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WWL>Topics>>1-28 8:40am Tommy talks to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

1-28 8:40am Tommy talks to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu about the incoming inclement weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- ready jaguar opinion poll of great controversy if you had to lose electricity. Would you rather it happen when it's hotter when it's cold. And 47%. Of people are saying hot and after would we went through with Isaak I think -- was storm I can't believe that many people are saying that. Mayor Mitch Landrieu joins remnant right now -- mornings at our door pretty go we will would you rather if you had the president. They are likely not ago nobody yet had -- one. Now. Kilometer ideal blood I got act on it to Google's I think I. Let's have a blanket he got out of the game that's the other thing is you know and this doesn't apply to me but if he -- -- cuddle with and keep you warm -- just BP itself as a vote today. Well let's get old ways for me. -- in the other room it would be better wouldn't have to do you wouldn't exactly tell me about and hopefully we won't tell me about what's going on and went out there. This is again. -- we're fully activated average operations center set up outspoken too. The parish presidents that surround the Paris is here and we're in touch with the governor's office and has offices of emergency communication. To make sure that everybody's on the same page epic. The did the message is universal this pretends to be very bad winter storm and I can be very harmful if again we don't prepare well. And we don't do that was supposed to do -- and that's the -- of the day it's gonna get colder which means it's gonna freeze. And it's got a terrain -- a 100% chance when that happens is going to be ice. And ice is going to be all over the place and you know most of our cars. Or not equipped to handle that so we're asking people again today and tomorrow. Just stay off the roads we have shelters opened for people you know who Needham. I think we gonna we gonna make sure that everybody stays off the road -- possible the -- is a will be monitored didn't we have folks out there now and competing fire department DO TD. On all the bridges so we have that we had trouble. A couple weeks ago when and it taxes when this happened a couple of weeks ago without their penalty crashes so. I think that the dangers should be evident to everybody else -- -- suspended. Government functions in the city for the next two days the archdiocese in the school districts follow suit. At least -- two day I think people look at what they gonna be tomorrow. Just follow the warning shall have press briefings throughout the day. You have to reach the parish presidents and the surrounding area from the governor and editor -- just kind of pay detentions based focus and use is common courtesy comets as we should be stories. Nothing really changed as far as the forecast goes but I think a lot of people's somehow and narrow minds I thought. That this morning the bad weather was gonna happen and when it did nine get a lot of texts and phone calls -- and nothing's gonna happen. The catalyst and this happens all the time. I'm and that when it comes peoples that you didn't warn me more people satellite pay attention and and again and actions here's here's the water today when you opposite and we obviously cannot. Dictate exactly what the weather's gonna do we can basically see which comics which you give people warnings we can -- take proper precautions. Basically the weather service is insane without contradiction. That -- -- gonna get why a lot of wet today and we ideological. And went -- two things match up you're gonna get ice and that's dangerous folks. Comments that we would ask people again just be very vigilant be very thoughtful because if you go out. And all of a sudden becomes like your and then you someplace what you can't get back to you in trouble so the best left to stay home everybody's on. And just abide by the by the by the rules and and we ought to be okay and -- As -- -- said in a number of different pre existing could be over soon -- could take you know along the period we just don't know. And we'll see what accomplishment but about it look at the weather service and looks at -- the trajectory. That the wind and the rain and the cold it's pretty big and it's a blanket they go to public produced all the way to South Carolina. So let's be let's be thankful hopeful that it's not as bad as it must be prepared in the event that it is. Two quick things first off just because there's no snow. Doesn't mean as I -- any ice. Wolf personable it's unlikely that would gonna have a lot of snow that's not a problem the problem is ice. And tomorrow this is a clear warning it's gonna get warmer in the afternoon in the -- -- going to be out everybody is gonna think we're good to go. Let's go out play on the lake front and what's gonna happen to Atlantic temperature is gonna drop. Again in the and that ice has melted is gonna freeze up again. And it's going to be that way supposedly based on the weather service -- predictions on Wednesday night into Thursday morning and the ice is the problem. The ice is going to be heavy on the on the power lines nice is going to be heavy on the bridges the -- is my -- we get the power lines. As deputies said they might have a power outage all of those things are possible. -- and I guess you know the order of the day for us is why can't -- let's just be safe so that we don't lose in the light and and or property and -- give back to -- soon enough. I think that -- be new campaign slogan complete the league I mean like -- I haven't -- been through this before our game we don't people arcade comets don't go out to the lake front of course. Everybody want to go play on it in and see Italy is gonna come take them away just before. That's not that's not why -- sensitivity should say don't go to your home still out to the -- whatever yeah. Yes I think don't -- -- and in his the other -- -- we have first responders. On the -- all called again. The firefighters to -- the policing here. You know the street the folks on the parking parkway to work and everybody's work and if you goat which itself in harm's way and they have become rescue you you're putting them. If you're on the street when you're not supposed to fasten your post that you put yourself that you put somebody knows somebody else's life in harm's way so one of the reasons why. We fully activated circumstances like decisions to make sure that we don't lose light that's really important property is important but of course secondary. And so you know if you see the first responder OK you know kind of -- back -- it takes to be -- make any sacrifice a right and we appreciate their work. And along those lines would talk to chief Tim Connolly and 935 but -- a little listening now. And I talked about this with that Brister. Please talk about the every year when -- when this happens people get involved with space heaters are -- alternative ways to heat their homes and you know tragedy happen. Well couple things first also trust people like to get -- into an abandoned house the light of fire. And that's one you know routine cause of death -- circumstances like this space heaters carbon monoxide. Chief McConnell take everybody through that so that they fully understand. Do you wanna Tommy feel -- read off on the shelters that -- Salvation Army. Which is on Claiborne and Napoleon is open and in the -- -- open the Covenant House is open and the New Orleans mission. Is open. An Alley nation other -- will open on in this morning as a warming shelters so. We have -- freeze plan in place in the in this differing and opens with anybody feels like to -- more lately -- somebody -- to -- I would watch it again and -- we gonna have regular briefings to the press conference at 11 o'clock outlining the latest information we have. From the National Weather Service in the preparations that would make -- here in the city. But just water in the days this just listen I'll complete abide by the requirement that we laid out because they -- to protect people's life and safety stay off the roots. Until otherwise notified and the expectation right it was a this'll be witness. Today and tomorrow and up you know into early Thursday morning is -- a break and we ought to get back to business as usual. And he busy did seriously think about it let's go play late and I. Like I bet you a lot of money. That nobody's going to be adamantly pro player you know not a now and I'm not in times of nice -- all you -- campaigns are not going out of the -- -- let's try it works and I give them responsibly that's. Thank you. Thank you Darcy Italian besides -- new loans.

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