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1-28-14 2:35pm Angela with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on winter weather preparations in New Orleans with Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are delighted to have the mayor of New Orleans on excellent thank you very much. Very busy day for me. There is such a sense of people are so organized the city is organized and that things are under control. As much as candy during an event like this. Well we have spectator for that but we have had -- -- Hear Katrina and Rita -- boost off. The BP oil spill and each one of those events has brought us a different challenge Katrina. Which we thought was going to be a windy -- -- it to award you sent. I keep himself turned into electrical outage events you know and -- all the stuff is different and so every one of these things we take very very seriously. And we just ask the public to be prepared you know this is that as a group of people that have been through it. And choppy -- really know what to do in terms of being prepared and I just want. Just reiterate this is to put this is a very dangerous situation coming out because there's a little bit different from what would had before. And I know folks a little bit of rain but the hit it just real simple when there's water and it gets below freezing and it's a 32 you know it's -- you -- have ice. And one of the things we're really not good catastrophic on ice. So yes sometimes -- things in the northeast where it is you know that -- out what is -- what they have snowplows and have changed and at all like on so we really have that here. And so we have to be really really careful in the next 2448 out there's -- weather is playing out exactly as we expected it to. Some really thankful that everybody's got a good plan and everybody seems to be done the best they can stay off of the -- Now and I think people you're correct are really heeding the warnings we are not to we're not in the north and we don't have those special tires and we don't have equipment I know that -- state police and others have done. A terrific job with sending senator senator -- not some of them wanted to ask you though was Karl there Redondo has sent twice now. That this that the actual icing part which will be tonight and tomorrow. Could go into early Thursday morning as well and I'm just wondering how how are telling. Reiterate that because you know sometimes they say things on TV that a little bit confusing the winter storm. Will be over tomorrow morning what they mean by that is the wind and the rain but the cold and the wet it will still be here. So what they're telling us in this is one of the reasons why we're being overly cautious. Is that there's no doubt that we're at 32 degrees now every body knows what happens at thirty team degrees they start freezing. And that there's water on the ground and you can have ice so that ice is gonna stay witnessed the rain will probably stop tomorrow morning in for a very short period of time and this is what. We're a little bit we just want folks to really understand just to morrow the sun's gonna come out from it. And and the temperature is critical -- Put like 36 to 37 degrees and people don't think we're out of it but what's gonna happen is it about 6 o'clock the temperature is gonna go back dale. And so what's gonna happen is that ice that thought a little bit is gonna freeze up again. And it's going to be with us until we think 6 or 7 o'clock on Thursday morning and that's the reason why. I made the decision is in New Orleans to close down. It all the government offices and ask the schools and and the businesses to do the same because we just don't need people out on. On the streets right mail -- -- just give you a rundown of -- some of the bridges that of course being in manned by Department of Transportation development the state police. You know the city's office of of of of public safety. I'm Jorge Torres bridge it is produced one -- now the Danziger bridge on US -- is reduced to one lane. The -- C corporation the Claiborne avenue. Is reduced to one plane hit the Teddy -- by the super operated minority Simon is one plane. Looming bridges closed as as is that hale Boggs bridge and -- 310. On the exit ramp from I tend to east -- road is closed. A US ninety on Crescent City connection hov lanes are closed and the cause -- Remains closed at this time so I you know if folks in the wrong place they can't get back to -- started from it's a real problem without first responders. In Italy say this all the time and number really think but the people have been so helpful response. Is that you get yourself in harm's way and you forced the first responders to go out there to. You know yelling putting yourself risky putting them at risk we just wanna ask everybody we know it's gonna -- a little bit inpatient and you know operations. A bullet just just -- he didn't heed the warnings and if everybody does the right thing and looks out for you neighbors. It would be helpful and I'd like to just one other thing they ask BCA animal control position is there any issues with pets. May give you the number to bottle for 365191. Maggette gets -- for 3685191. Extension 100. Are any issues there any non emergency you can call 311 folks here 24/7. Any emergencies 911 -- -- will do everything we can't make sure that you're safe. Let me just their heroes something the you're saying that Thursday you're also going to keep government offices -- Out -- and just today and tomorrow we think -- that we think that this could be subject to change because you know of course we can't control the weather. A -- right now everything seems to be happening according to what most of the weather patterns are. I'm you know that have been kind of communicated to us spike Carlin. You know the other folks in the expectation. Is that by Thursday morning will be finished -- -- wanted to it's a big caution. -- will keep you updated will do these updates you know on a regular basis says needed. I just so people can prepare. At the moment we're asking people to do is you know today and tomorrow be prepared to stay and and then what will do -- will give you -- you know thoughts about what to do you want Thursday. Should the circumstances arise and -- one other thing is an Alley day. Is open right Natalie Allen makes sense in which Osama boulevard. And Washington avenue as a shelter should anybody needed and of course the other shelter open as well. But we can't -- enough we just got word that belittling bridge has won blamed. Well that that's correct 110. I just all the Watergate view on the Roger -- judge Perez bridge on LE 231 -- I dancing Bridget US side is one plane judge Seabrook bridge and Claiborne. On LE 839 as one lane of its super -- -- had to -- urgently Nancy Simon it's -- is one plane. The -- bridge there you'd think -- now -- have to check that for you that my estimation is that it was close in May have opened it. Again about check but the L -- bridge on my 310. Is close. On the exit ramp from I -- -- to Delmon road is closed and the Crescent City connection. You know issues there and cause -- remains close at this time as well and it's going to be -- and it's gonna get from from here into the night it's gonna get harder not easier. -- are just more easily into music library careful. And I know a lot of folks look out and just think they can kind of manage it. You don't really know what's going on all over the place so we were just -- people -- stay off for the highways that they can because you know at the end of the day it's all about preserving life. Com and property and we don't -- we wanna make sure nobody gets hurt and a lot to waited -- can get hurt. -- fallen tree limbs or some part of the ice accumulates on wires those one little ball. Right as well as an electrical outages so it's just not worth it and you know unless it's an absolute emergency call -- will help you'll get there but which should be out if you don't have. And it is staying home and enjoy the day sure what critic watching them -- But yeah thank you so much and -- -- in time. I don't think he got so much over for reporting force we appreciate you call to do anything else. Thank you very harsh outlets mayor Mitch Landrieu. And up please stay with us now we're gonna continue that now take quick break we'll be right back financial under the W well.