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WWL>Topics>>1-28 8:10am Tommy talks to JP Pres. John Young

1-28 8:10am Tommy talks to JP Pres. John Young

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish President John Young about the incoming inclement weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you Chris onions and text here coming in from the west. Letters saying someone says snow sleet -- just west of Baton Rouge didn't close Temps dropping along the way as precipitation moves in. Within the next hour Baton Rouge should be -- leading slash knowing. And a pretty good rate and you know we're talking about the governor insane in the you know stay off the roads etc. but. I think as long as we're in the upper thirties you're really not to worry about anything freezing up they -- don't go joy riding perhaps if you need something and in the house. The earlier part of the day be the better timed in the later part. So get that done and the if you -- in some vital supplies I would recommend king cake. Is have been trying to watch what I eat. But in these emergency times that tends to go out of the window. So I'm gonna try to pick up the king cake today Canas. In honor you know what you know and -- be stuck in a house so maybe you do need to king king John Young joins us right now Jefferson Parish resident and -- -- -- you know I know we were. Getting on the phone and so forth but so so long as the temperatures in the upper thirties. You don't really have to worry about anything freezing -- would just think that now would be the time if you if you do have to get main thing for the house some groceries at -- as opposed to later in the day. Yes you know obviously we hope that most people did that yesterday. But certainly right now there's very little precipitation falling. And it's above freezing but again this specific you can get in and shelter in place in in stable would spill grows the better because. Big ticket really shut down interstate certain portions of the US state between Lafayette batteries so that's coming. We're ready for it again you know the biggest -- could be. Staying off the roads it's going to be a true travel conditions is certainly also monetary. The energy situation and we have to represent the sport from in Turkey. At a farmer's operations and better and -- and so. That situation as well. There are no shelters or anything Jefferson Parish -- We don't have any -- just some people will work with the Salvation Army case anyone needs a place and and there's a few places that wave makers. Ministries that we put out and apparently just today in case anyone need shelter. So basically you guys are ready to -- and roads. -- -- personnel that support personnel report the world go where were activated. Certainly out properly is at this stations industries to -- go. Put up with department in the minute we have a lot of flights that causes turbulence default. -- -- -- the quickness and trucks loaded and ready to go. People out there. -- situations -- -- can. It taken precautions. And again we -- is that everyone cooperated in. You know take it take you -- pretty decent work at home and readable. In a starter in spring cleaning whatever but. Just -- the rooster and it's what would the precipitation. Because of predicting. You know these characters -- -- of the -- that makes for a stickier the situation. John years may be a dumb question but in terms of pumping stations I know if you have any kind of did pressure washing machine or anything -- -- suppose drain that because the could wind up with something that doesn't work -- Drag your sister network problem -- vehicles as well they show over the weekend we -- that process. So where it would monitor. Equipment and have taken you know clear what precautions all the unnecessary equipment. And as an expected to be a high volume precipitation event or anything and it was curious when it comes to a pumping station the US to. Didn't do anything you take any and any steps to keep that equipment saying. It is inside. That the building it's sheltered but certainly -- taken. And public works department is is that about -- comfortable economy has been. Director and director drainage in -- -- work here over thirty years in. Under his leadership we've taken no steps necessary to make sure equipment to work properly and again as a percent of necessary work personnel. Well at this stations in and go to work on nonessential personnel or not today. An additional sheriff's deputies on the street. For announced that they put additional sheriff's deputies on the street morning everyone you know against -- street it's it's for everyone's safety and and certainly you know what happened last Friday as a lot of people got an accident and we don't want that happened. It's just best to to which it was passes in the and -- and everything opened back up put we're prepared for the for whatever comes our way and we're gonna stay on top of -- through throughout the course of the event. And you busy analogy that to this -- and -- some texts from people saying I'm required to work I am on the delivery driver I got to drive in this and then the other thing. Has there been any suggestion to businesses as a -- -- to close and let the employees staying home to some people don't have a choice they're leaving that up to the individual. Well obviously that's up to the individual businesses the world would try to communicate. Through declaration stated numbers into the fact that would -- -- and -- our government. The court system as close the DA's office clerk of court. Trying to communicate at its best. That people and not -- record go to work again. That's private business decision in would -- -- -- dictate the businesses that they do that would. Like in the taken to consideration the -- the circumstances and and what their -- and have to travel through. To go back and forth to work so. By Thursday that most a lot of businesses that -- out today in schools which. But again that that's that's private industry and that is that. Stated position and make. We generally -- what we -- is appropriate. And just to make sure if you get any business with any court -- Jefferson Parish -- movement be conducted today because or tomorrow right it's right thank you John I appreciate element that. Not maybe where you. Before you view heroes was the year that you marched -- we need we need some. Yeah. You right. We wrapped it up and it in in time did you write about it maybe you Peyton Manning union operatives are metric that tree. Trio. You know. About the -- and varieties that -- artery. I did did -- Adams. -- A blank you.

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