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WWL>Topics>>1-28 6:45am Tommy, winter driving tips

1-28 6:45am Tommy, winter driving tips

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carl Nadeau, a Michelin Winter Driving Expert, about winter driving tips

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to our guests in the -- in the north there in camp backed Carl. In do joins us right now -- -- a race car driver in -- on cancer rather funded driving in cold weather and icy conditions morning Carl. Good morning news is opening Canadian force. We evil it in the -- badly. That was the topic for an. Wow and -- clear this up it is not. While -- it is Kodak right. Pretty much but actually it went too much about pronunciation. Especially if you don't mind about my English so it. Are known and know your your friend and we appreciate your coming on I was is going primarily from. That snooty Alex Rebecca on jeopardy that's how he says. That they were much jeopardy. -- actually yes sometimes but. You know what I'd rather drive cars and watch TV. -- is -- a great feeling of national pride about Alex your back what Justin Bieber who has who has the most famous Canadian people get excited about. -- -- -- If it's really been we've talked to but -- probably Celine Dion. And what about dumb in terms of curling have you ever done that. And you an idea like alleged. I actually. Well. I don't want to be at balancing your your new your new ones but nobody knew he candidly you don't like currently. No well I can go ahead it's your -- beat them like yeah -- way I can go to sleep debt that might kill. You put -- god when it's time for an -- I would I would imagine Carl compared to race drives a race driving and driving race cars like you do. You know CNN guys Sweden's not doing a whole lot -- but that's not why you're here and thanks for playing along -- talking about. Driving in in winter wetter weather wet in if you hit a patch of ice conditions so. Help us out if you will -- live there from Quebec and let us know what we should or should not do. Yep that's the first thing and that that's what being in them scare you about the what are you guys are getting. Your cars are probably not prepared for that term winner. Is just just if we -- about this stopping distance -- gets to them colder. Didn't firmness of the contested in Quebec can the government did that. And it took a regular U media system nothing crazy just like nick. And that 25 degrees Fahrenheit the that they can distance on regular all season tires was fourteen feet longer. Did that with the regular winter tigers. Phil it might be a problem for you guys can that I guess most people drive off season right now. What if you hit a patch of -- because we just talked to the state police and in -- gonna be ever vigilant about roads that are dangerous and so forth but if you do hit that unexpected. Patch of I say things and people have the tendency to immediately jam on -- breaks and -- I think guru Karl it's just the opposite what he's supposed to do isn't. Yet yet told the -- -- -- so -- You can learn all looked further ahead in front of your car. Could the patch -- by multiple that by and it kind of looked like regular asphalt beginning of the of the condition in the -- and everything. But -- if you look read far ahead in front of your car. He's going to be able to predict that more and sometimes you might not yeah -- dispatched but you got a few other cars sliding. So it's gonna give you like the warning. Just small bow before you hit the patched but if you do -- needed -- -- you would suggest that this speed. The first thing and I moved to the sounds stupid don't -- can just look where you wanna go. Do as a regional -- you can. And tried to -- years straight as straight as you can and don't adjust the speed don't accelerate don't slow down. Just keep it steady pace through VI dispatched. And Ben yea if you feel that you're going too fast. You can hold -- when you have to grip but on the ice patch itself. The worst thing you can do is start playing with the steering wheel in the in the break. Because that your car's going to be unstable and knowledge to good starts fighting -- have a bad day. In terms of steering and news given I've heard this. Expression a lot -- is there ever a time to do then what exactly does that mean. -- the agency you're returning. On lift in corner. And when you turn that we'll go back and start going around you basically get back -- in front of the front of the car. If you just keep their pointing to them. You can accelerate. That that's cute and you minister now. While if you turn to deal with the direction you might be able to catch that life. So -- -- into this might turn into the open in the corner and then he told -- what you're driving if you regular front wheel drive car. It it's imagine that different it's carrying the back of the car so it just like you're you have a trader at the back. In the -- one dot com your home you're gonna accelerate slightly so we stayed back. It's going to be this same with a card. So here in the opposite direction and actually -- the and different gonna catch the back that is where -- would drive. If you drive it was. Right or -- will -- it is slightly different and this. This is the scary part like you get the -- the chance to practice that and I don't know there's a lot of racetracks around. By in Quebec right now we're -- putting a lot of them facets to tell people. -- and tried it before you're on the world for the first time you lose control. Everybody panics like it is just a normal reactions to people hold the steering wheel real tight -- did you panic wall. Actually that you hold a tight grip on the steering wheel you lose all feel of the car. So you get learn to stay redact. Likes Smoot and Smoot arms look where you want -- gold and 55% of the jobs going to be done. I appreciate your time -- really Digisette curiosity what's -- as you've ever driven. Oh my god. One ED 18190 miles an hour easy. You'd fit right in on new loans these -- guides and new loans eased him twins fans in those cities as a way to drive. I don't like that very ill he says not do it underwrote glow when you said we have a racetrack. That's pretty much too close we income -- one thank him lady -- Carl appreciate your time. If you get more advice you can go and a mission winters center dot com there is kind of -- devices. On getting your car ready just. Small stuff like windshield washer that's a bit of freed. And by the all the way up to look winter tires and not get your car ready for -- was bad conditions. Thank you Carl that would is that -- has what are the conditions in Canada right now. Our probity are winner mine that period you wish so. Close to zero degrees Fahrenheit and it's what you do it really gets some snow piled up the. Yeah that was a big storm yesterday but it. We're ready for -- and and winter tires are mandatory in Quebec. Sol forum is just another -- at the job. Carl appreciate your time your pleasure to talk to you really -- thank you sir. My -- 9654. Nice job Jordan liked him.

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