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WWL>Topics>>1-28 9:10am Tommy, generator safety

1-28 9:10am Tommy, generator safety

Jan 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Lagrange, owner of Lagrange Consulting & co-host of the Home Improvement Show, about using generators safely and properly if the power goes out

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What grange joins us right now the the host of the home improvement show here on -- of -- those with -- also owner of LaGrange consulting. And a comfort and energy solutions they don't call. Good morning. And I'll look your argument can pretty I think that would that would partake. Icing milking Kagan and I understand from his lead that they would have a problem with. The icing melting on the inside the only thing you would reconstitute -- -- I think among them but they did the army. -- -- mr. cheated time and ordered with extra icing if you like. Tell -- pol about generators well first off not a bad time a year for you to be in an -- I think what is. It's culpable and that's good news event. Because called generally goes in and August and July in June which are not the great times which. Before we get to the subject matter at hand Paul leads into -- ready jaguar opinion poll had. They almost take this year attic. Adventures if you had to lose electricity would you rather it happen when it's hotter when it's cold and for you I'll ask you. The you know would you rather be colder -- -- -- -- or hot. But they like -- it would look at me I told. You know that put -- important the current leaders as well are those of the discussion of one of those. Well what's hot in that you know. You know complete certainty you know are -- you know you're not going to be at risk of of hypothermia. And the coldness I was it was about the army of them -- not extreme conditions closest I'll put some sounds like. Not that most of it could do so but I would go with Kohl's department that the product you know -- call. Well the other thing and think it is. The cold. As opposed stuff. Well no Libby were -- end of the cold came in -- house -- -- would the inside be as hot and -- called Brothers the outside you'd. Still would you keep some residual here when it eventually don't go away. Well world long period you would essentially all balance out and you're a percent cut to inside -- -- but it's deadly -- well constructed. Enclosure you know that the walls and the ceiling -- -- then you potentially reclaim a lot of heat inside your house or. Good number of days but eventually would -- keeping -- as to what extent that it. -- in terms of generators and in it struck me that you know we talked about -- earlier this morning chews them up and sand and roadways and I realize if there's tropical weather you feel. Bags with sand and trying to try to keep anything from flooding -- years and that the put on roadways and that also goddess to wanting to have you on because you think of use in generators. Beat date a little temporary kind to the whole house generator when. Tropical weather threatens you don't necessarily think of it in. Terms of losing electricity because of the winter storm either way you wanna make sure that you safe when you're. Use these things so that's why when you come on in just repeat some of the messages Jolie's camp. For a generator use. So you know this year withdrew the glow when it's really cold. Do you like it but it's very windy so -- -- -- -- a couple months will be to put our generator. In the garage in and start up and you know use our extension cords applauding political duplicate copy. Auto white sugar would need maybe. However that's the worst place to particular. In induces the time. When would be -- with certain that the exhaust from that gasoline or diesel engine goes all the outside their house -- it's nowhere near home. Nowhere near the war or windows and mediocre pushed all the reasons would have went to a bit of the year who may be destruction extension -- to a it as opposed to leave -- open because you know working in groups of letting. Cool air and -- pot. Now we only capital because running extension corporate. So you want to make sure that that exhaust from the generator -- as far as -- -- homes possibly didn't. And still -- -- distance -- union. A partly such extension cord going directly to whatever like your job. Like we mentioned maybe it is pitched a coffee pot. What's the radio awards to television you compute whatever the device maybe. And we want to make -- -- certain that we are not exposing ourselves. Or family or Homs two in the in the carbon monoxide. It's come from the exhaust of those those generators that's probably the the big fiscal policy people make is you know was sentenced. I'm not a conservative talk -- And that they're real and they're they're they're putting their lives at risk and certainly something I would want them to have -- addition to degenerate would be a battery operated. All the monoxide sensor so in the event. That there are eating some relevant levels of carbon dioxide in the house but certainly there will be alerted to that because of the the -- in the it would take corrective actions were sent. -- Paul how crazy. You know what is that something you would be very aggressive with making sure that you have with coverage meaning there's no sets him apart or not. After the not Colbert. And you also make sure that whatever you're putting around it where there's the old Tom fashioned newspaper without. Paper audit what you want but the you know split fold like insulation. No he wants full coverage -- -- which also went all contact with a -- So you'll addiction was and -- -- -- and that pipe to protect. Did you know how crazy -- -- it how sick and yet it. District of the better. This is not a situation where you can overdo it. However you want it at least something that happens that so you're you're rapping with newspaper go round and round and -- in the interest of full contact every. You know inch of that pipe has covered -- at least absent that. It is -- -- -- and then you would want to do with the -- I think that there's some of the Spanish squishy. It is not. Like already. There's overcomes the will -- dancer with the doctrine caller. And as -- the farmer when -- when he squeezed it when you when you cross your fingers