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WWL>Topics>>1-28 7:15am Tommy talks to St. Tammany Pres. Pat Brister

1-28 7:15am Tommy talks to St. Tammany Pres. Pat Brister

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister about the inclement weather moving in

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actress joins right now president. Saint Tammany parish here once a month I think it is with Don Dubuque given. Did the North -- report -- morning as aggressor he -- I'm great -- -- thank our product well we appreciate you coming on what are the conditions in on Anthony's parish now and but he expected and and one would you preceded them and plan on doing later. -- well we we've seen a noticeable drop in temperature to -- just -- keep -- -- where. Whenever Celtic group that they emergency operations center I'm down here now also it will be here throughout. The emergency. That we know it's getting color we just waiting to see when the precipitation comes in and we have. Handed a 150. 125 bridges that in our inventory. Just to get ready. For that we have positioned barricades for any road closures. Just so they're right there and we don't have to take anytime to close one that we haven't they were having problems. Mainly we're urging everyone -- they -- today we don't know what it's gonna be. How bad it's gonna base and just take the day and then not get out and and endanger yourself for your family. Do and exactly event. Yeah that blocked out around a little bit this morning and you know I don't see a lot of activity which is still early but. You know without announcements on radio TV our our our web site every hour Blackberry email blasts. You know we're just getting to everyone we can't please stay out and I think they're taken heat because they know how dangerous it can be. Did you say you son and a walking around. Yeah yeah we need to get your cars and we need to -- about a -- out downtown Pennington so I was just out walking around the block it out for a round here right in it's still. We don't have any precipitation here in downtown -- and yet in terms of I guess biggest worries or concerns with the B. Well that my biggest concern is power outage. I think people will -- the red state that I come in and we start losing power. Hey you know that's a dangerous situation for a lot of people. We do have a warming shelter. That in ready and Slidell. And we knew that will be running until day emergencies over. But that's my biggest worry right now is that -- but I will say we have. Representatives from our power companies I hear they've been here to the same will be back today that we have direct contact with them. -- that should happen. And -- and ask you to say it again because I'm gonna try added dimension is many times they can. About safety when it comes individual heaters and those kind of things because it seems like ms. Christie you know every every town has a cold snap. Unfortunately some kind of tragedy happens. They he you're absolutely right in and that is the big part of the worried when when the power goes down people wanna stay warm and sometimes we just get a get a little absent minded to and we I'll do. But it it's the new week same every time we've had one of these situations that we do. Did have a major fire in a home arm. Someone does get hurt are our worst. And where urging everyone to take all the precautions. Nigeria it's been elated picture here it's far enough away from walls and and any -- -- -- and it's watch don't leave it to. Leave it there by itself. And if you if you can't go or don't wanna do you feel feel safe and whenever you do and you get -- shelter available. Absolutely absolutely and that's why we evidently we want to have people -- they have vocal warm spot without having to put themselves in danger. And on a lighter note you guys you know nobody is to be updated date but you do have the fishing -- again. And we do and it's wonderful obviously a proud that we have a soft opening couple weeks again when the -- gets nicer this spring we're gonna do that big. Grand opening -- fishing ready and lots of good -- kids to ditch. Question right now the patient here -- connection. Camps -- and all of that is close to. For the next two days so. But the patient is fantastic I hope everybody come out with Atlanta players. As they need only -- cannot let out they'd be one of those Alaskan king -- station -- -- Deadliest Catch this person and a busy thank you for your time. Thank you gotta do it get our message out.

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