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1-28 6:15am Tommy, update on the roads

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, the PIO for State Troop B, about conditions on the roads and if any will be closed

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 613. Tommy talked with -- Tuesday morning chilly outside but. If you're expecting winter precipitation I don't think it -- was forecast to be here this early winter storm warning started at six swear under until 6 AM tomorrow. Snow accumulations could be around one to three inches which is more than they forecast yesterday. And ice accumulations could be a quarter inch or more. And -- of course to form on and roads and bridges -- for their very difficult driving decisions and that brings us to our guests a friend of buyers trooper Melissa -- eighty who is the spokes person for Louisiana State. Police -- big morning -- you don't. -- lately Chile. Yeah. But you yacht at those hats in the big jackets -- -- fine. -- -- -- -- -- We always liked it to do letter -- on Lancaster just people like the rest of -- so. Let me ask you up ready jaguar opinion poll if you had to lose electricity would you rather it happen when it's hot or cold. I don't know at that particular. -- I'd have to go with cold after what happened with -- -- after sitting in that hot house for a week where it went from being on home to a hot I have to go with -- -- pocketbook -- miserable end without. I'm may I agree with -- -- -- -- economic extra layers on when it's hot day just everybody's upset Mac and this country. -- it and everybody gets as angry when it's cold I don't think so hey let's talk about the highways they get a a text that comes in and -- second and it says I came in rather Eminem says it's snowing heavy and neck and Jason are seeing -- go that far when it's dark another one says. If I'm working in -- one should I leave work in order to get home safely to Slidell and on almost audio make those decisions and they can you tell anybody ahead of time was gonna happen with the highways. Well -- Unfortunately it he would remember later shut down that they're predicting that were monitoring or keep them open to block possible. I'm good -- sports -- from the treaty and she tried out. Will let you back -- shut down between. And that that would be -- -- -- -- region for that caller we're asking people to stay inside you don't go to work and being down. It'd been tried state safely we saw about 8400%. Increase in crash it. From the weather that we experienced last Friday from the previous Friday where of course we haven't -- latter so. It was there where a lot cracked at about 744. Crashes around me. That were able to read about it they actually warm weather related video. Unfortunately people lost their lives in. -- doesn't -- But -- are asking people to stay inside because their injury and can not pick out a crash and are definitely preventable. Imagine that the twin spans that you're you're anticipating ask to be close have to causeway is going to be close I think we can all. Safely anticipate that if you gotta get from north to South Shore what does that leave -- in terms of options. We're going to be actually during the mean next step would be options or are or -- -- five I. -- -- -- he got close last week in and we're gonna do everything that we possibly can't keep it open it again an immediate it's actually for people to travel route that we have to. Practically it down and we're working live out the year TD they've got plenty of rock solid and factory substance. I'm date is gonna be placed on the -- Some of the main bridges that -- look at act with like the Crescent City connection. The Huey. -- have actually. We are working with the National Guard and they're. I'm from pretty big trucks setup that lead -- to where they can power over that I can make it safe for people to travel. When you mention the repeal long in the Crescent City connection the two main -- lines to get people across a river. Is there one more likely tie sub than the other because of the construction on one hand you. -- premiums not really sure. Acting digit depend on the way the weather comes in and precipitation we're looking and and I did it it definitely forecast to be a little bit worse -- -- last week. Has a world where every point -- quake and make sure that people are safe and if we get. -- it currently believe me we're not going to but it is dangerous we don't have actually because we don't want people get injured. You know since you said that but how would you respond the PP you know sometimes. Out of inconvenience it because and inconveniences and -- rather they say well you know religious man overreacted they're trying to make it seem like they're doing something. But that he got all of these crashes any any interstate gets tied up first so you really don't have a choice Zia. No absolutely do and you know we saw last week you know they were a lot of comment. Made about. Crediting me chapel I think in bridge between battery and Latvia. And we can't get pictures the next morning and it completely covered it I don't think people realize active. -- economic York say a page on country they look at Louisiana state police and that we got a -- we try to put pictures that. And get for corporate leader of the pack but maybe I divergent that you people really ideal what argument went out there. We want to make sure that they're safe legal and happy injury that they how to crash at. Across the state and that's where people to stay in the day off Heyward war on black and color actually necessary. And follow -- on our -- page. Or 511 -- dot org also that a group closures. People can also. I'd go get big deal TD apps they -- -- -- -- that it called outweighed again and making good idea treaty got Alley got up and get back. And it it talks about -- leaders in and traffic congestion and things like Pakistan. Unit at the retort -- for people to -- about they are a little bit more prepared. When they get out there on the red -- it might avoid some of the frustration that we've seen in past and then again. It is called the only gonna act and it's T. Eight U. And technology. Wait to do act and it Indian treaty got Allie got about. To get our car real time the road closures and precautionary measures are going to be posted -- in the weekly FaceBook page outfit on. Alex. Last thing I'd like to address and I did this with Europe. Only college colleagues the other day in it that I got involved not involved but I but I was stopped on the interstate near Lafayette -- -- was Thanksgiving weekend because in campers that flipped over a senator as I remember written. You know we're stuck there for about an hour and a half maybe in -- idiots drive and -- and the shoulder of the road trying to to get ahead of everybody and and that that's illegal to do that is a non. Absolutely turning it completely legal -- And it is that really frustrate a lot of people. We we try to cap it we try to stop back especially we know that it's happening -- Call Atlantic island will trooper out there. You know everybody in a hurry all the time everybody -- played against them. You know if you have something going on -- not any more important and the -- the regular European issue. Unit remain patient and and -- -- that type act it will GB. -- closures her in crashes that happened things like actually you can be prepared. And and again you will what we're trying to get people happier state action like that happen if they're going to be detour we're working quickly to make happen but we have to do it. Safely and we have to -- active. No reason I bring it up his people are getting sucked in the emergency lanes and the shoulder because their car wouldn't fit through the traffic and and that emergency vehicles couldn't get there which slowed. Everything down I guess it goes back to like. We were saying a couple of minutes ago if you let somebody go through money interstate and it's icy and and a thirty car pileup happens and nobody gets through anyway and it's. They you just got to trust somebody lights and a state police I'll say this I don't think you're gonna close roads. Yeah helter skelter intermittently just because they want to that he got to understand that there's always a good reason I'm talking of the drivers now is the road is closed. And you're absolutely correct began work but arbitrarily quite outraged yet because. We're gonna close them because they're not they travel or that they're an accumulation I we -- previous crash in there before. -- -- whatever. That particular situation or. That particular whether -- whatever it call forward it we're gonna do that we're gonna do it for public safety. I get a text that comes in and alluded Beltre -- and appreciate the humor in this. Our tunnels more or less likely to formalize Tommy's you know the Belle chase tunnel usually has a pond at the bottom of it. By the way I cut an eight pound bass and at last weekend that -- always does leak and I guess you'll be looking at those kind of things to it tunnels to make sure that there's no ice forming. Absolutely and -- -- the eighties and -- a tremendous job -- not only been working with the league weekly pick it up to the market the -- law enforcement agencies and you know if somebody. Somebody -- on the collar let that will call you he will get out there will make sure that they are put them. -- well down the impact -- up and down and it currently need to be shut down. I'm Peter we can do it or we can work with our law enforcement partners share opposite PD to make sure that that is currently closed but of course all. Will update all the recruiters are create a page popular web site. Be -- he will have a on on I've won one LE dot org you all have -- recruiter -- that. And like that somebody. 77 -- -- star -- -- from the shelter and we'll definitely get somebody out there. Thank you -- -- -- busy analysts say say and are you. You bet you.