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1-28 7:45am Tommy talks to Archie Manning

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to former Saints quarterback Archie Manning about the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and the first family of football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker with -- 744. And we'll continue the coverage of the weather. Up in a moment that of all the ESPN Promos for -- -- than I've ever seen and they've never done I think number two would be Drew Brees trying to get the flowed into the gate. But number one would have to be a Manning Stanley taken into of the facilities went Peyton and Eli Kagan each other -- backside RG turns around with that stern dad look. As if to say cut it out and the fact Eddie -- of the NFL's two premier quarterbacks always makes me left a morning Archie played on. Younger crowd and I'm well thank you so much has taken -- time -- and -- since we started with. Eli and Peyton I gotta ask is there any rivalry -- friendly rivalry like Brothers would have when it comes Super Bowl rings. No there is a bit in -- -- good point played in the it's an age gap there and there have been they have -- each other that would -- -- an all out war at all shall well. Care preacher -- -- each other out so that special on pro allegedly. I think it reflects on on a job because it is parents you know -- -- a record setting season this year in you've been watching him from the time we've all seen the video of the you know little bitty tight. You think as the best seized the play an ever in his career. Well thanks so probably got a lot of help he's got great street and Cold War. Probably -- and the image a lot of couch. Earlier orbit contributed action. Run the ball -- today I have balanced passing game and even other -- Archie injury earlier oh and -- on. -- been sacked twenty times this year so those guys done a good job too -- I think he's playing as well burn the -- but he is probably as football -- go to got a lot. When you look at them at their game coming up with the Seahawks and Richard Sherman and at safety net against safeties imam. It was -- yet Thomas. And pork again absolutely. Would and I guess when you watch the games as well do you watch it as a father watching news on and and after the played knee injury and -- RU. As a former quarterback looking down the field and look at it routes and looking -- defense is that senator. Well I yell while watching game -- still judge must have kind of look at the secondary cannery covered -- That's what. A bit personal law hasn't won it makes you well as it is not so much. They're that I am a much about that argument that game but he is it truly did and -- -- -- you watched. Terry -- what type as a result sixteen millimeter -- -- film this cherished old and I had to watch is secondary counter urged so what -- their goal in Jerusalem must -- good that are there and try to -- on the on the floor. -- ball and -- You don't have one plane UK Gartner word about her parents are urged all happened in the Arab Leo there's not a burner but it -- that we years. Yeah I ignore -- -- I got a little superstitious Abu riled that try to unveil a spot in target a spot would. We're moving the ball last show. That's really well with all of the technical expertise you have haven't played the game for as long as you did is still got a lucky spot. Lucky -- Cracks me up. In terms of did the match ups against Seattle it and the defense that we talked about in chairman. If you're quarterback and -- I don't you know one of which in the position of talent Payton went to duke blue would you that are Sherman's side it would appeal last resort. You don't all of you all -- -- should bottle but it Kiki dog don't interest just silly and absolutely stay away from somebody you got to try to. You know sir it would recovers did you -- where there's an open man that up. You don't warmer. Every. The bright where like -- currencies. He's he's -- a lot of quarterback actual you gotta be patient. Gathered to try to aboard the turnovers you know you put -- if it is a bad word game. That maybe the score card will be up as much use certain they'll give them anything easy but it's up. This football what you practiced four point four hopefully we'll have a good. This -- 34 I think -- Zion partly cloudy only 20% chance for showers so hopefully will be. -- -- about Cooper Arctic is so many times people talk about Payton and a -- like. Would -- grunt today had the pleasure of meeting both yet at the Manning's restaurant when it opened and he just seems like he's very nice successful guy. Well would be proud Cooper Cooper. As beautiful family life -- and -- shoot anybody or should there. They're actually -- that it Rachel they're very active got a lot of of these ball. Could go well and business. Cabrera a lot of friends -- balk or appearances count so we're we're just our corporate real. Reports and language thing about the Pro Bowl when the if you out of even watched it or not the things. I think it watches -- -- -- voters like their employers and job and completed. It might -- -- Good lawful and you know this cup urged anyone out but what did. A solid a -- Can -- she learned not finesse Q she brought back so grow older -- of the commission was pleased with. Would deploy. Some good problem -- dollars or gore -- aren't ordered. -- years ago. -- so I hope it continues or two ago. Avid is quite a hundred years clay when it comes to you know the commissioner in the state of the NFL as a former player with a guy with a couple sons plan at a very high level there. Yeah thoughts of about injuries about. The rule changes in the NFL's -- you know we rid of the extra point those kind of things. Well. All. Thing. The people involved. First all. Great Communists. In nearly 110 people of football games on did not aren't -- -- -- -- -- -- potential life. Other got a great job branding and marketing this game and I think they're good people are at the top public -- dragged out the older -- Out of the game passionate ward took it and there's there's administrators as coaches there's football people. All bowl committees. It will pit rules topic but ultimately be better despite a big big bearing the be intraday pretty good head injuries. Is that you should football. A I think we all sort of average level football tried to address and try to meticulously prepare same topic should. That Tibetan capital -- Out of bullets go -- idea here that uniting get the information a patent and maybe like next year instead of Omagh. Could they yellow different areas of the city like maybe third town and -- and Carol in mid city those kind of things. Not that that'll malicious and little Lola -- -- -- will probably. Will probably have a lot of quarterbacks at every level football start maybe our they're. -- they don't. And uptown you know I don't leave out up to announce that -- last -- things. And ahead. French Quarter maybe some tumors to attract and Christmas and a light CBD yeah I don't kinda things. Have a great day RT appreciate your time and where to watch game New Yorkers -- to be there yeah. -- there regularly and -- -- -- I'm gonna and so we're we're excited look at torture. -- god bless you good luck we're all pulling for Peyton in this and nickel and and resume your integrity and win. It is -- -- and I keep saying cults because -- and this happens. He -- he was there are some money went from one horse team the other. Issues right now we're excited are you make me feel better seeing you some clothes they -- Thank you have a great trip I get -- --

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