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WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 2:50pm Angela with Homeland Security Director Tommy Thiebaud

1-28-14 2:50pm Angela with Homeland Security Director Tommy Thiebaud

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on winter weather preparations with Homeland Security Director Tommy Thiebaud.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- that sweater on and you've got a good book and listening to the radio. That would be a heavenly day sort of an unexpected day off enjoy it. But there are a lot of people out there making sure that everything goes well and among -- is Tommy Tebow. Director Homeland Security Washington parish office of emergency preparedness and I appreciate you joining. Me. Could you give us an update on what's happening in the -- Well we still sleep following right now in the Franken in the area and and we may have something with a bit more -- no further north. Our roads are really nice and over its -- much colder by the minute. So we've we could -- a little guys and start and they accumulate on the roadways as well as the bridges so. Very hazardous conditions right now. Are you feeling that people are cooperating and not driving. Oh absolutely. The number of vehicles on the road so low I really feel like it's mostly people that have to be there. And we were dead and that type of cooperation. Although this afternoon which started here reports. Several accidents start that happened is these road can -- So we wanted to just want to interest since like he says he could be that booklet. We've -- it is home to the net and out on the road in -- -- you have to be. That's -- -- and you know if you're curious stand on your front your -- and watch what's coming from the sky. In not -- -- everything's okay. What what I hear from Mets have a prepared basically the same types of conditions icy conditions. We -- throughout the pace of courses site is building from the north independence now so. We get more reports of -- right so there but as the day goes on in this sleep continues to fall. And transitions is now we're gonna keep dealing with the -- several hours and then. It's going to be with a solemn eyes as far as some of frozen on the ground. And as is the case in most parishes everything closed and schools are closed the government has closed. Right we we have very few businesses open. Really just support type businesses that is trying to help those people that have to be Al some some food businesses are still open. And -- court -- emergency responders are on the job trying to just make sure by the state -- And power is good -- Lou right now is we do we do have probably power and we just hope to continue to deny that. Well please stay in touch with this as things develop on. And I appreciate your time very much I know it's very long days and nights for all of you up okay thank you -- Tebow who's the director of Homeland Security. Washington parish office of emergency preparedness.

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