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WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 1:45pm Angela with Causeway GM Carlton Dufrechou

1-28-14 1:45pm Angela with Causeway GM Carlton Dufrechou

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on the Causeway closure with Causeway Commission GM Carlton Dufrechou.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I love -- we've got some callers Christian Martin please stay with this week we need to interview love the head of the causeway commission but again I wanna hear what you have to say. But Carlton do for showed general manager of the causeway commission with -- that the causeway is now officially closed both ways. That's correct Angela fortunately we -- building up on strawberry is enough we've lost well we had one part just been out about completely. On Long Island -- about. If -- forty minutes ago. The other Chela react at the moment is wish -- a lot of sleep on the north and look for its security pretty rapidly. Had you laid -- endorsed sand down. No actually what we view the icing fluid for -- draw operate in our allies sections of the urgency navigation channels and getting ready to use it. On the on the drawbridge and that's when the -- started coming in on the -- -- to operate so we're. If we we got the drawbridge real when we hit the sweet deal with -- north and which we compound itself. Unfortunately it's losing proposition right now with we're just progressively moving out. So when it stops. You know. Falling from the sky and then you re look at it or are you where where. We're mockery it can be one bridge 24 hours that is Sheila individual adults -- draw operation that built our all night long. Police are on the bridge is well -- it's -- -- spokesman dispatchers. We're going to watch all night Long Will reopen soon to say it again from what time. Hearing from the National Weather Service. It looks like we're -- where it properly until midnight. Other temperatures on temperature below freezing right now actually got icicles hanging from via. Its traffic signs on the side of the bridge. Unfortunately you probably that conditions we have right now get worse throughout the evening and we will need more -- that you bought -- -- the decked out just been at the watch tomorrow morning and it warms up. And is to say it again reopened. Well please give us a call and let us now focus on a lot of people want to know that information. Police shortly world thank you WWL for for getting the message out and actually try out your listeners. The traffic on the bridge is being extremely low but they have potential sticking their. The the potential. Saying -- considering all thanks a lot. Thank you very much at all to do for show again general manager of the causeway commission. Christians from Slidell. All right Obama. But.

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