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WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 1:50pm Angela with Tangipahoa President Gordon Burgess

1-28-14 1:50pm Angela with Tangipahoa President Gordon Burgess

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets the latest on winter weather preparations in Tangipahoa with parish president Gordon Burgess.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hate to hear that but Dave's going to be back with us in about ten minutes and update us on a lot of things. But now we have Gordon Burgess who is the parish president of tangible hope Sara appreciate you joining us very much. Good by afternoon -- you. The question is how are you. Where do it okay we got a little. A cold weather we've had obviously and it's it's. Surely now. Hit the game into accumulate though on the ground. Monica think Campbell good day at some smoke. And in. -- -- an area and stand that they had a little smoke but we're really. Actually looking for the worst part to be coming within the next few hours. Hold true about that match. So we're certainly not looking forward to bet the coach we do have accumulation we've got. Our wrote were trying to keep those open. The we have. Repaired did and sanded. Roche. Well over a about the hundred Roche. And the parish. And with that there was probably at least. Seven to -- eighty bridge years. So -- And although we do and OK yeah I think we've we just finish in. Our north the end wrote we finished the shop in about that thirty minutes ago. True we're open net. This site and world. And alleviate some of the problems that would have been known to use. Bridges and today the rations. Let me ask you last Friday did you had issues. When he gets on but no not black. And not like it is today we we were prepared Gordon and thank went real smooth for a much. Well that is -- when you sound very prepared right now. Well we're doing our -- Angela say it's not we've got some good people and they are working together and we've been working with the with the media and see. Whether folks and had just been so good working relationships. And everything is good as far as power wise. Yes ma'am no we are concerned about that because. So the the power. And you know what day in the that day you know people are we going to get more and more built upon the -- land. And when you do that you've got. Such load. Not only on the -- himself but the trees and that's -- And so you know when they start break in in that don't create some big problems -- But hopefully will not that but we're doing -- bit to. Going -- -- which split which the problems we tried to address. -- I thank you very much for this call please stay in touch with this will stay in touch with you. That is Gordon Burgess who is the president to tangible hope parish.

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