WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 3:10pm Angela with Jefferson Parish President John Young

1-28-14 3:10pm Angela with Jefferson Parish President John Young

Jan 28, 2014|

Angela gets an update on winter weather preparations in Jefferson Parish with President John Young.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm so glad you're joining us again I feel like -- if you're all huddled in your house which is the right place to be just enjoying a day off. Listen to the radio we'll keep updated on things I just got a text that said just got off the road in gentility freezing rain falling pretty good now. Depending on where you are you going to be seeing things and we wanna hear from you so don't hesitate to call us at 2601870. Also just got one that sent to Tom. Ice accumulating in Metairie and what's important about that is we have the president of Jefferson Parish John Young on the line I've pitchers thinks that -- to. Yes it's like -- good afternoon. To. Receive a lot of media and government down fairly. Heavy recently appeared -- the unity building. And it's you know so far so good -- one affect us citizens were cooperating. So budget and staying off the road. This situation is really deteriorating now and as we you know got a -- fault. The tempers are gonna drops that would have really I'd be conditions on the road so again. We want to reiterate really real to -- that need to stay off the roads unless it's about -- the birds and necessity because. Things are really gonna go downhill -- terms of driving conditions so web site. I mean we've become real masters I think of preparing for hurricane. Could write many books on it. But this is something new not that we haven't experienced it but this is this is tough and I. And it's not just a learning experience as we have great talented people. But isn't it interesting to you to. We faced since. We talked about that this morning and yesterday. You know we we we haven't met with and the -- We didn't really have hurricanes this season but you know we haven't had anything like this and about in years so -- that went up in an office put. You know even though it's a different situation Angela. -- -- use his name -- -- that in the templates from this. This will restore or you know obviously trying to keep people off the roads. Avoid accidents entries in the proudly admitted to the other three is is the power situations so police you know. Will be a bit of the control with the guys edition if you would about the it is certainly tree -- but -- you know -- active each province in the and it. But you know Tuesday they actually go in incident. The bridges we have close to a -- bridge over the canal early today because of steel grating. That we -- pop operators. That the post stations of the port it was a debate the precipitation is. The threat for flooding is just now the threat because it's the -- with below freezing temperatures supposed to be. And remain below freezing until mid data that's gonna cause a real issue. But driving in the morning and that's justice issues ago -- -- Presley's. Telling -- -- nonessential employees that is not to report to work more because most of the Libya hazardous. Driving situation to more at least for the first order of the day. Very wise and -- onto this thing that everybody needs to sort of a heads up because Thursday morning that could still be some. Ice because to be a very bitter Wednesday night. Bright and as well -- we -- -- continued among others you know not only -- daily basis upon the hourly basis and certainly yeah. We get it we -- this study all the word until until it's completely past his it's moving a little slow that we thought it would move. So they're predicting again that the precipitation. And tonight or early tomorrow morning you know 1 -- 2 o'clock in the morning but again with the with the attempt is being able freeze and that can remain ice. Until until we can get few rose above freezing and to get rid of that that I saw in the room and so we would have to continue to watch that. You know we had an earlier report of 3000 people without power in the lower ninth and -- -- -- -- rather than 2009. Where and how quickly. They fixed it right which was very very lucky and I think that's really the if everybody gets the point of don't drive the -- next concern is only -- -- power. Now we're also it is we've been working with the energy. Over the last several days getting ready. We have to Entergy representatives about it and non emergency operations center. They face up there last night. And we've been assured by energy representatives they have 2100. Work is ready to go visit there as a major power hopefully we won't have that but but if that happens they're ready reactive and try to restore -- as -- as possible. So those two big threats in this situation. Obviously to stay off the roots. It's driving. Two. With the freezing rated sites good sleep in you have tree branches with mess we have trees to pull out there -- in the tree branches follow picked up. And that's my question let's say somebody looks out and says oh my gosh I just did lose a thing -- -- concluded they call. Well. Obviously it's toward their private property the date they they have to take care anatomy we will assist the certainly anything in the roadways. Anything that provides they can talk. Emergency operations center in little will have crews out. Throughout the night Obama during that process will will obviously go out of the system that person's situation. And things like trash collection that's all done. Yet today that's a good question we trash collection. And recycling. We have all the trash -- About 80% of the recycling into the picked -- -- on another day but we're not going to be able have -- election the more because of icy conditions. Lou there will be new garbage collection more are always like to have more but it will resume on Thursday Friday Saturday. Let's just hope we get through this get back to -- seventy degree weather this weekend -- Actually that is. They would go to China it is now going to be and so again. Unbelievable and I think that's what everybody's talking about is roller coaster we've been right. Anyway I truly appreciate. It makes it very interest. Would you want to live in a boring place now. Now so this -- another adventure will. Have a memory that's right. I appreciate you calling always amazed me. The world and again it just a final comment is just. Everybody can Nancy would displease you know sheltered place hunkered down and blasted through this with with major. Apologies -- the major incidents. Thank you very much president John yeah. Stay with us we'll be right back I'm Angela -- -- well.