim O'Neill as his defensive coordinator reuniting him with the coach who helped him turn around Buffalo's defense last season. The pelicans played game one of a two game road trip this evening in Cleveland shooting guard Eric Gordon is averaging just under sixteen points per contest. And tells us why his scoring numbers are down compared to his days as a member of the clip of the clippers. This is morally you know teen type effort where everybody's. Plan together no matter who scores and it is defensive first team so that's -- different just for me and it definitely everybody. That tells take on the cavaliers at 6 o'clock you can hear all the action on the flagship 1053 WWL left them. While -- lot Anthony feels her husband Carmelo Anthony will re sign with the knicks this summer. She said in the interview on Bravo TV that she definitely thinks he'll stay in the Big Apple Anthony has said that he will test free agency this summer he's under contract. Through 20142015. But. Can opt out after this season. Analysts -- basketball still players to play against Kentucky in spite of a project projected mix. Of winter weather hitting the Baton Rouge area the tigers are two in 612 and six. While though wildcats are fifteen and four and ranked number eleven in the country -- can catch tip off on three WL thirteen 50 AM at 8 o'clock. And -- tiger baseball has been ranked number nine in pre season poll from baseball America. The tigers had the nation's best winning percentage -- 2013. Was the NCAA tournament number four national seed and advance to the college World Series for the sixth time in school history last year. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Acts of attacks made it 7878 says the same people who complain about everything those who are complaining about the forecast and expected to be -- -- ousted don't get what ice does the power lines you know what if none of this. Occurs if we don't have ice covering everything if we don't lose power if they canceled schools and everything turns out to be just fine. I'm not gonna complain but based on the information that's out there they've elected on what they got to do so it is what it is the date is out there make your own decisions -- Your Tuesday we're expecting to see that winter storm warning don't look back this morning that it will continue all -- through the nighttime hours. Temple drop into the lower thirties that idiot that would surely be an. Will become -- -- that freezing rain rain sleet and note today. Then midnight the oyster moved out but whatever has fallen will read on the road they expect travel. Conditions could be at treacherous late at night and early tomorrow morning at lows dip down into the mid twenties. It tomorrow I -- start Wednesday -- look at those bridges and overpasses president. We will be seen -- so eager to date about 38 with mostly cloudy skies and -- a warm -- act at fifty with sunshine. From the eyewitness -- forecasts that are I've brawl just locked out. Freezing rain certain movement attained by -- in northern Washington -- the airport scanner it's cloudy and 42 slide -- cloudy and 39. I Tommy Tucker is up next. In a word. Whether dad -- prepare for the worst but hope for the best if you if you look at the radar right now more than -- Washington are there any freezing rain. It's going.

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