that's a better product with our although you'd better performance. And it Texans and about the generators on you may have mentioned this on and also always. Also rather don't put exhaust near south advance at a -- alarm pick that up. That's correct because those results could rise due to beat the opening that in -- teacher at a in this and in Europe Africa is leaking connected to your house in the carbon monoxide. In those contaminants can get inside general so that that -- that's an excellent suggestion from the types of eating. Again get in the way that house you in the publicized which states extension cords. When you. -- you have -- assume all of the oil went up until a little circle kind of stressed out and snake oil because. You know what that extension -- will be eating that is in the cold oppression -- do we keep. They're not a caution about generators -- the women who want low ones out of fuel. You need to let -- -- of -- completely -- you refuel. Because there's a far as a batter he spilled some gasoline or the very hard -- hot exhaust. It it could ignite and there's some danger there. Paul let's talk about you know -- -- -- people letters saying and city officials saying you know leave little pencil. Led. Do water running over night so it it doesn't freeze of course of everybody does that you did a and gets. Crazy with how much water they're running and all of a sudden there's a water pressure concern when it comes of firefighting. Arm. Is one little Fossett with pencil lead which is very -- bit of water -- through it. Enough for DS to do with every -- and in terms of plumbing and and those kind of things and also if you guided to some pipes in the attic may be the way the houses older and that's a way it was plunder you had a replacement pipe -- Or just hot water heater in the attic itself. And -- feeding it they wouldn't be needed hiding in all that stuff. So what watered the greens and that's -- -- did you know that. Well reasoned and in the news. You know Oscars and -- -- ball. -- Some you know -- -- -- -- excellent and as well. Yeah let's. Let. So. Into the typical -- An open. So. The question is what are either so I might use tighten the water content award among house some light inside. And all the tools that -- mobile -- and they packed room so that's the opposite that. -- -- -- -- the plummeting confidence in my house where the water supply comes DiMarco. And I operate that you know small screen what it -- a or does -- away. In the re elect -- one of these because. That water could go where it is model which is -- the -- -- the street is gonna couldn't hire putt in the whole house. -- war in -- so they're like no one wore mine are on the I think more manifold all the awards -- Also I want this is small but important in the pocket and -- is -- you wanna make sure that drain on struck it if you that very slow. Because maybe it's clogged something war using content on -- all the pit stop burn up -- -- epic problems and selected. That was not -- In Houston Oakland that's good greens aren't sufficiently quickly. Because you don't want -- more or you to look at them on -- union and toppled you know. -- kind. Of applications quickly and war. Maybe skating -- bit but did you know surprises and meeting here that the owner of energy in comfort solutions and and LaGrange consulting actually leaves a little pencil LED's. Stream of water running out of his closet because I know you. And I got to believe he had everything insulated as much as he can possibly be in your houses. Energy efficient one so you're saying even if you do take all the precautions it's a good idea to do that. I think it is important to reserve water although I am very conservative in my nature and and -- you you'd get a broken settled on the bikes. This can be quite call in to repair. And -- it. Very content consuming in the not to mention that you're welcome -- -- as a lot of people missing also of the president waiting for a couple days commercial. Having so they're having been in the plumbing section. Carrey's ace hardware after three years ago like -- yet it's -- people trying to get bread for a hurricane. -- -- So do you wanna be proactive in this of the -- the steps of the little evidence. But nobody had an extra cost could you know in the -- because in the morning when you -- -- In order to do this now everything is perfect and never have frozen pipes before. And I normally -- war with the release of the extreme conditions. It in those -- -- -- from New York with the the annual -- that war. Hearing you say that that got my attention but yelled keep in mind it is not the size of a pencil all you need. Is is. A stream the size of the lead of the pants like polls and Hitler pointing comes out. I get a text your caller about the older gas heaters and at the porcelain greats that item at the time a bathroom news -- not. Early safety use and what about though the old wall heaters. -- -- space heaters whether you remember immigrant. Really all you're in the bathroom and when -- little and -- -- in regular income. The very warm however. And that. Device or to -- some of the electric space heater. You've while all the combustion gases inside the home it's not that it. So anything that comes from that would explain. Carbon monoxide carbon dioxide. Nitrate moisture all of those contaminants. From that combustion process of coming to your own. And you're reading your -- not something you really wanna do so -- peppers. We do not why -- those missiles were so she. Because that will be quite quite dangerous. In fact in -- the weather station programs and agencies programs that are -- around the entire country. Those -- eating furnaces or space heaters are being removed and replaced. With the -- opinion that as the light protection devices. Or marketing oxygen and carbon monoxide in or who we've got to be outside. Paula appreciate your time and I just got to ask you this question that came from a long time listener. That says ham bone in -- -- back together again from when you know he owes them. Named -- and I thought it was beer belly import job -- wasn't him or are there but -- to a -- the listeners right then. -- deciding that if -- -- all have a great day -- state water. Mark what they appreciate the information.

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